Shri Sal Baba, Shirdi took His Mahasamadhi on 15-10-1918. After His Mahasamadhi, Baba's Samadhi was not looked after in a fit manner upto 1922. Having seen the maintenance of Baba's Samadhi by the Villa­gers, Shri Kakasaheb Dixit came to Shirdi, settled an office with a managing committee under Public Trust Act with the approval of the District Court, Ahmed-nagar. At that time, Shri Abdul Baba was performing Abhishek to Baba's Samadhi and the Maha Naivedyam food was given to him and he was allowed to take his residence in the room situated in the left side of the Samadhi Mandir. Shri Abdul Baba was the then only local leading devotee of Baba. He was then having about four or five thousand rupees of Baba's dakshina amount with him offered by Baba's devotees. Some well wishers of him induced him that he was the legal heir to Baba and that the formation of the Trust was against justice. Thereby Abdul Baba filed a suit stating that he was the legal heir to Baba, against the Trust Body in the District Court, Ahmednagar. The belowed District Court by the grace of Baba passed orders that Abdul Baba has no connection of the maintenance of the Sansthan of Shri Sai Baba, Shirdi and that there was no heir or successor to Shri Sai Baba, Shirdi. On the strength of this order the Maha Naivedyam food given to him was stopped by the Sansthan and he was made to vacate his room in Baba's Samadhi Mandir. As Baba said, that He would be with the same power for one thousand years and lookiog" after the welfare of His devotee?, He himself proved that there were no Sishyas, no relatives no hereditary, no successor, no rebirth and no reincarnation to Him.

Surrender SHri Sai Completely !    Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there ! !


Shri Muktharam was a staunch devotee of Baba. Baba given a Kupni, to him. He lived in Dixit wada by keeping a Dhuni. After somedays of Baba's Samadhi, he came and sat in Baba's Gadi in Dwarakamayee; As soon as he sat in Baba's Gadi against the wishes of the villagers also, he began to vomit blood and he was taken to his residence in the Dixit wada. The devotees have decided to take him to Kopargaom Hospital. Before the decision was taken with whom he was to be sent to Kopergaom, he died in Dixit wada itself. His Samadhi is in Lendi Baug. This incident also go to show that Baba was not willing to allow anybody to occupy His Gadi.

Surrender Shri Sai Completely ! Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there !!


When Baba was in flesh and blood He told that I would take rebirth. Having ground on this word of Baba, people in some places pose that they were Sai and their words were Sai's words. In 1943 a boy in Amra-vathi was directing people that he was Sai Himself and that he earned a lot of money and began to utilise for himself. Then the people realised his deceit and found that there was not even a bit of Sai's cult in him and ignored him afterwards.

Secondly, another person near Madras began to tell people's aim in their mind for the present and the past (Mind reading) and began to earn in Sai's name due to his greediness. Once he told to the people "why are you people wandering for the dead Sai Baba. I am with life here". On hearing these words from him, people determined that he was not the rebirth of Sai Baba as Baba Himself told that "Saints never die".

Surrender Shri Sai Completely ! Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there !!


After Baba's Mahasarradhi, Madhava Rao Desh-pande alias Shama an intimate local devotee of Baba was managing the Dixit wada. He was looking after the welfare of the devotees and resided in Dixit wada itself. After the formation of Baba's Sansthan Committee the Committee demanded agreement (Baada Chitti in Marathi) from him for his residence in Dixit wada. Madhava Rao first refused. But later, Shri S. B. Dhumal and Shri B. V. Dec intervened and Madhava Rao gave the agreement. After some days, the committee have vacated Madhava Rao from his residence in Dixit Wada. At the time of vacating, he had taken away Baba's silver Padukas, Baba's Photos etc. to his house from Dixit wada. After knowing this, the Committee asked Madhava Rao to hand over the above artilces of Baba to the Sansthan. He refused first. But Shri S. B, Dhumal went to his house with a big procession of bhajan, band etc. On seeing this procession Madhava Rao handed over all the above articles of Baba to Shri S. B. Dhumal. These Baba's Padukas were placed before Baba's Photo in Dwarakamayee wherein lakhs of devotees are taking darshan of the above Baba's Padu­kas now.

By reading these items (I) to (4) it is clear, evident and proved beyond all reasonable doubts by the grace of Baba that there were no sishyas, no hereditary, no relatives, no successor, no rebirth and no reincarnation to Him. Shri Sai Baba, Shirdi from His Mahasamadhi till date and even upto the year29!8 as was told by Him, He Himself is effecting the welfare of His devo­tees. Now let us read how Baba was effecting and is now effecting the welfare of His devotees.

Surrender Shri   Sai Completely   Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there ! !


In his letter, Shri G. B. Mankar has stated to Shri Tarkhad in 1923 during his work in his work field, it has to lift a 375 horse power diesel engine (weight 12 tons) in a fly crane. As the fly crane was not so strong to bear the weight of the engine, a craking sound came from the crane and all were afraid. Then Shri Mankar] cried out *'Sai Baba" and invoked His help. After his utterance all on a sudden smell of rose flowers and agarbathis spreadover the field and Baba has appeared on the spot and saved all the people from the jaws of death. Mankar saw baba and again cried out "Baba".

All others meant that "Kaka*' of Mankar came there. But Mankar has cleared their doubt and that Shri Sai Baba, Shirdi had came to the spot and saved them from the jaws of death. Is this incident does not show that Baba is living and lending His helping hand to His de­votees as at>d when they are in trouble ?

Surrender Shri Sai Completely !!    Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there !!


Shri R. Morewala Solicitor of Bombay was not so much religious minded. But he has got faith in Baba. In 1953 he was going to Thana by a train. The train was over crowded and hence he could not get into the train and was standing at the door. Then the train moved. Owing to the pushing of the crowd from inside the train, he fell down from the door and while falling down, he uttered the name of Shri Sai Baba. The Chain was pulled out by one old man and the train was stopped. That old man caught the hand of Morewala and prevented him from falling down. All the people and tne guard came to see why the train was stopped and who pulled the Chain ? Shri R. Morewala also wanted to pay tribute to the old man. But the old man was not there and he had disappeared. All were sur­prised, Shri Morewala has gone to his house and told this incident to all his family members. This incident was told to his son when he went to Chalisgaon in 1964 by a Saint "That had I not saved your father's life in 1953 ?" Is this not mean that Baba is still living and helping His devotees when they require His help ? Surrender Shri Sat Completely ! Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there I I



On 1948, Shfi Jagadish K. Munshi and his wife were travelling in first class compartment of the train going from Bangalore to Bombay. There were six members in the compartment including an old couple and two youngsters. Shri J. K. Munshi and his wife were playing cards. The old man was praying and his wife was watching the others. Before their departure from Bangalore, they have been advised not to travel by this particular route because of Razakars trouble then prevailing in other places of Hyderabad state. They have not paid any heed to the advice as they were youngsters then. The train left Hyderabad and was approa­ching Sholapur Station in Indian Union. All on a sudden, the train was forced to stop at Gangapur. The Razakars who were assembled there with rifles, lathis and other lethal weapons cried out "All Muslims get down. Kill all Hindus". The old man all along in -prayer ordered to close all the doors of the windows. They promptly carried out his orders. The wailing of passengers who were pulled out of the train, beaten and robbed and field into the nearby fields. The Rasakars repeatedly tried to force to open the doors of their com­partment but failed to do so. Even in this calamity the old man observed his prayer. The struggle went on nearby for five hours. Then the train came to Sholapur with their only one compartment. All the inmates of the compartments arrived safely untouched by the Raza­kars. After somedays of this incident, the old man has given an article in a magazine that because of his prayers to Shri Sai Baba Shirdi that the compartment of the train escaped unhurt by the Razakars. As a witness, he has mentioned the name of Shri Jagadish K. Munshi in the article. He told that it was true that the old man was particularly praying at the time and added that he had never heard the name of Shri Sai Baba, Shirdi he forgotten to thank of him. Later on, In 1953, when calamities came in his family, he saw a picture of Shri Sai Baba, Shirdi which was hung in a frame maker's shop on his way to his office. He looked his teachings in the photo as "If you look to me, I shall took to you” Then he remembered the past incident and with his wife's consent, he bought one Sai Baba's photo and performed puja requesting Baba to solve his problems, within a few days thereafter, all his problems have got settled at his reasonable satisfaction and the puja went on regularly,

After two years, he was once travelling by a night train left Surat to Bombay. After the train left surat railway station he developed severe pain on account of stone in the bladder. The pain aggravated in such a manner that he could neither sit, stand nor lie down. He then began to pass blood through urine. His co-pas­senger was sleeping. When the train came to Palghar, the pain was so severe that he woke up his co-passenger and urge him to call the guard. The guard came and complained the position that no doctor could be traced in the train and advised to get down at Palghar and have a treatment from a local doctor. The guard called the Station Master and under their joint advice, he got down at Palghar and the train left the railway station. With the help of Station Master, he was lifted up into a bullock cart and driven to the doctor's residence as the doctor refused to come to the railway station in the late hours of the night. In this critical juncture he prayed Syri Sai Baba for help. The doctor has attended on him and given treatment and he was somehow relieved of the pain. The doctor also sent a call to his relatives at Bombay and they arrived and taken him to Bombay the next day. Even for this incident, he did not consider any particular significance to Shri Sai Baba Shirdi. In 1968, his father took him to Sri Satya Sai Baba and introduced to him Shri Satya Sai Baba Said, "I knew him. He is a believer of Shri Sai Baba, Shirdi for the last 16 years. Once he got out of the train in severe pain and called "Shri Sai Baba, Shirdi. It was Shirdi Sai Baba who saved him. This uttarance of Shri Satya Sai Baba himself assumed significance to Shri Sai Baba Shirdi by him.

In 1959, his one month old daughter fell ill seve­rely and admitted to the Hospital. The treatment went on for three weeks. Even then the child had been run­ning high temperature, his wife and himself were very morose. On 14-11-1959, they were informed by two leading doctors that the surviyal of the child were remote. He decided that if the child does not survive he would end his worship to Shri Sai Baba, Shirdi. After this decision by him, the temparatue of the child decreased gradually and became normal by 7 P.M. within three months of this incident the child was in the pink of health. In March, 1960, they visited Shirdi by car with the child of five months. On the way the child uttered first words "BA-BA-BA-BA" He told that Shri Sai Baba shirdi is solving his knotted problems of his existence and guiding him. Apart from all these, a great problem among the devotees that Shri Satya Sai Bsba is the reincarnation of Shri Sai Baba, Shirdi. was being solved beyond doubt by Shri Satya Sai Baba himself in his own sayings in para 2 of this article that he is not re-incaranation of Shri Sai Baba, Shirdi. Surrender Shri Sai Completely ! Stupendous Delectation     and   Delivervance be there !!


In 1927. a husband and wife were returning home after celebrating Ramanavami at Shirdi, The wife got down at Thana railway Station to fetch water and just when with a water full vessel, she was boarding the train, the train started and the woman fell down under the train. The husband and other passen­gers combined shouted to the guard to stop the train. They feared, the woman must have been crushed under the wheels as the train having started already stopped Only after it had gone some distance. They ran up to the spot of accident; to their utter amazement they saw the woman standing there uninjured. In reply to the enquiry to all, "the woman said as soon as I fell I remembered Baba. He at once appeared, stood in front of me pressed me hard against the platform till the train passed away and saved me. Baba disappeared as soon as the train left the platform. What sort of Body, Baba had assumed to save this woman ? One can hardly know for usually there is no room enough to stand for two persons between the train wheels and the platform, and yet what is not possible to a superman like Baba ?

Surrender Shri Sai Completely !! Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there !!


Doctor M. K. Rajagopalachari of Nellore has got a photo and UDI of Shri Sai Bafca,   Shirdi, through Rao Saheb Chandu Subbaiah Setty after his return from Shirdi visit, as he is his family doctor. He put the photo on the top of his Almyrah in his dispensary in Rajaji Street, Nellore without evincing much interest and in a most casual way. After some days, the doctor had a dream one night. A tall Fakir in long torn gown walked up to him and showed some wounds and eruptions on his skin below his two knees and asked him to dress up his wounds. Seeing the Fakir, the doctor was wonder struck with his extraordi­nary appearance, graceful and kind personality and the doctor immediately dressed up His wounds in his own hands with great care and interest. Then the Fakir said that he was very much relieved of the pain and blessed him and left. After two or three days of this incident while the doctor cleaning the dust and debris on the Almyrahs and he happened to look at the Baba's photo and that the portions down below Baba's knee was eaten away by white ants and this condition reminded the doctor of the incident in his dream, The doctor became to know that the Fakir who blessed him in his dream was no other than Shri Sai Baba Shirdi and his eager grew more to know about Baba. In 1939, he invi­ted his Holiness B. V. Narasimhaswamy to Nellore. The Swamiji gave lectures about the life and leelas of Shri Sai Baba. In October, 1940, the doctor made a trip to Shirdi. He met His Holiness Shri B. V. Narasimhaswamy and Shri Kesavaiah Swamiji. The doctor returned from Shirdi with a firm determination to build a regular mandir immediately after his return to Nellore. Accordingly with his tireless effort along with other Sai devotees a pucka mandir of Shri Sai Baba Shirdi was erected at Nellore with a Mandali by name "The Nellore Shri Sai Baba Baktha Mandali"   for its   maintenance.

Surrender Shri Sai Completely I   Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there !!


A servant drawing a monthly salary of Rs. 36/- Bhikaji Mohedji has a sister Chhaboo. She had been ill for about 4 months.   On 5-12-51, her illness took a critical turn, so he was very anxious   to get for   her the benefit of a good doctor's advice and medicine, but within the meagre salary, it was not at all  possible for him   to get there.    Having     sighs   upon     sighs,   bemoaning    his inability he carried on his  office   duties,   chanting   Sai Baba's name when suddenly there came in a   doctor for some enquiry.   Though Bhikaji    could   not    recognise him, through Sai's grace the doctor  himself   reminded Bhikaji of his previous    connection    with  him.     So Bhikaji narrated to him the difficulty and requested him to examine her and prescribed the necessary medicines. The doctor readily complied  with    Bhikaji's  request. Bhikaji thus got over his worries and felt assured  that Baba was ever ready to shower His grace ever on a poor man like himself,

Surrender Shri Sai Completely !   Stupendous Delectation  and Deliverance be there!!


Shri   Krishna Rao Narayan   Parulkar,    Honorary Magistrate of Harda has been  celebrating "Shri   Datta Festival” for several years ususally falling in December and feeding one hundred brahmins on that occasion and whenever for some reason or other he was not   able to do so in a year, he would feed double the usual number (i. e.)   two hundred brahmin) in the next year.   As per that self imposed rule, he was to   feed two    hundred brahmins in respect of that celebration in the year 1925. One Saturday was fixed for dinner, only  when five days were left to it, that is on Monday. On Tuesday   when Parulkar was merged in   meditation    as   per his   daily routine, he heard a voice saying   "If you desire that on the day you are feeding the brahmins,  I   should come and dine with them, you call Sri Dixit   from   Bombay, Parulkar however thought to himself   whether  it was proper for him to request Shri   Dixit to   come such    a long distance simply for taking dinner    while he was in the midst of such conflict of thoughts, he   again   heard the voice, "why did you puzzle?    Write   to Dixit, feed him with all the other brahmins   and    when   you have done so, know it for certain that I joined  the party taking dinner at yours.”    So  Parulkar wrote to    Shri Dixit on Wednesday requesting him to attend the dinner on Saturday.    Failing to hear from Shri Dixit all prepa­rations were made for serving the dinner on    Saturday, Parulkar with tearful eyes requested Baba to set matters right and then taking his bath, so soon as   he   started doing his mid-day routine prayers,   he got a   telegram from Shri Dixit informing him that he and Madhavrao Deshpande were on the way to Harda.   All were   glad­dened to receive the news.   They all went to   the   Sta­tion to receive them.   Accorded them a hearty welcome and gave them a sumptuous feast in the company of the two hundred brahmins.   Sri Parulkar was overy   joyed and he now felt that Baba is still there to satisfy all the Godly craving of his heart.

Surrender Shri Sai Completely I Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there II


Smt Man! Sahukar author of the book Saint of Shirdi about the year 1950 started suffering from the peculiar ailment of the throat. She is a sincere student of vocal Hindustani classical music. Owing to the sufferings in the throat she was not able to sing continuously for ten minutes. She consulted many doctors but in vain. After six months, she came to Shirdi and stood before the Samadhi of Shri Sai Baba, her heart and eyes suddenly wetted with tears. She came out of the Samadhi Mandir and went over to visit a friend. After discussion with her friend, she came to her room behind the Gurusthan at about 7-30 P.M. In order to make herself comfortable, she started removing her sari from her left shoulder. As she removed, she heard something rustling in the sari and a small packet about 2 inches long made up in white paper fell from her sari to the ground. She was perplexed for a mo­ment and looked around her wondering what had happended. There was no one. She Picked and unfolded it. To her amazement in contained six or seven tiny white tablets which may commonly used in homeopathy. When she realised the significance of this, she draped her sari again and went to her friend with the tablets. Her friend told her, "you understand, don't you know that this is Baba's Prasad. What are you going to do with it ?” She replied that she will take all these tablets.

So saying she put all these tablets in her mouth. When she returned home from Shirdi, she found that she should sing without any hindrance and all the conges­tion in her throat entirely disappeared. Her heart over­flowed gratitude to Baba.

Surrender Shri Sai Completely ! Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there !!

13.       Baba Helped Doctor Mehta and Lessened the decree amount.

Dr. Mehta a Parsi devotee used to come to Shirdi from 1920. He given a promissory note to one for Rs. 300/- and has not actually received the amount for some reason or other. His counterpart filed a suit against Doctor Mehta to return the amount in the promissory note. He told this fact to Shri Kakasaheb Dixit, then Ex-solicitor of Bombay. He has given a letter to his friend Shri Maniklal a solicitor to help doctor Mehta. Shri Maniklal read the letter and asked Doctor about the witness who knew this fact. The doctor told Shri Maniklal that nobody knew this fact. Then Manik­lal told that as no witness was for the coming to support your case will not stand. But Doctor Mehta told Maniklal to file an affidavit in the Court and by the grace of Shri Sai Baba, he may succeed. Maniklal before filing the affidavit sent word to Mehta to meet him before two days prior of his filing of affidavit. But owing to his admission in the Parsi Sanitorium, Doctor Mehta could not able to meet Maniklal. Again Maniklal told Doctor Mehta to compromise with his counterpart as he had to necessarily pay the said sum with interest including court cost etc. Doctor Mehta told that there is no question of compromise and that I had no money to repay the sum, which I had not actually received. Besides, I was blessed by Baba in my dream and hence to request you carry on with your duty in the aim of help­ing me. As per his request Maniklal prepared on affida­vit till 8 P.M. on one Saturday and sent word to Doctor Mehta on Sunday. When Doctor Mehta was about to start, his friend came to him and told Doctor Mehta, your affair has been compromised and as such you should accept for the compromise or else ? Won't go from this place. His friend further added that on the whole of Rs. 3000/- with interest and court cost etc. Rs. 800/-has to be paid to your counterpart and that too not in one installment but in installments of Rs. 50/- each. Doctor Mehta has accepted after a deep thought. Accordingly the court has given a decree for Rs. 800/- only and Doctor paid this amount in installments ordered by the Court. That is how doctor Mehta has got Baba's bles­sings even after His Mahasamadhi.

Surrender Shri Sai Completely !   Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there !!

14.       Baba Saved the Life of Shri Pyare Kishan Wall Ship Captain from death

As Baba performed many miracles and He is still continuing to do so, I wish to add one more miracle which I have experienced. First let me inform the readers that I came to know the name of Baba and His miracles performed at various stages through my wife (Veena) who is a great devotee of Sai Baba, Then, I read many books on "Sai Baba. I have made this trip especially as I took a vow to come here personally and pay my respects to Him. The first I came to Shirdi was about a year back and that time. I visited all this places and found great peace at every place. It gave me a lot of peace (Shanti) when I used to look at his Photograph and sit by His side and pray. I can assure you that He has His own way to help the needy people and they are at times so strange that a man of my caliber is unable to understand them. I describe one of the most important things which happened to me in my life.

I had many offers of jobs in various capacities and as such I was confused as to which one I should choose. I definitely wanted to improve the status and the fina­ncial conditions. Hence my wife made twelve slips of paper and only on one, she wrote the name of the ship called "M.V. Dhanalakshmi" of which vessel I was offered to take the command and that was the highest post (i.e.) the captain of the ship. Prior to that all happening I had just returned from Shirdi after paying homage to "Sai Baba". My wife asked me to pick up one slip although out of 12 slips, eleven were blank and as I said earlier that only on one she wrote the name of the ship as mentioned above. So, I prayed and shuffled them more and what a strange thing. I had my eyes closed and the first one I picked was the ship on which the name of the ship "M.V. Dhanalakshmi" was men­tioned. That was the destiny and Shri Sai Baba wanted me to take the command of the said vessel. I under­took the journey to Calcutta. I used to go on board daily since the time she arrived. It was being my first command, I was taking special interest and precautions. The ship sailed from Calcutta to Anandamans on 17-5-1972. After that, I met with heavy weather, rough sea and wind force 61.1 I decided to return. I came back and anchored in Diamond Harbour. As usual, I prayed daily and used to light two Agarbathis before a plastic statue. A plastic ring I am still wearing which was bought from Shirdi. I was so strange that one Agarbathi used to go on, every   time.   I   used   to light it again.    But again it used to go off.    I   used    to place Sai Baba's plastic statue on my chair   and   I used to ask him to guide me protect the ship and men aboard. But the significance of Agarbathi going off   could    not be understood by me. Hence, I used to put my hand to my head and ask Shri "Sai Bapa" guide me or given me any indication as to what is  ahead of me.    But   "No". Anyway, I took out the ship, out again   but met   still the game whether and I could not proceed out Hooghly river.   The pilot was on board. She was a small vessal and after consultation with the pilot the second time, we decided to go back to Diamond   Harbour. As  usual I used to pray, but at the time I  started  feeling    very much depressed in my heart the causes of which was still hidden from me, at the third attempt, the pilot was cha­rged and out.   Other pilot Anand boarded, I asked him about weather condition and accordingly ;o him weather outside Hoogly was not abnormal, but  I told the second pilot that    I already returned twice and that    I felt not right    to   go    out   and    I shall    have to come   back. But this time,   all things had to   happen and   Shri Sai Baba was to perform another miracle.    After I had al­ready passed lower Gasper Light vessel, she started list­ing to star board.    I wanted   to ascertain  the cause.    I called the pilot who was collecting  some papers  in the room and the Chief Engineer to check up if any  engine room valves were open.    I and pilot were still trying to find the cause of the list and in meantime, she was  tak­ing heavy list to starboard.    I told   the pilot   to return to Calcutta as I did not wish to proceed out, so that we could confirm the reason of her list.   The pilot turned the ship back to Calcutta and  the   Chief Engineer told me that there was   nothing wrong in the   engine room.

There was no water entering into the Engine room. The list was becoming dangerous so I called the people on board's deck with life Jackets. Just then somebody informed me that my cabin was flooded with sea water as the port holes of my cabin were broke open which was confirmed by my writer and deck sarang and hence my life jacket could not be brought. All persons on board had their life Jackets except me. In the meantime, I was calling S. O. S. (Save our Soul) on the whistle. Although we were in the intermediate light vessal, no help was received. I had lost all hopes of saving my ship. My duty was to save the lives on board the vessal. I ordered the Chief Engineer to stop the engine and all hands including the pilot to abandon the ship. The ship was stopped and all abandoned. As the sea fared tradition goes, that master of the ship is to be the last I complied with it and I jumped without life jacket. As I jumped into the sea, the time then was about 0.1000 on 21-5-1972. It was pitch dark, the swell was about 10/12 feet high and wind force was over 8. I felt I was being sucked in any way. I pulled myself out of it. Then I caught the chicken crate to which I clung after thrusting my fingers inside it as there was no place to hold. Then I met more people of my ship (crew) who were also cling to that crate and in this way we were tossed over more than 30 hours in water, during which period I prayed to Sai Baba, I said "Sai Baba you have put me into this and now you must give cou­rage to go through this body". It might have taken a minute or so to say all that, I had very little fear in my heart. I was consciously alert, but ray body was eaten away by salt water and there was neither food nor water for over 30 hours, I was getting exhausted. Death was facing me very closely. But now Shri Sai Baba gave me the courage to go through this. After 30 hours, our cries were heard by a ship called "M. V. Jalakhanda". My other two members were picked up by that ship, but how I could be as I was falling into waters from a height of 15/20 feet as I was totally exhausted. Later after making three attempts, I became unconscious and when I woke up, I found myself in pilot vessel. I was running a temparature of 130° and my body was full of bandages all over. Later I was put in a hospital. After that the Government case started (the fact finding of this mishap). Now dear readers although the court of enquiry was equally treacherous, Shri Sai Baba helped me to go through this by His leela. now I am a free man. As I said before Shri Sal Baba has His own ways of helping. So He helped me to save my life and others lives. The He helped me to go through the court of enquiry successfully and now I am sitting in Shirdi and writing His leela. I am proud to say that it is He who has granted me the privilege to do so, otherwise I could have been gone dead long. My request to the dear reader is that they should not lose trust and faith in Him and when you are in trouble, seek His guidance. I am hundred percent sure that He will show you the way but this prayer has to be from your inner self "Say Shri Sai Ram".

Surrender Shri Sai Completely !   Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there ! !

15.       Baba fulfilled the desire of Shri M. M. Amingad Gulanche.

Shri Sai Baba came to my house, to the surprise of all just seventeen years before in the year 1956, in the form of a calendar, through a student of mine by name Kumar Gowri Mathur, when I was working as an Assistant master at Shri M. V. Pathare High School, Rabkari District Bijapur, Mysore State now known as Karnataka. Since that day, I have been an ardent devotee of Shri Sai Baba. I had a great desire to visit His Shrine at Shirdi, but I neither hand an opportunity nor die permission of Shri Sai Baba till October, 1968 in conformity with the belief that nothing on the earth happens without His will With the blessings of Shri Sai Baba, I used to get money whenever I was in need. Even when I was badly in a need of a big sum, I started from home in the morning simply uttering his name and by evening before I returned home, I had the amount that I needed and cleared off my dues. I never knew how, but somehow somebody came forward to offer the money and helped me to get out of the difficulties that I was in trouble.

In the year 1959, I took the M.Ed. Examinations of Karnataka University, Dharwar. Just before the examinations for about 15 or 20 days, I strained every nerve and left no stone unturned by burning mid-night oil during the course of studying. But as ill luck would have it, on the day of examination, a severe half headache began to trouble me from the very morning. I was in a fix. I did not know what to do. I was on the hours of dilemma. All through the morning till 10.00 clock, I was vaccillating whether to go to the examination hall and whether to take or not to take the examination. But 10-00 clock for about 5 minutes, I kept quiet and began to see the inward mind through the inward eye. This five minutes meditation spared me on to offer prayers to Shri Sai Baba and to go to the examination hall with his unseen blessings. This inspiration made me burn the incense in the form of Agarbathi before the photo of Shri Sai Baba presented to me by a class mate of mine during one of the sessions of M.Ed., classes. After burning the incence, I smeared the UDI to my forhead with a prayer to Shri Sai Baba to help me in my venture. Thus throwing all the responsibility and faith in Baba. I entered the examination hall. When the question papers and answer books were distributed, I uttered Baba's name and began to answer the paper. I finished the paper within a two and quarter hours. I never knew what I wrote. So all my friends asked me with surprise whether I had really finished the paper or not. They were also in doubt regarding my success. The only answer I gave them was that I had done my job with full faith in Baba and then it was left to Him to bring me success or failure. My headache continued till the last paper and when I completed it my headache suddenly stopped. If this is not a miracle, then what it is? To the surprise of all, I was declared successful at the M Ed. examination no doubt due to the miracle wrought by Shri Sai Baba. In the year 1960, when I was in the central institute of Engineering, for the course in the teaching of Engineering, one co-trainee persuaded me to switch over to Maharashtta as Head Master and promised that he would try for that. He kept up his promise and in 1961, I switched over to Maharashtra as Head Master of a secondary school from Karnataka. Since June, 1961, till this day, I have been in the services of Maharashtra State. Thus Baba dragged me to Maharashtra the province of His shrine. Very recently when I was at Poona, to take the M.A. Examination in November 1972, Shri Sai Baba visited my residence in my absence at Gulunche in the form of a Fakir. On enquiry, he told that he had come from Shirdi. He was offered groundnuts but He demanded rice in lieu of groundnut. He accepted the little bit of rice that was offered to Him and blessed all the members of my family saying "Allah Bala Karega" and within in a moment he disappeared. On my return from examination, I started reading Sai Satcharitra in English with a request to Baba to make my result known to me before I completed the Satcharitra. To my great surprise that 10 to 12 days before the date of result I received a message invitation card bearing the words M.A.,M.Ed. after my name. This suggested to me that I was going to be successful in the M.A, Examination. And so it happened. Twice in the year 1968, I had the good luck to pay homage to His Shrine at Shirdi. During my stay there, my inner voice suggested to me to become a Life Member and to be in the service of Shri Sai Baba till last breath. A peculiar experience that I had was that the Fakirs of Shirdi never demanded anything from anybody and were satisfied with what they got. This sort of complete satisfaction and surrender to the will of Shri Sai Baba is not found in any other place. I have still some ambition to be filled and I hope that a firm faith in Him will help me towards the attainment of my goal. I pray for His choicest blessing to all His devotees.

Surrender Shri Sai Completely I stupendous Delectation   and Deliverance be there II

16.       Baba Saved the Family of Shri Raghunath Babu Rao Sandbhor Gondeswala of Poona

He was Baba's devotee from 10 years age. Once Panshet and Khadakvasla dams in Mula river were broken and water flown furiously and filled Poona. As usual he has gone to his office in Khadak. He came to know of the floods in ths city. He worried about his children aged 3, 6, 9 years and about his wife who were alone in his house. As the water in the river did not lessen he was not able to go to his house upto 7-30 P.M. Afterwards he has gone to his house. He saw his house was with full of water. He saw Baba's photo was drenched with water up to his leg, but was not spoiled like other articles. On enquiry he was told by the adjacent house owners that his wife and children were safely gone to the house of Shri Barakada (His son-in-law). His daughter on knowing that his house may be flooded with water and her father also would not be in his house as he might have gone to his office, came in time and taken all his children and his wife to her house. All were saved by Baba's grace.

Surrender Shri Sai Completely ! Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there!!

17.       Baba fulfilled the Wishes of Shri Anil Kesava Rao Rasal and made Him to Appear for B.A., Examination.

Four years preceding 1976 much though I wished to appear for B.A., Examination, I could not do so. For some reason or other urgent domestic problems invariably cropped up at the time of   Examination.   Finally, I resolved that, come what may, I would do it in October, 1976.    Accordingly I saw my officer and spoke   to him of my plans.   He bluntly   told me   that  he   would not sanction my leave and advised me to appear for it in 1977. In spite of my officer's "NO" I made my application for leave and sincerely prayed Shri Sai Baba to  sanction it. On the day, I wrote my   application, the   Chairman of our Bombay Port Trust visited our office and  was pleased with the work diary maintained by me.    The officer who had declined to sanction my leave has accompanied the Chairman with our head of department. He too was pleased.   Next day, I was   informed that my leave was sanctioned by the officer who had earlier refused to -do so.    I thanked Shri Sai Baba  for converting  "NO" into "YES".   Is not this the leela of Baba ?

Surrender Shri Sai Completely !!  Stupendous Delectation  and Deliverance be there !!

18.       Baba fulfilled the desire of Miss V. Lalita to get over her S. S. L. C. Examination.

I have great desire of the devotion and much regard for Baba.  I worship His picture. I pray   Him often. When I left behind geography book one day  at home, I feared my teacher would severely  scold me and prayed to Baba for help.   When the geography hour came,  the geography   teacher   was   absent.  I was   so glad.    But suddently a L. T. Teacher came and wanted  to hold the geography class.   Then  I frankly   told the   L. T. Lady Teacher that   I have left the   geography practice   book behind.   The lady merely told me  to bring it   the next day and had took no further notice of my   omission. Another day when the periodical Examination was near, my English Text Book   which I left  at the   school was missing.   I was very much upset and prayed to Baba. In half an hour my friend Miss Priscilla who had by  mistake taken it away returned it. When I went up for the last SSLC Examination,! was diffident about  the result. A relation of mine went up   and looked at   the marks before the publication of the results and   informed me that I got 1 or 2 marks below the necessary minimum in one or two subjects and   that there would   be hope for me if there   was a   moderation.   I intensly   prayed day after day to Baba to get me a pass.   Though no moderation was allowed, grace marks were added or allowances made in some cases.   When the results were published, my name was in the pass list.   This is surely by Baba's grace and nothing else.

Surrender Shri Sai Completely ! Stupendous Delectation     and   Delivervance be there !!

19.       Baba Helped Miss M V Meenakshi (aged 11) Reading in IV Standard Chenab Park Convent, Mount Road, Madras.

I had been worshipping Shri Sai Baba for 2 years. I prayed him. I asked him by chits the date on which my examination would be held. My teacher kept the date secret. I cast chits with various chits before Sai Baba. I prayed and my sister took up one chit. That was 1-12-1938. In fact, the examination was suddenly held on that date. Baba often helped me like this. I used His UDI when I am ill. The UDI cures the ill.

Surrender Shri Sai Completely !   Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there !!

20.       Baba helped Smt. K. Arundati Amma and brought out the Nail from the stomach of her son

Her son aged about ten, when playfully keeping a small iron nail in his mouth, suddenly drew it inside his mouth. The nail instead of going into the bowels went through the wind pipe into the lungs. There was great trouble and consternation in the house. Doctor was called in. The day after this, the boy was taken to the general Hospital. X-Ray Photos were taken and then the doctors gave the boy chloroform and then passed a magnet wire through his mouth into his lungs and tried to draw out the nail. That attempt was a failure. Five days passed. The boy was getting light temperature and could take no nutrition. He was getting weaker and was sinking. Pus had formed in the lungs. The doctor feared the worst would happen, unless drastic remedies be adopted to reduce the temperature. For that purpose, the patient must have the nail extricated, which meant chloroform very risky. When doctors were hesitating, she declared that Baba would save the boy and the risk must be taken. Chloroform was given and the insertion of magnetic wire on this occasion brought out the iron nail and the boy gradually recovered his health. Baba helped her family and saved the life of her son.

Surrender Shri Sai Completely !! Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there !!

21.       Baba Fulfilled the Vision of the Head Clerk C.C S Office,

For over 48 days I went on with Puja of   Shri Sai Baba and I have had many experiences.

l) My son Sundararajan had typhoid. Medicines did not help. I prayed to Shri Sai Baba when the case looked helpless. Baba's grace saved my son.

II) My six years old boy was suffering for a month from diarhoea and there was swelling all over the body. I did not care to give him medicine and relied on Baba's grace. He was cured by Baba's grace.

(III) My five year old boy saw on old person entering into my puja room one evening but no one was found there. He told me his vision. I feel that Baba was present there.

(4) My cousin, a 17 year old young lady remained as a Spinster for four years. Her father was looking for a groom. I prayed to Baba on 1-6-1939 for his blessing. Op 7-6-1939 she was married.

(5) A lady Avayambal who resided with her husband at Kiranur had her disagreement with her agreement. She came away to Palakarai and stayed here for a month. She was anxious that her husband should go over here and take her back. I made her spend Rs. 6/-on a gold plate and wrote on it "Shri Sai Baba Raksha". I daily worshipped that plate. In a week from the starting of chat Puja, the husband came and took her away. The husband said that one old person had appeared and direct to him to take back his wife.

Surrender Shri Sai Completely I Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there !!

22.       Baba fulfilled the desire of Shri N   L Dorai son of Shri N.Lakshminarayana lyer, Double Nail St. Trichinopoly.

It is inauspicious if a cow calves on Sunday in the houses as it is said to involve risk of the owner’s life. We had a good cow. On 23rd July, 1939 (Sunday) it appeared to be about to Calve. It was lying and rolling with pain from side to side. To avoid possible risk, we were considering whether it was not safer to dispose of it. In any case we took the precaution of sending it to the house of my agent. Then I offered a prayer to Sai Baba that if it did not calve on Sunday, I would offer special puja and prasadam to his portrait on Monday the 24th instant. Strangely enough the cow though in great pain did not calve until the A. N. of the 24th instant (i.e.) Monday. Needless to say the pooja and prasadam were duly offered.

Surrender Shri Sai Completely ! Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there !!

23.       Baba fulfilled the vision of Rao Saheb Subbaiah Chettiar aged 35, Merchant Madras and Nellore and helped His Pilgrim to Shirdi.

I had received through my brother-in-law, Rao Saheb B. Papaiah Chettiar, a Telugu Book on Sai Baba and I started on 25th April, 1938 from Madras and reached Shirdi on 27-4-1938. But before that, I had clear proof that Baba was assisting me to go to His feet. The proofs are there.

On 24-4-1938 about 8 P.M. I was feeling sorry that I could not go up to Shirdi, though I had been desirous of doing so. Suddenly my brother-in-law said "Let us look to the almanac if tomorrow be an auspicious and suitable date for you and to your wife to start, we should take it that Baba wants you to go at once. Else it will be long deferred". At once we examined the almanac. The very next day 25-4-1958 and that alone was found the proper time for starting. So I wired at once to my father-in-law at Chittor to come the next day to Madras along with my wife. My father-in-law in ignorance of wire which has not reached him till 8 A.M. the next day (25-4-1938) had determined on going alone on 25th instant by the Bus which leaves Chittor at 7 A.M. for Madras- He tried to catch that Bus. But there was something wrong with the bus and it could not leave Chittor at the fixed hours of 7 A.M. My father-in-law was forced to wait for 2 hours. Meanwhile, my wire reached him. Then he took his daughter (my wife) along with him to the bus and a little late (i.e.) about 9 A.M. the bus which had been fully repaired started and reached Madras by 2 P.M. Hence my wife and myself enable to start on 25th instant was the only suitable time for our starting on the pilgrim. If my wife and father-in-law did not reach Madras in time, my trip to Shirdi would be postponed. We reached Shirdi by Baba's grace on 24-4-1938 just in time to have a look at Mortal remains of Bala Kumbhar, a very highly advanced devotee of Shri Sai Baba who was revered by devotees-for His Holiness and Variagya and selfless service to all. Another great devotee of Shri Sai Baba that we saw at Shirdi was Abdul, who twice or thrice blessed as especially my wife stating that 'all evil influences that affiliated has disappeared from that date (27-4-1938).

Surrender Shri Sai Completely !! Stupendous  Delectation and Deliverance be there !!

24.       Baba helped and fulfilled the  Desire of Satavadhani Doma Venkatasami Gupta, Teacher Madras.

In a certain matter which was of extreme importance, In my monetary affairs, I had a wonderful manifestation of Baba's help. The question had to be decided by a high official whose sympathies were beyond being approached for. Yet I tried, but in vain. I felt that; my only resource .vas Baba and without a moment's hesitation surrendered myself to Him. The effect was magical. Two days later information was communicated to me that the officer's decision was in my favour. Thanks to Baba. I see His Divine hand in it so clearly I applied for my position in my professional way. It was one of distinction and profit. Proposal went in my favour. But a formidable opposition arose from a competitor of the other sex equipped with apparently more claims. I was very much worried. But there was nothing that I could do except praying to Baba whose protection, I enjoyed so many times before, with Baba in my mind, I interviewed the authorities who assured me that my position was safe and that there was one contingency in which the post might not arise. In a" couple of days orders were communicated to me over coming all obstacles and contingencies. Some eight or ten days back, I lost a book of entries. I was very much worried over it. I tried my best to enquire of all and sundry where it could possibly have gone. Among these I asked my friend Mr. M. He was not aware of the where abouts of that book and said so. Next I prayed to Baba and was singing a song about him. At 2 P. M. three days back even I sang the Sai Mangalam, same one ran up and said that the register had been discovered among the books, registers and papers taken away from my table by "M" and he gave it to me. Sai Baba had thus came to my rescue and saved me from a lot of worry and trouble with others.

Surrender Shri Sal Completely !! Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there !!

25.       Baba helped Shri Nivruthi Patil Shirdi in getting grain Separating Machine from Kriloskar firms

Shri Nivrutti Patil who resided before Shri Sai Baba's Chawadi, Shirdi who was with Sai Baba deceased in August, 1983. Recently before his death, he gone to Kopergaon and enquired the Agent of the Kirloskar Firm about the availability of (Sarak in Marathi) grain separating machine. He told that the name of the purchaser has to register his name first and wait for his turn of supply and the machine would cost Rs. 1100/- per machine. As he was in urgent need of the machine, he has gone to Kirloskarwadi with two others direct and enquired there Shri Shankar Rao Kirloskar, Baba's devotee, that they came from Shirdi to purchase three Sarak. He replied that there was no stock then and requested them to come sometime later. In the meanwhile, a worker by name Shri Kulkarni who visited Shirdi and met them at Shirdi came there.   They told the fact and added voluntarily (told a lie) that they came after the positive chit obtained in the casting of   lots before Baba to the effect that the Sarak would be available.   Shri Kulkarni told Shankar Rao that they came from Shirdi for Sarak with Baba's order and we should not refuse them. Shri Shankar Rao told Kulkarni you may look after them as you were dealing with the supply of Sarak and   why did you require my permission? During   their conversation, a telegram came from Hyderabad which stated that they require only 61 sarak against their   orders for   63 Saraks. Shri Nivrutti Patil purchased that   two saraks at Rs. 500/- each instead if Rs. 1100/- each at Kopargaom.   He told to all in Shirdi that even though he told a lie in  Baba's name,   Baba proved it to be a true one. Is not this Baba's Leela to help his devotees,

Surrender Shri   Sai Completely  Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there ! I

26.       Baba helped the eldest sister of Shri Parulkar Dave for Her safe delivery without operation.

His eldest sister came to him to Bhopal for first delivery. She was admitted in the Wadia Hospital for delivery. After admission, no improvement was noticed instead her condition became weaker. At the time of delivery, she troubled much. Lady doctor told there is no other go than operation. Her father came to her house and knowing her status, he prayed Baba on her behalf and administered her Baba's UDI. On the same night she delivered a son safely. The doctor was very much astonished as to how it wa;s   happened ?    Is not the Leela of Baba to avert devotee's danger ?

Surrender Shri Sai Completely !    Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there !!

27.       Baba cured the Injury of a Child Miraculously in Shirdi itself.

The following incident was related to  Shri Arvind J. Mehta, Bombay by a couple in Shirdi, "while we, myself, and my wife had gone to Shirdi in the beginning of the month of March, 1979 (9 and 10-3 -1979), in  fact the couple   was in the same train rather in the same compartment while we went to Shirdi, On, Friday 9-3-1979   in the morning while the couple was in the temple with their child, he was pulling his mother's hand, and he had a fall. For sometime the child did not feel any pain in his hand. On the advice of the Shirdi Sansthan authorities the child was taken to Shri Sainath Hospital where the Resident doctors could   not diagnose definitely whether the child had a  crack or dislocation in his hand and hence the parents were advised to wait till the next day when X-Ray   would   be taken.   Since the couple had a great faith in Shri Sai Baba, they applied Baba's UDI to the affected hand and placed   their child before Baba's photo  saying   "Baba we have got this child by your grace and we place him at your feet and it is upto you to  relieve him from pain and from any after effect of the injury. You would hardly believe that within short time, the child stopped crying and began to play as usual. After sometime, while was once again examined by the   resident doctor,   he found that the child's hand was quite normal.

Was not the child's recovery from his injury a miracle and that too by our Baba's UDI ?

Surrender Shri Sat Completely !! Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there !!

28.       Baba cured the diseases through Shri Purushottam Biharilal Vyas, Kandwa NP.

When Shri Seetharam (Kakaeaheb) Dixit came to Kandwa, he met Purushottam Biharilal Vyas. He worked in all the Sansthans. He heard through him about Baba. But he was not able to go to Shirdi. When he was in Bhuj, he came to Kandwa to see his bedridden son. At that time, in his dream he got a vision that a man was on a horse and the man told him "that a Government order had come to you to go to Shirdi" during Guru Poornima and enjoy the festival. After Guru Poornima he retured to his house during night. Baba in the dream of his daughter ordered her to open the gate as her father was coming. When he was in Bhuj a brahmin child in the neighbour's house was very danger and his mother was weeping for him. Baba ordered him to tie a talisman and he gone to his neighbour's house and with their consent tied a talisman on the neck of the child. After this incident the child completely cured in 3 days. Like this he tied talisman in Baba's name for several cases. Baba cured all the cases. Apart from this, his brother-in-law's calves used to die after delivery and that the cow gave no milk. He tied a talisman to the cow and the cow yielded a calf and began to give plenty of milk and the calf also survived. When he was in Kandwa, he used to worship Baba's photo in the upper floor of his house. Madhava Rao (Shama) came to his place at that time. He slept in the ground central hall in day time. In his dream, Baba was going upstairs. Shama asked Baba, “Deva, where are you going ?" Baba replied "Don't you know ? I am here in the upstair" Then Shama understood that Baba's photo was in the upstairs.

Surrender Shri Sat Completely I   Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there II

29.     Baba cured the disease of the son of Shri C. K. Ramanatha Chetty of Narayanaguda, Hyderabad.

Round about Diwali 1972 our son became ill and his temperature rose to more than 104° F. It was then that we prayed to Baba to come to our rescue and we also took a vow that we will make a pilgrimage to Shirdi within a year. By Baba's grace our son was soon restored to good health. Due to some reason or other, we could not make a trip to Shirdi. As Diwali 1973 is approaching we decided to go there as otherwise the stipulated period of one year would be over. Though we were some what afraid of undertaking the long journey with our new born 3 months old baby, we put faith in Baba did reserve the tickets ten days in advance. But the baby started suffering from diarrhea and to our great concern, she would not respond to the best medication. After exactly for 5 days as there was no improvement in her condition, I had to cancel the reservation, reluctantly and with a heavy heart. Miraculously however, purging stopped within a couple of days. I once again booked the tickets for the same date and due to SAI's grace, we not only had a very comfortable journey to and from Shirdi but also spent three happiest nights at SHIRDI. How much peace of mind we gained there is not easy to describe. We reached Shirdi on Tuesday. On Wednesday night before I retired, I prayed to Baba that he should enable me to woke up at 4 A.M. (Thursday) so that I may finish bath etc. and get up ready to go to Samadhi Mandir before 5 A.M. in order to participate in Kakad Arati and Abhishek to Baba's Samadhi. I had most peaceful sleep and I was in deep slumber when all of a sudden I felt some body's hand pushing my back and make me sit up on the bed. I was amazed and got up from the bed and put on the light. My wife and children were in deep sleep. Then low the temple bell stuck 4 !! I checked up my watch and it was exactly 4 A.M. to the minute. Who else other then Baba could have woken me up? This experience of mine proved Conclusively that, if we sincerely pray and surrender to Him, Baba will personally come down to render any kind of help to His devotees.

Surrender Shri Sai Completely I   Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there !!

30.       Baba Cured the Typhoid Fever of Smt. Amirtham W/o N. Subrarmanya lyer Dindigul

I nave typboid fever in last April, One the 15th day of fever was still high at 6-30 P.M. A figure appeared before me. He was seated in Padmasan form. He spoke to me advising me "Not to loose temper when dealing with children. If you avoid, said He, getting so frequently angry with children, then you will be blessed" He uttered the very thing which seemed to stress the truth that children were obtained by the parents as the fruit of such action. Then he disappeared. From that time, my temperature steadily decreased and I recovered my health.

Surrender Shri Sai Completely ! Stupendous Delectation     and   Delivervance be there!!

31.       Baba Cured the Ailment of Shri L. Srinivasa Rao Trichinopoly

He had some ailment in April last and for some time before that, he attended the Sai Arati meeting held at Shri A. S. Gopalakrishna lyer's house on 29-4-39, received Baba's UDI and used it. The very next day when he went to go to his usual doctor*s house, he met an oldman of 75 or 80 years winters with a small bag of herbs and medicines. That man though a total stranger gave him some medicine for his ailment. Though not without any hesitation L. Srinivasa Rao took the medi­cine and found it effective. On further thinking of this features of this mysterious old gentleman they were much like those of Baba. But the dress below the waist was a towel like Sai Baba and he wore a torn shirt. Mr. L. Srinivasa Rao felt that Baba had blessed him as above and deepened his faith.

Surrender Shri Sai Completely ! stupendous Delectation  and Deliverance be there I!


32        Baba Cured the T.B. of Shri  Nithyanand Paul, Miraj

Once Shri Nithyanand Paul has gone to Poona along with his friend. He wanted to go to Vanuri form Poona But his Bus got repair in the middle. It reached Poona two hours late. As such the bus for Vanuri not available to him. His friend has taken Paul to his another Christian friend and they both talked about Shri Sai Baba's Leelas. Paul heard this and told his friend, if he goes to Shirdi he would also follow him. His friend welcomed him and taken him to Shirdi. Paul was suffering from T. B. for the past 15 years. As soon as he arrived Shirdi, cold cough troubles increased. After 2 or 3 days stay in Shirdi Somehow or other he was in normal. His friend gone, the disease increased, blood came out through cough. Doctor Subhash Damodar a Gujarathi doctor treated him and the blood stopped. Paul went to Samadhi Mandir and prayed to Baba "Baba I am suffering from this T.B. for the past 15 years. I am not able to beat it. I humbly pray you may cure my disease or made me to die in Shirdi itself. He returned to his residence. An old man came to his residence, enquired about his disease and assured him that he will cure the disease permanently and told him he has to take and eat whatever He gave to him. Paul accepted forthwith. The oldman further told Paul that at the time of taking the medicine, he would to vomit for sometime. Paul accepted this and used to take the old man's Medicare and suffered heavily for about one week. After taking the medicine for three weeks, he felt relief. He was not able to meet the old man and the old man has not received anything from Paul. Paul recognised that the old man was none other than Shri Sai Baba. His sufferings of T. B. for 15 years have disappeared within three weeks by the Almighty Shri Sai Baba.

Surrender Shri Sal Completely !  Stupendous Delectation  and Deliverance be there !!

33.       Baba cured the Cholera of the elder sister of Shri S. N. Rangaswamy Shambuchetty St., Madras.

On 24-2-1940, my elder sister had a sudden attack of Cholera. She had 25 to 30 motions. We were very anxious. At midnight, I applied Shri Sai Baba's UDI on her face and prayed to Baba for a cure and vowed I would send Rs. 3/- as vow money, if she is cured. At once the motions stopped. I have sent Rs. 3/- as vowed to Baba's Sansthan, Shirdi.

Surrender Shri Sai Completely I Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there II


34.   How Baba saved the Tiny Daughter of Shri Muralidhar Bhika Sonavane of Shirdi.

In the month of May of the year 1982, the tiny daughter by name Ranjani of Shri Muralidhar Bhika Sonawane of Shirdi was admitted in Shri Sainath Hospital, Shirdi due to her illness. She was then aged 2 years. The doctors diagnosed her and asked her parents to take her home as she was beyond the reach of medical treatment. The parents taken her back to their house. As a second chance, they showed her to Gondkar doctor. He treated her and told the parents that her survival depends upon the sweet will of Baba. They returned home with her. After sometime, she felt unconscious with still eyes. They feared for her status and carried her wailing to Dwarakarmayee and placed her on the feet of Baba below the stone on which Baba used to sit and prayed Baba. The tickling of the pulses decreased and about to be stopped. With heavy heart they poured Baba's UDI water and thirtham in her mouth, but in vain. They both gone to Baba's photo in front of Baba*s Dhuni and prayed Baba leaving their daughters still body near Baba's stone and prayed Baba heartily. After half an hour they returned to Baba's stone and to their delight, their daughter's still body was not there. They saw near the southern side of the wall of Dwarakarnayee Hall, their daughter Ranjani was playing along with other children. Their parent's joy knew no bounds. Had not Baba saved and given life of their daughter miraculously in His Blessed Dwarakamayee itself in May 1982 after His Mahasamadhi on 15-10-1918?

Surrender Shri Sat Completely  !Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there !!


35.       Baba given  Darshan to Mrs. Munirangam Naidu Tirupathi.

Mrs. Munirangam Naidu in 1964, when she was in devotion in her puja room, a Saint appeared before her with long Jada in his head and questioned her whether she was afraid on seeing him ? She replied in negative. The he vomitted out His intestines and gulped then again in his stomach after sometime. Afterwards he gave her thirtham by his empty hand and asked her dakshina. She searched for the same but in vain. He told her that money was kept in her cupboard in particular place. She went away in search of it. In the meanwhile, He disappeared leaving no trace behind Him. Does it not mean that Baba had appeared in the form of a Saint and satisfied her and that He is safeguarding her?

Surrender Shri Sai Completely I Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there I!

36.       Baba given Darshan to Shri C. Venkatram Naidu of Nellore and made Him as His devotee

ShriC. Venkatram Naidu of Neliore on 4-7-1939, entered the Udippi coffee hotel along with his friends to have coffee. There he saw photos of Shri Rama, Lord Krishna, Hanuman, and Madhvachari aid other photos of Gods and Goddesses. To his wonderment, he saw a Saint in the sitting posture on a stone wearing Kupni and tying the cloth around his head. In front of him were coconut and plantains for puja. As soon as he saw the photo he was drawn to it and he gazed at it intensely and with love. His friends finished coffee and left the hotel telling him that they were going. He did not even respond to them and went on admiring the Saint in the picture. A doubt arose in his mind as to what religion or caste the saint might belong as he dressed like a Muslim or a Hindu. When he came to his senses, he has enquired the Proprietor about the Saint in the Photo. He did not know anything in the Photo and directed him to Raosaheb C. Subbaiah Chetty, Stone housepet, Nellore who has gone to Shirdi along with his family in 1939. He straight away went to Shri Rao saheb C. Subbaiah Chetty from the hotel and requested him to explain about the Saint whether he is a Muslim or a Hindu. He congratulated him and said that the saint is no other than Shri Sai Baba of Shirdi and gave a small card size photo of the saint and a pocket of UDl (Vibhuti) and wanted him to worship daily with devotion and bakihi. He commenced the worship of the photo from the same evening. On every Thursday, he used to break a coconut and offered fruits, flowers and light scented sticks. He used to worship the photo in his puja room for over one hour in the mornings and two hours or more in the evenings. On 13-12-1939, he got a clear vision in his dream, the Samadhi of the Saint at Shirdi and its surroundings and smelt to light scented sticks at the Samadhi. On 14-12-1939 night, Shri Sai Baba has appeared in his dream for the first time and ordered him to come to Shirdi. On 20-12-1239, he got another dream and saw his "Ishta Devatha". Shri Rama in standing posture with His Kothandam. Suddenly Lord Rama vanished and in his place, he saw Shri Sai Baba of Shirdi. He started to Shirdi along with his family on 21-12-1939 and reached Shirdi and remained there for four days. He had darshan of Shri Abdul Baba, a devotee of Shri Sai Baba in his hut. He took to the Samadhi and he had the darshan of the Samadhi of Shri Sai Baba and he said that Shri Sai Baba will safeguard his interest all through his life. He started on the same evening to Nellore. Thus he became a devotee of Shri Sai Baba, Shirdi. He told that the mental happiness health and prosperity, he has having are entirely His blessings and added that Shri Sai Baba had removed him from all shakeless of his family responsibilities from 1960. Is it not mean that Shri Sai Baba is in existence and blessing His devotees even after His Mahasamadhi on 15-10-1918?

Surrender Shri Sai Completely !   Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there !!

37.       Baba given Darshan to Shri Kaka Mahajan On 13-11-1918

On 13-11-1918 Shri Sai Baba appeared in the dream of Shri Kakasaheb Mahajan and said to him “Why are you still sleeping ? wake up and worship My 30 th day ceremony after My Samadhi". After waking up Mahajan calculated that day is the 30th day after Baba’s Mahasamadhi. He himself prepared in his house the Baba's 30th day ceremony. He invited Shri Kakasaheb Dixit, M. V. Pradhan and Dabholkar for dinner. He celebrated Baba’s Bhajan and the whole day went very happily and to one and all. Dear readers please think over was Baba alive or not by this incident

Surrender Shri Sai Completely !   Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there !!

38.       Baba given Darshan to Smt. Sushiladevi Bhatkal as His Holiness Ramana Maharishi.

Smt. Sushiladevi Bhatkal told that her family Guru was His Holiness Ramana Maharshi. We took His darshan so many times. We used to worship His Padukas. During the Samadhi of His Holiness, we were at Swizerland. They kept His body for about 3 days. Even then we ware not able to see His last darshan bodily for which we felt very much dejected. After 15 days of His demise we reached Madras. At that time, some devotees were collecting subscriptions for building "Shri Sai Baba Mandir" and approached us for donation and appraised Baba and told us to go to Shirdi first and took darshan of His Sanaadhi there. We told them that as our Guru is His Holiness Ramana Maharshi, we first proposed to get to His darshan first and then to other places.   They told that His Holiness Ramana Maharishi is not different from Shri Sai Baba.    They are one and added that we would   realise it, if   we went to   Shirdi. Then I visited Shirdi   in  2 days   on 3-3-1953.    I took darshan of Baba's Photo placed behind the pindi   (Shivalingam) in  Baba's  Gurusthan.    In that   Photo Baba gave me  darshan as His Holiness Ramana Maharishi not only to me but to another devotee   also by   name Smt. Dongre.    I stayed at  Shirdi for   7 or 8 days and   made parayan of Baba's   Satcharitra and   went home   with a full heart that  Baba is his Holiness Ramana Maharishi Himself.

Surrender Shri Sai Completely I   Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there !!

39.       Baba given Darshan as Shri Rama, Hanuman Krishna and Datta to Shri Pandya.

Shri Pandya business contractor, Vitharna Kalyan came to Shirdi on 13-8-1952 and stayed for some days. On 21-5-1952, during noon Arati time, he was in deep meditation by closing his eyes. It appeared to him that Baba had lifted His right hand from His elbow. A flash light "vix" (Tejomaya light) in a circular from with Rama, Hanuman, Krishna and Datta are rounding in that light circle. After he opened his eyes the vision disappeared. He enquired about this vision to one Baba's devotee by name Dongre. He explained that Baba appeared to him in these forms and baba is all in all. Shri Pandya was fully satisfied with this vision and returned to his home.

Surrender Shri    Sai Completely !  Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there !!

40.       Baba given darshan to the unmarried daughter of Shri Rangu Atmaram Cholkar, Cholkar's Bungalow Dahisar (Barolipo)

Shri Rangu Atmaram Cholkar, Cholkar's Bungalow Dahisar was a devotee of Shri Sai Baba Shirdi. His unmarried daughter has completed two readings of Sai Satcharitra in two weeks. After her second reading was over on a Thursday, she prepared naivedya for offering and waited Baba's darshan as specified in it. Baba came and sat in the Varandah of her house unseen. She saw him and recognised Him and helped him to enter the house by catching His hand. Then His hand was felt very hard to her. After going some distance, His hand became so soft that of a child and made him to sit in an asan. He talked to her in Hindi whether she would give dakshina, or Kambli. She replied that she would give Him all what she had. They made Arati to Him and offered to Him Naivedya. Baba ate all the eatables in the Naivedya plate and gave eight annas to her. She invited him to her Puja room. He visited her puja room and pointed out a photo to her. He asked her whose Photo is this?", pointing to a particular Photo. She replied that it is His Photo (i.e.) Photo of Shri Sai Baba, Shirdi. He told Badhri, Haridwar, Rameswar and then Shirdi, by giving her a nice photo of Shri Sai Baba and gone out leaving his foot print one in Puja room and one in His place where He ate His naivedya. Then she followed Him and stood before Him. He asked her to go to her Puja room and went away to the village temple and asked the Pujari there to give Him Rs. 0-2-0 with him in his packet. He at once gave it to him. After about one hour, He again came to her house. She told him that he took only Naivedya and has not taken food and so saying she offered Him food. She asked prasad from it with His Hand. He gave prasad to her and to her sister in-Iaw. He asked her from her sister-in-law a chaddar and dakshina of Rs. 1-4-0. Her sister-in-law gave these to Him and requested His blessings. He Blessed them that all w ill be well and gone away. She accompanied Him, but He disappeared after going about some distance. Baba thus fulfilled the wishes of His devotees.

Surrender Sri Sai Completely I    Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there !!

41.       Baba given Darshan and helped Sri Navin Bhagwanji Desai, Jalalpur, Gujarat

I got my father, mother, wife and children I became a Sai devotee since 1967 and I completely attached to His feet thinking that He is the only guide, saviour and God to me. Baba given Darshan to me in my dream in my house. He asked me to come to His Samadhi in Shirdi. I gone to His Samadhi. Baba put thilak on my forehead, spread a towel and poured on it 300 silver one rupee coins tied it, gave it to me and asked me to go away. I got down from the Samadhi. He again called me. I got up His Samadhi. He put some jaggery into my mouth by taking it from a Katturi and asked me to go away. Then I came to my place". I tought it was an auspicious Symptom for me to visit Shirdi. I first gone to Shirdi in 1967 and got accommodation in Baba's Gurusthan building. I requested Baba to give His darshan to prove to me that He has accepted me as His devotee. Accordingly to my wish, Baba given me darshan as he was watering the plants behind the Samadhi Mandir".

Afterwards, I resigned my job which fetched me . Rs. 1800/- P. M.   I was fully emerged in Baba's devotion.   My wife was a teacher.    All on a sudden she became mad and talking indifferently. I tried all sorts  of medicines for her cure by spending nearly Rs. 10,000/- The doctor told me at length that there is no use of medical treatment to her and that I have to seek her Divine aid. One day night at about 2-30 A. M. she told me that she had given her earnings of about Rs. 40,000/- to me and wanted divorce from me with Rs. 40,000/-. I was too much worried and prayed to Baba heartily "that if you do not find solution for her status within 24 hours, you will not be considered as Baba”. Daily one singer used to come to our house in the morning at about 5 A.M. for alms. Next day morning my wife gave her alms. At that time he told her that she was not a mad woman and that somebody had done evil things to her. She will be cured shortly. I too heard this with her and ascertained Baba's dictum through Him. I took her to the adjacent village where such cases are attended to in a Maruthi Mandir. She was cured of from her evil spirits by an expense of Rs. 1-50 by the grace of Baba and she became more devoted to Shri Sai Baba than myself.

Again in 1967, I visited Shirdi for the second time with my family and I got my room in the ground floor of the Gurusthan. When I went out for shopping a well built dog gone before me and stopped in front of one shop. I purchased my required article from that shop. Again the dog directs me to follow and took me to 4 or 5 shops and I purchased from all the shops my required articles and finally taken me straight away to my room in Baba's Gurusthan and entered in my room and seated in my Gadi. At that time, my mother served dishes for us. The dog without any hasty gone to one dish taken something in each variety and came back and sat in the same gadi. We have taken our food and we want to vacate our room as we want to go to Surat by bus at 11 A.M. Then the time was 10-30. I requested the dog in my mind, "Baba I am satisfied for your guidance and help. I want to vacate my room and proceed to Surat, please I kindly request you to enable me to vacate my room". As soon as I thought likewise, the dog suddenly got up and went away. Afterwards, we vacated and proceeded to our place.

My brother is an illiterate. His marriage was a great problem to us as no  one is forthcoming to give him daughter as he was an illiterate. The   neighbour village friends' son has to be married with the daughter of our village. Both of them Bride and Bridegroom came to our house for betrothal. At that time, my heart so sickened that I stand before Baba's photo and requested heartily whether Baba would perform my brother's marriage. The betrothal party has gone from my house. After one week, one old man who have attended the betrothal had seen my brother, our house, our routine, our influence and determined to give his daughter to my brother for marriage. Baba has yielded to my prayer and  settled my brother's marriage. I came to Shirdi with marriage invitation and placed it in all the places of Baba and   prayed heartily   to  come to the marriage and  bless the   couples.   I performed   the marriage of my brother in a grand scale in such a manner that the villagers are even now telling that they have not ever seen such   kind of   marriage  in our   village. At about 12 noon an   unknown  Fakir came very   hastily, straight away to me and requested me for   meals. I fed him in a fit manner. After his meals, I gave him the remaining   amount in my packet i.e., Rs. 21/- as dakshina thinking that no other than Baba himself came and satisfied my vision.

Surrender Shri Sai Completely I    Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there II

42.       Baba given Darshan to Shri Balasaheb Rege of Poona a devotee of Shri Madhavnath.

Bharat is a place of Rishi and Munis and Baba is such a great Rishi. Shri Madhavnath Chithrakot in Madhya Pradesh was also such a Saint. When once Balasaheb was on way to Poona, Shri Madhavanath gave a chit to him to be handedover to Baba in Shirdi. It was written on the chit only "DEVIDARSHAN" and nothing else. When he came to Shirdi, it was night and the Samadhi Mandir was closed. He placed the chit on the window and waited. Baba's Samadhi Mandir was covered by mosquito net and he stood on the left side of the Samadhi. On the right side of the Samadhi a tiger was standing and on the left side of Samadhi, Devi was standing. He thought whether he was in dream and that word written on the chit "DEVI DARSHAN" was then understood by him. Afterwards he saw Baba within the mosquite net and smoking chillim and Madhavnath was sitting before Baba and Baba was knee-ding front and back. These darshan last long and he himself astonished about these peculiar darshan.

Surrender Shri Sai Completely \ stupendous Delectation  and Deliverance be there !!

43.       Baba given darshan to the son of Shri V. B. Nandwani, Mahim, Bombay in Baba's Gurusthan Building.

On 7-5-1973, I reached Shirdi with my son aged 17 years. Expecting heavy rush due to vacation, I had written in advance to the Sansthan for reservation of a particular room for us. Although the letter has not yet been posted on to the accommodation incharge he offered the same room I wanted. He was also kind enough to invite us for lunch that day about 2 P.M. However, for some reasons, it was little after 3 P.M. that he came to call us for lunch in Bhojangriha. By then, my son had gone to sleep hungry. I had earlier asked him to go and eat something, but he did not agree. Now when we both asked him to get up for meals, he refused to eat anything in anger. Knowing his nature and habit of eating earlier, I left him and went with that Sansthan officer. My son got up at about 4 P.M. and said angrily "I would not go to Samadhi Mandir. I will not bow before Baba. I do not want to stay here. I will go back to Bombay even if I have to go alone”. I knew all this outburst was due to his hunger and anger and so kept quiet. A little while latter he got up and went out to eat something. Instead of eating in the hotel, he brought four "Dosas" and asked me also to have one. To please him, I did. He could eat only two. The one left untouched, he gave it to a beggar.

We were in the room on ground floor touching the road inside Sansthan compound and parellel to the then Accommodation Office. In Gurupadukasthan, there is a "L" shaped passage between the two rooms. The entrance is from longer leg of "L". The shorter has the bath rooms and is closed at the other end. Thus anybody going out and coming in must be seen by us if the door of our room is open. After eating the "Dosas" my son went to wash the plate at the open tap fixed in the line of bath rooms. Suddenly he rushed back to the room and said that someone look like Baba standing in the passage outside the bath rooms with a stick in His hand and that he got frightened. He talked all this standing on the threshold of the room keeping the door open. I was sitting in such a position that anybody coming in or going out must be visible to me. I got immediately and went with him to the bath room side and found none there. I feel it was "Sai himself who gave him darshan". I did not see anyone going out of the passage. How could someone vanish like that. None dressed like that was staying in the other rooms. On questioning, my son told me that his Kupni was torn on one arm and lower ends of it was flayed badly. He was pointing to the stick (Satka) towards the Samadhi Mandir. Then afterwards at about 6 P. M. my son quietly accompanied me to the Samadhi Mandir, Dwarakamayee and Chawdi and everywhere he bowed Baba as I did. During the rest of the seven days stay, he was extremely happy and made many friends.

Surrender Shri Sai Completely ! Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there I!

44.       Baba given Darshan to Miss. Shobna Rao

My father is a devotee of Baba and he visits yearly His Shrine at Shirdi. Oh yes, now I recollect one small incident that took place during my school days when my Daddy has booked tickets for us to go to Baba's Shrine at Shirdi, but ill luck befall upon me, I was down with high temperature, even then my daddy proceeded as per his plan leaving me with my sister and my mother. But lo and behold the day passed into night. I was restless, sleepless and tossing about in the bed. It was, I think midnight when I saw a Sadhu clad in robe, sitting too close to my bed side with a hand raised. I was about to shout due to fear but my throat was chocked and I soon felt fast asleep. Next day my Mummy was surprised, I was well the next day. My fever came to normal. It was no other than our Baba. I was asked by my mother to light a Nandadeep to our Holy Baba. It was my daily work to stand before His photo and to ask for forgiveness for whatever I do. His eyes are my destination. I always take His permission whenever I do anything whether good or bad. I leave it to Baba, He is there with me and is guiding me in all my daily routine. He smiled when I do good and gets angry when I do a wrong thing. My father used to say always :

"Do your best and leave the rest to the Almighty Shri Sai Baba. He will do the rest". I am now studying in Inter Arts by His grace and hope that His blessings will always befall upon me to become a graduate very soon so that I can thank Baba one day with tears of joy, hoping to he blessed throught my life.

Surrender Shri Sai Completely I Stupendous Delectation     and   Delivervance be there !!

45.       Baba given darshan to the wife of Shri P. Pijchaiya Sastrt Telugu Pandit V.R. College Nellore

I and my wife read the Telugu book "Saileela" Just then, we got the information that my daughter at .Bez-wada was unwell. We were prepared and were arranging to start for Bezwada the next day. During the night or rather at dawn, my wife had a dream in which an old man appeared to her and said "Do not fear, your daughter is safe". In the morning we received a letter confirming the dream. The letter stated that the daughter was safe and that there was no ground for anxiety. We fully believe that the old man in the dream was no other than Baba.

Surrender Shri Sai Completely ! Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there !

46.       Baba given Darshan to the husband of Smt. K, Arundhati Ammal Madras

My husband is doing business in diamonds. In October last there was a letter from Karaikudi Chettiar inviting him to go there for selling some diamonds. But my husband fearing that the prospect of sale was poor hesitated much whether he would leave Madras at all.

Then at that time, Baba appeared to him in his dream and holding a pair of scales in his hand told him that the customer would purchase such and such a number of carats. Thus assured my husband left for Karaikudi taking more carats with him than those mentioned by Shri Sai Baba. At Karaikudi he found that he sold exactly the number of carats mentioned by Baba and not a jot more in spite of his efforts to sell more.

Surrender Shri Sai Completely !   Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there !!

47.       Baba given darshan to Shri Padmanabha lyer Retired Assistant Engineer (P W.D.) Tennure Trichy.

I had a casual   talk   with   Shri A. S. Gopalkrishna lyer of Tennure who informed me that he was suffering from blood pressure and he went to   Shirdi Sansthan and had a darshan of Shri Sai Baba Samadhi and since then his blood  pressure had  considerably   reduced.  I had also the same malady and so decided to go to Shirdi Sansthan.    Meanwhile   my   daughter   a girl  of 7 years was seriously ill.   It was at the time of the first puja in A. S. Gopalakrishna lyer's  house in April,   I attended the puja and administered the vibhuti prasadam,   to my daughter.   Even after a week her condition was serious, but Shri Sai Baba appeared in my dream and ordered me to go to Shirdi Sansthan. In obedience  to the command leaving my daughter in a serious condition, I went to Shirdi on Thursday (10-5-1939) and had a darshan of the Samadhi and returned with the Prasadam. My daughter has been completely cured, my blood pressure also completely reduced.

Surrender Shri Sai Completely ! Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there II

48.       Baba given darshan to Shri Doraiswamy Naidu Trichy.

I know about Shri Sai Baba's miracles and powers and learnt the same through my master A. S. Gopalakrishna lyer, after his return from Shirdi in the month of January. For the past six months I have seen Baba five times in the Depot and three times in my master's house at Tennure and once in my house. When He appeared for the first time at about 4 A.M. in the morning he appeared as a boy of five years woke me up saying "It is already late get up and commence your daily routine work". Two or three times., I saw Baba at the Depot with Bhajana party at about 2 A.M. in the night always accompanied by "Anjaneya" by his side. Once, he told me that "He is going to Dindigul" and asked me to accompany him and I went to Dindigul and then returned. By this time, I woke up and so I am unable to explain as to what happened at Dindigul. Another time, he gave me sugar candy and rose flowers and wrote something on my chest. On another day there was a good music party with a lot of ladies taking part in it.

At my master's house with Anjaneyar twice, coming from the puja room to the centre hall and then taking His seat on the plank of the mirror where Baba's picture was kept and worshipped during the last Samajam day. Anjaneyar Himself was seated by the side of Baba on the floor. I saw Baba seated on the plank for about a few minutes and then He vanished. This happened in my waking state at about 8-30 P.M. And another time also at about 8-30 P.M. Baba came alone wandered in the centre hall and then vanished in the adjoining room. When Baba appeared in my Master's house, two children were suffering from typhoid and the rest of the children were suffering from itch and Baba directed that no medicine need be given to the children and it is enough if UDI is given twice a day both in the morning and in the evening and said they would automatically recover and be right after a few days time. Accordingly my master stopped medicine even though the temperature of the children ranged from 102° to 105° and administered UDI twice a day and the children recovered and they are now hale and hearty due to Baba's miraculous powers. He also further informed me that he is taking care of all the children and the other members of my masters house who he said are all His children. In my own house at about 2 A.M. in the night, 4 or 5 days ago when I was suffering from severe pains in my waist, Baba appeared to me and gave me UDI and asked me to take it and said I will be alright. Accordingly, I took the UDI and I was relieved of the pain immediately and now I am alright.

Surrender Shri Sai Completely !  Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there !!

49.       Baba given Darshan to Captain A. Devarajulu and Mrs. Sarojini Devarajulu of Calcutta

Captain A.Devarajulu and Mrs. Sarojini Devarajulu were regularly visiting the All India Sai Samaj, Madras every year since 1941. There were the staunch devotees of Shri Sai Baba. One day in 1913, on Thursday Baba appeared in her dream and beneath Baba's photo, a ghee lamp is burning. On the same day an unknown person came to their house and handed over a Baba's photo and prasad to them starting that they were coming from Shirdi. Still they have got that photo. From that time an idea arose in their minds that they should build one Baba's Mandir and from that time, they set apart some money. On the full moon day of April, 1977, Baba appeared in her dream below a flower tree of a pious Bengal devotee's house. She however discovered that house and met them and explained the dream to them. They readily agreed and a small Baba's temple was built there in the same place with her saved money and from where Baba given her darshan. First they temporarily placed the photo of Baba's Samadhi Mandir posture in that temple. An evacuee family were worshipping a Baba's big photo in stone posture in Dharmastala. Smt. Susila Rajan was worshipping that photo. Baba appeared in her dream and directed her to handover that big photo to our above Mandir. In obedience to Baba's direction and with due reverence, she came with that photo and placed it in the Mandir. Baba is helping actively and vigorously to the devotees who came to His darshan in the Mandir.

Surrender Shri   Sai Completely^   Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there ! !

50.       Baba averted the death of His devotee Shri Nagesh Atmaram Sawant a Police Sub Inspector

During the Bombay Hindu Muslim riots, a devotee of Shri Sai Baba, Shri Nagesh Atmaram Satvant, Police Sub Inspector, while on duty had fever and head ache. An European officer in his round seeing that Sawant was really ill, relieved him saying he would inform the Superintendent of this. Unluckily one hour later after Sawant was relieved the riot reached its highest pitch and the officer was killed in it. Had not Baba inspired the European Officer to relieve Sawant from duty probably from death. If not death would have taken his tole and not the officers."

Surrender Shri Sai Completely I   Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there II

51.       Baba saved the little son of Shri S. B. Nachane from fire accident.

Shri S. B. Nachane's little son of about nine months named Harihar alias Sainath was playing with his brothers and sisters. Other grown up children have been firing crackers nearly igniting coloured matches. One of them threw burning match’s on the child's clothes. Sainath's clothes caught fire, but the little boy could not understand the risk this involved. The mother was busy doing something outside there, but her mind was away from her children. So Baba at once appeared before her in the form of a Fakir and pointing to the burning child said "Look there, see what is going on there". Thereupon the mother at once ran up to the child removed the burning clothes in proper time. After Harihar was thus saved the mother looked for the Fakir but during the confusion that followed on the running of the mother to the child, He disappeared altogether no one knew where. The devout parents of Harihar rightly attributed this to Shri Sai Baba's grace and prayed for such anxious care of them whenever so required. Dear readers please think over how Baba is safeguarding the devotee's welfare.

Surrender Shri Sai Completely !   Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there !!

52.       Baba given darshan to Shri Das Ganu Maharaj in the Shape of His Photo in His New House at Pandharpur.

Shri Das Ganu Maharaj wanted to purchase a particular house at Pandharpur. This was the house in which Sai Baba's annual festival was being performed by him. Owing to competition that this house could not be purchased neither by him nor by somebody else for about two years. After two years Das Ganu Maharaj had purchased the house opened the main front door and went inside. To his astonishment he had seen the Baba's Photo inside the house. After Darshan of the photo he thought that Baba Himself was in the house and specially reserved form him without giving it to anybody and his heart was thrilled with joy. Das Ganu told the story how Baba's photo remained there in the vacant house. Before his occupation, that house was occupied by an officer who was a devotee of Shri Sai Baba. After his retirements he has vacated that house and shifted his household Samans in the neighbour's house and went to his native place. But nobody knows why Baba's photo alone was omitted to be removed. This clearly shows that Baba wanted to provide that house particularly to Das Ganu Maharaj as per his wish and that he was safeguarding that house for two years even after it was vacated. That is how Baba helping his devotees even after His Mahasamadhi in 1918.

Surrender Shri Sai Completely I   Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there I I

53.   Baba given darshan to Shri Narasinga Rao, took food in His House and Cured the disease of His wife.

In June, 1947, Shri Narasinga Rao, Nellore has admitted his wife in the Government Hospital, Atmakur (Nellore District) at midnight with a still child which she could not deliver. After the removal of the child in the hospital she developed high temperature and fits which continued for 12 days. Next morning after the admission of his wife in the hospital, he was served with an ousting orders from his temporary employment as a Clerk in the Revenue Department. Her treatment was very costly. He was pie less with three children with none at home to look after them. His friends met the cost of her treatment and gave shelter and food to his children. On 13th day, she was discharged from the hospital with a swollen and painful leg. His another doctor friend, Mr. V. Subbaramaiah treated her till she able to walk though not fully recovered. During this period, his only anchor was uttering the name of Shri Sai Baba and sang songs in praise of Him. One day in the morning when he came out of his house, he physically seen Sai Baba in his begging round face to face and was in state of stupor. After he came to his senses he asked him "May I know who you are (In English) He all on a sudden replied" You are a fool If you know who you are, you will know who I am” In English. He further asked him "May I request you to take food in my house?" He replied "I have come for that". After he was comfortably seated, he began to serve food. But he told him "No not you. I want your wife to serve me food." After taking His food, He laid down to rest on the bed. He has gone out to the market to fetch fruits for him and returned forthwith. But to his great astonishment, the Divine guest was not there. His wife was restored to perfect health within hours of His visit. After this incident, when his wife was in her way to frame Baba's photo, she lost the photo. During the night Baba appeared in her dream Why weap? Select one among them and keep it for worship. Next day a Baktha from Shirdi came to his house and presented a printed picture of Baba which they still preserve it as sacred gift. He is well of now by the grace of Shri Sai Baba.

Surrender Shri Set! Completely!    Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there II

54.       Baba helped Shri T.N. Baskarathondaiman, Retired Collector Tlrunelveli

Shri T.M. Baskarathondaiman, I.A.S., Retired Collector, Tirunelveli has stated as to how he become a  Sai devotee when he was collector, Coimbatore. On one morning of a Thursday, his friend has requested him to visit Naga Sai Mandir in the evening with a "Sankalpam" in his mind and that he would have a symptom on the next day for its fulfillment. During that time, he might have received the title of I.A.S., but owing to some reason or other, it has been delayed so long. He wanted to test this and went to Naga Sai Mandir in, the evening along with his friends. On seeing the picture of Shri Sai Baba in the Mandir, he was deeply captured by its sight and he felt that Baba had read his heart. He went back to his house with his heart satisfied. Next day when he went to his office, he had a reference from the Government calling for some information regarding the inclusion of his name in the list of I.A.S., Officers. His name was included in the I.A.S., list only after this incident. From that time, he became a devotee of Shri Sai Baba Shirdi. He used to go to Naga Sai Mandir on every Thursday and if he failed on any account on that day, he used to go to Naga Sai Mandir positively on Sunday. He further added that even now if he came across some troubles they will be vanished by His prayer to Sai Baba. Does this not mean that Shri Sai Baba, Shirdi is active and helping His devotees even after His Mahasamadhi on 15-10-1918 1

Surrender Shri Sai Completelv \ stupendous Delectation  and Deliverance be there !!

55.       Baba given Darshan to Doctor Rustomji, a Homeopath and helped  him

. Doctor Rustomji, A Homeopath who was once engaged in Homeopathic medicines in a homeopathy dispensary at Shirdi. He was due Rs. 300/- to party in Bombay. The doctor made a cheque for that amount and passed it on to his friend telling him that he would cash it when he liked. On returning home however, the doctor found much to his dismay that his pass book showed that he had not that much balance in his account. He thought what his friend would think about him if his cheque was dishonoured. The doctor pleaded with Sai Baba with implicit faith to get him out of this trouble. After some days a causual acquintance called on him and asked him if he would keep a small packet for him which he would come and claim after three months. The doctor was surprised at this unusual request and asked the man what the packet contained? "It contained a sum of Rs. 300/- was the amazing reply.” "Do you mind if I use the money" asked the doctor promptly. The gentleman said he did not mind what the doctor did, so long as the money was returned to him when he came to claim it after 3 (three) months. The doctor rushed to the bank and after ascertaining that his cheque had not yet been presented, he paid the amount in his account and felt relief. His honour was saved. Three months passed, the man who had given Rs. 300/- had not turned up. After 6 (six) months, the doctor suddenly saw the gentleman on the road side. He suddenly went out to him and after greetings were exchanged, the doctor said to him "why did you not claimed your money all these months?" But the man said that he had not given any money to the Doctor. Thinking that he was joking tried to press the packet of notes into his hands. But the gentleman vehemently denied having visited Shirdi or even given the doctor any money at all! The doctor was then spell bound and became known that this was the extraordinary sport of the Divine Incarnate Shri Sai Baba.

Surrender Shri Sai Completely ! Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there !!

56.       Baba saved Mani Sahukar in the running train

In about 1952, Smt. Mani Sahukar was to go to Poona alone as her husband was busily engaged in a meeting. Anyway she had reserved a seat for her in one of those cubicles in a corridor train in the Deccan Queen. There was yet half an hour for the train to start. She sat near the window sipping tea and noticed a well dressed middle aged gentleman facing up and down on the platform of V. T. Station. She felt that this gentleman may perhapes be en individual whom I had met previously and did not recognise. So she smiled and wished him, where upon the gentleman came rushing up to her and with great familiarity enquired where she was bound and whether she was alone etc. She readily agreed to join him in her compartment. The gentleman rushed in with his suitcase, just as the train was about to stare and sat opposite her. The train had not even gone a 100 yards when the stranger started showing himself in his true colours. From his speech and behaviour she understood to her horror that he was not a gentalman and that she was placed in a nasty situation, he bolted the door of the compartment with so much of courage, she came up and unlocked the door. She was in a fix that she got sari costing more than one thousand rupees belonging to some one else. In this critical juncture she sat down praying Sai Baba. No sooner had she utter these prayers mentally, a unique miracle manisfested itself. As she turned herself to the door, she saw a porter standing there, looking at her. How could a porter have appeared in a running train in her compartment when the train had not stopped in any station. She sprang up from her seat and told the Porter to remove her luggage and cleared out into the open corridor bogie. As she occupied another seat in another bogie with the help of the portor, she tried to tip the portor but looking at her with indulgence, He refused to take money. She took His hand and pressed a coin into it and He quietly took it and went away. She rushed up and down the whole corridor looking everywhere for her Saviour, but there was no sign of Him. She got down at Poona with her heart filled with joy.

She is the author of the book by name "The Saint of Shirdi". In the third edition, she herself told in it that once Shri Sai Baba, Shirdi had cured her puculiar ailment in 1950 vide item No. 12 under this caption and secondly she was saved by Baba from the hands of a rogue in the running train in 1952. Thus she was twice saved by Baba. The District Court, Ahmednagar has passed orders that Abdul Baba has no connection of the maintenance of the Sansthan of Shri SAI Baba of Shirdi and that there was no heir or successor to Shri Sai Baba, Shirdi (Vide Shri Gokhale's book "Sai Baba Shirdi page 59). Bit quite contrary to her experiences cited and also against the order of the District Court, Ahmednagar, Smt. Mani Sahukar has written in her above book from page 75 to last in the Illrd edition in II part under the title "Successor of Shri Sai Baba Shirdi," His Holiness Upasani Maharaj, Sati Godavari Mathaji and Shri Satya Sai Baba. Even though, Abdul Baba served Baba physically much more than his Holiness Upasani Maharaj, the District Court Ahmednagar ordered that Abdul Baba was neither heir nor successor. Then what to speak about His Holiness Upasani Maharaj?. What about Sati Godavari Mathaji and Bhagwan Satya Sai Baba who are not contemporaries of Shri Sai Baba Shirdi and who were not in the picture at all ? Further it is much more wonderous fact that Bhagwan Satya Sai Baba Himself in 1968 told to Shri K. J. Munshi's father in the presence of Shri K.M. Munshi, Editor of Bhavan's journel, "I knew him. He is a believer of Shri Sai Baba, Shirdi for the last 16 years. Once he got out pf the train on severe pain and called Shri Sai Baba, Shirdi. It was Shirdi Sai Baba who saved him", (vide item No. 7 Page 181 in this caption and Bhavan's Journel dated 8-3-1970). Dear readers, the author of this book felt very much regretted, spell bound and at a loss to know how the learned and that too who was saved by Shirdi Sai Baba twice had written as "II part Successors of Shirdi Sai Baba" mentioning the above three sacred souls in her book "The Saint of Shirdi" third edition. The author sincerely requests her in the name and for the sake of the service of the Almighty Shri Sai Baba, Shirdi to delete the II part of her book cited in her ensuing edition as it is against proved facts. If she wants, she may write a seperate book about them and that too not as successors of Shirdi Sai Baba.

Surrender Shri Sai Completely \   Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there !!

57.       Baba Manifested Himself and Helped for the safe delivery of the wife of Shri R. Ramchandran, Bombay.

Shri P. Ramchandran, a railway servant residing at 8/392, Vasant building, Matunga, Bombay knew about Shri Sai Baba, in 1950. He read Satcharitra of Shri Sai Baba in 1950. He has got full faith in Shri Sai Baba and the words of Baba "why do you fear when I am here ?" has very much touched his heart. When his wife during pregnant of nine months received a call from her mother as she was suffering seriously and her presence in her mother's house was much essential. After consulting the doctor, he had started to her mother's house along with his wife casting all the burdens on Baba, They started in the Madras Mail from Bombay. His brother's son handed over Rs. 100/- with a request to hard over that amount to his father at Madras He accepted his request. He began to pray Baba in the train. On the next day at about 8 A.M., his wife began to suffer labour pains. Then the train stopped in a small station. A Musalman who appeared to be as a doctor got into the train. No other else was in the compartment. He asked the Fakir, whether he has got any medicine with Him for the safe delivery of his wife. He prepared three packets of medicines and handed over to him two packets and the Fakir Himself given one packet to take it inside with instructions that she should take the remaining 2 packets one in every two hours and went away when the train stopped at Sholapur. As soon as she taken the remaining 2 packets as instructed, all the labour pains have stepped and she felt alright then. Before the train reached Adoni, she had gone to the latrine for passing; stools. Unexpectedly she delivered a male child very safely in the latrine of the running train. The train stopped at Adoni railway station. Her husband was anxiously waiting outside the door of the latrine. A voice came suddenly from a woman to the effect that she was there for help and he should not worry. He told her about the delivery of his wife in the latrine. She got a knife from him and went to the latrine along with another woman. After all the preliminary services are over, she came out of the latrine. He has paid Rs. 5/-as an offering for her timely services to his wife. After receiving the amount she went away. How she came to that particular compartment and why she went away after the services were over and that too in the stable train at Adoni were the problem to him. He told all this to the Station Master and the Station Master has arranged her admission in the civil hospital at Adoni. She was in the hospital for 13 days with proper treatment. A lady doctor belonged to American Mission had helped her most in the hospital. In an unknown place, he and his delivered wife were pull on very happily. He has utilised the amount of Rs. 100/- given by his brother's son at Bombay. He felt that the giving of medicine by the Musalman who appeared to be as a doctor in the running train, the unexpected assistance of a female in the stable train at Adoni after the time of his wife's delivery, her treatment in the hospital in a new place and the amount utilised for the expense» of the delivery are nothing but pervaded by Shri Sai Baba in response to his prayer. By this incident, is it not clear that Baba is ever active even after His Mahasamadhi to lend His helping hand for timely help to His devotees ?

Surrender Shri Sai Completely ! Stupendous Delectation     and   Deliverance be there !!

58.       Baba saved the life of Shri B. R. Kakade from floods and His eldest daughter from Double Typhoid.

How I became a Sai devotee will mean explaining one's own experiences in one's own point of view. However the result of such writing will read the readers to the path of Sai devotion. I have full faith in Sai. I was not believing in God in my childhood, but my father never got angry with me nor used any harsh words for my peculiar thinking about God. However, he used his intellect to change my mind towards the belief in God and that too through is good colleagues who made a fine friendship with me to read some religious books for them as they were old and could not pay attention to reading. This made me change my views about God in "Sagun" and "Nigrun" aspects (i.e.) the formed and the formless aspects.   The marble idols of God in whom people will believe which  were mere stones for me in the   beginning of my  life now became practical observances in my daily  life of the  source of inspiration.   In my school days, 1927, when I was only 16 years of age, I was trapped in the big flood of Gujarat. I was  at Baroda  with  my father at   that time. Heavy flood waters divided in  the city   into two parts and both of us were in one part and my younger brother and the grandmother were in the other side. We tried to cross the river   bridge of   high level   water  but the police objected to this.   However, we tried to enter the water on the bridge travelling upto my neck,  we failed to return and thus were trapped by waters of the flood. At this critical time of life and death,  one tall man of about 7 feet in height having beard and rumal on head shouted loudly directing us both to stand  at the same place and he came through the water got both of us in his own hands and took us to the other side of the roaring river when my brother and grand mother were anxiously waiting for us.   I enquired about the person who saved us and it was a wonder  to note that he  was not there.   I tried to find him  out but in vain.   This  was the first devotional darshan of Shri Sal Baba in my life in 1927.   My eldest daughter was ill by double typhoid for 42 days (Relapsed case) in 1943.    A committee of 3 (three) doctors declared her   case as   "Fatal".   On the 41st day of her illness they have asked me to leave   this case to God.   The same day, it   happened so, that one old man with beard from Madras had come to us through one of my friends in Baroda and when that bearded old man saw my daughter, He told me not  to fear.   I was surprised in listening to him when I was actually facing a critical moment in life.   But the   old man  convinced me in such a way that I became fearless when I came to know that the man was not present at night  when my daughter got a dream of Shri Sai Baba.   She  improved from that time.  I had enquired   with my friend about the old man but in vain. His advice was nothing but the devotional darshan for the second time in my life.

Surrender Shri Sai Completely !   Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there ! !

59.       Baba Manifested Himself like a Cartwala Tested the Faith and Helped Shri Rama-krishna Ganpat Rao Kothare of Mahim, Bombay.

Shri Ramakrishna Ganpat Rao Kottare of. Mahim, Bombay and his father used to visit Shirdi often and often during Baba's time and also after Baba's Samadhi. In 1919 during the rainy season they proceeded to Shirdi from Mahim and came to Kopargaom railway station. But there was heavy floods in Godavari river at Kopargaom. No conveyance was available to cross the river. The Station Master advised them not to go to Shirdi in these floods. On hearing this, they simply sat by uttering Sai's name. At this time, a tall and lean man with Alpi coat and a stick in hand came to them and told them why are you people want to go to Shirdi? The mad man there has died. Shri Ganpat Rao told him not to tell all these tales, I however want to go to Shirdi Baba will help us. Then the tall man brought his cart, got them inside the cart and driven to Shirdi. On the way, the tall man uttered always the words Maya, Mithya, Brahma etc., as a mad man. The cart came to Kopargaon Town. As there is floods in Godavari River it was not possible to cross the river the tall man made them to get down near a Brahman's house and went away without demanding any money from them. He was not turned up till they started to cross the river by boat after 3 P. M., when the water lessened in the river. On the other side of the river, they came to Shirdi late in the night and stayed in' Dixit wada. They were alone in the wada. They stayed the night there and in the morning they got the darshan of Baba and returned to Kopargaom and gone to the Brahmin's house and enquired about the cart tall man. The Brahmin told them that the cart man was not belonged to Kopargaom and added that he was under the impression He belonged to you man. All have decided that this occurrence was nothing but Baba's leela to test their faith.

Surrender Shri   Sai Completely   Stupendous  Delectation and Deliverance be there ! !

60.       Baba Manifested himself as an old man and given darshan to Shri L.D. Somaraj, 233. Austin Town, Bangalore- 1

I am an ex-serviceman from the defence army devoted to Baba since 1940. I got ten children. Out of these children, my wife gave birth to three child at a time (Triplex). They were all safe. I was having one small photo of Baba and wherever I go, I used to worship it. It may in 1941, I came on leave and I went to Bangalore, my native place from Japalpur. I met Shri Narasimhaswamiji at Bezwada railway station who came and sat by my side and talked to me about Baba and gave me one anna coin with His blessings and asked me to keep it in puja. After reaching Bangalore, I told my parents about my meeting with Shri Narasimhaswamiji and requested my mother to start bhakti on Sai Baba's cult. One day I went to cinema 6-30 P.M. show At about 7 P.M. it was heavy raining, one Sadhu like Baba with white dress with a piece of cloth tied on his head standing outside the compound wall shouting "that no one should come outside the gate as one cobra was standing there". My mother asked him "what was there outside Baba!" My mother called him as Baba as he resembled like Sai Baba. The old man replied "there was one cobra standing outside the gate and it would go away soon and that no one should come outside". Hearing His voice, my neighbor opened the door of his house. He saw a very big cobra standing outside the compound gate of my house. Baba asked my mother to put milk for it. My mother did it and the cobra went away after drinking it. My mother requested Him to come inside the house, but he refused. He asked my mother for food. My mother served him with food there itself on a big stone. After taking food, he asked my mother for some money. Immediately, my younger sister gone inside and returned with Rs. 51- and offered to Him. After receiving this He asked one sack to cover his body. My mother asked my father for one sack to him. My father refused. The old man said to my mother "that there were 50 sacks in the puja room and out of that, you may give me one". My mother and father were wondered at His words and gave Him one sack. He smoked His cigar by sitting on the stone and left a handful of ash over the stone. Afterwards, He went away saying that He would visit my house on another day. My younger sister followed him upto the next cross and from there, he disappeared. When myself, my brother and my first sister reached my house from the cinema, there was heavy rain and our compound was full of water. My mother told me all about the old man. We were all went to the big stone where He sat and saw to our amazement that the big stone and the ashes of his cigar (Vibhuti) were dry and not drenched in the heavy rain. My father was a Police Officer, he too wondered for this miracle of the old man (Shri Sai Baba) and he also used to worship Baba. Is this not the Leela of Baba to Create faith in His devotees,

Surrender Shri Sai Completely I   Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there ! !

61.       Baba Manifested Himself as a Nurse and Helped the wife of Shri Piara Lal Kanna, 13 Theatre Road Calcutta-700071.

I and my wife we both gone to Rameshwar in 1950 and toured all over South India. Wherever we go, we found a saint with a twisted turban in His head. We did not know who He was. Atleast we came to know that he was Shri Sai Baba, Shirdi. My younger brother . gone to Shirdi and came back to our place and requested us to go to Shirdi. At that time, I was in great difficulty by work pressure in my office, illness in the family and had to undergo for operation. In April, 82 last we came to Shirdi to beg for the blessing of Baba as my wife has to undergo major operation at Bombay. He blessed us even prior to our coming to Shirdi. When we were in the train, one Fakir with red cloth came to our compartment and sang a song in Marathi and told us "All our troubles would vanish" and requested only from us far 5 N.P, We paid 5 N.P. He blessed us and gone away from our compartment without asking from anybody. After visiting Shirdi, the operation was performed. After operation of my wife, I was with typhoid fever in my place and there was no one in the hospital to look after my wife. We came across Baba's one extraordinary Krupa by sending a nurse who came with out anybody's request. She was alone with the patient for the whole of the night and did all the nursing jobs which patient unable to tell. Next morning at 7 O'Clock she asked the patient to give her money for her services during night as she was poor. My wife replied her that she has got no money but she promised to give her the next day and requested her to have faith in her. Then she touched the patient from head to belly giving blessings and went away. Thereafter, the said Nurse did not turn up for her dues and she was not available even after a search. The doctor also told her that there was no such nurse serving under him. As it was the private hospital we vacated the bed on the 26th day and paid all the relevant dues and even then the said Nurse did not turn up for her dues. It was certain that no other than Baba was manifested, helped and served my wife when she was left alone in the hospital uncared for.

Surrender Shri Sai Completely ! stupendous Delectation  and Deliverance be there II

62.       Baba Manifested himself and helped Shri Chandulal, M. Metha and his wife Smt. Manubai residing at Kadia Kaveeswar Pole (Near) Bala Hanuman House No. 579, Ahmedabad-380 001  Gujarat

In the year 1953 in the month of February, my wife Smt. Manubai went to Shri Sai Baba Mandir at Ther-kanbhuvan along with her lady friends. Her friends told my wife that the Almighty Baba fulfill the wishes of the devotees equally irrespective of caste, colour, or creed. On the next Thursday, my wife went with our younger son Shri Mukesh to the same Mandir with coconut during evening Arati time. After Arati, the temple pujari, distributed prasadam in different varieties of eatables. My wife received groundnut prasad only and she was worried over it as pedas were given to selected persons. Thinking likewise, she came to the house via Kaveeswar Pole Naka. In front of her, there came an unknown person with a bag in His hand and told her "her husband has sent this prasad, please take it in your bag and so saying He put the prasad in her bag and went away with His empty bag". At that time, I was in office. After I reached my house, my wife told me about my sending prasad through that unknown person. I was wondered on hearing this fact. We ascertained that it was the Leela of Baba to fulfil the wishes of my wife. We became a Sai devotee from this incident.

In the year 1948, I performed the marriage of my elder brother Shri Naveen M. Metha with a borrowed loan of Rs. 50,000/- and I was repaying if from my pay. As he was not an earning member, nobody was willing to give their daughter for marriage to him. That is why he was not married before me. My wife used to fill up the corssword puzzle in Gujarat paper JAN-SATHA. In the year 1953, April, she filled up the puzzle No. 6 as usual At that time, I was in debt of Rs. 3333/- out of the debt of Rs. 50,000;-. By Baba's grace, my wife won the puzzle price of Rs. 3333/- the same amount of my debt nothing less nor more. Was it not this a miracle of Shri Sai Baba to relieve me from my debt.

In the year 1953 Bhadrupad the annual ceremony of my father and my wife's father came on the same day. I am not able to go to my father-in-laws house. I was in office on that day. My children were at School. At about 4 P. M. my father-in-law came to my house handed over a Kaki colour bag to my wife (his daughter) and went away. That bag contained raw vegetables, UDI and Rs. 1-25. After my arrival to my house, my wife told me this, How my father in-law who died in Jaipur in 1950 came to my house at Ahmedabad in 1953. Was it not the wonder and Leela of Baba to fulfil my wishes.

In the year 1954, I came to Shirdi with my family with an aim to stay one day and return. But owing to the heavy rains, I was forced to stay for 3 days in Shirdi. After I returned to Ahmedabad, I had the best occasion to meet His Holiness Sai Sharan Anand, Baba's intimate devotee. I used to go over to Him every now and then and become His staunch devotee. My wife used to give Biksha (food) daily to the Swamiji. In the year 1958, Swamiji gone to Bombay. My wife went alone to Shirdi (via.) Dadar. At Dadar railway station, the crowd was much more and she was not in a state to fetch a seat. At that time, an old man came and asked her Chaddar (cloth like blanket). First she was doubted as He was new and afterwards she gave. The old man went into the crowd. After a while, he returned when the train was coming in the platform and asked her to get in a particular compartment. She got into that particular compartment and found her Chaddar there and she received all her Samans with the help of that old man into the compartment. She turned to the plat' form to pay His cooly. Even without waiting for a while, he gone away without any expectation from her. Was it not the miracle of the Omnipotent Baba to help her in the hour of need.

In the year 1980 between 10 and 15 March a man with a Rashmi Shirt and Dhothar in His waist came between 2 P.M. and 4 P.M. and handed over a packet to my wife. My wife asked him to stay for a while. But he gone away without telling anything, She opened the packet. It contained 4 railway reservation with tickets with all the names of our family members, from Ahmedabad to Manmad by Navajeevan Express. After my return from office, my wife handed over the packet to me. On seeing this, I was astonished and enquired in the railway station and found to be correct. I ascertained who else would have given this except the Almighty Baba. I enquired about this with His Holiness Sai Sharan Anandji. He told me to go to Shirdi as this was Baba's wish. Accordingly, we came to Shirdi by utilising these tickets upto Manmad.

As for the second time in 1981, between 10 and 15 March, a man came and thrown a packet in my house between 2 P.M. and 4 P.M. My father took it in and opened it. There were 4 railway reservation with tickets from Ahmedabad to Manmad and UDI also. As per the wishes of Baba, we came to Shirdi by utilising these tickets upto Manmad.

As for the third time in 1982 on 12-3-1982 between 2 P.M. and 4 P.M. a man like a riskshawala came and given a packet to my wife and went away. She opened it and found the same 4 railway reservation with tickets from Ahmedabad to Manmad. Hence, we came to Shirdi by utilising these tickets upto Manmad.

As for the fourth time in 1983, on 15-3-1983 my wife and my daughter gone for darshan of the Samadhi of this Holiness Sai Sharan Anand who expired on 25-8-1982 and offered her Prasad to the Pujari (Sevak) there. He has given prasad in a white plastic Jar and from the jar there came a packet in his hand and it was handed over to my wife. The pujari again received it, opened it and found that there were 4 railway reserva­tion with tickets from Ahmedabad to Manmad with the date of journey was on 30-4-1983. But this time, my name was not found in these tickets instead my son's names Nithia and Metha were found, utilised these tickets for the past three years 1980, 1981, 1982. I thought this time to retain these tickets as Baba's prasad and came to Shirdi on 30-4-1983 of my own accord.

The following tickets were preserved by me from 15-3-83. Reservation with tickets from Ahmedabad to Manmad to perform journey on 30-4-83 by Nava-jeevan Express. Compartment No. S/13, seats from 55 to 59.

Railway Reservation Ticket Number

Railway fare ticket no.


Compartment NO and Seat No.



Nithin C.Mehta

Compartment No 8/13 Seat No.55



Manubai Mehta

Seat No.56



Vihangini Mehta

Seat No.57



Chaki Anita Mehta

Seat No.58



Babu (Rachit) Child

Seat No.59

Dear readers please think over what sort of help beloved Baba had done in this case.

Surrender Shri Sal Completely I    Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there II

63.       Baba averted and helped to overcome the Fire Accident of Shri Dastoorji of Ahmedabad

Shri Dastoorji of Ahmedabad was a weaving Master in the Saranpen Cotton Mills, Ahmedabad. One day he gone to the Mill for work as usual. At the commencement of his work, he heard a voice "That he should go to his house". He suspected the voice. But again and again the same voice was heard. He then proceeded to his house with the permission of the Mill authorities and saw nothing was happened in house. But suddenly his cloth caught fire and his wife cried out loudly and removed his clothes from his body without least worrying for her life. He was thus saved from that accident by the grace of Baba.

Surrender Shri Sai Completely ! Stupendous Delectation     and   Deliverance be there !!

64.       Baba saved the Life of Shri Aravind J   Mehta Bombay from Accident of his falling down from the Bus

It was Tuesday 31-8-1978. On that day early morning I myself and my wife, had gone to Harkisondas Hospital to see our ailing relative. On our return from there, we went to the Income Tax Office and submitted some papers to them and we went to Lalbaug Parel to board a bus going to our place in Santacruz. It was noon time and the day was very hot. A double decker bus came and my wife boarded it. While I on my part when I was about to board the bus catching hold on the rear side, but I lost my grib and was thrown out of the road. Even in this time, I prayed Baba. Fortunately for me and by Baba's grace though my body was laying on the road, my head has not dashed against the road. By the time, the bus could stop on hearing shouts from my wife and other passengers, it had gone about 20' from where I fell. My wife and some other passengers came running by my side expecting to see either my dead body or to see me with multiple injuries on the head and other parts of the body., but by the grace of our Baba, I was lying there quite alive and without any injury whatsoever either to my head or any part of my body and HIS ANOTHER GRACE at that time was that not a single vehicle has followed the bus when I had fall. If any had followed, I would have been crushed to pieces under that vehicle. That day was a great day for me and my wife and family. Since that day I got a new life by the GRACE of our Shri Sai Baba. Is it not a GREAT GRACE and MIRACLE OF BABA who has given me another life on 31-8-1978 ?

Surrender Shri Sai Completely !   Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there 1!

65.       Baba saved the life of the son-in-law of Shri A. J. Metha, 56, Tagore Road, Santacruz (W) Bombay.

In the third quarter of the year 1962, while attending officer's training class of L. I. C. of India at Nagpur in the month of September, 1962, my wife and myself (she joined) me at Manmad had been to Shirdi to offer our prayers to Baba's Samadhi. At that time, we have decided not to visit Shirdi in October (our practice being to visit Shirdi twice a year in March and October) since we had done so in September. This was our decision, but Baba's wishes was different. He desired that we must pay our visit to Shirdi in October too as per our practice. This can be seen from the incident narrated as under. It was the "Sharad Pournima" day in the year 1962. My son-in-law and some friends had taken three cars and had gone on a picnic party to enjoy "Sharad Pournima" night. First to Juhu Beach of Snata-cruz and then to Khapoli near Khandala. After enjoying feast in the above two places, they were returning to Bombay from Khapoli early in the morning of the next day. Just when they were near Thana, their car skidded and fell into nalla. Fortunately, a police van which was overtaken the occupants of a car saw the car in the nalla. The Police immediately rendered necessary help and all the injured were first taken to the Thana Civil Hospital and then to Harkisondas Hospital at Bombay. This sad news of the accident conveyed to us by my son-in-law's brother at 10 A.M. but he could not give details of the incident. On hearing this incident's news, I became very nervous and my wife asked me to overcome my nervousness and said "Let us start praying our Baba". He is sure to listen our prayers for the life of our son-in-law as Baba always look of the happiness of His devotees. And to our greatest surprise, when we reached the Harkisondas Hospital we found that our son-in-law was free from any major injuries and he recovered with in a week. This was nothing but Baba's grace because one of his friends who was on wheel unfortunately met his death and most of others have sustained major and only my son-in-law's recovery was miraculous by the grace of Baba. Within a week of son-in-law's recovery, we went to Shirdi to offer our gratitude to Baba for saving our son-in-law's life and thus His wish for our visiting Shirdi in October as usual was fulfilled.

Surrender Shri Sai Completely !   Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there ! !

66.       Baba saved the husband of Smt. Ananthula Padmaja from the fall of moving train.

It was near midnight, Dark and gloomy. Chilly breezes of January welcomed us when our train steamed into Kopargaom Station. As the train halted, we hurried to the platform with our belongings. We came here on our second visit to SAINT Sai Baba's Shrine. This visit is of a special significance to Seenu's parents, who had a great desire to have another child.

Their fervent hope in having another child was fulfilled when they first visited Shri Sai Baba's shrine just an year after world War II. But this visit bore a disappointment for Seenu's mother, as she could not have the darshan of the Shrine since she was in her period. The husband having come on a short leave could not oblige the wife with an extension in their stay Seenu's mother with tearful eyes and disappointment heart returned home without darshan. The Saint has answered their prayers and Seenu's mother bore signs of motherhood. This visit was to give first "darshan" to the mother and the child. All got down on the curved platform hurriedly. The train puffed out. Seenu's grannie with his infant sister in her hand was still in the train. "Pull the Chain" shouted Seenu's father. The train gained speed and the old lady balled out of the train without pulling the alarm chain. Someone snatched the baby from her arm. Seenu's father tried to give his helping hand and both slipped under the train. Some bogies were still behind and all of us waited with a heavy breathe. Seenu's lean and sickly mother ran along the train and pulled out her hefty husband in the next few seconds. Then what happened to Seenu's grannie? Two more carriages were still to pass and every one of us thought that she is cut, As the complete train passed, we all went with atmost anxiety to peep under the platform. "The devil is alive," I said. The old lady stood straight and complained of no injury. What a miracle? double miracle indeed!! Seenu's mother was asked as to how she could pull out a 240 Ibs. hefty man within seconds with such ease although she was week and sickly, who in the normal course would not lift a lO lb weight, with such ease Pat came the reply, "It is Baba's Maya".

Surrender Shri Sai Completely !   Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there !!

67.       Baba Cured the Lameness of a son of Windowed School Mistress

In the year 1956, a son of a widowed school mistress has appeared for the S.S C. examination when he " returned from the last examination day, he was found to have a bad attack of fever. Proper medicines cured him of the fever, but he was not cured of lameness of legs brought on account of that fever. The boy had always to be lifted up for being taken to any place. All possible remedies were tried but when they proved ineffective, hearing of Shirdi Sai Baba's powers, the School mistress took the son to Shirdi. On account of lameness, the boy felt so shy that rather than going to Baba's Samadhi on the shoulders of a cooly, he preferred staying at the Shirdi wada. The mother alone had to go to Baba's Samadhi to pray for her sons's cure for two days. She was to leave Shirdi on the third instant, so she went to Samadhi to attend Arati and offered her last obeisance before leaving. In the meanwhile, Baba appeared before the boy said "Have courage". He then lent him His hand, led him to the temple and kept him standing against the temple pillar. On return from Arati when the mother did not fisd the son in the room, she again approached the Samadhi Mandir with all tears in her eyes most piteously prayed for the recovery of the boy. When she just returning from the temple, her eyes fell on the boy standing against the pillar. She enquired of the boy how he managed to come there. The boy narrated how Baba had helped him to come but the mother would not believe it. However when she saw that with her support, the boy was able to walk up to their room, she was very much pleased. The boy fully recovered within a month thereafter and was able to move and walk freely by Baba's grace.

Surrender Shri   Sai Completely !Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there !!

68.       Baba made to speak the dumb daughter of Shri Mani lyer Kumbakonam.

The daughter of Shri Mani lyer of Kumbakonam Madras State was born a dumb. All possible means were tried to cure her of her dumbness, but when all of them proved futile, Mr. Mani lyer took the worship of Baba. Some days after Baba asked him to bring his speechless daughter to Shirdi and made the daughter place flowers etc., on Baba's Samadhi and pay her respects to Him. As soon as she did this, she started speaking "Sai Baba" freely. The parents were naturally very much pleased to see instantaneous cure of their daughter.

Surrender Shri Sai Completely \ Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there !!

69.    Baba made to speak the dumb man Shri Kashinath Lathi, Polan Peth, Jalgaon Maharashtra.

My business was in a loss in 1953. My partner has deceived me about Rs. 5 (five) lakhs. I became very nervous and dumb. My father tried all sorts of medicines. Finding that no medicine gave any cure to me. My father told me that he would send me to any place where I like to cure my dumb and asked me to select the place. I first came to Shirdi in 1927 on my way to Tirupati when I was well off. I replied to my father without any hesitation that I prefer Shirdi. I came to Shirdi in 1954 and stayed there for three months. During this period, I heartily prayed Baba as "Baba I suffered both financially and bodily. Please make me to speak by your grace". Baba heard my prayer and granted my request. I was able to speak fluently by the grace of the omnipotent Shri Sai Baba arid I returned home. All were astonished. As a recognition, I built a Baba's Mandir in 1954 in Jalgaon and serving Him till to date.

Surrender Shri Sai Completely ! Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there !!

70.       Baba driven away the spirit possessed the body of an educated wife of an educated husband.

An educated wife of an educated husband had been ailing from a disease which doctors were unable to diagnose and cure. The lady would swoon close her teeth tight and remain unconscious for hours together. At last the doctor's father asked him to take his wife to Shirdi "Just take a trial" he said. To satisfy the father both of them went to Shirdi but the wife would not go to Baba's Samadhi Mandir. So with the help of a friend, she was dragged to Samadhi and made to prostrate herself before Samadhi. Baba's sacred ash and Samadhi Abishek (washing) water were thrust into her mouth. On the second day evening after bowing before Samadhi, she fell on the ground and the spirit within started speaking "I had pounced upon the lady and possessed her while she was returning from her parental house and standing under a tree. I am a female bhil ghost, the holy water and the holy ash sprinkled over me have vanished me. So, I am leaving this body and going away for ever. Thus ended the lady's sickness and she returned home safe and sound.

Surrender Shri Sai Completely \ Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there !!

71.       Baba freed Smt. Susiladevi W/o Shri Babu Saheb Sakaram Babie from the clutches of evil spirit.

Shri Bhausaheb Sakaram Babie after three months of his marriage, his wife used to fell senseless by closing her teeth very hardly. Himself and his family were very learned and hence they were not pay heed to any other's advice that this occurance may be the action of some evil spirits. They treated her by way of medicines by spending large amount of money but in vain. She was sensless for 18 hours daily and then to 23 to 24 hours in October, 1952. She was brought to shirdi on 25-10-1952. She made to attend the Arati on 25-10-1952 and 26-10-1952 by force and she was given UDI with abhishek thirtham for drinking and made her prostrate before Baba's Samadhi. On the evening, she fell down senseless after Arati at Samadhi Mandir. A devotee of Baba by name Shri Y. B. Pradhan told to sprinkle Baba's thirtham upon her always. They did accordingly. Afterwards, the evil spirit in her began to talk that "it has caught hold of her during her way from her mother's house to her father-in-law's house near a tree at Belgaum Bus stand". They asked whether "You will leave her body now" for which it replied that Baba has beating me often, I shall leave her body for good and again fell down. Afterwards Susiladevi woke up as usual and made pradakshana of Baba's Samadhi and went away galdly with all thanking to Baba.

Surrender Shri Sai Completelv ! stupendous Delectation  and Deliverance be there!!

72.       Baba restored the lost property to the owner.

I got the opportunity to visit Shirdi in the month of May, 1961. My daughter and her husband carried me there. All arrangements of going there from Indore to Manmad by railway train were just like magic happenings and from Manmad to Indore and back. I thought I was in dream. It was Thursday. I had my first dar-shan of His exulted Holiness of Shri Sai Baba. I stood before the Samadhi and His Shrine and tears of joy burst from my eyes. At Shirdi my daughter while tak­ing her bath forgot in the bath room her gold neck-lace-chain. When coming out bath room she left it there. She did not even remember that she had forgotten something. After having performed puja and abhishek of Shri Sai Baba, we returned to rest for a while. We had put our lodging on the gallery (second store) just in front of the Mantap or hall. Suddenly my daughter had a recollection that she had forgotten her gold neck­lace-chain in the bath room. We searched here and there. No where could we find it. We thought that it was lost for good. In the meantime, I consoled my daughter not to worry over the incident. At night on the same day when some songs and bhajans were being sung by various artists, a man came there and announced in the mike "I have found a necklace. The person to whom it belongs, should come forward and claim it with proper proof". Thereupon my daughter and husband approached the man and proved the claim. She got it back. We wanted to find out the man to give him some reward for his good turn. But the man disappeared. He was a young roan. Since this event, my whole family including my son and daughters and daughter-in-laws have became Shri Sai Baba ardent devotees and whene­ver a chance comes by the way, they do go to Shirdi to pay their due respects to Shri Sai Baba and His Samadhi and bring prasad and UDI.

Surrender Shri Sai Completely !   Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there

73.       Baba Restored the stolen property to the owner Shri K Subramanyam, IO-2-3I7/A/6 Vijayanagar Colony, Hyderabad

Faith begests faith as much as love begets love. To those who have immense faith in the Lord and of Shri Sai Baba, Shirdi are not disappointed for they have had enough experiences where Shri Sai did confirm their faith by His various deeds even to day although He has left the coil of physical body. Here is a case. On 5-5-75, we left for Shirdi to have the darshan of Shti Sai Baba and returned on 10-5-75 to Hyderabad and find some burgler had taken away Rs. 100/- and 22 carat gold gundis (i.e.) small rings worn in the "Tali" thread along with a suit piece cloth. We were all wonderstruck since the boy was asked to sleep in the nights and the rooms were locked. We thought the office boy must have robbed these things, for no burgler would have left the best of things in the room and robbed only these things which were kept in the top trunk of the other cases, kept in the store room. He was suspended for about 10 days. Meanwhile we made enquiries and came to the conclusion that our office boy did not commit the theft. But one thing we knew that Shri Sai Baba will not allow any mishap to His devotees during their journey to His Holy place for His darshan. Therefore, we were patiently waiting for that day to dawn for Shri Sai Baba to identify the thief. It was Tuesday 23-5-75 that my wife noticed a neighbouring boy wearing a suit made out of the same cloth that was lost in our house, that too at about 13 hours time when she finished her offerings to Shri Sai Baba. The boy was questioned with no fruitful answer coming from him. His mother and his brothers were also informed. All of them in a singular voice denied the allegation and started asserting that the cloth the boy was wearing may be similar and the next day the whole things were out. The boy identified the marawadi to whom he had sold the gold ones and confessed that the cloth he was wearing was the same that was stolen from our house, including the cash of Rs. 100/- robbed from the box. The rest of the story is irrelevant to the context for the point of information. The boy was released by us on the undertaking that he will behave better in life. This clearly indicated the great deed of our Holy God Sai who lives in every place in every object of the Universe and that Shri Sai Baba controlled the Universe, all good and bad acts done by us are noticed by Him.

Surrender Stizi Sai Completely I    Stupendous Delectation and i&e!/verdnce be there II

74.       Baba made Shri Virendra P. Pandya a sceptic into an ascetic.

Shri Virendra P. Pandya at Vaitarana near Kalyan (Bombay) was a University Graduate and had not belief in God. All his family members were all educated and cultured and except his father and mother all his family members were non-believers of God. In May 1952, he casually visited Shirdi along with his cousin brother. Sometime after he left Shirdi his family faced a great family trouble which is purely a private one. At this time he was staying with his cousin brother at Vaitrana. His father, mother and all his family members were living in Bihar. There was no solution for their coming to solve the problem. He suddenly remembered of having brought a photo of Shri Sai Baba from Shirdi, but it was kept idle in his trunk. He took it out cleared it and kept it on his table. He lighted agarbathi before the photo and prayed to Shri Sai Baba to help him to solve the problem. Two or three days passed but the solution did not occur. On contrary worries increased very much. He became restless. He stood before the photo of S;iri Sai Baba, Oh  Baba you knew that I have got no strong belief in you. If you are really God as your devotees referred to and you knew my family trouble and how much worried I was thinking over the matter. I pray to give me proper solutions to day by evening or else I will keep your photo back into the trunk once for all". In the evening he found himself claim and got the solution of the problem and immediately wrote a letter to his mother at Dharaiajoba (In Bihar) informing her of the solution and the way in which he got it. On the third day of his posting of his letter, he got a letter from his mother which she too informed, of the solution of his family and it was the same solution which had already occured to him on the same date and the very same moment. This incident brought him much close to the belief of Shri Sai Baba. He thought of devoting his whole life for ever to Shri Sai Baba doing no other work except "Bhakti". But his mother refused permission and advised him to follow "Karmayoga" life. He then stood before the photo of Shri Sai Baba and wrote on a piece of paper as follows "O-Baba you knew difinitely well in what dilemma I was. By Tuesday 5-8-1952 evening, I must get an answer from you in writing as to which way of life I should follow". He then placed that paper under the photo standing and was praying Baba. The dusk came on 5-8-1952. Till then, there was no answer. He became very much impatient. He then accidently saw a Gujarathi book called Shri Sai Baba Upasana written by Shri Bhavnagar Sai Baba Bhakta Mandali. This book was sent to him by his mother two months back. But he has not read it so far. Now, when he saw the book, he took it and opened it at random at Chapter "Bhav Sudha". As soon as he read 2 or 3 lines, he found much interested in the book and began to read it and finished reading whole of the book and got the answer to his questions and that too in writing. In that book, Baba has advised a devotee to follow "Karmayoga" life. This incident brought him more closer to the devotion of Shri Sai Baba.   Shri   V,   P.   Pandya   and   his   cousin   brother were contractors doing the work in connection with the "Bombay Water Supply Scheme" and lived in Vaitarana a jungle place. On one Wednesday (i. e.) on 6-8-1952, he stood before the photo of Shri Sai Baba and prayed "That tomorrow is Thursday (i.e.) Baba's day and that there should come a Sadhu, Sanyasi or Fakir at his door to have "Bhiksha" within 12-30 and 1 P. M. during the time exactly when I took my meal and that he should bless me by moving his right hand from head to foot and thus bless every part of his body". After 12-15 P.M. Thursday he went to take his meals as nobody came to his door till then. At the time of taking his first morsel of food, he heard a cry of a Fakir asking for alms. His cook who never used to give anything to any beggar gave out of his own accord an one anna coin to that Father. The Fakir turned out and was on the point of leaving. He then called the Fakir back and gave him prasad which he had kept before Baba's photo. The Fakir went away. He too finished his meals. He thought of serving him with food. But he had gone away He thought that if he anyhow returned again, he should serve him with food. He asked his cook whether there was any extra food. He replied "NO" the food remaining will sufficient only for him. To his utter astonishment, the same Fakir was again coming to his door. He then immediately offered his "Prasadam" to the Fakir and gave Rs. 2/-requesting him to have food with this amount as he was then unable to serve him with food in his house. He accepted this amount without saying anything simply laughed meaning fully at him. And then to his great joy, he blessed him from head to foot by his right hand and with peacock feather as he wished. He fell at the feet of the Fakir with inexplicable joy and again offered "Pranams". The Fakir raised him up and said that He would again meet him on the next Thursday (i.e.) on 14-8-1952. He told the Fakir that this would not be possible as he could go to Shirdi in a couple of days. The Fakir told him Eventhen I will meet you" So saying the Fakir went away. He left for Shirdi and came to Shirdi on 13-8-1952. On Thursday 14-8-1952, during noon Arati time in the Samadhi Maadir, while he was looking at Shri Sai Baba's photo it suddenly occured to him what the Fakir had said and then he too felt so much surprised as the Fakir's saying had come true as he was in front of Baba performing Arati and so Shri Sai Baba too was in front of Him. That is how the Fakir did visit him on 14-8-1952. Thus Shri Sai Baba at least brought this "Faithless" into the fold of his staunch devotees even after His Mahasamadhi.

Surrender Shri Sai Completely !    Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there \ \

75.       Baba converted Shri Keshav Rao Pradhan a Sceptic into ascetic and built His Temple by him at Bhivpuri (Ukrool)

Bhivapuri is a station in central railway about five miles on the Bombay side of Karjat on the Bombay-Poona railway line. The Station is mainly built to facilitate the industrial concern of Tatas situated on a hill nearly but it has assumed importance on quite a different count. More than 50 years back one Shri Keshavrao Pradhan had a house with a small piece of cultivated land at Ukrool a village on the east side of Bhivapuri railway station. Shri Pradhan had to be on tour in his service, Nasik-Manmad Daund and such other places being in the itinerary. Naturally he used to hear much about Shri Sai Baba of Shirdi. But he was a non-believer. On one occasion however one of his friends nearby compelled him, out of love to accompany him to Shirdi. Both of them went there and stayed a couple of days. When Mr. Pradhan saw Shri Sai Baba and witnessed his greatness it made such an import on his mind that his skepticism was replaced by complete devotion and faith. Thence forward Shri Pradhan made it a point to go often to Shirdi for having "Darshan" of Shri Sai Baba. Every time, he used to get an interview with him he entreated to come to Ukrool. After listening to his often repeated request Shri Sai Baba one day picked up on of his replices given to him by a devotee and hand over to Shri Pradahan and said "Go to your own place, erect a temple of this and don't return here again. Be gone". This happened in the year 1916. After that event Shri Pradhan revisited Shirdi once, but venerable Sai Baba remembered him and asked him to quit forthwith. "When I came to your house, why are you here? Your own place is Shirdi for you now I" were His words of advice. It was quite alright the replica was with him, but Pradhan was not able to satisfy for himself the promise, "I have come to your house". He was some what sad. After some days, he erected a temple near his house at Ukrool ceremoniously and established the replica there after due consecration. The daily worship and offerings began to be observed and some functions performed occasionally at the new temple. The temple is surrounded by beautiful seneries and there are big trees around. It was a very quiet place suitable to the Saintly Sai Baba. Nobody disturbed the peace and silence by the night. It so happened that after the temple was built, even though there was nobody around, the noise of the temple door being opened used to be heard after midnight and Sai Baba used to be seen going about in the precincts of the temple, sometimes taking rest under a tree. At about 3 A.M. in the night, Sai Baba would return to the temple and close the door behind him. The noise of closing the door was also audible. This was seen and heard not only by Shri Pradhan and his family members but even by the guests at his house. This was a sufficient proof for Shri Pradhan to make him a devotee of Shri Sai Baba and thence forward, he spent his time energy and money in Baba's service. Verily this was Brahma embodied visiting Shri Pradhan's house and there was no other desire left in his mind except to be united with his beloved Baba. Shri Pradhan spent thousands of rupees and built the Shrine-room, the spacious meeting hall, a wide verandah and the guest house. Sai Baba at Shirdi went into Mahasamadhi in 1918, but this did not mean break in the happiness of having his company for Shri Pradhan, because Sai Baba's immortal Spirit was always present with him. In 1924, Shri Pradhan's daughter was given in marriage to one Shri V. A. Gupta of Dadar, Bombay. Shri Gupta .vas a pious gentleman. The new relationship deepned his faith and he developed a keen interest in the maintenance of the temple, Bhivpuri (Ukrool) and took part verv jealously in the various religious functions. Shri Gupta's influence infused devotion towards Shri Sai Baba among the minds of many of his friends also and the number of devotees visiting Bhivapuri Sai Temple began to increase. Shri Gupta had an opportunity to visit Shirdi in 1936. The grandeur of the Samadhi Mandir, the magnificence of the dally worship, prayrse and the great congregation of devotees from all parts of the country coming daily and on the special occasions sent a thrill through the heart of Sri Gupta. With folded hands and in all humility, he prayed to Shri Sai Baba. "O Baba! when can such a grand temple come up at your Bhivpuri? After all, it wholly depends upon your will? The call of the devotee was heard by Sai Baba, and Bhivpuri Sai Temple more and more famous from that day. In 1939, Shri Pradhan expired, leaving the responsibility of the temple to his sons and son-in-law, with the help of friends in the same year, they formed an institution by the name Shri Sadguru Sainath Seva Samsthan, with seven trustees. Besides Sri G. K. Deshmukh and Shri A.K. Wani officers of the Hindustan Construction Co. also take great interest in its activities. As more and more persons experiences about Sai Baba's benevolent existence, there the pilgrim increased in number and the old temple become inadequate to accommodate them. Renovation was therefore undertaken. But though the brick was completed the construction work was not possible, for want of funds and material. So late Shri Narayan Purohit started a parayan (continuous reading) of Baba's Satcharitra as a prayer to Shri Sai Baba to complete the work. After 3 or 4 days, he saw Sai Baba in a dream wandering about and asking persistently "where is My Dhuni? If there is no Dhuni, how can this be Shirdi? How will the temple be complete? Sai Baba was angry and was throwing stones everywhere." He thus appeared for two consecutive nights during that period, Shri Purohit was taken aghast. He went to Dadar and related to Shri Gupta the whole story of the dream. Shri Gupta came to Bhivpuri with other committee members, and by the system of lots, ascertained the wish of Sai Baba, who gave a positive indicating to start the Dhuni. A place was fixed for the Dhuni and it was duly constructed a size 8'x4'. Shri A,R. Walawalkar grandson of late Shri Dabholkar, the author of Baba's original Satchari-tra in Marathi lit the Dhuni for the first time on 7-4-1949, the day of Ramanavami at about 10 A.M. Shri Walawalkar also stayed at Bhivpuri under the directions of Shri Sai Baba received by him at Shirdi in a dream. Shri Kunaresan Sanarth who met the committee members on one occasion kindly bore all the expenses for the roof and other structures around the Dhuni. This Dhuni is continuously burning, The expenses were first born by Shri Chavan from Dombivli but are now made out of the donations received. This institution is run very satisfactorily. Various important functions are held and there are special functions of Ramnavami and Samadhi Day. Prof. D.D. Parachure offers his services in the form of Keertans on these two occasions. Many great personalities have visited this temple and helped it financially and made good suggestions for its improvements. The interest and enthusiasm of all these persons deserved sincere appreciation from the trustees. Such is the wonderful story of Bhivpuri Sai Temple, the story of how Shri Sai Baba kept His promise and came to stay at Bhivpuri also. This place is now a living centre of the spiritual influence of Shri Sai Baba and no wonder, persons who visit it once come to have the darshan of Shri Sai Baba more and more frequently with renewed devotion.

Surrender Shri Sai Completely !    Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there !!


76        Baba cured the paralytic attack of the wife of Mr. Pettugala Narasimhulu Chettiar, No. 8 Chinnathamli Mudali Street G. T. Madras.

My wife and myself are Sai Bhaktas and also Harnath Bhaktas. We were at Nellore a month back sang songs and the Namavali of both these Saints. We returned to Madras and went on with Harnath Bhajaos omitting Sai Namavali and Sai Songs, and merely did Arati to His picturs along with Harnath's. My wife fell ill on 21-1-1939 and had serious reheumatism or something like paralytic seizure. Her limbs could not move. Then my wife was saying to herself that the stroke was a punishment for slighting Sai Baba's songs and Namavali (i.e.,) omitting them. Then she had a dream. In that dream, she found herself running in a garden of Nellore (where we did Bhajan) and found that two Mohamadan boys were chasing her. She then remembered Harnath and prayed to Him for help. Then one of the pursuers disappeared. Only one boy was chasing and even he began to cheekle with laughter and to say (i.e.,) "Am I not Sai ! How is it you have for-gotton Me ?" He added your illness will be cured. Give me Rs. 40/-. She woke up and told me of her dream. We resolved to follow Baba's advice. In half an hour after dieam, her legs which had lost all power of moment or support during her disease recovered strength and became quite normal. In the morning she was alright. Since that day, we are having regular Sai Puja and Bhajan in our house.

Surrender Shri Sai Completely ! Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there !!

77.       Baba given trail to Shri (Doctor) Ramaswamy lyengar Narayan Mudaliar Street Madras for His Voilation of Vow.

Having heard of the greatness of Shri Sai Baba Shirdi, I went along with Raosaheb Subbaiah Chettiar to Shirdi and reached Shirdi on 27-4-1938. On the way I considered that Shirdi being as sacred a shrine as Kashi or Rameswar, I should signalised by visit and render it fruitful, by avow of solemn abstinence from using betel and nut (Pansupari) and finally resolved from that time, I leave Shirdi, I should not chew betel. This is a great sacrifice as the habit of chewing betel has been with me eversince I was a boy, and I would chew several times every day. In Shirdi, I left Shirdi in a bullock cart along with Mr. Chettiar on the morning of 28-4-1938. As we were seated in the cart, Mr. Chettiar chewed betel and the temtations so far over powered as to make me to think that I must postpone my vow of abstinence and begin it only from the time I reached Madras. So I took up my betel nut basket and merrily chewed away. As soon as I started chewing I found that I my tongue was pricked. The lime smear (Chunna) coating on the betel sometimes pricks the tongue of inexperienced novices in chewing. But my tongue used to it for decades and had become quite deadened and thick. So the pricking was a surprise, I did not mind it, however and I had a hearty chew. In half an hour, I noticed the state of my tongue and mouth. The whole of the interior of the mouth including the tongue had got inflamed which is a phenomenon unprecedented in 40 years history of chewing. Thereafter the chewing was out of the question not merely chewing betel, but also chewing of solid food eventhough free from acidity of pungency.

From that time for 18 days I was compelled by the state of my mouth to abstain from betel   and also    from all forms of solid foods and I had to live on   milk. Now look at Mr. Chettiars' state and the wonder grows greater.    He chewed the same betel and used the .same chu-nna and he had no inflamation or   other   trouble.    But he had not made a vow to give up  chewing  betel   as   I did.    Very soon chewing experience in about an   hour I had another experience.    I   had   taken  my    chewing outfit namely a small chewing basket for the betel and nut and a silver crucible containing lime (chuna)   in the carriage and left it there near Mr. Chettiar. I just went out to purchase of some  betel and   other articles    in Rahata Bazar and returned in a few minutes.    I wanted to find my betel box and took for it.   Lo!   and  behold the betel box was missing    and also the  crucible.   No thief could have come there, the arricles being   close to Mr. Chettiar.    Yet in spite of repeated search, the articles could not be found. Both the above incident clearly showed me that Baba is a living forces; that He is a kind father guarding His children the devotees even the rawer recruits like myself with affectionate yet strict watchfulness   that   he promptly punishes   and   checks   any flagrant violation of vows solemnly made to  Him   and so arranges the circumstances and   environment of His children as to make further disobedience on their  part impossible in their own interest.   I have been taught a very severe lesson and from  the   above date, I   never again voilated my vow.    Baba thus gave me   increased faith in Him and strength of mind to carry out the vows I make.   Before this visit, hear say   information, I had of Baba's greatness and kindness left but a feable impression on my mind.   But with   the actual   experience conferred on me, the impression I have of   Baba   are vivid and powerful and will last a life time.   I now concentrate my Japa and meditation on Baba alone.

Surrender Shri Sai Completely ! Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there II

78.       Baba recovered the remaining promised Amount of Rs 50/- from Shri Takkar of Bombay

Once a devotee by name Takkar of Bombay prayed and promised to Baba that if his troubles were averted by Baba, he would pay Rs. 55;- to Baba. According to his prayer, Baba averted his troubles. He came to Shirdi and took darshan of Baba's Samadhi in Samadhi Mandir and offered Rs. 5/- only in Baba's Hundi (box) instead of Rs. 55/- (Fifty five) as per his promise and gone back to Bombay. At the time of climbing the steps of the threshold of his house in Bombay, Baba remembered him by an invisible threatening voice to pay the remaining amount of Rs. 50/- (fifty). He then recognised that he would not able to deceive Baba and came again to Shirdi offered Rs. 50/- in the Hundi (box) and then returned to Bombay praying apology from Baba.

Surrender Shri Sai Completely !   Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there ! !

79. Baba cured the Swollen Leg of Smt. Ahalyabai Krishnaji Uparkar, Bombay.

Before 24-8-1963, her nail struck her leg and blood came. She left it uncared for as there were no pain. On 24-8-1963, she suffered from fever as her wound became sceptic. Her sons requested her to take treatment from a doctor. She did not agree to that. But she a vow to Baba, "that if Baba cured me, I shall propagate this incident in Sai Leela Magazine" After this Baba manifested as a stranger and promised to her medicine for her leg. In front of her house there was a military depot. He went inside the depot with their permission got the medicine brought it to her house and given it to her for application on the affected part. He did it as was told by the stranger. No sooner the application of the medicine than the swelling lessened and the pain also decreased. On one night in her dream a nurse came and injected her and on another night Baba appeared in her dream and told that a hole in the affected part of the leg will be made and then the leg would become normal with no pain and the wound also would be healed. One day when she was asleep a rat came and broadened the wound with a big whole and thereby all the rot ton things puss and all the ring worms came out. She awakened her son and showed him her leg as to how Baba had managed to cure her leg. After somedays her leg was completely cured by applying Baba's UDI. She then given this incident in the Sai Leela magazine as per her promise.

Surrender Shri Sai Completely I stupendous Delectation  and Deliverance be there !!

80.       Baba cured the Paralytic Attack of Shri Parasuram Krishna Gore, Jameshedpur.

Shri Parasuram Krishna Gore of Jamshedpur was serving in Tata Factory. On 9th July, 1966, he was attacked by one side paralytic attack all on a sudden when he was returning to his house in the evening. Doctor tested him and directed him to take admission on the next day morning. In the morning, in addition to his paralysis, he became mental disorder too. He was admitted in his Factory Hospital. He suffered very much for the first two days of his admission, At that time, the members in his house prayed to Baba if he cured immediately by Baba, they would send Rs. 10/-to Baba's Sansthan. After this vow, he was sent back to his house from the hospital twenty days after admission without any improvement. He was given treatment in his house and was improved by the grace of Baba. They have sent Rs 5-50 to Baba's Sansthan instead of Rs. 10/- as per their vow. The Sansthan has sent Baba's Satcharitra (1) Das Ganu's 4 chapters but Baba's UDI was not received. However, after full improvement, he gone to his Factory once in a month thrice in three months. Each time the Factory Doctor made him unfit for work. They seriously thought over this and remembered of their fault and repented and sent Rs.10/-to Baba's Sansthan. On 24-11-66, an old man as a beggar in Baba's shape came to the threshold when his daughter was cleaning rice by sitting near the thresh­hold. She forgot even to bow to Him in her ignorance. But her mother gave 2 N.P. to him. After receiving it, he told to her "your husband would be alright." On 25-11-66, Shri Parasuram gone to the factory and the factory doctor made him fit for the work. Is it not the leela of Shri Sai Baba ?

Surrender Shri Sai Completely ! Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there !!

81.       Baba retained His Abhishek Thirtham in a Tin with a Hole in the Bottom for days together. An esteemed judicial officer wrote to His Holiness B.V. Narasimhaswamy, Founder president of All India Sai Samaj, Mylapore Madras-4, on 25-2-40

My wife is better and I trust it is all due to   Shri Baba's grace you will be surprised to hear the following incident. You remember that when you were fore, you wrote to the Sansthan to send me a tin of AbhisKe-kam water for being used by my wife. It was received within a few days after you left and a portion of it was used every day for being poured on my wife's head. After sometime it had to be stopped. But the tin containing Abhishekam water was kept on the table for a number of months. And last month it was removed to the Almyrah and kept here. Yesterday, when my second daughter thinking that it was a tin of oil took it. She found that something trickling out and when she turned it, she found a big hole through which the little finger could pass and then some quantity of water came out. Then she poured the whole water into a vessal. It was surprising that the tin which was nearly 3/4th full with water in it and with a hole at the bottom through which a finger could pass have retained the water in tact all these days and the further surprise was that the water was as good and clear without any kind of smell and tasty as it was when it was originally. It was created a very good impression on the children and I had the whole thing poured on my wife's head this morning. I am writing after knowing this. Evidently the incident about the Thirtham is to infuse faith. Otherwise, I failed to see why there could have been a hole at the bottom of a tin which was received intact when no one has inter-ferred with it and was merely kept on a marble table for some time and then in a wooden almyrah.

Surrender Shri Sai Completely ! Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there !!

82.       Baba cured Typhoid Fever of the eldest daughter of Shri Ramachandra Amritha Rao Deshmukh of Shirdi and made him to have faith in him by His other miracles

I was not accustomed to go to Baba's Mandir even though I am residing in Shirdi.   My eldest daughter fell with typhoid in 1961. She was admitted in the Dispensary (Now called Sainath Chhaya guest house). The fever did not abate even after medical treatment in the dispensary. My wife used to give her Baba's Tirtham daily in the morning and in the evening. Eventhough she was given treatment for 45 days in the Dispensary, she was not improved though not fully cured. Hence we were vexed with her treatment and taken her back from the dispensary in the same status as we admitted her. My wife fully relaying on Baba's Thirtham, administered it mixing with Baba's UDI daily twice without using any other medicine, I told my wife that even the medicine proved futile to her and what Baba's Thirtham and UDI will do. She became alright and started to eat within 3 days from the day of her discharge from the Dispensary. She became hale and healthy within a month. My wife told me rather compelled me to believe that Baba's UDI and Tirtham alone cured my daughter and no other medicine.

My mother had seen Sai Baba. She used to attend each and every Arati and took Baba's UOI and Thirtham daily. On one day in 1961 at the time of her going for her privy, at about 4 A.M., she accidentaiy fell into the well by the side of our house. No one was then noticed. At about 5 A.M. those who came for drawing water in the well saw her and taken out from the well. The depth of the water in the well was only upto the neck. But the depth of the bottom of the well to the upper fioor level was 48 feet. She was fully drenched in the cold water and remained in the water for about one hour in that old age. After taking her out, two doctors examined her immediately and they told that her survival was depends upon the blessings of Baba as her body became severe cold. Eventhough she fell from a height to the depth of 48' not even a wound was found in her body by Baba's grace. Doctors were also with full of amazement as to how the old lady was escaped without a hurt and thrived and decided that all these narrow escape from the well falling without any hurt and survival of a severe cold body were due to by the wonderful Leeja of the Almighty Shri Sai Baba.

After   ascertaining that   Baba alone had   saved my eldest daughter from   Typhoid and my   old age mother from well falling, I have got full faith in Baba and   began to worship Baba.    I began parayan   of Baba's Sat-charitra in Marathi at  least daily one chapter in the evening.    As soon as I   began to read, a very big frog used to come and remain by my side till my reading was over.   This went on till the parayan of Baba's Satcharitra was over.   On the  next day of final reading   or say my parayan  was over,   it   never came   again.    Not our family members but who were coming to my house have also seen this     We all decided that Sai himself came in this disguise to listen my parayan in order to strengthen my faith in Him.    Then it  became a very big  problem for me about my eldest daughter's  marriage.   I decided that however, my position may be,  I have to   perform her marriage at any cost in 1974.    At that time, I fell ill and I had no finance to perform her   marriage.    I heartily prayed to "O Baba You Yourself relieving our family problems even though I got no faith in you in the begin-ing, now I pray from my   bottom   of the heart   to fulfil my eldest daughter's marriage and cure me from my   illness".    Baba heard   my prayer.    On one   fine morning in January   1975   my   eldest brother   came   along with bridgeroom's parents to my house  and exchanged talks with us and settled the marriage on   18-5-1975.    Marri­age was performed in a simplest and in a fit manner in Baba's   Mangalkaryalalya.    We   have   prepared   food for 500 persons that  too   more than our   expectation. Unexpectedly more than 800 persons came.   They have to be   fed  compulsorily    if not   the  honour   of   my family would be at stake.    There were   no   ways   and means forthcoming to me to solve the problem. Fully trusting in Baba I hurried to Baba's Dwarakamayee, prayed heartily to Baba to save my family honour, took UDI, and came to Mangalkaryalaya and put Baba's UDI in all the vessals containing food and began to serve the guests. To the amazement of all not only the 800 per­sons were fed, but the food for about 200 persons rem­ained. Thus the Omnipotaiit Baba by His Leela, magnanimously saved the honour of my family.

Surrender Shri Sai Completely !    Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there !!

83.       Baba made a little girl who was made Dumb by a Car Accident to
speak with the Holy ashes of His hand

A little daughter of a devotee of Bombay (Andheri) was run over by a motor car, was saved but was injured and took a fortnight to recover in the hospital. Though the hospital treatment restored her health, the speech she had lost due to the accident was not regained. She became dumb and though several remedies, medicines etc. were tried all of them proved ineffective. At last, the Holy ash of Baba sacred hands was tried and she started speaking as soon as she took its first dose. All were startled at the powers of Holy ash of Baba's hands.

Surrender Shri Sai Completely ! Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there !!

84.       Baba cured the paralysis of a daughter of a close friend Shri Y. Nagarjun Rao of Hyderabad

It was in the year 1970 that I happened to go to Bombay on some personal work. As it happened to be my first visit, I went for sight seeing to several places in and around Bombay. Suddenly I felt that I should go to Shirdi and visit the Mahasamadhi of Shri Sai Baba more out of curiosity rather than devotion. But the visit was to be put off because of brother-in-law's arrival from the United states. I was very much disap­pointment and silently prayed to Baba that if he were to be a God, He should bless me with an opportunity to go to Shirdi. In the meanwhile a very interesting thing happened. We received a cable that my brother-in-law's Scheduled arrival has to be postponed on account of his prolonged stay enroute. Thus the seeds of the faith were sown in my heart by an unexpected accomplishment of my desire Immedia­tely I was in search of a person who could help me with the details of the pilgrimage. When I was proceeding from Andheri to Dadar by electric train, I surp­risingly came across a devotee of Sai Baba who guided me with minute details. Thus the very first visit to the Shrine proved to be preplanned Sankalpa of Baba Him­self to draw me towards Him. After taking a bath, I went for darshan which made me extremely happy. For a moment, there appeared nothing but Sai Baba in every thing in Shirdi. I prayed to Baba that he should help me with His grace and give me solace and com­fort throughout my life. I happened to make a study of several books available at Shirdi which makes one to feel that He is not merely a Super­human form but Omnipotant God himself. Since then my faith in Baba was steadily growing. Once one of my close friends was blessed with a daughter. Unfortunately, she had an attack of paralysis and as a result of which she was not in a position to move her hands. My friend felt very unhappy as the treatment given by doctors did not produce the required result. He had lost all hopes of her recovery and felt dejected. I gave him a little Vibhuti (UDI) which I brought from Shirdi and asked him to apply it to the effected hand with complete faith in Baba's mercy. Though he was not personally a believer of SAI BAB A, he consented to do it on my persistance. He told me that he would wor­ship Baba as God if the vibhuti helped the recovery of his child in any way. With the application of Vibuthi, there was a tremendous improvement and very soon the baby recovered responding very well to the medical treatment which was a big surprise even to the physi­cians as he himself was not quite confident about the outcome of his trial. The grateful father of the child has become an ardent devotee ef Sai Baba. Such was the kindess of Shri Sai Baba who responds to the call of humanity if only the persons look to Him.

Surrender Shri Sai Completely !   Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there !!

85.       Baba cured the Desentry of Robin an Alsation dog of Shri A. Ramchandran Bangalore-560 002

I have a pet dog, Alsation Breed named ROBIN. Its main diet is rice with milk or butter milk. Rarely it is given a bone. It so happened, it started purging from 30-7-1978. It could digest nothing and it took a serious turn. The diarhoea turned into dysentry and blood used to pass in the motion continuously every half an hour. Every one was afraid and was pursuing me to take it to a hospital or consult a doctor. I had however, determined that when my doctor is in easy reach, why should I go to another doctor ? I have kept a few packets of UDI at the feet of Shri Sai Baba the moving spirit of Universe at Shri Sai Spritual Centre, Bangalore and started administering it three times a day in the milk, porridge or in the diet given to him. In the beginning it took a serious turn but I was determined because of my faith, the dog should survive with this treatment or should die, if it is destined to die. Here I have to mention that I am of stuborn temperament or you may call it if you like a blind faith. After a week of this continuous treatment, through ups and downs the disease slowly came under control. I repeated the treatment with determination and prayers to Shri Sai Baba. The dog regained its normal now. Lo ! the grace of God is for those who seek for it with firm faith. So, you can now realise the efficacy of Baba's UDI in our day today life and get over all difficult situations that arise at times. This clearly shows that Baba's UDI not only cures human diseases but also animal diseases as He is in all.

Surrender Shri Sai Completely ! Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there II

86   Baba fulfilled the wishes of Shri D. B. Potnis, 88 Juna Bazar Karkee, Poona.

I was first serving under a doctor in Poona for Rs. 6/- P.M. In December 1940, I wanted to give an application in the Defence Department. I gone with an application in my hand by walking. After reaching a chowk, I was not aware of the way and enquired a tanga wala. He was very old. Instead of telling me the way, the old man asked me to sit in His tanga. I told Him that as there was no money and that I was walking. He told me that was His own tanga and asked me to sit in His tanga, We reached the Military Defence Department, He received my application and presented it on my behalf to the concerned Officer and went away. After somedays I was called upon for an interview. I met the same old man again on my way. He told me to purchase a particular nib for writing as they would test my hand writing. As I have got no money He himself purchased that particular nib with the pen holder and given to me. I have gone and given my interview and they have asked me at length to write a paragraph as foretold by the tangawala. I joined duty in the Defence Accounts Department on 5-2-1944. I was also studying in Poona English School. On 14-5-1951, I accompanied the school boys for excursion to Shivgad. All the boys were exchanging their eatables purchased by them by their money and they were questioning me as to what have I to give them. I was in a fix with empty hand sitting under a mango tree. Suddenly. I saw an empty match box. I took and opened it. To my surprise, there was one Rs. 10/- note in it. I gave them to my friends to purchase some eatables and distribution amo­ngst us. Thus my dignity was saved amongst my fri­ends. I used to cook up food with my brother's vessals. My brother has got two daughters. The third one was a son. His one daughter and his son were with me along with my daughter. I got a transfer to Ahmad-nagar. I wanted to take with me the cooking vessels of my brother which I used for cooking in Poona. But my brother's daughter with me refused for it. I left all with her and started to Ahmednagar with a Katturi and a spoon which were gifted to my daughter in her School along with Baba's photo. In Ahmeunagar, Shri N. A. Agad Gaonkar helped for my lodging in his house and his father helped me much till I get all my required Samans in his friend Mr. Rasane's shop. From this time I was well off. From Ahmednagar I was transferred to Poolgaom in 1948. My 4 years daughter with her imagination of a serpent first used to weep continu­ously during midnight and afterwards every now and then at all times used to weep and cry as Serpant, Sar-pent. I did not know anything to do as it was beyond medical reach. My neighbour also kept her for a day in his house whether her fearing and weeping would stop. But in vain. I thought first that she may mistook a spider for serpant. Then I put ghee lamp before Baba's photo and I prayed to Baba heartily and perfor­med Arati with Dhoop. Afterwards her imagination for serpant every where and her weeping over it was stopped and she was about to move and live freely with­out any trouble. In 1949, I used to read regularly (1) Navnath Granth (2) Guru Charitra and (3) Baba's Satcharitra. Once I began parayan of Baba's Satcharitra and on the last day, I performed Satyanarayana Puja and I was reading the last (53rd) chapter of Baba's Satcharitra. In Satyanarayana Puja Mantap, near puja tali, a small rat came and sat on a plantain leaf. It remained there till the parayan (reading) of the 53rd chapter was over and then the Arati. After Arati was over, it has gone of its own accord. We all thought that Baba Himself attended the puja in the shape of a rat. Thus Baba was fulfilling my desires and is still fulfilling my desires to all my prayers.

Surrender Shri Sai Completely ! Stupendous Delectation     and   Delivervance be there I!

87.       Baba cured the chest pain of Shri T. Kuppu Swamy Sastri S/o Ramaswamy Sastri Singaperumal Koil Near Madras

There was chest pain for five years troubling me till 13-4-39. Then I got UDI and picture of Shri Sai Baba from Ramnath Sastri. I used UDI and prayed to Baba. That date there was no more chest pain. That pain used to affect me every day from 3 p.m. about 15 minutes and again at midnight with great violence and I have to take in Soda Powers to reduce the pain. But after I used Baba's UDI. I had no pain at all and I do not use Soda powder or any other medicine. This is a clear proof of the powers Baba and His Udi.

Surrender Shri Sai Completely \ Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there \\

88.       Baba cured the Diarhoea of the child of Shri T. Arumugam Pillai Teacher Muthialpet High School, 97 Thambu Chetty St, Madras and fulfilled his desires

My child of 9 months had an attack of diarrhea and the discharges were of a peculiar red colour causing us much anxiety. A similar attack 4 months back while the child was at Chittor was cured by the D. M. S. C. after much trouble. I feared much trouble on this occasion also and wished to go to Chittor for treatment. But my wife prayed to Baba put his UDI into the milk and gave it to the child in the morning. That very day the diarrhea was cured. About 50 days back, I was desirous of getting a pair of silver jyothi lights to be lit before Baba for worship. I had Rs. 5/- to by them and went to a silver shop. That Shopman told me that the minimum price he could charge for a pair was Rs. 71— So I was leaving the place giving up all hope of getting a pair of silver lamps. Suddenly the next shop-roan whose son had been a student under me, called me, learnt from me what I was in need of and presented me with a pair of silver Jyothis and refused to accept any price for the same. Here was Baba's help to me to carry on my worship of His picture in the manner desired. Baba's help to me in the financial side also was not worthy. My private tution income was Rs. 251- a  month I badly required to occupy my premises for which I had to pay   Rs. 25/- as rent.    That   tution   suddenly stopped in the April last.    I had to vacate the   place, I feared, It is no joke to find another convenient place. When I was worried about this and  was    thinking   of vacating the place, the head clerk of my school suddenly came in and of his own accord suggested   that   I might continue to occupy one half of my premises and leave the other halt for rent.   The idea was quite new to me but was excellent     But where were we to go for vegetarian co-tenent (myself and my wife being strict vege­tarian).   The problem remained to be faced.   In   few hours a newly wedded couple,  strictly   vegetarian was badly in need of such   quarters   and   applied   to my friend, the head   clerk and he introduced them to me. There    was   legal   difficulty   as   the   landlord's permission   may   be   needed   for a sub-lease.   My wife cast lots before Baba ordered   the Sub-lease.   The land lord   agreed   also,   just at   that time; the   same pupils wanted tution   and   my   income was    restored.    Very recently, I was at Chittor and wished to take bus start­ing at night to proceed to Madras.   It was about   midnight when I went to the bus.   It was   all dark.   There was none there, so far as I could see.   I got   into a seat to rest   a while.   Presently  a drunkenness person came with insulting words.    I told him that I would  take to him after he regained   sobriety  in the   morning.    The man fulminated abuse and threats and then  took  up an iron handle   (which is used   for starting   the car).   He heaved it high and with the remark     that he would kill me and he was about to bring it down on my head.   I was helpless and shouted Baba. The driver suddenly jumped up   (evidently from his sleep   by the noise) and seized the handle and   my life was   saved by Baba's grace.   My faith in Baba became firmer  by this instance of His protecting me.

Surrender Shri Sai Completelv ! stupendous Delectation  and Deliverance be there !!

89.       Baba cured the Belly Ache of Sow Shyamala (aged 19) daughter of K. Thaperumal Chetty reading in Montessori School G. T. Madras.

I was reading in the Montessori School for 2 years. 1 knew Baba. I used to hear His words. I read also His books. I read one chapter a day. Shri Narasimha-swamy came to our house He always used to say about Baba and "Baba", "Baba" always. After he came, my uncle wrote Sai Leela. My uncle Raosaheb Papaiah Chettiar wrote to me about Baba. Baba is Krishna and Krishna is Baba. Baba is good and nice. Baba helps uncle to get heatlh. Last year I put my hand on the aunts' dressing table. Lid fell. My hand was crushed. I cried. Uncle said "Think of Baba". I said "Baba-Baba", In 15 minutes there was no pain. I was alright. Last year, our Teacher Miss Manual got a bus. She told me to get in. We all got in and went to "Aquarium". All girls came. There was lightening and loud thunders. All girls feard. I cried only "Baba-Baba" Then I told the girls to say "Sai-Sai". All said so. All got bold. All were right. After coming to School I told the girls "Sai-Baba" is a Mahatma. He gives all things. Later I had belly ache- I was sick. I could not vomit. I went to my uncle and asked. "Give me Baba's Udi", I said. He gave me medicines. That was of no use. Then he came and put Udi in my mouth. In one minute I was alright. I got up, No pain, No sickness I told the uncle "See by Udi I am alright". Some days I slept at uncle's house. Some days in my grand mother's house. There are many girls there. I tell them always about Baba. I say "Girls-think of I Baba" before sleeping. They do so. My grand mother and grand father (father's mother) died. I was sorry. I wept much I saw Baba in the evening in the sky. He said "Do not cry" I have taken your grand mother. She is very happy. Do not be afraid.

Surrender Shri Sai Completely ! Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there \\

90.       Baba cured the Diarhoea and fever of sow Masthanamma one year old daughter of Shri Palakuru Venkatakrishna Reddi, Rice Mill Clerk,  Nellore

My daughter Sow Masthanamma was one year old. She was having diarrhoea and fever. Medicines from hospital could not effect a lasting cure. Then I got Sai Baba's UDI and photo and gave ,Udi to the Child. After it was used twice, diarhoea ceased, Since then I was using udi alone as her medicine thrice a day and she was completely cured. She is alright now, We found that without medicine, Udi alone effected the cure and so the faith of the family in Sai greatly streng­thened. My sister at that Thattapalli (90 mils of Nellore) had partition troubles. Ayurvedic medicines were given but she was passing from bad to worse. The physicians were advised removal of the patient to Nellore. She was taken to American Hospital, Nellore where the doctor incharge said that the symptoms would not abate for a week and that there after he would decide on the course. But within 2 days, the patient grew worse and had 20 to 30 motions (with blood) per diem. We gave up hope. Then we gave Baba's udi for four days to the patient. She gradually got better and was cured In a week.

Surrender Shri Sai Completely !   Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there !!

91.       Baba cured head ache of Shri Vayuvegula Venkata Subba Rao Appanapalli Rasole Taluk

My first touch with Shri Sai Baba was in connection with an attack of head ache in June last. The attack was somewhat severe and I approached my brother-in-law Mr.Sinta Subba Rao. B. A Hon., for help He was just then reading Telugu "Sai Leela" which he got a few days before, and the first thought that struck him was to give me Shri Sai's Udi Prasad. I applied it to my head and took little inside. It had a magical effect so much that I had relief in about five minutes. Since then I had a number of dreams in which Holymen appeared to me, whom I always think to be manifestations of Sai.

Almost the very next day, at the above incident my nephew's child of 9 months woke up at night and began to cry aloud apparently without reason. The mother and other members of the family tried a number of means but the child could not obtain rest. My brother-in-law then administered Shri Sai's Udi which had desired effect almost immediately in sending the child to sleep. One interesting experience of myself and my brother is that whenever we dream of a Tapal being delivered to us during sleep, some­thing connected with Baba either from Shirdi or from Madras was carried to us next day in Tapals.

Surrender Shri Sai Completely I   Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there !!

92.       Baba cured the Pneumonia of the wife of Shri R. Vanchinatha lyer, Teacher Hindu High School 2/0 Sydoji Lane, Triplicane, Madras

My wife was down with pneumonia arid on 2nd instant, her temperature was 103° and doctor was anxious and said that we should wait till the next morning to see if any improvement would take place. That day the 22nd instant, I attended the Sal meeting at Royapetta and brought Udi from there. At 2 A.M. the patient's condition seemed hopeless. She was raving and not conscious. She was very restless and could not open her mouth to take in even liquid nutrition. I placed Baba's Udi at my puja place where Baba's picture also stands and I put a bit of Baba's Udi over her body. She Swallowed milk little by little and in half an hour she began to sleep. In the morning the temperature came down to 101° to our great relief and she began to talk. I continued the Udi. In four days time, the temperature came back to normal. Pneumonia disappeared. I am using Udi every day.

Surrender Shri Sai Completely \    Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there !!

93.       Baba cured the Chicken pox and other diseases of the daughters of Sow. P. Janardhanmma, Madras.

My daughter Akkila aged seven years had Chicken-pox (Atalamma) in July last. After three days, she had high temperature and raving. No medicine is given. No medicine must be given for the disease of this sort. We prayed to Sai (having got faith in Him by reading "Saileela" (In Telugu) and put some of UDI into her mouth. She felt relief in 2 or 3 minutes, She herself said so at once. During the 3 or 4 days whenever there were such troublesome symptoms, she herself called for the UDI used it and got relief. Then she became alright. My next daughter Yasoda aged five is much devoted to Baba and goes into the garden, plucks flowers and worships Baba's picture with her. After Akkila's recovery, Yasoda had the same attack and we gave her Baba's UDI. The disease was very mild in its attack and soon disappeared. Yasoda's faith was so great when her elder sister was taking medi­cines for Jaundice, Yasoda said "why not simply take Baba's UDI and discard medicine ?" One day our gardener complained of severe stomach ache which not only unfitted him for work but reduced him to the necessity of being carried home. We gave him UDI which he used By evening he recovered.

Surrender Shri Sai Completely !   Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there !!

94.       Baba cured the Typhoid of Shri Mohana-krishnan S/o Smt. K. Arundati Ammal Madras

My son Shri Mohanakrishnan aged five years had a typhoid He was under allopathic treatment and verying complications were occurring, I had faith in Sai Baba, having ad the Telugu Saileela. Finding medicines useless. I used Baba's UDI for the boy. One night his temperature was high and he was in delirium raving loudly. I was helpless. I prayed to Baba to save the boy and gave the UDI vowing we would take the boy, when cured to Shirdi. In fifteen minutes thereof these symptoms subsided. Delirium and raving ceased and the patient slept. Gradually the fever left him and he recovered health. Every year during entire last quarter my health has been giving great trouble. I prayed to Baba for help, seeing His help to my boy. In October: 1938, my trouble began as usual. I then prayed and vowed that I would remit Rs. 100/-- to Shirdi and also make a pilgrimage to Shirdi, if the disease stopped. Then it disappeared entirely leaving not a trace behind. A calf of mine had dysentery early this month. I did not wish to send it to the Vetinary Hospital despite numerous suggestions from friends. I put some Baba's UDI with its mouth. Then the dysentery which had troubled it for six or seven days ceased to give trouble and was cured.

Surrender Shri Sai Completely !   Stupendous Delectation   and Deliverance be there !!

95.       Baba cured the fever and made easy delivery of the younger sisters of Abdul Sattar Saheb Scents Dealer Woriyur Trichy.

I learnt Shri Sai Baba's greatness from Shri A. S. Gopalakrishna lyer and was offering Naiveda and lighting up scented sticks manufactured by me before Baba's picture in Mr. A.S. Gopalakrishna lyers's Office. One of my younger sister, had fever for a whole week. Mr. A. S. Gopalakrishna lyer told me to apply Baba's UDI. But I forget to take UDI from him. When I went home without it, I lay thinking of my omission Baba appeared in my dream. He applied His UDI and bles­sings to the patient. Next morning she recovered her health. Another younger sister of mine was pregnant. That was her first conception. And we were all anxious when the pains of labour were on. I then gave Baba's UDI and it was given to her a bit to be swallowed and a little bit to be smeared on her body. In one hour thereafter, she had an easy delivery. Four days, latter my elder sister was about to deliver. On previous occasions it was at the time of delivery that she would have fits. We were therefore afraid that fits would come on this occasion. But I assure all the efficiency of Baba's UOI and gave it. In three hours time there­after she has easy delivery without any fits. The youn­ger sister who had her delivery as mentioned above had an abscess. Woriyur doctor treating her feared there was a fracture of bone below the abscess. We prayed to Baba and offered a vow to send Rs. 1-4-0. Another and able doctor then examined the abscess but found no fracture and cured it by an operation. By reason of firm faith in Sai Baba, I have named my scents manu­facturing place as "Sai Baba UDI Works".

Surrender Shri   Sai Completely ! Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there ! !

96.       Baba cured the liver of sow Santha cousin of Miss K V. Lalitha

In 1937, October, my cousin Santha of Erode aged 2 years had enlargement of the liver for three months and the case was serious. The treatment by English and Jemmi medicines were continued. Baba's UDI was applied to her body and given it in bits for her to eat. Then the disease grew less severe. In a year she became alright. Another cousin of mine, Gururajan had liver and spleen enlargements ever since he was one year or tow years old. Gradually he got better and seemed to be cured in his 7th year. But in his ninth year (i.e.) two years after he had a sudden relapse and he passed blood in his urine. His life was despaired of. We gave him Baba's picture and UDI and advised his parents to make vows to Sai Baba. Then he had treatment from Dr. Mac. Roberts. The boy had some vision of some one visiting him also. He is alright for the last 18 months by Baba's grace.

Surrender Shri Sai Completely ! Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there!!

97.       Baba made to win over an appeal by a Mohamadan Devotee, (written by Shri Swaminathan lyer, 19 Town Hall Madras)

The remittance of Rs. 100/- by MO this day is of the amount I have received from a Mohamadan friend of mine on account of his success in an appeal. The appeal was prepared by me and at that time he promised to pay me this sum if he succed. But as I am a staunch devotee of Shri Sai Baba (though I had the good fortune to see him when he was in flesh and blood), I had told my friend at the time that the amount will be paid to Sai Baba Sansthan as Charity. As I am in receipt of the amount just now, I am remitting the same to you to be utilised for the charitable purpose for which it would have been utilised by the Master of Masters Himself (Shri Sai Baba if He were in human form). I therefore leave it to you to act in the manner best suited.


Surrender Shri Sai Completely ! Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there !!

98.       Baba fulfilled the wishes of Shri T. Balanagi Reddi, Reddy Street, Old Town, Anantapur (A P )

There was a civil litigation which was pending for the last 11 years, We had failed in all courts and there was no chance of any thing remaining for mainte­nance. After we turned to Sadguru Shri Sai Baba, it has now become possible to retain some property for livelihood. The litigation was launched in the name of my wife Smt. P. Subhamma. She wants now to join Shri Sai Baba Sansthan as a permanent member for life. She it seems had bound to act thus in the beginning and achieved it. The case has become some 10 days old and without much delay. She is sending the amount of Rs. 100/-. Please accept and make her a life long members of the esteemed Sansthan. As soon as we get back the property after debiting all debts, we as a whole family going to join as members. We will be three in number to be joined as soon as bright days commence.

Surrender Shri Sai Completely ! Stupendous Delectation     and   Deliverance be there !!

99.       Baba made to suffer His Holiness B. V. Narasimhaswamy for not Adhering His Instructions.

His Holiness B. V. Narasimhaswamy was gathering particulars from the devotees in Shirdi and began to write devotees experiences. One day, Baba ordered in His dream to stop the writing But in His zeal in Baba's seva, he was going on wring without adhering even Baba's definite order in His dream. As a result of which Swamiji became some how or other senseless and became dumb. All the devotees joined together and taken him to Manmad for his despatch to his native place in Madras. In main road they have asked him whether he would drink Milk. Swamiji replied "yes" in signs. They fetched him the milk from the nearby Tea shop and made him to drink. After taking milk, He became with full conscious and spoke well and again asked for milk. They brought milk; after taking milk, Swamiji returned again to Shirdi, stayed there for some­time, finished His work and with Baba's grace and Baba's help he has gone to Madras and formed the All India Sai Samaj, Mylapore, Madras 4, written so many authen­ticated books on Shri Sai Baba's Cult. We can dare say that no one in the world till now, strived so much as this Swamiji in propagating Sai's cult and thereby obtained Sadgati By Baba.

Surrender Shri Sai Completely I   Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there II

100.    Baba Himself proved that he ever exists even after His Mahasamadhi on 15-10-1918 (Letter from Professor G. G. Narkhe to Shri G. S. Kapharde Dated 5-11 1918).

PROFESSOR SHRI G. G. Narke wrote a letter to Mr. Kapharde stating that he had been to Shirdi on 2-10-1918 and that Shri Sai Baba was suffering from fever since 28 9-1918 and he gave up His food from that day. But He has not given up His begging round. He became very weak and was not able to walk. Mr. Buty and Mr. Nimonkar used to help Baba in walking, during His round to Lendi Baug and in His daily begging round. Baba stopped His begging round from 13-10-1918. His health grew worser and He asked His bhaktas to take their meals in their residence. Shri Bayaji, Bagoji Shinde, Lakshman, Nanasaheb Nimonkar and Lakshmibai were present there. Four days, prior to leaving His mortal coil, He told to one old woman mother of Soni that He was vexed with His stay in Dwarakamayee and in Chawadi and that He wanted to take His stay in Buty's wada. His condition grew worser on 15-10-19; 8. He drove away all to their residence for their meals and He told to Bayaji to place Him in Buty's wada. He asked Lakshmibai Shinde to come up and gave first Rs. 5/-and then Rs. 4/- in all Rs. 9/- Then Bagoji Shinde told that Baba was in breathing trouble. Nanasaheb Nimon­kar came with water and poured some water in Baba's mouth. But the water came out. On seeing this Mr. Nimonkar tried out "O Deva" Baba opened His eyes and wanted to speak, but He was not able to speak and breathed His last on Bayaji's lap. The next morning i. e. on 16-10-1918, Baba appeared in the dream of Lakshman Mama and told him "That Jog thought that I was dead and so you come and do Kakad Arati" After a long discussion about the disposal of the Body, it was decided to Keep Baba's Body in Buty's wada as per His last word to Bayaji. Then the samadhi of Shri Sai Baba took place in Buty's wada on 18-10-1918.

Eventhough His mortal coil was made Samadhi, He is still alive and active as aforesaid and effecting the welfare of His devotees as we read so far Hence,

Surrender Shri Sai Completely I stupendous Delectation  and Deliverance be there \\





We read so far as to how Shri Sai Baba Shirdi has helped His devotees even after His Mahasamadhi on 15-10-1918 and proved beyond all reasonable doubts that there are no sishyas, successors, heirs, rebirths or reincarnations to Him. The propoganda of Sai cult is being done by so many devotees throughout India and abroad. In His Place (i.e.,) in Shirdi, the Sansthan of Shri Sai Baba whose main object must be the propagan­da of Sai cult publishes their monthly official organ in the name of "Shri Sai Leela", a monthly magazine. It publishes the occurances in Baba's Sansthan, General

Divine and Religion theory from other books and of other saints and a few Sai Leela for name sake. Other than Sai Leelas, the devotees may knew all these by themselves and they want to know only the day to day Sai Leelas to have faith in Him still stronger and to tell His Leelas to their friends and others. Now. Baba's Sansthan is publishing this monthly Sai Leela Magazine only in English and Hindi in one book and Marathi in a separate book with different articles in each language unconnected with each other. This should not be. This Sai Leela Magazine must be published alike in all the Indian Standard languages and that too this must contain only the "Sai Leelas" and the occurances of Baba's Sansthan and nothing else whatsoever. Besides this, the Sansthan has to necessarily appoint a staff to collect "Sai Leelas" from the visiting devotees to Shirdi, scrutinize and publish them even if there are some avoidable delay in publishing them in Sai Leela Magazine. This has to be looked after without fail and sincerely as the mere reading of the "Leelas" of  Shri Sai Baba will wipe away our Karma as per the sayings of Baba.

Apart from this, if the stock of Baba's Satcharitra and other books in any language is exhausted, it is being told that there is no stock of the same for months toge­ther. What prevented the Sansthan to have it printed and make it available on the very day of the "NIL" stock of the previous edition. The Sansthan has to provide the sale of Baba's Satcharitra in all the Indian standared languages.   For instance,   there   is no Baba's Satcharitra in Malayalam.

If there is no breast milk to the child, will the mother leave the child without milk ? No, she will certainly find out the ways and means to feed her child with milk. As such, there is no use of escaping from this necessary required responsibility on some plea or other and thereby making the devotees to suffer. This is mainly due to the handing over of the printing work to the private presses. The then Baba's Sansthan Committee and the present Sansthan have ignored this impor­tant item in having a "printing press of all languages" owned by the Sansthan itself. This is very much regretable. A question may arise, if the press runs in a loss, how the Sansthan would manage it ? Without starting the work, how can it be ascertained or pre expected that it would run in loss ? If it then found to be a loss, ways and means have to be devised to set it right. Sanction may be accorded from the Government to receive papers at the production rates from the paper mills as was now in practice in Andhra Pradesh for printing religious books. If it is known that Baba's Sansthan has got a Printing Press of its own some paper mills may come forward to supply paper periodically as well as printing materials as an offering to Baba. Hence, the Sansthan has to take   steps to have a   Printing Press of its own necessarily.

In view of the foregoing circumstances fully explai­ned, the author hereby sincerely appeals in the name and for the sake of the service of the Almighty Shri Sai Baba to the able Sai devotees of the world, to facilitate the Sanathan of Shri Sai Baba, Shirdi, SHIRDI (P.O.) Ahmednagar District Maharashtra, India, to have a pri­nting press of its own with all languages and enable the Sansthan not to say the four syllabled mantra "There is no stock" of Baba's books.

For instance, an ardent Sai devotee, His Holiness B. V. NARASIMHASWAMIJI (Late), Founder and President of All India Sai Samaj, Mylapore, Madras-4, having found His difficulties with the printers, establi­shed a printing press of the Samaj by name "All India Sai Samaj Press, Mylapore, Madras-4" with the help of Sai devotees. The then Baba's Sansthan Committee and the present Baba's Sansthan has used and is using His "Ashtothra Namavali" in the name of daily Abhi-shek Puja, whereas they have omitted His other ardent activities. His Sahasranamavali on Baba was omitted. This may got tape recorded and be played through mic­rophone from the commencement of Baba's daily Abhi-shek till Mangala Arati instead of playing other records as simply hearing of Baba's Sahasranamavali will wipe away our Karma.

There is no one like His Holiness B. V. Narasimha-swamiji who suffered personally, physically, mentally, financially and who with Baba's punishment, served Baba sincerely, selflessly and wholehear­tedly throughout His life and thereby gained Sadgati by Baba. He is the only incumbent who made Baba available to all the devotees in India and abroad through His books and lectures on Sal's Cult. Such a noble and grandeur Soul has written all His books with "NO COPYRIGHT" and stated Him­self with a firm aim that anyone may print and publish His books as Baba's cult is wide open to all irrespective of caste, colour or creed without any restriction by anybody for all books whatsoever on Baba's cult must be without ''COPYRIGHT".

In considering this standared principle which is the willing one of Baba, the author has written and published this book with "NO COPYRIGHT." The author offers his sincere gratitude to Shri Sivanesan swamy, a sevak of Shri Sai Baba's Chawadi for his help in translating Baba's Marathi literatures to the author as well as to the Printers for their hearty co-operation. The author kindly requests the devotees that he wants no comments from them except their whole hearted devo­tion to Shri Sai Baba and His blessings to them. At length the author requests the devotees to forgive and forget if there are any error.

"May the Almighty Shri Sai Baba shower His blessings on all His devotees."

Be good I   Do good I! Learn good !   Earn good II Love good I   Live good !! As you think; so you become !!

Surrender Shri Sai Completely I   Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there !!