Dedicated to my Late Father Shri C.M.Mehta and Mother Smt.Sneh Mehta Ji

Two Prayers


Dear Lord Sri Sai Nath we, your children pray to you for mercy. You are The Lord Almighty and we all are the sinners. We have gone through various cycles of rebirth in search for you and the eternal truth but we have been always distracted from the path shown to us by you. We pray to you Dear Lord, for your supreme vision and guidance to refrain us from the material distractions of the world.

Baba, we your ignorant children, pray to you that your love and affection may always be bestowed on us. May our belief in you be unshakeable. May we always remember your sayings and follow your teachings.


Dear children, you are fortunate to get a special place in Baba's heart only because of your good deeds (karmas). You should have a firm determination to walk the path shown to us all by Baba Himself. May you remember Baba each day of your life. May Baba always rule your mind, body and soul. Your unshakeable faith in Him will always help you to achieve success in all goals of life. We should never forget that He is always there to look after his children, both in rough and smooth times in life.

Dear children! Sri Sai Nath always believed and preached simple living. It is very unfortunate that His simple teachings were not understood and practiced by all. Some of these teachings are stated below as examples:

(1)       To remember God and to offer Him food before you eat.

(2)       Whether humans, birds or animals, you must offer food to all present
before you eat. In case someone really needy requires the food more than you, you should have no hesitation in giving all that you have.

(3)       According to your capacity, you should share your wealth with the poor
and needy. You should never cheat anyone in order to obtain material gains.

(4)       To try to see God in everything.

(5)       To respect one's parents.

(6)       To have firm belief and faith in your Lord.

(7)       If it is not in your capacity to share your belongings with another person
then you may not give him anything but at the same time you should refuse politely rather than insult and humiliate the person.

(8)       One should chant "Sai, Sai" without self interest.

Children! The credit of this creation only goes to Sri Shivneshan Swamiji because neither there was full faith in this body nor there was devotion in action. It was only due to the kindness of Sri Swamiji who got this work done very well.


The place of Sri Sai Baba of Shirdi is extraordinary amongst several saints, noble souls and incarnations, who were born in our country. Baba in His prime youth came to Shirdi along with a marriage party of a Mohammedan and made a small village of Maharashtra His lifelong residence. He lived in an old mosque, which was named "Dwarkamai" and always kept a lit Dhuni (sacred fireplace) there. Nobody ever knew about Him, His place of birth, who His parents were and also whether He was a Hindu or a Mohammedan by birth?

Sri Sai Baba incarnated at a time, when differences were growing between Hindus and Mohammedans. Baba in His daily life assured His devotees at every step that the 'Ram' of Hindus and the 'Rahim' of Mohammedans was one and the same and there was no difference between the two. Why is it then that the ignorant people quarrel with each other and create a wall of discrimination? He used to tell the Hindus that Allah would do well and He would tell the Mohammedans that Ram would do good. He presented a living example of coordination and coexistence of all religions before His devotees.

Sri Sai Baba is not a story taken out from the history books. He was seen leading a saintly life on earth just 80 years ago.

During the year 1918 He obtained Mahasamadhi. Before deserting His body Baba told His disciples, "After my departure, my tomb (Samadhi) will inspire a ray of hope in my devotees and answer their questions." Today millions of people in the country and abroad feel the significance of these words. They feel the living existence of Baba in their daily life and feel His kindness at every step.

By presenting the life and deeds of Baba in the present book "Children's Sri Sai Baba" Shri Vikas Mehta has done a good work which is appreciable. I believe the children who study this book, will enjoy reading about the joyful actions of Baba. Undoubtedly they will become good people and will serve the nation without any discrimination.

Smt. & Shri Arun Raj Malhotra of Siddharth Publications and the artist Shri Pratap Gill also deserve appreciation.

It is prayed that Sri Sai Prabhu should bestow His blessings on the devotees so that they learn from His teachings and bring about the welfare of society

(Murali Manohar Joshi)



Chapter Topics

1.         1) Arrival in Shirdi

2.         1) Chand Patil's Mare

3.         1) Baba's Guru

4.         1) Shri Appa Pa til and Bayaja Bai

2) Shri Tatya Patil's Experiences

5.         1) Lighting of Lamps with Water

6.         1) Samadhi in 1886

7.         1) Dasganu's Bath in Prayag

8.         1) Protection of Sadhus

2) Protection of Grains

3) Master Khaparde

9.         1) Baba Tajuddin's Samadhi

10.       1) Lizards - The Two Sisters

11.       1) Presence of Baba in Every Living Being

12.       1) A Robust Beggar

13.       1) Two Billy Goats

14.       1) Mad Dog

15.       1) Poor Brahman and Pieces of Gold

16.       1) Baba's Horse - "Shamkarna"

17.       1) Baba's Portrait

18.       1) Help in Education

            2) Shri Shevade

            3) Kaka Saheb's Son's Examination

            4) Master Tarkhad

            5) Master J.P. Savant

            6) Babu Tendulkar

19.       1) Sleeping Process of Baba

20.       1) Shri Sant Ram Nachane

21.       1) Dhooliya's Shri Raoji Balkrishna Upasani

22.       1) Shri Lakshman Vithal Nadkar

23.       1) Hari Ka Beta, Zari Ka Fenta

24.       1) Shri Cholkar's Tea

25.       1) Smt. Dev's Udyapan Festival

26.       1) An Iranian Girl

27.       1) Baba's Food

            2) Protection of Children

28.       1) Story of Veerbhadrappa and Chenbasappa

29.       1) Sri Sai Baba's Samadhi

30.       1) Baba and Child Suhaas

31.       1) Motivator and Initiator

Most Respectable Shri Shivneshan Swamiji

Chapter 1


1)         Arrival in Shirdi

Arrival in Shirdi

Dear Children!

Like Saint Namdev and Kabir, Sri Sai Baba was also born with supernatural powers. Saint Namdev was found by Gonai on the banks of Bhimrathi river and Saint Kabir was found by Tamaal on the banks of Bhagirathi river. Similarly, Sri Sai Baba was first seen in Shirdi in Ahmednagar, Maharashtra sitting under the Neem tree when he was just 16 years old. In the middle of the 18th century, Shri Nana Chopdar's mother saw Baba in Shirdi sitting under the Neem tree. He would meditate under the Neem tree during the day and at night would be seen wandering in the streets of Shirdi. Suddenly, one day he disappeared from the village of Shirdi.

Bow to sri sai-peace be to all


Chapter - 2


1) Chand Patil's Mare

Chand Patil's Mare Second Darshan (Appeal

Mr. Chand Patil - one of the residents of the village Dhoop Gaon, on his way to Aurangabad lost his mare. He searched for his mare for a long time but all his efforts were futile. During the search, after walking for about 4 miles, he saw a Fakir sitting under the mango tree, wearing a long robe, a cap and carrying a small stick under his arm. That Fakir was going to kindle the Chillum.

When the Fakir saw Chand Patil passing through, he called him and said, "Smoke Chillum and rest for a while/' Chand Patil replied that he had lost his favourite mare. Then the Fakir ordered him to search the mare near the drain and miraculously he found the mare there. He understood that the Fakir is not an ordinary man, but a saint. He took the mare to the saint. At that time the Fakir was preparing to smoke the Chillum. Only two things were left for the preparation of Chillum. One was the fire for the Chillum and the second was the water for the cloth to be tied around the

Chillum while smoking. The Fakir took his prong and thrust it into the ground and when he pulled it outside, there was a burning coal that came outside along with it which was put on the Chillum. The Fakir again struck the ground with force by his Satka (prong), and the next moment water started oozing from the ground with which he wet the cloth and wrapped it around the Chillum. After preparing the Chillum, Baba smoked it and offered to Chand Patil also. On witnessing all this, Chand Patil was surprised. He invited Baba to his house. Next day, the Fakir went to his house and stayed there for some time. Shri Chand Patil was an officer in the village Dhoop Gaon. His wife's nephew's marriage was fixed with a girl of the village Shirdi and the marriage party was to leave from Dhoop Gaon to Shirdi. Chand Patil gave the invitation to the Fakir also, which he accepted. Bullock carts decorated with paper buntings and flowers were set for Shirdi. The marriage party consisted of the village children, relatives of Chand Patil, many other people and the Fakir. The bells tied around the neck of the bullocks made jingling sounds. The Fakir, who was sitting in the bullock cart, was approaching the native place of his Guru. When the marriage party reached Shirdi, it halted near the Khandoba (Shri Shiva) temple in Mhalsapati's farm. In front of the Khandoba temple all the bullock carts were untied. Members of the marriage party descended one by one. Pandit Mhalsapati also saw the  Fakir who wanted

to enter the Khandoba temple, but he was not allowed to do that by the Pandit who told him that a Muslim cannot enter a Hindu temple. He asked Him to go to Takiya or The Chavadi. The saint looked at him and answered calmly "Being a Baniya, how could you marry a lady of a herdsman community?" Hearing this Mhalsapati was scared, because very few people knew about this secret. He understood that this Fakir is certainly not an ordinary person. He then requested Baba to enter the temple by addressing Him as "Sai". After the marriage ceremony, Shri Chand Patil returned to Dhoop Gaon, but Baba stayed back in Shirdi forever.

Bow to sri sai-peace be to all

Chapter 3


1) Baba’s Guru

Baba's Guru

Sri Sai Baba's staunch devotees Shri Ganpat Rao Dattatray Sahasrabude (Dasganu) and Shri B.V. Narsimha Swami went to the village of Selu and collected important information in this context. In 1901, Dasganu Maharaj went to Selu and gave the following information:-

'The distance between Selu and Pathardi is about 15 miles. Shri Gopal Rao Deshmukh alias Venkunsha - a resident of Selu was a great saint. He was a staunch devotee of God Venkatesh. He was the governor in the military of the Peshwas of Jantoor and used to look after their work. On behalf of the Peshwas, he used to fight against Islami Nizam as he was against his policies. In Marathwada, after Shri Shivaji (from 1627 to 1680) Peshwas used to look after the administrative work. On 14th January 1761, in the war of Panipat, Marathvada's army was defeated by the Afgan army. Ahmad Shah Durrani was the leader of the Afgan army at that time.

Gopal Rao had all the qualities of a good army leader that is why the Peshwa's had accorded him the title of 'Deshmukh'. Gopal Rao Deshmukh used to guard Jantoor. Whereas, on one hand, it was a common experience that the commanders of other armies ill-treated people, Gopal Rao, on the other hand, always had the people around him who showered their love on Gopal Rao. He was famous for his kindness everywhere. Once, Gopal Rao went to North India for pilgrimage and on the way he stopped at Ahmedabad to pay his respects at the Fakir Suvag Shah's Dargah. The moment he entered the Dargah, he started crying with happiness and he started chanting the name of God. At that very moment Heaven is believed to have roared, "Gopal Rao! You were the same saint of Kashi - Saint Ramanand in your previous birth. Now you are in Grahastha Ashram (family life). Your disciple Kabir is about to come to you. He has already taken birth in a Fakir's house' After returning home, Gopal Rao found that his son Lakshman had died. Being a saint, he was not filled with remorse. After a few days, a lady wearing green bangles came to Gopal Rao from the village of Pathardi Gaon. She was carrying her five-year old son on her shoulder. His clothes were torn and he had a piece of bread stuffed in his mouth. Her husband had died a few days ago. Due to her husband's last wish, she had come to meet Gopal Rao. At first, Gopal Rao refused to give her shelter, but then, he thought of the incident at Suvag Shah's Dargah. He decided to give shelter to this

lady in his house. He was sure that the child is none other than Kabir. In a short period, they became very close to each other. Gopal Rao was very happy seeing the child's devotion towards God and started motivating him day and night to follow the path of spirituality. After a few days, the child's mother died. At that time the child was about 12 years of age.

Seeing the intense relationship between the Guru and the disciple, the other students started feeling jealous. They hatched a conspiracy to kill the Muslim child but Gopal Rao got to know about this conspiracy well in advance. He took the boy with him and went to the nearby forest. They stayed there for about 4 months. During these four months (August to November) other students found them resting under a tree. They picked up a brick and threw it towards the boy, but the brick could not even reach near him. They again threw the brick towards the boy but it hurt Gopal Rao Deshmukh on his head and he started bleeding. The child tied a piece of cloth around his Guru's head and started crying. He said, "Please leave me, because all this has happened because of me." But Gopal Rao did not listen to him and said, "My end is approaching. Tomorrow evening at 4 p.m., I will depart my soul with my own wish. I want to give all my powers to you." At that very moment, he took out 3 bowls of milk from a black cow and told the boy to drink that milk. Like this he gave all his powers to this boy. The boy who had thrown the brick died on the spot. All other students, feeling sorry, gathered around the Guru and asked him to spare their friend's life. But the Guru replied that, "I have given all my powers to this boy, now you pray to this boy/' The boy took a pinch of dust from his Guru's feet and applied it on the dead boy's forehead. The dead boy arose again and asked his Guru to forgive him. The next day the boy came to Selu with Gopal Rao, where Naamsmaran and Pooja Archana took place. Gopal Rao gave the cloth tied on his head to him and asked him to walk towards the southern banks of the Godavari river. On reaching there, he gave up his body like King Parikshit had done.

After the guru gave up his body, the boy went to the western banks of the Godavari river as instructed by his Guru and thereafter he reached Shirdi on foot.

Bow to Sri Sai –Peace be to all


Chapter 4

Topic :

1)      Shri Appa Patil and Bayaja Bai

2)      Shri Tatya Patil's Experiences


Shri Appa Patil and Bayaja Bai

Amongst the people of Shirdi, Shri Appa Patil and his wife Bayaja were one of the first to recognize Baba's divine powers. When Shri Appa Patil and Bayaja Bai met Baba (who was sitting under a Neem tree) for the first time, Baba got up from his place and said "Bayaja Bai was my sister in my previous birth." Bayaja Bai on hearing this became very happy and she decided not to take her meals unless and until she would have served Baba first. At times she had to walk for miles together to look for Baba. Baba also gave special blessings to her son Tatya Patil.

Shri Tatya Palil's Experiences

Baba loved children very much. The children in the village of Shirdi used to gather and go to the Masjid to play with Baba, Amongst them were also Bayaja's son Tatya Patil and his friend Raghu. When Baba came to Shirdi, Tatya Patil was about 7 or 8 years old. At that time, Baba was not residing in the Masjid. He had started residing in the Masjid later. At that time, he did not

have any particular place to live. He stayed for about 10 months in the Masjid and then for some time under the Neem tree. Baba told the villagers that under the Neem tree was His Guru's Samadhi (shrine). After this, Baba started living in the Masjid.

A stable was converted into a Marathi school, which later on was declared to be a Government school. Tatya also used to study in a school. His school was inside the Hanuman temple. Later, Tatya also started studying in the Government school. Madhav Rao Deshpande alias Shama was his teacher. At that time Tatya was in the third or fourth class.

First Darshan (Appearance)

When Tatya was studying in the school situated inside the Hanuman temple, Baba used to go everyday to his house for alms (Bhiksha). That time, there were only three persons living in his house. One was his Dada (father), the other was his Mahtnri (mother) and lastly he himself. This house was an old construction, which was built around 22 to 23 years back. Raghu Patil was Tatya's childhood friend. They used to go to the school together. After coming back from the school,, Tatya, Raghu and three-four boys used to stand outside the Masjid and tease Baba by making different faces. Baba was about 18 or 19 years old at that time. A thin line of moustache used to touch his upper lip. They continued teasing Baba in the same manner for about 3 to 4 years. Baba used to

keep on sitting quietly inside the Masjid. Everyday Raghu Patil used to throw small stones on Baba from the door of the Masjid and run away. Baba used to run after them and abuse them. The children used to laugh loudly and run away before Baba could pick up his Satka. After all this Tatya used to go to his house to have his meals.

Bayaja Mami 'Abadi-Abad'

Whenever Tatya used to sit down to eat, Baba would come and ask for Bhiksha (alms). Most of the times Baba used to ask for Bhiksha on the doorstep only. He used to say "Abadi Abad Bayaja Mami Roti Lav". Bayaja Ma usually asked Baba to come inside. Baba used to come inside with a smile and sit in the outer room (Osari). Bayaja Ma used to leave all her household work and sit besides Baba. Being a small child Tatya would take the liberty to climb on Baba's shoulder or sometimes sit on his knees. Baba smilingly used to let him do all this. Bayaja Ma would get angry with this, but Baba would tell her, "Why do you get so angry. Let him do whatever he wants to do." Bayaja Ma often requested him to eat food in front of her. But Baba had his own ways. He used to have the food in the house whenever he felt like it. Sometimes Baba used to have only milk or curd or butter. Usually he ate rice/ millets, breads and vegetables. Baba liked to have milk, curd, lassi, pickle, onion and papar.

Bayaja Ma used to request Baba to have all this. Bayaja Ma used to prepare all these things in advance and always requested Baba to have the food.

Baba would first go to Patil Suva Gondkar's house asking for alms (Bhiksha). Sometimes Baba would go to these houses more than once a day Baba never asked a Muslim for alms (Bhiksha).

After living for 2-3 years in the Mas]id, Baba started living at some other place. His new place was under the Neem tree. He lived there for about two and a half years. The Neem tree was situated between Lendi Bagh and Sheera. Some people went there and gave him food (Bhakari).

Baba's Clothes

When Baba came to Shirdi for the first time, he was wearing a green coloured Kafni (a long robe) and a Safa (scarf worn over the head). He wore these clothes for about 4 months and after that he started wearing a white coloured Kafni and the Safa.

When he was living under the neem tree, Tatya, Raghu Patil and some other boys used to go and meet him. After getting to know Baba they repented for committing their earlier mistakes. In those days, lots of villagers and Nana Rao Dengle also used to come to Baba.

As it has been told earlier, Baba stayed under the Neem tree for about two and a half years and thereafter he started living in the Mas]id (mosque).

Baba Gangageer's Naamsaptah

(Chanting of God's name for one week)

In 1896, a famous saint named Gangageer Baba came to Shirdi. He wanted to perform the Naamsaptah, but the people did not cooperate with him.

Seeing their behaviour, Baba Gangageer became angry. He went to the Masjid and on seeing Baba, he said "He is a priceless diamond. But mark my words, he will change Shirdi. Gangageer Baba left Shirdi but Tatya became very sad. He went after Gangageer Baba to the village of Rue. He apologised and asked him to return to Shirdi to organize the Naamsaptah. Gangageer Baba clearly refused but Tatya was also adamant.

He kept visiting Gangageer Baba regularly and requested his disciples to make him agree. At that time Tatya possessed 7 sacks of wheat. He requested Gangageer Baba and his disciples to come to Shirdi and to perform Naamsaptah. He would serve them for seven days. At last, Gangageer Baba agreed to visit Shirdi to perform Naamsaptah. Tatya also took his father with him. He remained there for one full week and the Naamsaptah

was performed very nicely. Other villagers also realized their mistake and they collected fourteen hundred rupees and gave it to Tatya. After the Naamsaptah, Tatya accompanied Gangageer Baba wherever he went. Many Naamsaptahs were performed in the nearby villages also. Tatya returned to Shirdi close to Dussehra days and went straight to the Masjid to see Baba. Tatya informed Baba about the Naamsaptah. Hearing this, Baba was very happy. After that day onwards Tatya used to go to the mosque everyday to see Baba. Baba also reciprocated his love and affection.

Baba's Mischiefs'

Whenever Tatya would sit down to rest in the Masjid, Baba would tease him for fun. Baba would pat him on the back and then hide in the Masjid. On Tatya's asking that who pushed and patted him/ Baba would come out laughing from behind. Baba would close Tatya's eyes with his hands and hide again. Tatya would also playfully press Baba's fingers and then Baba would shout at him saying, "Will you break my fingers? Baba also used to play Fagoodi with Tatya. At times Baba would wrestle with him. Tatya would carry Baba on his shoulders. Baba addressed him as Tatya, Kotya or "Ghormukhiya".

Sometimes Baba used to massage his head and when he was in deep

sleep, he would change the direction in which Tatya was sleeping.

In summers, it became very hot inside the Masjid. Tatya's bed was near the Dhuni. Baba, being a fun loving person, would wake up at midnight and put a blanket on Tatya. When it would get too hot for Tatya, he would get up and sleep on the stairs.

Once, on the occasion of Holi, Tatya was standing near Nandu Marwari's shop. Baba was in a very good mood. Tatya lifted him on his shoulders and started walking towards the Masjid. Baba kept saying throughout the way, 'Oh Tatya, Oh Kotya'! For God's sake, put me down or you shall start having a stomach ache' But he paid no heed to Baba and stopped only at the Masjid. Tatya repeated this incident a couple of times, but then quit doing so thinking that he might hurt Baba.

Baba would often hide Tatya's Aparna (a cloth hung on the shoulder) behind the wheat bag lying in the Masjid and when he searched and inquired about his Aparna, Baba pretending to be angry would tell him, "How do I know? Do I steal everybody's Aparna?" But Tatya always knew that only Baba could commit this mischief. After some time Baba would give back his Aparna.

Baba would then imitate Tatya by wearing his Aparna on his shoulders. He would sit like Tatya and mimic every move of his.

Baba teasingly would press Tatya's hands, and in return when Tatya did the same with force Baba would complain, "Will you break my bones?"

Once Tatya took away Baba's white Safa and replaced it with his headgear and he also put the Aparna on Baba's shoulders. Tatya would make Baba look into the mirror to show him this attire and Baba would laugh at this. Seeing Himself in the mirror, Baba would raise his shoulders and would laugh by making different funny faces enjoying each moment in the process. Looking in the mirror Baba would say, "Tell me Oh! Mirror if Tatya looks like this?"

Once Baba suddenly got up to touch Tatya's feet. Tatya was taken aback and he questioned Baba that why did He try to do that. But Baba touched Tatya's feet and folded his hands. Tatya asked Baba, "Why are you doing this?" Baba replied, "Keep quiet. What do you know?" At times Baba would stand in front of Tatya and say, "Jai Deva! Jai Deva!!". Tatya was quite surprised at all this.

Once, the Muslims of the village gathered and brought Taziya in the Masjid and began to perform religious rites. Baba sent for Tatya to see this. He returned and told Baba, "They were performing the Haidas Choolah." When all this was over, Baba came down to the Masjid courtyard and holding Tatya's hand

started moving round the stone saying, "Haidas Choolah." They did this only once.

Starvation in Shirdi

Starvation broke out in Maharashtra from 1896 to 1899. As a result Baba started receiving lesser Bhiksha (food alms). Inspite of this he would get Bhiksha from Tatya's house everyday. Nand Ram Marwari used to give Baba half a piece of bread. The bread was made of wheat or millet. But Tatya's mother gave food to Baba everyday. At times Baba would go to their house 12 to 16 times a day. Every time Bayaja Ma would give Baba half a piece of bread. Baba kept all the pieces of bread collected by him in a vessel kept in the Masjid and covered it with a tin lid. Baba would take a bread, onion and a chilly and the remaining food was eaten by dogs, cats and crows. Baba never tried to prevent them from doing so.

Children! This is one example to tell you about the intense relationship between Sai Baba and Tatya. To tell you the truth, Baba was pleased with Tatya because he organised the event of the Naamsaptah of Gods. It is an old and true saying that God is pleased when one recites his name without selfish motive and shares all that he can with the world and by offering it to the Gods. Thus whenever you remember God and chant His name you will not ice a change in yourself.

Bow to Sri Sai – Peace be to all

Chapter 5

Topic :

1)   Lighting of Lamps with Water

Lighting of Lamps with Water

Every evening Sri Sai Baba would go to the shopkeepers and ask for oil in alms to light the lamps in the Masjid with it. Similarly, one day in the year 1892, Baba went to the shopkeepers for oil, but they refused to give it to Him. They collectively decided not to give oil to Baba in Bhiksha.(alms) and prove their importance to Him. They even told him, "Let us see how you will light the lamps today." Therefore, Baba had to return to the Masjid empty handed.

After some time all the shopkeepers and some of the villagers went to the Masjid and saw that there was a little oil left from the previous day in Baba's vessel. Next, they saw Baba put water into the vessel from the pitcher placed in the Masjid and mix it with the oil in the vessel. He then took the oil mixed with water in his mouth and again poured it back into the vessel. He put that water in the lamps kept in the Masjid and lit them with the match-stick. Miraculously, the

water lamps started burning, and they lasted for the whole night. Seeing all this

the shopkeepers begged him for forgiveness and started giving Him oil again.

Bow to Sri Sai – Peace be to all.

Chapter 6

Topic :

1)   Samadhi in 1886

Samadhi in 1886

In the year 1886, on the occasion of 'Margsheersh Poornima', Baba had an asthmatic attack because of which it became difficult for Him to breathe. He called Mhalsapati and said, "Oh! Disciple, I am going to meet Allah. Take care of my body for three days. If I return, I will look after my body myself otherwise you keep it near the Neem tree' Saying this, Baba breathed his last at 10 p.m. His body became pale and cold. In no time the news of His demise spread everywhere. Senior police officials and the elders of the village came there and formed a committee. A report was made in which it was written that Baba had left his body out of his own wish to meet Allah.

Mhalsapati told the police officers that Baba would return in 3 days but the police officers did not trust him and tried to change his mind. Mhalsapati stuck to his words and said, "Baba is an extraordinary yogi and He has many yogic powers. Therefore, it is possible for Him to be alive again. The police officers decided to let Mhalsapati keep Baba's body for three days. Mhalsapati sat there for three days with Baba's body in his lap. On the third day suddenly, Baba's hands moved and he opened his eyes. At 3 a.m. Baba was alive again. His followers who were present there were overjoyed but they were also very surprised. All the devotees started praising Baba. Seeing the miraculous power of Baba - Mhalsapati/ Bayaja Ma and the other people of Shirdi, started believing in Baba with great devotion and faith. This news spread even to the near by villages and as a result many people started coming from different places to see and meet Baba and take his blessings.

Bow to Sri Sai - Peace be to all

Chapter 7

Topic : ( 1)   Dasganu's Bath in Prayag

Dasganu's Bath in Prayag

Dasganu left his job with the police and became Baba's staunch devotee and disciple. After receiving Baba's blessings, he decided that he would lead his life singing Bhajans, hymns and praises of the Lord. Thousands of people used to gather just to hear his speech. Baba changed him from a man who used to recite baseless poems to someone who only sang the praise of the Lord. By taking him in his shelter Baba had forgiven his sin. But with human beings, learning is an unending process till the last day of one's life. One's mind and brain is indecisive and never stable. We always suspect things. But on the other hand, God from time to time takes a human form and spends this life to teach us the facts and realities of life. But the vicious circle of suspicion, greed, caste and creed always surrounds us and it prevents us from being one with God.

On one occasion, Dasganu went to Shirdi to get Baba's blessing and he urged Baba to have bath at the holy river of Prayag. Baba said, "There is no need to go that far. Believe me that Prayag is here only. On Baba's uttering this, miraculously, the water from the Ganga-Yamuna started flowing from His feet. All the devotees present there observed this. Shri Dasganu bowed down in front of Baba and took some drops of the flowing holy water to sprinkle over his head. But while doing so he realized that Baba is a Muslim saint and doubted in his mind whether taking water from the feet of such a Muslim saint would be proper or not?

Children! God gives blessings to all, but it is for us to get rid of any suspicion and have immense faith in Him. Because of one's good deeds (karmas), such opportunities are obtained and therefore one should not miss such a valuable moment. Dasganu, too, always felt sorry for missing such an opportunity in life

Bow to Sri Sai - Peace be to all


Chapter 8

Topic :

1)   Protection of Sadhus

2)   Protection of Grains

3)   Master Khaparde

Protection of Sadhus

Sri Sai Baba lived in Dwarkamai (Masjid) for about 60 years and during this period he only visited Neern Gaon and Rahata outside of Shirdi. Sri Sai Baba specially blessed one of the resident's of Neem Gaon - Nana Saheb Dengle. Baba used to go to meet him very often. Nana Saheb Dengle knew the language of birds. Once in Neem Gaon, when Baba and Nana Saheb Dengle were sitting together some birds started chirping. Baba was omniscient, yet he asked Nana Saheb Dengle, "What are these birds saying?" Nana Saheb replied that, " These birds are saying that some Sadhus are going to die in Shirdi". They have gone for a bath leaving their meal uncovered which has become poisonous, as a lizard has fallen into the food. The Sadhus will die after consuming the poisoned food. Baba, at once, ordered Punja wrestler to go to Shirdi and throw the food. On reaching Shirdi, Punja wrestler did as he was told by Baba. Seeing this, all the Sadhus rushed to hit him with tongs. Meanwhile Baba and Dengle also reached Shirdi and on observing the situation told the Sadhus the reality. Like this Baba saved so many lives. Whosoever thinks and remembers Baba with true devotion is always under His protection.

Protection of Grains

One day a fire broke out in the godown (store house) of one of the villagers of Shirdi - Seth Bhagchand Marwari. Everyone ran to Baba and requested Him for help. Baba said to them, "When there is a profit, there is happiness and when there is a loss, there is disappointment. Why is it so? Why should we say that this is mine. After all, it is this "I" and "mine" which are the root cause of pride and egoism. In reality all that we have belongs to Allah and we all are his servants."

Then Bhagchand Marwari went to Baba to ask for help. Baba, accompanied by the villagers, went to the godown where all the food grains were stored. On reaching the site Baba sprinkled water around the food grains and said, "Now there will be no fire here!". Indeed such was Baba's power that none of the grain was spoiled by the fire.

Master Khaparde

One of Baba's staunch devotees' Shri G.S. Khaparde's son -Shri Balwant Khaparde had a dream that Baba came to his house


and had food with him. Next day, to know about the truth, went to Baba in the Masjid. Baba, knowing his intention said, "Yesterday you served me food but did not offer any Dakshina (alms). Please give it to me now/'

Hearing this the young boy Khaparde, was surprised. Baba always surprised his devotees like this by reading their minds and narrating factual incidents. His intention was not to show off His power but to strengthen His devotees' faith in Him.

Bow to Sri Sai - Peace be to all

Chapter 9

Topic :

1)    Baba Tajuddin's Samadhi

Baba Tajuddin's Samadhi

Once Baba was sitting near the Dhuni, which was burning with full gusto. After some time, Baba stood up from his place and instead of putting pieces of wood in the fire started pouring water. On seeing this some devotees asked Baba the reason behind doing so. Baba replied, "In Nagpur, Shri Tajuddin's Dargah is engulfed with fire and I am putting it off by pouring water. This answer confused His devotees. After two days one of the devotees came from Nagpur to Shirdi and he informed the villagers about the fire in Sri Tajuddin's Dargah. He then mentioned that it was controlled in time preventing a major mishap. Children! Isn't this incident wonderful. This incident proves that all Saints are alike and have the divine powers, which they use to help mankind in some way or the other.

Bow to Sri Sai - Peace be to all


Chapter 10

Topic :

1)   Lizards - The Two Sisters

Lizards - The Two Sisters

Once, Baba was sitting inside the Masjid and he noticed a lizard on the wall, making a peculiar sound. Out of curiosity, a devotee asked Baba, if the sound made by the lizard signified anything. He wanted to know if it was a good sign or a bad omen? Baba said, 'This lizard is very happy today as her sister is coming here from Aurangabad." The devotee could not understand what Baba implied, hence he kept quite.

After a while a person from Aurangabad came, on horseback, to see Baba. His horse was very hungry so the man took out a bag containing grams for the horse's food and dashed it on the ground to remove dirt. Just then a lizard came out from the bag and immediately climbed up the wall of the Masjid. Baba now asked the devotee to see all that happened carefully. The lizards (who were the two sisters) met each another and happily started climbing the wall of Masjid.

This incident shows about Baba's omnipresence and omniscience. Baba's looking and talking about the lizards removed their sins and got them Baba’s Blessings.

Bow to Sri Sai – Peace be to all

Chapter 11


1)         Presence of Baba in Every Living Being


Presence of Baba in Every Living Being

Once, there was a bull in Shirdi who used to destroy the crops. Thus, collectively the villagers decided to leave this bull in Pinjra Pol (an animal shelter) situated at Yevala.

The villagers collected some money for this purpose and made Shri Bheeku Marwari, a resident of Shirdi responsible for this work. But Bheeku Marwari, out of greed, sold that bull to a butcher in Yevala for Rs. 14 and returned to Shirdi. That night, one of Baba's disciples, Shri Bayaji dreamt of Baba who told him in the dream, "You are sleeping soundly here and I have been handed over to the butcher to be killed.' Shri Bayaji told everybody about that dream. Everyone went to Shri Bheeku Marwari and he out of fear accepted his fault. For this, Shri Bheeku had to go to the jail also for 2 months.

As per Baba's instructions, Shri Bayaji went to Yevala himself and again bought that bull for the same amount of Rs. 14.00 from that butcher and left that bull in Pinjara Pol.

"Pashu-Pakshi Par Teri Lagan,

Pyar Mein Tum The Unke Magan.

Sab Par Teri Raham-Nazar,

Lete Sab Kee Swayam Hee Khabar."

The moral of this incident is that one should try and see God in each of His creations. This is also the message of the Upanishads and the Bhagwat Gita, that God is present in all creatures.

Bow to Sri Sai - Peace be to all

Chapter 12


1)         A Robust Beggar

A Robust Beggar

Shri Kaka Saheb Dixit, one of the Baba's devotees was returning from his office one evening, when one healthy looking beggar stood before him and asked for Bhiksha (alms). After seeing him, Shri Kaka Saheb thought for a while and then gave him some coins. After taking the coins, the beggar smiled and left immediately. Shri Dixit kept on staring at him till he became invisible.

After some days, Shri Dixit went to Shirdi and he went to meet Baba in the Masjid and inquired about the incident. Baba replied in the affirmative saying that it was indeed Him who had come to Kaka Saheb as a beggar asking for Bhiksha, This made Kaka Saheb very happy.

Baba said, "If you want to give something to someone, then give it to him happily, but don't misbehave or insult anybody."

"I am omnipresent." After listening to this, Dixit remembered the lecture delivered by Lord Krishna in the Shrimadbhagwat and his belief was strengthened in Baba

Bow to Sri Sai – Peace be to all.

Chapter - 13

Topic :

1)   Two Billy Goats

Two Billy Goats

Once Baba was returning from Lendi Bagh, he saw a herd of goats. Out of the herd, He liked two goats a lot. Baba patted them lovingly and purchased them for Rs. 32. His devotees were quite surprised at this behaviour as a goat in those days did not cost more than three or four rupees. They thought Baba had been cheated, as the two goats should not have costed more than eight rupees.

They started taunting Baba but He remained calm and quiet. When Shama and Tatya questioned Him regarding this Baba replied, "I am neither married nor do I possess a house for which I have to save money/' After saying this he fetched for 4 sers (a unit of measurement in old times) of Dal (pulses) from the market and fed them. After feeding them, Baba returned them to their master and told Tatya and Shama the story of the previous birth of the goats. "Oh! Shama and Tatya you must be thinking that I have been robbed in this bargain. But it is not so and you must first listen to their story. In the previous birth, both of them were human beings and fortunately I knew them.

They used to sit besides me. They were real brothers and used to love each other a lot but later on they became sworn enemies. The elder brother was very lazy, but the younger one was very hard working. He was doing well in his work and earned a lot of money, which made the elder brother jealous of the younger one. He decided to kill his younger brother and rob him of his wealth. They forgot their blood relationship and began to quarrel with each other. The elder brother made many attempts to murder his younger brother but failed in all of them. On one such attempt, the elder brother hit his younger brother on the head with a stick. In return the younger brother, too, hit the elder brother on the head with an axe and both of them died on the spot. According to their karmas they were reborn as goats. The moment I saw them, I was reminded of their previous birth and I took pity on them. Thus, I decided to serve and feed them and tried to give them some happiness. This is the reason that I have spent some money on them, which, according to you, was a waste. You did not like this transaction. Therefore, I returned these goats to the shepherd/' Truly, Baba's love was great. By doing so He showed his love for all His creatures whether man or animal.

Bow to Sri Sai-Peace be to all

Chapter 14


1) A Mad Dog

A Mad Dog

Baba's Kindness

One day Baba's devotee Shri Mhalsapati went to a nearby village and very badly hit a sick dog with a stick. When he returned to Shirdi, Baba was very angry and said to him, "Bhakt, there is a sick dog like me in the nearby village and everyone is torturing it‘ Hearing the words of Baba, Mhalsapati realized his mistake and asked for forgiveness.

Once Shri Kaka Saheb Dixit asked Baba that since a snake can bite anybody, should one kill it if seen? Baba replied, "No. We should never kill it. Because, it will never bite us unless God wants it to do so. If God has decided that it has to bite, no one can save us “

In the month of Baisakh of vear 1917, a mad dog started fighting with the stray dogs of Shirdi. The villagers ran after the dog with the intention to kill it. The poor dog kept running around in the streets of Shirdi and at last entered Dwarkamai and stood behind Baba as if asking for help. The angry villagers

also entered the Masjid but nobody could dare to touch the dog in the presence of Baba.

The villagers said, 'This dog is mad. Turn it out so that we can kill it."

Baba replied, "Oh! You foolish people! Get out of the Masjid at once. You cruel people want to punish this poor dog."

The embarrassed and ashamed villagers went away from Dwarkamai. This is how Baba saved the life of the dog. The dog stayed the whole night surprisingly the next day it recovered and began to live in Shirdi.

Trust in God! The intense faith in God always eliminates fear.

Shrddhavan Labhate Gyanam Tatpara Sanyatendriya,

 Gyanam Labdhva Paraam Shantimchirkanssadhigachchhti.

Lord Krishna has quoted in the Shrimad Bhagwat Gita, "Hey Parth, these people who take shelter in me and believe in me and chant my name will always get salvation irrespective of their caste, creed and character. Those who are born in the Paap Yoni and come to me for help will attain the righteous path while those who born in the Uttam Yoni will get salvation in my shelter. Lord Krishna concludes by saying this :

Anityamsukham Lokmimam Prapya Bhajasva Maam

(The Gita, 9/33)

Bow to Sri Sai – Peace be to all

Chapter 15


1) Poor Brahman and Pieces of Gold

Poor Brahman and Pieces of Gold

Offering food to the poor is considered to be the most divine form of donation. Baba also gave a lot of importance to this. Sometimes, He himself used to cook meat pulao and sweet rice and would serve these to his devotees happily. Baba had two Handees (cooking vessel), one of which was big and the other was small. (We will describe this topic in detail in the next chapter). Only the non-vegetarian people were served food cooked in the bigger Handee and other devotees were served food made in the smaller Handee. But sometimes Baba used to test his devotees' for their faith in him. According to Sri Sai Sat Charitra Chapter No. 38, once on the eve of Ekadashi, Baba ordered one of his devotees named Dada Kelkar to fetch meat from the market to which he agreed merrily.

One day Baba was sitting in Dwarkamai along with his disciples. Baba decided to cook meat pulao on that day. One of His disciples was busy cutting the flesh into small pieces in the courtyard of Dwarkamai. Having heard Baba's popularity a poor Brahmin came to see Baba from a village near Shirdi. It was obvious from his appearance that he was very poor. On seeing the man who was cutting the meat the Brahmin wandered and thought in his mind if Babe was actually a Saint. In reality, he was not aware of Baba's kindheartedness. On seeing the poor and aggrieved Brahmin, Baba said, "Give some pieces of meat to this poor Brahmin. His children will enjoy it." During that time (in 1912) people, especially the villagers strongly believed in racial and caste discrimination. Thus, hearing these words of Baba, the Brahmin started trembling in fear. The person who was cutting the flesh was also confused. He began to wonder that how this Brahmin would go back to his village carrying the pieces of meat. On seeing the Brahmin still standing there empty handed, Baba shouted angrily, "Do as you have been told. Put some pieces of meat in his bag and let him go.

Who could go against the Baba's wishes? As Baba ordered, some pieces of meat were put into the Brahmin's bag. The Brahmin took the bag unhappily and walked back to his village. On his way he kept thinking of the consequences if he was seen carrying the pieces of meat. He could easily be boycotted from his caste. About one and a half miles away from Shirdi, he saw a streamlet of water. He thought of throwing the meat in this streamlet. He thought that Baba had made fun of him and he could not think of a better way than this to dispose of the meat. Upon thinking about it, he emptied his bag into the water. But he was most astonished to see the meat that he was throwing in the water had turned to gold. Within a moment all the pieces of gold fell into the water and disappeared. When he put his hand into the bag, he found that there was some hard thing stuck there. It was a small piece of gold. Now the Brahmin was very sad. He immediately ran to Dwarkamai and narrated the sad story to everyone. When Baba saw him, he became very angry and ran after him with a stick. The Brahmin ran away out of fear. On returning to Dwarkamai, Baba took a deep breath and said, "What an unlucky fellow he is? His children were probably not destined to possess that gold/'

Now a question arises that why did Baba give him meat instead of gold. It is clear that had Baba given him pieces of gold in front of other devotees, they would have become greedy and look up to Baba for material gain. Baba did not want his devotees to fall prey to this illusionary circle of wealth. The moral of this story is that we should have full faith in Sri Sai Baba and trust all his actions for he only thinks about the benefit of his devotees and their near and dear ones.

Bow to Sri Sai - Peace be to all

Chapter 16

Topic :

1)   Baba's Horse - "Shamkarna'

Baba's Horse - "Shamkarna"

To feel the touch of God is exquisite. The reason is not that important as the objective of feeling God. The touch of God instills power, which is certainly a spiritual and physical motivator.

With time, more and more devotees started coming to Shirdi. One of the devotees gifted a horse to Baba. The horse was named "Shamkarna". It was the same horse, which was present in the procession of Chavadi. Today the Samadhi of Shamkarna is situated in Lendi Bagh, which can be visited by all the devotees. The story goes like this.

One devotee brought a horse named Shamkarna to be presented to Baba. He asked Radhakrishna Mai the due for his labour, but she sent him to Madhav Rao Deshpande alias Shama. Shama instead sent him to Baba in Dwarkamai. It was afternoon and Baba was resting. The man stood in the verandah of Dwarkamai and cried bitterly, "Give me the due for my labour” After some time, Baba came there and hit the man on the head with a stone. The man started bleeding and he sat there holding his head. At that moment Kaka Saheb Dixit reached there and paid him Rs. 200. He asked him to stop doing this menial work and buy a horse cart and start running it between Kopargaon and Shirdi. Kaka Saheb told him that he was very lucky to have got Sri Sai Baba's blessings. Thousands of people stand outside everyday in order to have Baba's blessings and to feel his touch but only a lucky few like you have the pleasure of Baba's blessings without saying anything.

It is the supreme truth that Baba's mere touch washes our sins and removes all the obstructions in one's life.

The man obeyed Kaka Saheb and as a result started earning a lot. Baba's blessings, even in the form of hitting him, changed his destiny.

Bow to Sri Sai - Peace be to all

Chapter 17

Topic :

1)   Baba's Portrait

Baba's Portrait

Sri Sai Baba's staunch devotee, Moreshwar Pradhan wanted to make a big portrait of Baba in the form of an oil painting. So he sent for Shri Shama Rao V.R. Jaykar who was an established painter to make his portrait. In the Masjid, Baba and Jaykar observed each other closely. It was necessary to take Baba's permission before making His portrait. Hence on Jaykar's request Shama asked Baba to give permission for the making of his portrait. Baba said to Shama, "I am a poor Fakir. What good would my picture do to you? Instead you ask this man to sketch your own picture." But when Shama insisted Baba agreed to pose for the picture. After obtaining Baba's permission, Jaykar made four portraits instead of one. Out of these, Shri Pradhan took two, one was given to Kaka Saheb Dixit by Baba, and the remaining one was established in front of the Dhuni in the Masjid after Baba took Samadhi. This portrait can be seen even today in Dwarkamai in Shirdi and all the devotees who go to Shirdi can obtain Baba's blessings from this portrait.

Bow to Sri Sai - Peace be to all

Chapter 18

Subject :

1) Help in Education

2) Shri Shevade

3) Kaka Saheb's Son's examination

4) Master Tarkhad

5) Master J.P Savant

6) Babu Tendulkar

Help in Education

Dear children! Baba always said that we should do our duty fearlessly. It is for God to give us the suitable reward. When we fail, we blame God without realizing to analyze if we had put in the effort to succeed or not. If your intentions are good the result will always be good. God has made us capable to distinguish between good and bad. We, in our lives, also face the results of the Karmas of our previous birth. There is only one way to rid us of our past sins and this is to take shelter in God. For instance, a child might not achieve success even after working very hard. It is predestined for us to be born in a very poor family or in a king's house. But I strongly believe that a child who has left his fate in Baba's hands would always prosper spiritually and physically.

Before Sai Baba took Samadhi, parents and children used to go to Him to seek His blessings for success in their examination. Baba always gave the children His blessings to succeed in their endeavours. We are going to narrate a few such examples and hope that it will make you believe that with full faith in Baba you can expect success in every sphere of life.

Shri Shevade

On of Sri Sai Baba's staunch devotees, Shri Shevade, was pursuing Law. A few days before the examination, the students had a discussion on their subjects and it was unanimously accepted that Shri Shevade's knowledge of the subjects was not upto the mark and his success in the examination was doubtful. When all his friends and especially Shri Saptanekar made fun of him, Shri Shevade felt bad and said, "My success in the examination is definite as Sri Sai Baba has assured me. My Baba is the only person to give success to anybody/' Shri Saptanekar asked him anxiously, "Who is this Sri Sai Baba?" Shri Shevade told him that he was a Fakir who lived in a Masjid at Shirdi. Shevade said, "He is an extraordinary saint and only a lucky few can get his Darshan. I have full faith in Him. His words are always the supreme truth. He has promised me that I will achieve success in this examination/' When the results came, it was observed that Shri Shevade had passed all the examinations and seeing this everyone was surprised.

Children! It may be true that Shri Shevade's preparation was not upto the mark but his firm faith in Sri Sai Baba made him succeed. It was also not possible to succeed if he had not prepared at all. Baba will only help you if you yourself make a genuine effort. I have experienced this myself in my life that Baba never lets His devotees down. On one occasion, Baba himself said, "When my devotee believes in me and makes me the only focus in life, I will always be there by his side in his every hour of need. I shall sacrifice everything I can, to fulfill my promise. My words will never be untrue”

Dear children! We will conclude by saying that Baba is present even now and is helping his devotees like He used to when He was in the human form. You yourself can experience it by displaying true faith in Him.

Kaka Saheb's Son's Examination

In 1913, when Kaka Saheb was in Shirdi his son was ill in Bandra. Dixit Saheb received a letter from Bandra in this regard and he ran to Baba to show him the letter and take permission to return to Bandra. Upon his reaching there Baba said, "Call the boy here."

Shri Dixit wrote back a letter asking for the boy to be brought to Shirdi. But a reply was received from there that the examinations were approaching and there was scarcity of medicines and study material in Shirdi and as such it was not a suitable place for the child's mental and physical health.

Baba still insisted, "It does not matter. Send for the boy”

As soon as the boy reached Shirdi, his health started improving. After some days a letter was received from Bandra that the date of examination was 2.11.1913 and they should send the child back soon.

Baba said, "Don't send the child”

Again, a letter was received stating that the date of the examination had been postponed from 2.11.1913 to 611.1913 and they should send the child immediately.

Baba again said, "Have patience. Let us wait for a while and see."

Once again a letter was received that the examination would finally commence on 13.11.1913.

This time Baba said, "Send him immediately."

The boy reached back and appeared in the examination and he fared well enough to clear his examination.

Master Tarkhad

A resident of Mumbai, Shri Tarkhad used to give Roti/Chapati to the crow. One day Baba said to him, "I go to your house everyday and get Chapati.”

As we have already stated, Saints are born for a cause and leave their bodies themselves when the time comes, having done what they were born to do. Now the question arises, when God, Parmatma (The Supreme Being) is there and is formless and omnipresent then why is it necessary for Him to take human form in order to achieve any objective? He can do his work without any physical existence. When Saints adopt this materialistic world, they set an example for others by doing bhakti before their devotees. They help their devotees to attain moksha by following the righteous path. Sri Sai Baba, being a God Himself always used to say, "I am a servant of Allah. Allah will do good." He was the one who controlled the Universe but would always say that He was a servant of God. Whatever one demanded from Baba he got it. One day Baba was sitting in the mosque with someone called Bade Baba and the other devotees. Often Baba used to give money to Bade Baba and accompanied him half way to his home. At that time, a person entered the mosque and after greeting Baba said, "Baba, you had appeared in person in front of my house. Please do tell my friend that it happened so. Baba replied affirmatively. On hearing this, Bade Baba got angry and said, "I have been in contact with you for a long time, but you have never appeared before me and you appeared in front of this man” Baba said, "I give whatever one demands from me. He had asked for me to appear in front of him and I did so. You give more importance to money thus I give you the same”

Master J.R Savant

A family used to live in Vikhroli area of Mumbai. All the members of this family were staunch devotees of Baba. In 1985, J.R Savant was only 15 years old and was studying in 10th class. Just one day before the examination Savant fell ill with high fever. He became extremely worried about his examinations and began to weep. Because of non-availability of the doctor at night, his condition became more serious. Smt. Savant was perturbed at her son's condition. She prayed to Sai Baba and applied Baba's udi brought from Shirdi, on the child's forehead and gave a part of it mixed with water to him. After taking the udi his fever abated and the next day he took his examination properly. After clearing this examination, he became a stronger devotee of Baba and always started reciting Baba's name.

Inspite of the unfavourable stars of Savant, Baba cured him and made him clear the examination. Such are the miracles of Sai Nath and we will never be able to pay back his debts to this world.

Babu Tendulkar

The Tendulkar family of Bandra was great devotees of Sri Sai Baba. Shri Raghunath Rao Tendulkar had also written a book named 'Shri Sai Nath Bhajan Mala'. His elder son, Shri Babu Tendulkar, was working hard for the medical entrance examination. He showed his horoscope to many astrologers, but everyone told him that this year his stars were not favourable. So he was told that it would be better for him to sit in the examination next year. Hearing this, Babu was disappointed and became tensed. After some time Babu's mother went to Shirdi to see Baba and there she told Baba about her son's disappointment. After hearing her difficulty Baba said, "Tell your son to have full faith in me. Tell him to throw away all the horoscopes and shun the predictions made by the astrologers and to practise his course-work regularly. If he works hard he shall definitely get through the examination”

Hearing Baba's message from his mother, Babu worked hard and cleared the written as well as the oral tests. In spite of his unlucky stars as per his horoscope, he achieved success in his examination. Children ! If we have full faith in Baba and try to achieve our goals with genuine efforts, we will always be successful.

Bow to Sri Sai – Peace be to all

Chapter 19

Topic :

1)         Sleeping Process of Baba

Sleeping Process of Baba

After many years of living in Shirdi, Baba started sleeping in a very special way. He hung a flat wooden piece on the walls of the Masjid and started sleeping on it. That piece measured about four hands long and one beeta broad and there were four earthen lamps burning on its four corners. Seeing Baba sleeping on that bed the devotees used to get surprised. To witness this, millions of people used to come everyday to the Masjid. Although Baba had many supernatural powers, he never misused them or showed them off. Thus after sometime he himself broke his bed.

Baba used to hardly sleep at night but would rather meditate the whole night and was always worried and concerned about his devotees.

Bow to Sri Sai - Peace be to all

Chapter 20

Topic :

1)         Shri Sant Ram Nachane

Shri Sant Ram Nachane

In 1913, when Shri Sant Ram Nachane came to Shirdi, Baba said to him, "We should not trust a mad man." Hearing these words Nachane thought, that Baba had warned him about some impending danger and it so happened. In 1914, when Nachane, who was the head cashier in Dahanu, was worshiping, a mad man named Ramkrishna Panse was standing next to his place of worship. He had to do that very often and had never hurt anybody in the past. Nachane noticed him, but he remained busy in his daily routine of worship. Suddenly, that man came inside and grabbing Nachane's neck and said, "I will kill you” Nachane's mother reached there timely and set him free from the mad man. Nachane became unconscious ior sometime, but then he recovered soon. After this incident, when Sant Ram Nachane went to Shirdi, Baba said to Anna Cliichnikar pointing towards Nachane, "If I had been slightly late this man would have died. A mad man choked his throat and then immediately I ran for his help. But what can be done? If I don't protect my own children, then who will save them ?

Bow to Sri Sai – Peace be to all


Chapter 21

Subject :

1)         Dhooliya's Shri Raoji Balkrishna Upasani

Dhooliya's Shri Raoji Balkrishna Upasani

In the year 1913, the younger son of Shri Raoji Balkrishna Upasani, a resident of the village of Dhooliya was running very high fever. All the doctors gave up hope for his survival. Shri Upasani then prayed to Baba. Baba appeared in front of him at 2 O'clock at night and while applying Udi to the ailing boy said, "Now there is nothing to worry. In next two hours, he will be better and he will be absolutely alright by morning. After he gets alright bring him to me in Shirdi”

In the morning Raoji found that his son's condition was stable. On 8.3.1913, Shama wrote a letter to Raoji from Shirdi, "Baba has said, I went to your friend's house in Dhooliya. I (Shama) asked Who was that friend? Baba said Upasani Balkrishna Raoji and I have been visiting his house everyday. It will be nice, if you write a letter to him. Thus I am writing this letter to you."

Fifteen days later, when Raoji and his son were going to

Shirdi on a horse cart their driver was taking a lot of time on the way. In Shirdi, at the time of Aarti (prayer), Baba said to Shama, "Shama! Wait for a while before starting the prayer. Your friend from Dhooliya is coming. The horse cart driver is taking a lot of time on the way” At the time of offering Prasad both father and son reached Shirdi.

Baba looking at the boy Baba said, "When you were ill, I came to Dhooliya. Do you remember?"

Bow to Sri Sai - Peace be to all

Chapter 22

Subject :

1)   Shri Lakshman Vithal Nadkar

Shri Lakshman Vithal Nadkar

In 1915, Shri Lakshman Vithal Nadkar, along with his family came to Shirdi to seek Baba's blessings. After they stayed in Shirdi for some days, Baba asked them to leave Shirdi. But they continued staying in Shirdi and did not leave as per Baba's desire.

One day Baba was going to Lendi Bagh with his devotees, He saw Nadkar and said, "You have still not left, leave at once” In those days, the Godavari river had to be crossed on small boats. On reaching there, all the boatmen refused to take Nadkar and his family across the river. Shri Nadkar stood there on the banks of the river and began to think that now we won't be able to reach Manmad in time and thus will miss the train. He regretted not listening to Baba and wondered how he would spend a night in the jungle with his family. He begged for forgiveness to Baba and prayed to Him for help. Suddenly Mamlatdar from Kopargaon reached there and on Shri Nadkar's request agreed to take him across the river on his boat. On reaching the railway station, he found that there was a great crowd. On inquiring from somebody, he found that the train was late by two hours. Later, they reached Mumbai by train. In this way Baba helped Shri Nadkar and his family to reach back in time and saved them the discomfort.

Bow to Sri Sai – Peace be to all.

Chapter 23

Subject :

1)   Hari Ka Beta, Zari Ka Fenta

Hart Ka Beta, Zari Ka Fenta

In Mumbai, Shri Hari Kanoba's friends and relatives told him about Sri Sai Baba's miraculous powers but Shri Kanoba was suspicious by nature. He decided to go to Shirdi and test Baba. He reached Shirdi with some of his friends. At that time he was wearing a turban of Zari and new sandals on his feet.

On reaching the Masjid he respectfully bowed to Baba but his mind was on his new sandals, which were kept outside. He was doubtful that someone might steal his new sandals. When he returned after taking Udi and the Prasad, he found that his sandals were not there.

He returned to his place and had food. One Marathi boy came to him and said, "Hari Ka Beta, Zari Ka Fenta." That boy told everybody present there that Baba had instructed him to hold a stick with the sandals tied to it in his hands and keep on saying 'Hari Ka Beta, Zari Ka Fenta' wherever he went. Baba had told tjie boy that when anybody asked for the sandals, the boy should ask that person whether his name was Hari and if he was the son of Kanoba. Baba also told the boy to see whether the person was wearing a Zari turban and only then was the boy allowed to hand over the sandals to him. Hearing the words of the Marathi boy, Hari Kanoba was very pleased but was also very surprised. He wondered how Baba came to know about him and his father's name as nobody had mentioned their names. Moreover this was their first visit to Shirdi. He had come to Shirdi to test Baba. He got to know that Baba is omniscient and became his great devotee.

Children, we know of some people who came to Shirdi to test Baba, but they became his great devotees. We should worship Lord Sai Baba earnestly and should not be suspicious about his miraculous marvels.

Bow to Sri Sai - Peace be to all

Chapter 24

Topic :

1)    Shri Cholkar's Tea

Shri Cholkar's Tea

One may or may not agree, but time, which is so powerful, affects our lives in a major way. If the time is good, we will be devoted towards God and have firm faith and conviction in Him. We will also meet similar people in life.

Similarly, there was a very poor man who was a temporary employee in the civil courts of Thane. One day he went to Shri Kopineshwar temple to listen to the Bhajans by Shri Dasganu. He was Baba's devotee so he prayed to Baba that, "Oh! Baba. I am a very poor man and am unable to support my family. If, with your blessings, I pass my interview I will touch your feet and distribute sugar candy in your name”

Because of Baba's grace Shri Cholkar not only passed the interview but got a permanent posting as well. Now he had to fulfill his vow and so he began to save money. One of his ways to save money was that he started taking tea without sugar. Whatever he saved in this manner, he collected it and reached Shirdi. He went straight to the Masjid and bowed his head at Baba’s feet and offered Him the sugar candy (a piece of sugar). At that time Baba’s devotee Shri Bapu Saheb Jog was also present there. Baba asked Bapu Saheb Jog to show Shri Cholkar the village of Shirdi and to serve him tea with more than enough sugar.

            On hearing this, Cholkar started crying and he fell on Baba’s feet mesmerised by  His powers.

Bow to Sri Sai – Peace be to all

Chapter 25

Topic :

1)         Smt. Dev's Udyapan Festival

Dev's Udyapan Festival

Baba never propagated religious fasting, but if some devotee wished to do so for any other deity, Baba always said that one should have firm faith, more than anything else, in one's God and should never let go of His thoughts. The mother of Shri B.V. Dev, who was Mamlatdar of Dahanu (District Thane), had kept about 25-30 fasts and wanted to do the concluding ceremony. In this ceremony, about 200 people were expected to participate in the Udyapan for dinner. Shri B.V. Dev fixed a date and wrote a letter to Bapu Saheb Jog, a resident of Shirdi that said, "Kindly invite Sri Sai Baba on my behalf and request Him to visit Dahanu and participate in the Udyapan ceremony. Bapu Saheb Jog read the letter aloud to Baba. Baba said, "I am always present for everyone who remembers me and calls me with love and devotion. I do not require any conveyance to go there. Whoever calls me affectionately, I present myself before him in no time. Send him a letter saying that I will reach there along with two other persons." Jog wrote a letter to Shri Dev, as instructed by Baba and posted it. On receiving the letter Shri Dev became very happy. However he was slightly confused as he knew very well that Baba never went anywhere beyond Rahata/ Rui, and Neem Gaon. But nothing is impossible for God. He is omnipresent/ therefore he can appear anywhere anytime and in any form.

A few days before the Udyapan ceremony one saintly person arrived at the station and was dressed in Bengali attire. Fie went straight away to the station master and started asking for donation. The station master suggested him to go to the Mamlatdar. Suddenly the Mamlatdar also reached there. He told the saintly person that a senior citizen named Sri Rao Saheb Narottam Sethi of this village had already prepared a list of names based on which donations were made for religious purposes and it won't be fair to prepare another name list. He told the saint to come after two or four months. Hearing this the recluse went away from there and he returned to the Mamlatdar after a month. Seeing him the Mamlatdar thought that the saint had come to collect donation. But the recluse said to the Mamlatdar "I have not come here for any sort of contribution but have come to have food” Dev said "You're welcome” The recluse said "I have two children with me” Shri Dev said "It will take some time to prepare the meals. So if you say then I will send someone to call the children?” The recluse told Dev "You don't worry. We will reach here in time." At sharp 12 noon all the three came there and returned after taking their meals.

            After the completion of the Udyapan ceremony, Shri Dev wrote a letter to Bapu Saheb Jog saying, “Baba has not kept his promise. He did not attend our ceremony." Jog went to the Masjid and began to read the letter in front of Baba. Even before he could start reading out the letter, Baba said to Jog, "I have kept my promise. As per my statement, I went there to take meals along with two persons. Ask him if he met a saint with two boys there? Tell him it is of no use if he does not recognize me after giving me the invitation? Always remember that I shall sacrifice anything to fulfill my promise and my words will never be untrue”

Hearing these words Jog was pleased and he immediately wrote back a reply to Shri Dev. After reading the letter, tears welled up in Dev's eyes and he became angry with himself. He thought that how could he have been so foolish and not be able to understand that the saint was none other than Baba Himself. He felt worse as Baba had mentioned in His earlier letter that He would come with two more people and that is how it happened.

Children! It is evident from the above story that we should have full faith in Sai Baba's words. Baba's appearing in your dream can change your life and rid you of your sins. It is even a greater blessing to be able to offer meals to Baba. In reality, Shri Dev was lucky as he had these special blessings of Baba.

Bow to Sri Sai - Peace be to all

Chapter 26

Topic :

1)   An Iranian Girl

An Iranian Girl

Sri Sai Baba loved children very much and was always worried and concerned about them. He helped his devotees all over the world, for example, he helped an Iranian girl who was suffering very badly. The Iranian family's younger daughter used to have convulsions every hour and as a result she would faint very often. When she got the convulsions, she would become unconscious and it was difficult for her to do anything. The girl's father tried every treatment, but it was of no use. Sri Sai Baba's devotees informed the girl's parents about Baba's powers and also about the divine healing effect of the Udi (ashes from Baba's Dhuni). They told him that he could get this Udi from Shri Kaka Saheb Dixit, a resident of Ville Parle. The Iranian man took the Udi from Kaka Saheb and mixed it with water and gave it to his ailing daughter.

After taking the Udi, the Iranian girl who initially got convulsions every hour would now get convulsions in intervals of 7-8 hours. A little while later they stopped altogether. Like this Sri Sai cured the girl by giving her blessings in the form of the Udi (ashes).

Bow to Sri Sai – Peace be to all

Chapter 27

Subject :

1.    Baba's Food

2.    Protection of Children

Baba's Food

As we have already described, Sri Sai Baba used to have very little food, which he got from the two or three regular houses he used to visit for Bhiksha. The whole food was collected and kept in a Kundi (a vessel of clay) from where anybody including the dogs, cats, crows, etc. could take the food. After some years, Baba started cooking the food in the Masjid. He used to go to the market in Shirdi with Madhav Fasle and buy grains, flour, salt, chilies, cumin seed and coconut. He used to grind the spices Himself. In the courtyard of the Masjid He made a Bliatti (a fireplace made of clay on which the food is cooked). Baba had two Handees, one a big one and the other a smaller one. In one Handee food was prepared for about 100 people and in the other for about 500 people. This Handee is still kept in the Samadhi temple. Baba sometimes prepared sweet rice, pulao and Chhachh (a cooling drink made from milk) and distributed it among the devotees. He always mixed Gur and sugar in food and sometimes put his hand in the boiling food in the Handee and stirred it. When food was ready, He first offered it to Allah, and then distributed it to the devotees who were present there. Those people were very lucky who got to have the food served by Baba Himself. It is believed that this food gave spiritual bliss to the devotees.

Sri Sai Baba always said that donation of food is the best form of donation. Whenever someone comes to you asking for food, give him your food also. By this Sri Hari will be very happy with you. Before you start eating, you should first serve the food to the poor, helpless and disabled people followed by the others around you and finally to your relatives. If you give anything to someone, God will repay you.

Protection of Children

Upon seeing a child one day Baba said, "We should take care of our children” After a few days, the same child was walking on a path filled with water due to the heavy rains. On one side of the path there was a five feet deep pit which was dug for constructing a house. Due to the heavy rain the pit was full of water and hence one could not know whether the pit existed or not. This child, who must have been about 3 to 4 years old, fell into it. He did not know how to swim and unfortunately nobody else was present there to help him. In such a situation it would normally be expected that the child would drown, but it was not to happen like that and he came up. By the time the boy was coming out of the pit, a crowd had gathered. Everybody present was shocked to see how this child could survive and they asked him that how did he manage to come up. He replied that upon falling in the pit he remembered Baba, who told him about the staircase that was made in one corner of the pit. He used that staircase to climb out.

There was a girl of 3 years of age, named Shanti Kirvendkar in Shirdi who used to call Baba her brother. One day her foot slipped and she fell into the well. All the people nearby rushed to the spot. When they reached there they were amazed to see that neither did she get any injury nor did she drown. She was holding a piece of the wall, which was protruding out just above the water. Everyone asked her that how did she come out of this without any injury. She replied that when she fell into the well, she called out to Baba and it was He who held her in His arms and lifted her up. There is absolutely no doubt that it had to be nothing else but Baba's protective shield that saved the girl.

There was a very famous advocate whose name was H.S. Dixit and he was a resident of Mumbai. Having given up the worldly matters, he was in search of spiritual enlightenment under Baba's guidance. To develop his inner consciousness one day Baba said, "Kaka, why do you worry? The whole responsibility is on Me." Shri H.S. Dixit nodded his head, but he could not make out what Baba meant. Why did Baba speak these words, especially, on that day? After some days, when he went to Ville Parle to see his wife and children, he came to know that on the day Baba had spoken these words, his 7 year old daughter met with an accident. The girl was playing near a cupboard filled with toys and it fell on her. Amazingly the girl was not injured except that her bangles broke and because of that her arm got slightly scratched. It seems that all that heavy weight which had fallen on her, was made light by Baba. Then Shri Dixit realized the true meaning of Baba's words spoken on that day.

One lady of Mumbai and her son were staunch devotees of Baba. One morning when the two of them were visiting Baba in the Masjid, He told them to come again at 2 O'clock in the afternoon. When they reached the Masjid, in the afternoon, Baba asked the boy to sit on the mat besides Him and not to move without His permission. At about 3 O'clock, one dangerous and ugly looking lady with flowing, unkempt hair jumped from the wall of the Masjid and came inside. She came near the boy and said, "I want to take him away” Baba said, "No". But she did not listen and ran to snatch the boy. Baba stood in front of the boy and hit her with His leg. She let out a loud cry and disappeared from the Masjid. Later on Baba told them that the lady was the Devi of cholera and had come to infect the boy with the germs. Thus Baba saved the child.

The devotees have had many experiences but it is difficult to narrate each and every incident. As long as it is possible we will try our best to explain them one by one. God makes us experience His divine interventions in our lives to strengthen our faith and make us strong. We should not indulge in trivial matters but should rather describe the mystical incidents among other devotees and those who are not aware of Baba. This is known as Shravan-Manan of God's divine activities. It is bound to be good for you. The function of the brain is to think and that of the body is to run. If the brain always thinks of God's divinity and the body runs to rest at the feet of Baba, it is as good as attaining salvation.

Bow to Sri Sai - Peace be to all

Chapter 28

Subject :

1)    Story of Veerbhadrappa and Chenbasappa

Story of Veerbhadrappa and Chenbasappa

Did Sri Sai Baba have only a single human form? He has himself answered this question in various instances. Children! Baba was not only kind and affectionate towards human beings but he also loved animals, birds, flowers and other various creations of this universe. In fact, this universe was a part of Him and will always remain a part of Him.

Usually it used to be crowded in the Masjid. Devotees and their children would encircle Baba and sit around Him. Some devotees stared at His face and would start crying out of devotion. The children would climb Baba's shoulders and would play with His hands and feet.

Sri Sai was omniscient and a perfect God and His divine acts speak of it. He surprised everybody around by telling the people stories of their previous birth. One such story which Baba narrated Himself is given below:

"One day in the morning, after having breakfast I  went outside for a walk. While I was wandering I came upon a river. I was really tired so I decided to take rest near the river. The water looked refreshingly tempting so I took a bath in the river and all my tiredness was gone. There were trees on the banks of the river. A slow breeze was blowing and its touch cooled the body. I sat down to prepare the Chillum when suddenly I heard the croaking of a frog. I continued lighting the Chillum using two stones. Suddenly a stranger came to me and invited me to have food in his house. He lit the Chillum and passed it to me. He was talking to me when again the frog croaked bitterly. The man looked at me curiously. I answered his querying glance by telling him that this particular frog was in pain and was suffering the sins of his previous birth. Everyone has to suffer the sins of their previous birth, so there is no vise crying. He enjoyed a puff and offered the Chillum to me while deciding to go ahead to find out why the frog was crying. Upon moving forward he found that a snake had caught the frog in its mouth. He returned immediately and told me that a snake was about to swallow the frog. I at once said that it couldn't happen because I am his protector as well as his Father. I went forward and upon reaching near the snake I said, 'Oh! Veerbhadrappa now give up your enmity and start living peacefully. You haven't changed a bit even after all this suffering.' Hearing my words the snake left the frog and slid into the river. The poor frog also went away and hid in the bushes. The man, who was watching all this quite keenly was amazed at how the snake left the frog after hearing My words and wondered who Veerbhadrappa was? What was the reason of their fight? I returned along with him and sat under the tree and started narrating him the story of Veerbhadrappa.

About 4-5 miles away from my house, there was a holy place where a temple of Lord Shiva was made. The temple was not in a good condition and so the people of that place decided to rebuild it.

They started collecting donations for this noble work and the Seth of that place was appointed as the treasurer. The Seth was a great miser and was also extremely greedy. He cunningly grabbed all the donations without anyone's knowledge. The temple remained in its former condition. Once again the villagers went to the Seth and urged him to expedite the reconstruction of the temple. The Seth convinced the people to give him more money to start the work. But his intentions were still not right and he again acted deceitfully. He took the money and again kept quiet about the whole issue.

After some days, Lord Shiva Himself appeared in the dream of the Seih's wife and said, 'Offer a Kalash in the temple. Whatever expenses you incur for this, I shall give you back a hundred times of that/ The wife informed her husband about the dream. After hearing her story the Seth said, 'Is it actually possible? Well, if God really wants us to donate a Kalash, He can come and tell me to do so in my dream too. This dream is not correct and you just forget about it/ God is never interested in the gift, which is offered without the devotee's wish. God is more appreciative of love and devotion. To Him even a very small thing given as a token of love is more precious than any riches. Lord Shiva again appeared in the dream of the Sethani and said, 'Don't listen to your husband. Start collecting the money yourself for making the Kalash. I am fond of your love & devotion. Whatever you want to spend, spend from your own side. After this dream she decided to sell her ornaments in order to obtain money for the Kalash. When the Seth got to know of his wife's plan he purchased all the ornaments from her for a thousand rupees. The Seth then took those thousand rupees in lieu of the land, which he sold to his wife for making temple. However in reality this was not the Seth's own land. The land belonged to Dnbki, a poor lady who had mortgaged it with the Seth. Dubki had not repaid the Seth's loan and taking advantage of that, the Seth disposed of her land. The Seth gave this stony infertile land to the Pujari (caretaker of the temple) to build the temple.

After a few days a strange incident occurred. An extremely powerful storm broke out and it was accompanied by terrifying lightning. Unfortunately a bolt of lightning fell on the Seth's house he and his wife died. As more time passed Dubki, who was quite old, also died. In his next birth, the Seth was born in Mathura in a Brahmin family and his name was Veerbhadrappa. His wife of the previous birth was born in the house of a Pujari and her name was Gouri. Dubki was born as a male in the Sevak community of the temple and his name was Chenbasappa. The Pujari was my friend and he used to come to my house and have Chillim with me. We would smoke and gossip for hours. His daughter Gouri was also my devotee. Gouri was growing older therefore the Pujari was worried about her marriage. He consulted me on this matter and I told him not to worry, as a suitable match would come to his house when the time is right. A few days later a boy of their caste, whose name was Veerbhadrappa, came to their house asking for alms and in the process he also demanded Gouri's hand for marriage. After taking my permission Gouri was married to Veerbhadrappa. Initially Veerbhadrappa was my devotee but later on his intentions were more inclined to the material comforts of life. His greed for money had still not finished and he asked me to suggest him  some business. Once again a mysterious incident happened and suddenly prices of everything rose. In this financial upheaval Gouri's luck shone and the price of her land (which was bought by Gouri. in her previous birth as the Seth's wife for a thousand rupees) shot up to one lakh rupees. The land was sold for one lakh rupees and it was decided that Rs. 50,000 would be paid in cash and Rs 2,000 per year as installment. Everyone liked this proposal but as it often happens, money matters give rise to conflicts. They came to me for taking the decision and my reply was that the land belonged to Gouri so the money also belonged to Gouri. It would not be correct to spend even a single against Gouri's wishes. Hearing this Veerbhadrappa became very angry and started abusing me. Gouri didn't like her husband's behaviour so she came to me and apologized on his behalf and requested me to continue to bless her and her family in the future also. I assured her that I would stand by her whenever and wherever required. On that night only, Gouri had a dream. Lord Shiva came Himself and said, 'It is your own property and do not give anything to anybody. Take Chenbasappa's advice and spend a part of it for temple work. If you would like to spend it on anything else, you can take my advice by speaking to Baba as you will find me in Him. The next day Gouri narrated her dream to me and I suggested that she should keep the principal amount herself and pay half of the interest earned to Chenbasappa. Veerbhadrappa had no right on this amount. When I was telling this to her, Veerbhadrappa and Chenbasappa entered and it was obvious that they had been fighting with each other. I pacified both of them and narrated Gouri's dream to them. On hearing about the dream, Veerbhadrappa lost his temper and threatened to kill Chenbasappa. Chenbasappa was a coward and when he thought about being killed he started crying for help by holding My feet. I made sure that he was in my protective shield. After some time passed both of them died. Veerbhadrappa became a snake and Chenbasappa became a frog. Today when I heard Chenbasappa's voice, it reminded Me of my promise and I saved him. All this is God's miracle.

Bow to Sri Sai - Peace be to all

Chapter 29

Subject :

1)         Shri Sai Baba's Samadhi

Shri Sai Baba's Samadhi

Children! On the afternoon of the Dussehra day, the 15th of October 1918, at 2:30 PM Baba left His body. This event is explained at length in our book titled "Karunamai Sri Sai Baba".

All living beings, whether man or animal, take birth in one form or another to complete the duties they are destined to perform. This cycle of rebirth continues till the time one is not able to balance his sins with his good deeds. When God takes the form of a living being, He does so to teach us the righteous path. It is for our benefit that God appears in a living form. It is only for this reason that it is said that saintly people should be immortalized so that they can continue to shower this world with their blessings. The various experiences of the devotees indicate that Baba lives amongst us and will continue to bless us and protect us. Baba Himself has said to His great devotee Madhav Rao Deshpande, "Shama, you have been with Me for the past 72 births. You are my own child.”

People of Shirdl said that Baba had given up His life in order to save Tatya Patil. At one time Tatya Patil was seriously ill and it was quite certain that he was going to die. Baba had told Ramchandra Dada Patil that in 1918, on the day of Dussehra, Tatya would die. But on that day of VijayadasJimi (Dussehra) Tatya seemed absolutely hale and hearty but Baba left His body at 2.30 PM by taking Samadhi. It is obvious that Baba took it upon Himself to change the destiny of Tatya. He can sacrifice anything for the well being of His devotees.

Before giving up His body on 28th September 1918, Baba had high fever and He had stopped taking food. He was becoming weaker and weaker day by day. Fifteen days before taking Samadhi, Baba called His devotee Shri Vajhe and asked him to read 'Ram Vijay'. Shri Vajhe continuously read for 6 days and then Baba gave him permission to take rest. 10-12 days before Dussehra, Madhav Fasle accidently broke Baba's 'Sangati' (a brick) while cleaning the Masjid. On returning from Lendi Bagh, Baba saw the broken brick and at once said, "My luck has left me. 'Saubat Tootlee'' This was the same brick which Baba brought with Him when He came to Shirdi and He would always keep it under His head in the Masjid or the Chavadi. Next day Kaka Saheb Dixit asked Baba to give him permission to have the brick fixed by putting silver screws. Baba replied that it would be of no use now. A few days before the brick broke, Baba had called Mhalsapati and said, "Bhakt! I am going to go somewhere within a few days time, but you must keep on coming to Dwarkamai for the next two to four years. Exactly four years after Baba's Samadhi, Shri Mhalsapati also passed away

Seven days before Baba's Samadhi, some hunters brought a lion, tied up in chains, in front of Baba. The lion was quite seriously injured and he looked pleadingly at Sri Sai Baba who looked back at him. Baba said to the hunters, "He has repaid your debts. You should let go of him immediately." As soon as Baba said this, the lion slumped to the ground and died. Baba relieved the poor creature from his pain and suffering and ended his misery.

On 15th October 1918, on the day of Dussehra, Sri Sai Baba gave nine coins as Nav Bhakti to Lakshmi Bai and at 2.30 pm, He gave up His body in Bayaji's lap. Baba's body was kept in a temple made by Shri Booti Saheb and the Samadhi was constructed over it. Today millions of people come to see Baba's Samadhi and Baba continues to help His devotees just as He always used to promise.

Bow to Sri Sai - Peace be to all

Chapter 30

Subject :

1)         Baba and Master Suhaas

Baba and Master Suhaas

This is a true experience of a boy named Suhaas who is four and a half-year old, and whom Baba has given His Darshan in person and saved his life. Suhaas's father, Shri Jaywant Pawar, was Vice Chairman in the Thane District Council. On 24th January 1981, it was observed that Suhaas was running high fever and his condition was serious. His father admitted him in Dr. Aggarwal's hospital in Thane, where he stayed till 13th February 1981. He became even more serious during these days. During the daytime he would be alright but at night, when he tried to sleep, he would have great difficulty in breathing and would have to sit up all through the night. He could not sleep properly and as a result he was becoming weak day by day. His father could not see his condition and prayed earnestly to Baba for his life. All types of medicines were given to him and all sorts of tests and x-rays were carried out, but all was futile. His condition didn't improve at all.

After finding out from a lot of people, Suhaas's father got his son's medical checkup done in the hospital of the famous child specialist, Dr. Merchant. The doctor did every test possible but could not determine the factual reason responsible for the child's severe condition. Due to this he did not even admit Suhaas in the hospital. Suhaas's father took him to his relative in Bandra. There they met Dr. Jayant Rao Jadav, who had been Suhaas's father's friend since many years. He went with them and admitted Suhaas to the hospital. This time when Dr. Merchant saw the child breathing loudly, he changed his mind and agreed to do the treatment. He told Dr. Jadav that if all the major tests had already been done, then the last test left to conduct was the bronchoscopy test. It was hoped that this might help Suhaas in receiving proper treatment. It was decided to conduct this test the very next day The next day the operation could not be done as firstly, Suhaas ate breakfast whereas the test was to be done on an empty stomach and secondly, Suhaas's father got stuck with some urgent work and could not be present. But on the night of 14th February 1981, in Wadia Hospital, Parel, Mumbai, Baba gave His Darshan to master Suhaas. It so happened that at about 3.00 AM Suhaas's condition suddenly deteriorated and he had to be given oxygen. His parents were watching him from outside because he was in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). But Dr. Jadav was with Suhaas. Suddenly Suhaas said to the doctor, "Doctor Kaka, get up from your chair and see, Sri Sai Baba has come. Let Him sit here. We must respect Him” Dr. Jadav thought that Suhaas was saying these words in his medicine induced semi-conscious state. He then asked him, "Son, what are you saying? Where is Sri Sai Baba? I cannot see Him anywhere around here?"

Suhaas replied very intelligently, "Doctor Kaka, Sai Baba is here only. He is standing right besides you. I can see him clearly. Why don't you offer your seat to Him." Dr. Jadav thought that since Suhaas was a very small child, it might have been possible that he had heard Baba's name from his elders and it might be in his subconscious mind. But Baba indeed blessed Suhaas and also saved his life as the very next day onwards his condition started improving considerably. Within a short time he was perfectly alright. The day after Suhaas received Baba's blessings, Dr. Karnik and Dr. Jadav did his bronchoscopy test, which was successful. In the test it was found that there was a piece of haldi, which was stuck in his throat, that is why he was having difficulty in breathing. The piece was removed and Suhaas could lead a perfectly normal life playing and running with other children. All this was possible due to Baba's blessings only.

Bow to Sri Sai - Peace be to all


Chapter 31

Subject :

1)         Motivator and Initiator, Most Respectable Sri Shivneshan Swamiji

Motivator and Initiator, Most Respectable Sri Shivneshan Swamiji

Respected Sri Shivneshan Swamiji, a resident of Shirdi is both, the writer and the motivator of this book 'Children's Sri Sai Baba'. The arrival of Swamiji in Shirdi has been explained fully in our book titled "Karunamai Sri Sai Baba". He came to Shirdi at the age of 17 years as per the instructions of Lord Nityananda of Ganeshpuri and lived there for about 40 years. Thinking of Sri Swamiji, one is automatically reminded of Baba's miracles, which he used to narrate in Shirdi from time to time. His only aim in life was to make the people aware of Baba's life and miracles. He used to narrate stories for hours together and informed the devotees about Baba's miraculous powers.

Today also his smiling face comes in front of me. He used to guide the new devotees in Shirdi. He used to advise them to carry out Dhwri Pooja, see the Khandoba temple and pray at Nanda Deep and Gurusthan. He himself used to take rounds of Nanda Deep and Gurusthan throughout the day and night. He used to fascinate everyone by singing Kabir's songs in Chavadi at 8.00 PM. Whenever I would talk about the worldly attractions, Swamiji would reply to me, "You devote yourself to the feet of Baba, He will accomplish all your tasks. Trust in Him. Whenever he takes hold of one's hand He never leaves it." Whenever I was in Shirdi, Swamiji would serve us lunch by offering the food which he had got as alms from the Shirdi village. After lunch, he did not even hesitate in picking up our soiled utensils. Children, Shivneshan Swamiji was a pious saint. Infact it is difficult to find a greater devotee of Baba than Swamiji. There is no doubt in the belief that Baba Himself sends such divine persons to guide us from time to time. Those devotees who have been able to meet Swamiji and receive his blessings can consider themselves to be extremely lucky.

Bow to Sri Sai - Peace be to all