Das Ganu Maharaj who  was dearly addressed by Baba as Ganya spread Saism through Keertans through out Maharashtra.We shall discuss in the following paras how Baba saved him from the clutches of bhills.
               Once Das Ganu was invited to a nearby village during his stay at Shirdi for a Sankeertan programme.When he approached Baba for permission and blessings, Baba ordered to take Jyotindra also with him.Das Ganu did not like to disturb Jyotindra who loved a seva of lighting the lamps in Dwarakamai.Even then as it was Baba's order,they both left for the village. They reached the village at the time of sunset and started the programme by keeping Baba's photo on a chair duly garlanded.After an hour seven or eight bhills carrying a dead body came there.The leader of the bills asked Ganu whose photo was it.Ganu replied that the photo was of Sai Baba who staeds at Shirdi serving the poor and needy. IMmediately the leader posed a question whether the Deity could give life to the dead body.He threatened that he would kill Ganya if life was not brought back. Ganu was at a loss as to do what and sort Jyotindra's advice.Jyotindra suggested to sing Ganu's famous song "SAI RAHAM NAZAR KARNA BACHHON KA PALAN KARANA..." leaving the result to Baba. 
               Naturally Ganu sang with deep involvement and everybody present was  enjoying the song.However Jyotindra's eye was on the dead body.After an hour the dead body sat (ofcourse after getting prana) and joined the bhajan.The Bhill leader was happy and paid respects to Das Ganu with an assurance that he would visit Shirdi.
               Dear Readers, Baba is ever ready to answer our call provided we deserve His help before we demand.Are we loving Baba more than anything else in this world is the question which we should always put to ourselves.