Sri Jyotindra,Son of Ramachandra Tarkhad( Chap 9 of SSS) defined the word SAI as follows -- SA means Saakshat (real), I means Ishwar (God),after experiencing the Divine powers of Sainath Prabhu in his very first meeting at Shirdi itself. Baba Himself gave darshan to Jyotindra in Mumbai in the guise of a 'Fakir'. We are aware that Baba has declared "I require no conveyance, carraige, tonga nor train nor aeroplane" and also "No door is necessary for my entry, I have neither shape nor size, I am always everywhere" . Yes, Baba's assurances are always true.


One day while Jyotindra was crossing the road to go to school (St Xaviers, Bombay) after lunch, a Fakir approached him for alms. Young student gave one copper paisa coin of the year 1894 assuring it was in circulation. The fakir blessed " Allah Bhala Karega". We will know Baba preserved the same to return to the boy at Shirdi in his first meeting.


How Tarkhad family was pulled to Shirdi? Mrs Atmaram Tarkhad ie., Jyotindra's mother had a chronic headache which could not be cured by doctors. The family of Tarkhads was full of doctors. One of them was personal doctor to  the then Viceroy. Somebody suggested her to approach Pir Moulana Baba residing near Bandra Masjid for suitable medicines. On seeing her, Moulana Baba advised to go to his brother at Shirdi for treatment. After getting details of location of Shirdi including route particulars both mother and son left for Shirdi.


The moment Baba saw them at Dwarakamai, He Himself told they were guided by His brother from Bandra to Shirdi.He blessed her with a 'Abhaya Hastha'  with Udhi and said "Oh, Mother! from now onwards you will never get headache in your life", she got instant relief and was surprised to know that Baba Himself did what was required without their telling Him. Ofcourse this incident laid firm foundation of Sai devotion in her and son's heart.


Jyotindra who was observing Baba's peculiar treatment for his mother's headache was astonished and fell on Baba's feet as a mark of gratitude. Then Baba asked whether he could recognise Him. As he could not Baba narrated how He collected one paisa copper coin  of 1894 while he was crossing the road on his way to the school. Now Jyotindra could recollect and caught hold of Baba's legs with tears of joy in his eyes. Then Baba confirmed it was He who received the coin and the Fakir and Himself  were one and the same. To confirm this He showed the same coin and returned it to Jyotindra for preservation and worship.


We know from the above that Baba in His own mysterious ways pulled the sparrows(devotees) to Shirdi.