(Extracts from the article of Pujya Sri C.S.Ramaswamy ‘THOUGHTS OF SRI SAI BABA AND UPASANA – Page 32 of Ist World Sai Convention Souvenir 1971)

Baba's way of transforming the Human to the' Divine is unique. He attracts ARTHAS (people in distress) ameliorates  their suffering, kindles  the spark of  devotion aid then fans it into the flame,    gives spiritual lessons in Mysterious ways. MINOCHEK.SPENCER, Parsee,  a seeker of truth, used to receive instructions  from a departed Saint RISHI RAM RAM.  The  Rishi one day revealed himself to Spencer and told him “I, have taken you so far. But for further guidance you must pray to BABA’.  This Sadhaka has  left a book entitled "  HOW I FOUND GOD"  and there narrates about the daily lessons .that he took from Baba who used to appear to the  devotee in ASTRAL BODY.

From 3rd November 1952 to 18th February 1953, Sai Baba gave discourses to me in the altar room and they were written down, word by word, as I heard them, without making any change in compliance with His command. These discourses, it will be seen, embody exoteric and esoteric teachings of all "the prophets,—Zoroaster, Krishna, Buddha, Moses, Christ and Muhammad and the experiences of saints and sages, in all the countries of the world, from the most ancient time to date.

Religion is a matter of the heart. It has to be lived and transcended. The discourses, in the beautiful and lucid language, as dictated by Sai Baba contain so much of exoteric and esoteric material in them, that they should make a wide range of appeal, even though the truths adumbrated are as old as the hills and there may be nothing new or novel in them.

Discourse No. (1)

In the stilly silence of the Night.

The stars are shining. The sky is clear. The sea is murmuring, as its waters ebb and flow in rhythmic motion. There is deep silence, stealing its way and casting its mantle on the whole panorama of Nature hushed in sleep and rest. There is glamour in the landscape ; there is beauty in the moon, as it rises in all its glory and freshness, throwing its pearly radiance all around. In this exquisite quietness of Nature and the stilly silence of the night, what invisible work is being done ? The Alone seeks to greet those, who silently worship Him in the temple of their hearts, enkindling their souls with the fire of His Spirit. Silence is the language of the universe. Seek silence in the silent night and the fire, and flash of His Spirit would girdle you in all their transcendent glory.



Discourse No. (2)

From darkness into light.

Man is a weary traveller on the earth plane. There s a load at his back  and  his  mind   is  shrouded   with thoughts of fear and frustration. Footsore and heartsore, he drags on, for he   knows  not   his   destiny.    Bound in gnorance, he makes self his God and worsens his lot as he treks his way in the wilderness   of   dried and frustrated designs-  Selfishness   and   sin into an endless chain of misery and suffering.       Caught in the snare of maya, he loses sight of the   Reality   and sinks deeper and deeper into the pit of moral   degradation.    It is only when the sting of conscience   bites  him and remorse takes hold of him, he seeks   freedom   from this enslavement.    Remorse and repentance open  to him a new way   to  life.    Behold,. his   ways   are   changed. There is no more the cloud  of   darkness   on   his   face. ;He awakens to a new consciousness.    He is seized with a new force.    It is the force of   the   spirit,   which  the sting of conscience   has  awakened   and   liberated.    No longer a weary traveller, but a bright soldier,   he forces his way and knows the destined   goal   that   awaits   him.

Not sin but virtue, not self but selflessness, not. desire but desirelessness, not pride but egolessness, not greed but renunciation, he knows now, as constituting his armour in the battle of life. Fortified in this manner, with burning love and devotion for God, he seeks the path of spiritual victory. He vanquishes his foe by self-masterv and wins the goal—God's own Kingdom of Light and Eternal BLISS-



Discourse No. 3

Evil has no rigid place in God's universe.

Life is a tussle between a tear and a smile. Don't think of your tears but wipe the tears of others. Forget your own sorrow but ever keep in mind the suffering of others. Kiss those who kick you, love those who hate you. Sweeten the path of sorrow with the warmth of your heart, the fire of your soul, the kiss of your spirit. Why fume and fret and be frustrated ? Every load you carry, every harsh word you hear, the taunts and sallies of your wicked world - they are tour friends, not foes, for they redeem your soul and take you to God. Forget the evil doer and forgive him. Let not the fire of hatred burn in your heart. Replace it with the warmth of your love.

Be gentle as a dove, but stiff as a rhinoceros, when, you come to bay in your fight against unrighteousness. Forgive the evil doer but annihilate evil with the sledge hammer of virtue and piety. Be an angel in the garb of man and spread God's love and light with all the fire of your soul and spirit. Virtue shall triumph for it is the will of God. Evil shall be annihilated for it has no rigid place in the evolution of God's universe.


Discourse No. (4)

Renunciation is the. essence of Spirituality.

Think of the indwelling spirit and not the body which is frail and subject to decay. It is spirit alone, that is eternal, all else is ephemeral and transitory. Bodily indulgence is an obstacle to spiritual growth and progress. Care should be taken of the body, for it is the temple of the soul, but in no case, bodily enjoyment should be mistaken for spirituality. The body, the senses and the mind are to be curbed in order to cut asunder the inner sheets which cover the soul and make it a prisoner.

Renunciation is the essence of spirituality. Annihilate all desires and kill the ego in you. Be sturdy and strong like the oak in the jungle and stand fast against all tempests of temptations. Listen to the Voice of Conscience for it is your best inward monitor'

Work and worship go together Work is the essence of life, but it should not be for the purpose of enjoying the fruit of your labour. The labourer seeks his hire. But the true yogi discards it. He works for the sake of work, to spread God's love and light and not for selfish gain. He works in the name of God for the growth of his spirit and not for the satisfaction of his carnal desires. Work is worship, when it is consecrated and dedicated to God. Be a Karma Yogi, by keeping the fire of love and devotion for God burning in you all the time.




Discourse No. (5)

Religion is the soul's nourishment.

No man can live without religion. It is the vital part of his life. It is the living water, which no person can afford to miss. It is the soul's nourishment. It is the gateway to the higher and better life. It is the discarded of man's ignorance, for however learned he may be In material science, if he disowns God and the Hereafter, he is the most to be pitied for his gross ignorance.

Religion binds the soul to God. It is immaterial in which religion, a man may be born in- He must have the main sense of religion i.e., he must know the purpose and goal of life and act according to the Scriptures of the world. All Scriptures are alike in their teachings on cardinal points.

Remain true to your self and work your way to spiritual heights, discarding all that is gross and carnal. Make God alone the target and goal of your life. Ponder on Him alone and none else. He is the alchemy of your life, the apex of your aspirations. Bank your faith on God. He alone would pull you from the morass of life and crown you with success.


Discourse No. (6)

God knows no language except of the heart. Soul is Spirit.

Build a temple of worship in your heart. God responds to prayers that emanate from the heart and not from the lip. Seek God with all the warmth of your soul, heart and mind- God knows no language except of the heart. Immerse your mind in God- Kindle your heart and enflame your soul with the fire of the spirit within you. Make God the bedrock of your faith, the bulwark : your life, the target of your goal. Whosoever worships Him with the fullness of his heart, awakens to a new consciousness. It is the consciousness of the spirit within man, struggling to win union with the Absolute.

This awakening of consciousness brings in its wake a larger life, full of understanding of the higher values so essential for establishment of peace and harmony on the terrestrial plane.

Like the fruit that falls to the ground when it is ripe, the soul seeks its level, when it becomes ripe for its flight from the imprisonment of the body-Soul is spirit. It is full of life and fire- Body is wooden. It is subject to decay and death. Guard the soul by discarding the body. Let the soul triumph and not your body, for in the triumph of the soul is your ultimate salvation and attainment of Eternal BLISS'


Discourse No. (7)

Peace, Harmony, Love—these form the rhythm of life.

Peace, Love, Harmony—these form the rhythm of life. They are the vibrant factors which promote happi­ness. Peace is the antagonist of discord, war, hatred and bitterness of feeling. Discard all that is bitter in your heart, forgetting and forgiving all those who do evil in life. No man can live in peace, unless he makes Virtue his spouse and unselfishness his comrade in life.

Peace is the harbinger of love and love is the most sacred element in man. It is divine nectar. It is the soul of divinity, the parent of all virtues, the source of true happiness. Keep the fire of love burning in your heart. Love all, without distinction. Love is divine comradeship. It is the light of Truth. It is the pattern on which God has woven His whole universe for the happiness and bliss of all His creatures.

Make your life a book of Love, from end to end. Let every page and every line be the mirror of God, reflecting His beauty, His mercy, His grace, His gentility and above all His great LOVE which lightens the forces in the universe harmonising   all LIFE, which  is ONE. Love begets love.  Love your neighbour as you love yourself and God will love you with a treble  force. Make love the corner stone of your life the foundation of the whole edifice the fulcrum of all your activities, the symbol of your perfection.


Discourse   No. (8)

Who is a Superman.

Who is a Supermen ? He, who like a warrior in the battle of life, puts on the armour of righteousness and raises an eternal fight against all the demons of vices and comes out victorious. It is he? who disregard­ing his own personal interests, dedicates his life to God and all mankind? whom he serves with a singular aim and in the spirit of complete self-abnegation- It is he, who enshrines in his heart love for God and all persons, without any distinction- It is he, whose mission is to spread God's Gospel of love and harmony, peace and beatitude. It is he, who fearless of all consequences, waits on no man, but seeks his own way and is never daunted by the arrows of calumny and insipid lies. His banner is Truth; his gospel is Love. The light of wisdom shines from his eyes. His mind is ever alert to help every cause for the good of all mankind. He seeks no patronage. The poor are his friends- He is God's own chosen son to spread His message of Love and Light and to show the goal of life to every human soul.

Such a man with super-abundant powers and gifts to bring about a spiritual revolution and a reformation of a unique type—such as he is a superman.


Discourse No. (9)

Self-effacement is the flower of perfection.

Self-effacement is the flower of perfection. Egotism is the bane of life- It is the devil in man. masquerading as Virtue, It is the negation of the life of the spirit- It is the monarch of ignorance. It leads to strifes, animosities, vulgarities, insipid strivings and vain glory. Discard the ego and be humble in life. Humility is the crown and sceptre of wisdom. It is the badge of spirituality.

If you wish to rise and reach the higher step in the ladder of spirituality> discard the trappings of the ego and seek God and God alone and not the applause of your vile and wicked world. Self-effacement is the garment woven in the fabric of humility. It is worn by those, who love God in purity of heart and soul.



Discourse No. (10)

What is the goal of life ?

What is the goal of life ?  Very few raise this question. Many slumber in darkness. The objective of File is not the pursuit of physical  pleasures, The true object of  life is God. Seek him in the inner cave of your heart. Worship Him with all the fire of your heart's devotion. An ounce of godliness is worth  more than million tons of unrighteous possessions and gains. Truth alone will survive. It is   eternal, for Truth is God and God is Truth.




Discourse  No.  (11)

Gain master of the soul and mind.

Mankind has abolished the system of slavery but your world is still full of persons who lead a slavish life. They are slaves to their senses. So long as man does not gain mastery of his soul and mind he shall be construed as a slave. To err is human but to continue in the muddle of errors is disastrous. He must rise every time he falls and make a bid for freedom of his soul from the entanglements of earthly desires.

Abandonment of desire is renunciation and without renunciation the goal of life can not be reached- He must practice renunciation, living in the world, for to abandon the world all together is neither easy nor quite desirable. He must be a yogi in spirit and in truth and he will realise God, whether he practices renunciation, living in the midst of life's giddy ways or in the solitude of Ae wilderness.


Discourse No. (12)

Righteousness — the most potent factor in fife.

Virtue is the immortal part of man. Lead a life of virtue and you will gain immortality. No man can gain access to God, unless he loves, adores and worships God, dressed in humility and bedecked with the feathers of virtue.

Righteousness is the most potent factor in life. It is the axle on which the wheel of the chariot moves and takes you to the Abode of God. It is the parent of all virtues — love and gentility,  purity and serenity, tolerance and forbearance, charity and selflessness. If to these  be added, self-effacement, sacrifice, sincerity, self -surrender to the will of God and  utter renunciation of all desires and disregard for all earthly attachments and enjoyments, the way to God -realisation  becomes  easier and possible. The path for the traveller to the goal is narrow and thorny but it is the safest for him to choose. For, broader the path, more difficult it   becomes, as the traveller goes along and it leads not to the goal.

Seek eternity. Be not baffled by the tempests of life.- Be not seduced by the gaities of life. Seek God in all earnestness, in all purity of heart and He will lead you to your goal.

(14—11 — 1952)

Discourse No.   (13)

Break the chain of maya with the hammer of Self- consciousness.

God's laws are just and indissoluble. He blends mercy with justice  for He loves to be kind to all His creatures. But loving and kind as He is, no one can escape the consequences of defying His orders and commandments. Shun sin, for it is the cobra that will on your body and mind and make your soul unhappy.

Nothing can taint the soul for it is a spark of divinity. But the unhappy soul, in spite of its original stainlessness, is deprived of its right to return to its place origin, if man in his stupidity and ignorance, exercises his will in contradiction to God's Laws and Commands.

Put on the garment of purity. Burn away all dross in you the fire of suffering. Break the chain of maya with the hammer of Self-consciousness.  Make conscience sole judge and monitor. Not all the wealth of the world, not all the glory and pomp, not all the applause e people, will heal your inward wound, which will on festering, till it covers you wholly and you sink in dire abjectness, if you forsake God and His Laws and Commands. Be sure of this, that God's mills grind slowly but they grind exceedingly fine. No one can escape the relentlessness of His Laws.


Discourse No. (14)

The greater the trial, the greater the reward.

The darkest cloud has a silvery lining. The pall of night is lifted up, when the sun shine;; in all its brightness and glory. Even if the struggle be hard, why be sad and gloomy ? For, is not God, your Father, near you, to befriend you ? Keep your mind still like waters of the deep lake. Stand firm like a rock shrink not if calamities pour on you, like a hurricane. greater the trial, the greater the reward, the greater the misery,  the greater  the  happiness,  that must follow the the sunny day, when the night is over.

Stain not your mind or body with impurity. Walk the path of rectitude, with love  for all—a smile for a sick and forgiveness to all. Make that the ideal of your life, if you wish to win the race and come out triumphant from the struggle of life.

Hatred, malice, revenge, jealousy, bigotedness, pride, greed, lust, sloth—these are the companions of Satan. Love, purity, righteousness, gentility, humility, tolerance, forbearance, broadmindedness, contentedness, culture, labour, sincerity, loyalty, one-mindedness—these are the fragrant flowers, that grow in the Garden of God. Make a bouquet of them and carry it with you, for each flower is reminiscent of God's glory and a remembrancer of His Kingdom. Make virtue your crown and vice a footstool, to trample it under your feet. Be a master, not a slave of your mind, body and the senses.


Discourse No.  (15)

Seek the hidden light.

God is the only REALITY. This world is a deulsion. See God in everything from the sod of the earth to the star in the sky and you shall understand that there exists in the universe, nothing but God- Don't be guided by what you see with your physical eyes. What you see is not real. The real is hidden from your physical sight- When you see the hidden, you will realise the mysteries of God and His Universe. You will realise and understand the aim and object of life.

Do not drift like a piece of wood on the waters in the river of life, but make a deep plunge and find out pearls of truth for the guidance of life. :|

Seek the hidden light. It shall illumine your mind, heart and soul and lead you to the Kingdom of God, which is eternal and infinite.

Don't think that you are a finite body.    Don't think that life is a leap from birth to death. It is a continuous chain from birth to death and from death to birth. It can be broken only, when the  sou!  disentangles itself  from the sheaths of  the  lower  planes with  which it is entangled. Seek submission to the Will of God by practice of  Vairagya and your soul shall attain its freedom from the chain of birth and death. Union with God is the goal of life. Seek Him and Him alone and He will guide you, inspire you and free you from all your earthly  entanglements and take you to the goal  of ETERNAL BLISS.


Discourse No. (16)

The Ladder of Evolution.

The inequalities in life that you see are because of the Law of Evolution   operating in the  universe. The process of evolution can not work equally in all, because of various  factors involved  the  principal of which is man's own free will.    When he uses his will in contradiction to God's will and refuses to be guided by divine wisdom, he lengthens his process of evolution.    It is only when he suffers, he begins to  yearn for God. This yearning for God is the indicator of an upsurge for higher things of life. He begins to realise  that what is visible is not lasting and true.    He  craves  for  things  of   the Spirit.    He yearns for eternal peace and rest.    This yearning for the higher things of life takes him info a new channel The old ways and modes of become distasteful to him. He leaves of off carnal pleasures and takes to the path of bhakti, gnana and karma yoga.  He gives his all in all to God. He works  for God and God alone and not out of any attachment to the fruits of is labour.    He  sees  God  in  every human being and loves them   all without any distinction. The  doors of vine wisdom open out to him. He is content in God's love, which enriches his soul, heart and mind and makes him happy.

Each man has to climb the ladder of evolution and go through varied experiences of life for the purification his soul till he reaches the last step in the ladder and enters God's Kingdom of Eternal Bliss.    This process of evolution in each individual takes a long time.  It requires countless births but there is no restriction of any kind, for by God's grace,  human souls can be raised to reach the top of the ladder, quicker and faster. The process of evolution can be quickened, if man wills it and if he wins God's grace. (19—11—1952)

Discourse No. (17)


Death and the Sinner.

People look upon death with grim fear« It is because they are unaware of their future destination. The good and virtuous should be happy to die for death is a passage to higher realms of peace and bliss. It is only the sinner, who carries the load of sin along with his soul. This load he has to unburden Before he can start a new race for life on the earth, plane. He must go through the bath of purification to start a new- lease of life- This course of purification does not end immediately. It goes on from birth to birth and from earth to the Spirit world, for countless years, till purged of all sins and perfected in spirit, he becomes ripe for union with God, the Absolute Spirit.

God's mercy is so great that even to the worst sinner, He gives a chance and hope to recover the lost ground and re-enter into the Realm of Bliss from which he has been an exile. For every soul is a spark of God and having emanated from such a high origin, it must return back to its HOME. Such is the destined lot of every human soul-


Discourse No.  (18)

Religion and the origin of Evil.

All religions are pathways to God and no one should arrogate that his religion is the best. In fact, religion is a matter of man's own inner consciousness. This inner consciousness can be roused in two ways. By a man's contact with external phenomena, through Scriptures, association with good and saintly people and Masters. Secondly, by man's own individual quest for something that can satisfy his soul.

Religion is a matter of the heart. When the heart is awakened, the desire to know the secrets of the universe and probe into the problems of life become keener and keener. It is difficult for man to be satisfied with bread alone. He needs divine nectar and that is supplied by religion, which chains him to God and the world beyond the precincts of the earth plane.

Religion should be understood in its essence. It is the ritual side of religion that causes separation and iconoclastism. To know Truth, one must delve deep into the experiences of life in utter disregard of one's own gain, in the pure spirit of enquiry and investigation. When man searches for Truth, in this way, he will notice that all religions as taught by the prophets, saints and sages are universal in their teachings and application, with God, as the object of life and Righteousness as the main factor. God speaks through the chosen ones, with the same voice and with the same object viz., to enlighten mankind and show them the way to His Kingdom'—-

Religion binds man to God. It gives him a philo­sophy, which both satisfies the hunger of his heart as well as gives him strength and vitality to fight the battle of life bravely and successfully.

No man can live without religion. It is the fulcrum of life, the soul's prop, and the searchlight in the dim, dismal horizon of man's creation. God is all LIGHT, LOVE and BEAUTY. He is absolute. There is no duality in divinity. There is no relativity in God's conception. He is ONE without Second. He is Timeless, Spaceless, Causeless, Motionless. But this divine absoluteness is missed by man, who is finite and who measures all things, with the dim light of his own reasoning faculty. His reason gives birth to the ideas of relati­vity, dimensions etc.

No evil exists in the Godhead. But man creates it in his finite nature. This is the origin of evil. It is not permanent, for it is  the  outcome of man, who is finite-The minute he becomes perfect and  reaches Godhead, the evil disappears.   It is nescience, ignorance and therefore not permanent. God alone is the REALITY and all life should be taken as an unreal phenomenon, to be overcome and conquered by the forces of the Spirit within. Discard the world and its temptations. Seek refuge in God. He is both within and without.


Discourse  No. (19)

Control of the mind.

Mind is the repository of good and bad thoughts. It is the mind that makes heaven or hell- Control of the mind requires skilful handling. It is by concentration and meditation that a man can become the master of his mind and control it to perfection. When man reaches the stage of his having controlled his mind, he becomes a sage, a seer. Once the mind is controlled, he can then go into the interior recesses of God's mysteries.

Control of the mind leads to Illumination. It is a subtle, spiritual force, higher than intellect. It is called Intuition, the third eye, the mystic passage, the ladder to Godhead- It is spiritual artery, which supplies spiritual food of the highest type. It is also known as inspiration. It is a link with God Himself. It is the fire of the soul. It is God's gift and a token of His grace.


Discourse No (20)

Trample sin but do not despise the sinner.

Sin is negation of Virtue. It is the greatest obstacle, in the struggle of life. Sinfulness is godlessness. To commit a sin, whether in thought, word or deed is to invite terrible consequences both in this life and Hereafter. Sin is a fetter, a clamping machine which kills you inch by inch and gives you no rest or peace of mind.

Keep away from the monster of sin and seek virtue as your friend and lifemate. It is virtue that brings peace and happiness Sin creates disunion, disharmony, distress, distraction, dissipation of energy and disease of mind, body and soul. Destroy sin with the hammer of God's name. Keep on shouting the name of God and the temptress sin will not make an assault on you. A life of sinlessness is a life of perfection which God wants His children to strive for.

Trample sin under your feet but do not despise the sinner- Pity him and raise him from the morass of despair. Purify his heart, mind and soul and take him God ward. It is possible to rise from the state of sinful-ness to the highest state of saintliness. Sinfulness is only one aspect of human life. It is a transient aspect for no sinner can live in the sink of sin for a long time. He must come out, by means of his own remorse and suffering and breathe the free air of joy and sunshine, which is God's measure for all His creation.

There is no such thing as eternal punishment. There is eternal bliss which is the birthright of every human soul. But there is no eternal fire of hell. Heaven and hell do exist but not in the sense men think them to be. Sinfulness is hell. Righteousness is heaven. It is only by breaking the fetters of sin and leading a life of desirelessness, would you be able to win God's Love and grace and enter into His Kingdom of Eternal BLISS.


Discourse No. (21)

The Chariot  and the Charioteer.

Man has evolved from the lowest strata of life. It is his destiny to be finally united with God. To reach this goal, he may take countless births on your earth plane, but ultimately his soul which is an evolving entity saturated with all kinds of experiences, good and bad, pleasant and bitter, is redeemed from the obligation of taking birth again in physical body and is united with the spirit. When this marriage of the soul with the spirit takes-place, it means, the soul has freed itself from its shackles and environments and has gained its salvation-

Salvation of the soul is the object of life. To attain this object, it is necessary to discard that which is of transient and fleeting nature and adhere to that which is permanent and lasting. The world is a Maya. The senses, if not controlled by the mind and will, act the part of the horses, yoked to a chariot, wherein is seated the soul, but not properly checked by the reins of the charioteer—the higher mind, budhi they run wild and dash the chariot to pieces. The chariot is the Body. When the body is broken, the man dies. But he again comes back and takes hold of the chariot, the horses and the reins and begins anew to drive, with the experiences gained in the past lives. Slowly and steadily, the chariot­eer learns to drive the chariot, correctly without any mishap and he drives the horses safely to their destination. That destination is soul's salvation.


Discourse No. (22)

Prayers and their significance.

Distance lends enchantment to the view  It is not so in spirituality. The nearer you come to God, the greater becomes your joy and happiness. You pass from the mundane to the spiritual plane of existence. It is a ladder, a bridge to eternity.

Be spiritual- Forget self. Immerse yourself in the ocean of universality. Give up individuality and become impersonal. It is only then, the gulf between your mundane world and our Spiritual world of Eternal Bliss can be bridged. Make God the target of your life, the summum bonum of your aspirations, the goal of your victory.

Pray to him day and night. Prayers offered from the fullness of your heart find an echo in the Universal Mind. They create waves after waves of divine power bringing in you a new life a new impulse, a new light, a healing of wounds which nothing else can cure or heal. Prayers are a sovereign remedy for all ills the body is heir to. They remedy, they purify, they exalt, they illumine the heart, mind and soul.

To pray to God is the privilege of every one, whether he be a fakir or a prince. It is the greatest weapon which a person holds in his hands for the betterment of his life. Prayers are based on this fact that God, who is invisible, is ever present and ever eager to listen to us in our grief and distress- •

Prayer is the language of the heart. It is divine communion. It is celestial music. It is a gateway to our purification and salvation.

Sacrifice and self-surrender to God are the main pillars of every prayer. No prayer is genuine if not bu­ttressed with the oil of sacrifice and offered in complete abandonment to the will of God.


Discourse No. (23)

As you sow, so shall you reap.

As you sow, so shall you reap. This is an eternal truth- If you do evil to any one, it will return to you with a vengeance. If you do good to any one even if you do not expect any return or reward, you would taste its sweet fruit in some form or the other. You grow in spiritual stature as you do good. You shrink and become a dwarf, if evil thoughts, evil words and evil deeds emanate from your lower self. Aspire for the Highest and you- would attain the highest. If you think of the lowest, you would be the lowest. It is for you to choose, good or evil, God or dust.

Enshrine your mind with thoughts of love. Pilot the ship of your soul in the deep waters of Peace and Harmony, Virtue and Contentment. Keep away from the cliffs of hatred and jealousy, greed, and avarice, lust and debasement. God answers no prayers, unless it emanates from a contrite heart, seeking forgiveness for sins in the past. Work your way rigidly and care not for crosses and pains, if they are borne for the sake of righteousness, which is the only path to God.,


Discourse No. (24)

God; not an enigma

Star gazing is a relaxation, exaltation and sublima­tion of the soul. The star bespangled sky in the silvery night, when Queen Moon is at its height in her splen­dour and limpid beauty, presents a glorious sight. It rouses the, soul and makes man feel that he is in tune with the Infinite. Anything thai is beautiful creates a passionate longing for the IDEAL.

God is the Absolute Spirit, pervading through out the universe. He is both transcendent and immanent, visible and invisible, silent and audible.

God is not an enigma, if you study Nature and tune your life in conformity with God's commandments of LOVE and VIRTUE, which must triumph not only in each man's individual life but in the entire creation of God. Simple as ABC is God's formula to understand Him and the universe. It is easy to comprehend Him, not through deep volumes of philosophy, not by leading a hectic life of blistering struggle and fight for earthly supremacy, but by a passionate, longing lor Truth and Renunciation. But simple as God's formula is, to under­stand Him, and realise Him, man, in his ignorance casts aside the bowl of purity and drinks instead what appears to him as good and vitalising but in reality, is dark, dirty poison, that stains his soul and ruins him, physically, morally and spiritually.

God is Spirit. Love Him, adore Him, dedicate vour life to Him and you would become one with Him inspirit.


Discourse No. (25)

How the Invisible can become visible.


Search for God inwardly. Infinite as He is, unsurpassed and boundless, He resides in the tiny cave of the human heart. He is measureless, incomprehensible, unknown, unknowable, eternal, invisible "But if you search for Him with a longing heart and dedicate yourself, wholly, solely and completely to Him in perfect purity of heart, mind and soul, the Invisible will become visible. The wide universe is but a manifestation of the Absolute Spirit-

Make your heart and soul vibrate with the thoughts of God, the Absolute Spirit pervading the universe and you would feel a new impulse, a new life, a new spirit, a new discovery of yourself. This self discovery is God vision. It is the preparation for a life of eternity. Life becomes spiritualised-

To understand God who is spirit, man must become like spirit i-e., leave off the dross in him, which is the material part in him. Self-surrender? self-purification, self-knowledge—these are the sure footings, for the achievement of life's goal—God-realisation.


Discourse  No. (26)

Seek God  through thergate way of renunciation and  devotion.

Lead a complete life, not a life of trivialities. A life of desultory existence is a life of decadence. Enrich your life with thoughts of God, if you wish to live in peace and joyousness- A life of self-centeredness leads to destruction of mental peace- It is a way down the hill in the valley of despair. Kindle the lamp of your heart with the flame of God and you will rise to heights of ecstasy, beyond your dreams-Garner the fruit of wisdom from the garden of your life and share it with your brothers and sisters tied to you in holy union. Life is a delicious fruit, if you sweeten it with the name of God. It is bitter, if you taste it, without taking His name.

Sweet or bitter, as the course of your life may be, do not for a moment forget God. He is ever present in you. He will free you if you think of Him and long for Him with all the intensity of your heart, mind and soul. Seek God through the path of renunciation for that is the only way open to reach Him. Seek Him in all earnestness and you will find Him.


Discourse No.  (27)

God-realisation—the goal of life, not earthly happiness.

Different faiths are like different rivers that flow from different regions but ultimately join the ocean. The object of every religion is God. He alone is worthy of worship and none else. People make Mammon as their God. This is wrong. To make sordid desires of life to dominate is to invite catastrophe- Do not be dragged in the mire of worldly temptations for they are death knells of misery and degradation. Riches are the burning bricks with which the vault of hell is built. Lust for power is a shadowy substance. Do not aspire for worldly applause for it is fickle and baseless. Stain not your soul with the allurements of life but keep it stainless with the love and light of God.

God alone is the Reality, all else is of unreal nature. Seek God in the simplicity of your heart, Renounce the gewgaws of life. Hold fast to Truth and Righteousness, Mercy and Compassion, Love and Gentility, Simplicity and Humility, Earnestness and Sincerity, Passivity and search for Him with a longing heart and dedicate yourself, wholly, solely and completely to Him in perfect purity of heart, mind and soul, the Invisible will become visible. The wide universe is but a manifestation of the Absolute Spirit-

Make your heart and soul vibrate with the thoughts of God, the Absolute Spirit pervading the universe and you would feel a new impulse, a new life, a new spirit, a new discovery of yourself. This self discovery is God vision. It is the preparation for a life of eternity. Life becomes spiritualised.

To understand God who is spirit, man must become like spirit i-e. leave off the dross in him, which is the material part in him. Self-surrender self-purification, self-knowledge—these are the sure footings, for the achievement of life's goal—God-realisation.


Discourse No. (28)


Life is uncertain. You do not know the span of your life how many years you have to live - nor what the future holds out for you. In this uncertainty, there is one certainty, which you must follow, as night follows the day and the day follows the night, and it is the most glorious certainty of God, the only RE A LITY in the whole cosmos. Open your heart to Him. Let divine thought rush in you like the scented zephyr from the bower of flowers. Seek Him and Him alone for He is your Helpmate, your Father, Your Ally, your Companion; Your Consoler and Admonisher throughout the long battle of life. Cleanse your heart, mind and soul of all the stains of folly and sin and thus purified and elevated inwardly, you would be taken into the inner realms of the spirit for the achievement of life's highest goal-God-realisation.


Discourse No. (29)


To rise to the highest pinnacle of spirituality is ordained by God for every one. But extremely few reach the goal for the path leading to it is so narrow and painful to traverse. It is a great mistake to avoid the narrow way which leads to God and to take to the broad way which leads to corruption and decay. Why sell eternal peace for a mess of pottage. And yet millions and millions of your people of the earth plane, forgetful of the Self within them, hanker for loaves and fishes or life, gilded with an outward shine and forget God, who is the only Reality.

Seek God not in outward shows and forms. Seek God not in the paraphernalia of rites and rituals. Seek God, not in church congregations. But seek Him in the cave of your heart. It is there He dwells, hid in the kernel. Throw off the shells and the shackles that bind and devitalise you. Grow in spirit and the indwelling Spirit, free from all its outer coverings and coatings, will shine like a crystal star and lead on and on to the starry realms of unimaginable glory beauty to your extreme delight and joy. Make God home, your hearth, your sole source of thought and activity. It is then alone, you shall reach Him and be united with Him in all eternity.


Discourse No. (30)


Make life a music, a melody of art and beauty, a torrent of glory, a rainbow arch of gorgeousness. Why seek the petty things of life, when God has designed and planned that you should rise from darkness to light, from death to immortality, from the unreal to the REAL. Make perfection of character the goal of your life and you will come quickly to God, who alone is REAL.

Don't make life a tomb of woe and wantonness. Rise from the graveyard of sickness and sorrow, both of mind and soul, and climb then the altitude of high thoughts and aspirations, which would free you from the maddening temptations of your world and its vagaries. Keep away from the shore of dead sea apples. Clinch pure gold and not putrid flesh. Kindle the light of your heart with the flame and fire of God's Love and Light and you will be safe in your march from the earth to the Realms Beyond. Go forward and sink not, though the battle be tough and the way be arduous and wearisome. Make God your ally and you would safely reach the goal, the Goal of Eternal Bliss and Light.


Discourse No. (31)


Stand fast to Truth and do not quiver if others make all sorts of dirty and false accusations. In the whirlpool of there are more scorpions and snakes to bite you than no suckle flowers to delight you. But however thorny the path may be, be a brave warrior and do not shudder at all. God helps those who are brave and fail not in battle of life- Keep courage and have entire faith in Him. He will guide and steer the ship of your life safe through all the dangerous crags and cliffs abutting on either side. He will light the way. He will take you safely to your destination.


Discourse No. (32)


Saints and sages are the pillars of society. They are manifestations of God's perfection. Revere them, sit at their feet and draw the nectar of life from their inspiration. They are the visible and invisible guides of your world's destiny. But for them, your world would go into pieces and there would be nothing but confusion and anarchy. They reverber­ate with God's voice, which speaks through them. They are the becon lights and unfailing guides of all mankind. They show the way from darkness to light, from death to immoratlity. They are the virgin minstrels, the music of whose souls reaches the different strata of life and enriches your earth plane with the song and beauty of God's good­ness and greatness.


Discourse No. (33)


Live in God's love and light. Live for God and He will give you light. Love all and He will love you all the more. Make God's Light and Love, the symbols of your life, the web and woof of your life, the tapestry of your life, the be all and end all of your life.

God's light is divine wisdom. It is greater than all the wealth of your world and al lthe learning of your so-called men of learning. God's light is the cannel of happiness. God's love is the fragrance of the heart that sweeps away all shadows of despair and distrust. It sweetens life and tunes the soul in harmony with all things in nature. God's love is heart's music, the radiant light that dispels all clouds of sadness and fills the soul and mind with rapturous delight. Think of God, every minute of your life waking or sleeping and you would be saturated in waves of ecastatic joy. Why think of the sordidness of life when the great treasure of God's love and light is within your reach Without God's love and light, life is a tinsel, a vortex of despair and dissolution. Live for God and God alone, for that is the only way to LIBERATION.


Discourse No. (34)


Kindly keep your eye on the twinkling star in the firmament and not cast it on the mud beneath your feet. See the rose in its blossom and glory and not the thorns that pierce and hurt. See God in everything from the star to the dust and you will be filled with a passionate longing for God and eternity.

Life is a puzzle and quagmire if you get yourself engrossed in worldliness. Keep away from the snare of Maya and you would see God in all His glory and greatness. Never sink but keep a brave heart to the very end, for with God in your heart and mind, you cannot but reach the destined goal of liberation. Crosses are life's redeemers. Kiss them, not shun them. They will take you to your goal quicker.

Sing the song of God as you go merrily along life's dusty path, without sadness or remorse. Be not an owl but a nightingale. Sing to the tune of the whirling spheres. Breathe not a word of sadness. Make life a saga, an epic of heroism-Don't quiver and quail, if dragged down by adversity-Adversity is Nature's sweet drink. Drink it, for it is riot poison but nectar. Keep radiant and smiling even when winds blow you and storms burst upon you. Think of the silver lining in every cloud. Keep cheerful and happy  for there is God within you. Worship Him and you are safe as a rock in all the tempests of life, in all the storms of adversity.


Discourse No. (35)


Silence is the language of Eternity. It is a gateway to Godhood. It is the impulse of God in man. Its arch is sublimity. Its base is fearlessness. It is a key to all knotty problems of life. Man learns more through silence than from desultory reading and writing.

Silence is the flower of the heart, the amber of life, the fragrance of the mind, the jewel of the deep sea. Sit in silence and commune with God and Nature. You will gain the peace of rnind and the heart's rapturous joy. Watch the stars and the spheres in the firmament in the still silence of the night and the music of God would flow in you with a mystic spell. Make silence your joyful companion. Disdain and keep away from the shouts and shrieks of your dizzy world.


Discourse No. (36)


The fruit ripens in its proper time. Hustling will not mend matters. God's laws work in nature with unerring precision. Any defiance by man against the harmony that prevails in the universe creates repercussions, extremely injurious to himself.

Study the laws of the universe, work in agreement with God's laws and commandments and you will have contributed largely to your own gain and betterment of your world at large.

Make non-violence your creed, truth your gospel, love monitor and conscience your guide. Follow simplicity be natural in your way of life. Formalities, conventions, ceremonies add to the burden of life. Sincerity and simplicity sweeten life, for they are angelic qualities in man. Be humble, for humility is the cloth celestial. It is negation of egotism, the greatest obstacle to spirituality.


Discourse No. (37)

Three classes of Society.

Your world is divided into people of three different categories. A very large mass is composed of ignorant persons, imprisoned in the dark cell of sinfulness, unaware of the light of God. They form the drag of society, steeped in ignorance and wantonness,

The second group is composed of intelligent persons, who use their intelligence, more for their benefit than for the benefit of the society at large.

The third group, which is composed of a very small number of persons is  the  highest  in the  three classe They form a class by themselves.    They are the saviour of the world,  the  real benefactors,  leaders, guides a spiritual wonder workers.    They work both visibly and invisibly for, the good of the world, without any the least thought for their own gain or profit.    Every individual in this group is directly or indirectly in communion with God. God works His miracles through persons of this highest category.


Discourse No. (38)

Evil is the least good.

There are two principles working in Nature—the rinciple of good, the principle of eviL Really speaking there is no evil in life, for God being all perfection, He has not created evil. Evil is the least good. The struggle then is between the most good and the least good. The word " evil " is used for the purpose of facility of expression and as such it is the right word used.

There is no such thing as Satan or Ahreman as epicted in the Scriptures. They are merely allegorically used and should be taken in such light. Unless the evil in man is expunged and he is purified and perfected, there can be no liberation for him. The sole object of life is soul's emancipation and this can be achieved only when the state of perfection is reached. It may take many births to reach this final destiny of man, or less round of births. It all depends upon man's own individual effort and ceaseless search for God and His mysteries. Till the inner urge for God is not roused, the soul remains enchained in the mesh of desires and the way to salvation is lost. Renunciation is the only way to salvation.


Discourse No. (39)


What makes the difference between man and animal? There is animal in man and there is angel in man. To drive away the animal instincts of sloth, greed, lust and rapine and to mould your life into angelic virtues leading to perfection of character, is the aim and object of life. It is really very sad that most of the people on the earth plane lead the life that is least desirable. They forget Buddha's eightfold path. They forget the ethical teachings of the great Lord Zoroaster— good thoughts, good words, good deeds. They forget Lord Krishna's teaching of discrimination and renunciation. They forget the great truth embeded in Jewish teaching—the teaching of Righteousness. They forget that Lord Christ was specially sent by God on the earth plane to wean men from the path of sin and to love God and to love all mankind. Other prophets following Christ and Mohammed have carried the torch of divine knowledge to all parts of your world. But, oh, here are their words listened to and practised? The prophets have failed to quicken man's conscience. Man is still entangled in the web of sin and ignorance.

In order to drive away the apathy of man for a higher life it is now God's design to send Masters in larger numbers, who will act as match to the gunpower and kindle the hearts and minds of men to love God. Not solitary prophets after long centuries, but scores of Masters in physical bodies will now be working on the earth plane, for knitting together the whole mass of humanity in bonds of love, harmony and mutual understanding for the promotion of material pros­perity and spiritual growth.

A new era of spiritual renaissance is in the offing. It will burst forth like a rainbow in the sky and colour and brighten the lives of the multitude.


Discourse No. (40)


When man forgets the reality, he mismanages his affairs and loses his soul. The great truth that God is the only REALITY has to be realised for the success of life's mission on earth. Make life a mission, and offering of one's self to God and the darkness of the world would be greatly reduced. True religion, not bigotry, Catholicism, not communalism, philanthropy, not mere profundity of book learning, the heart, not the head, the essence and not the form, the truth and not the dogma or ritual, should play the dominant role for the achievement of God's peace, love, harmony and mutual understanding. These will go a long way towards economic, moral and spiritual progress of man.


Discourse No. (41)


Life and death are two opposite polarities. Life is spirit; death means decay. Life is energy; death is annihilation. Life is God's greatest blessing to man, but it must not be understood that the blessing ends with death. For death is a gateway to a higher life, in a higher region, for the perfection and sublimation of the soul.

Life is a blessing, if man makes use of the God-given energy in the right direction. If misuses it, life becomes a curse, a tragedy, a horror, a paroxysm of despair, a calamity.

Life does not end with the departure of the soul from the physical body. It is unending. It is eternal. For man is a spark of God, eternal, infinite and when life's sufferings are ended and the soul becomes perfect, to be received in the Ocean of Eternal Bliss.

Seek not form, but the essence. Make Virtue your bride, Truth, your companion, Love your counsellor and guide and selflessness the crown of your life. Ride the chariot of life fearlessly and be not daunted by obstacles and difficulties. So long as you control your senses and the mind and are engrossed in the thoughts of God, you will drive the chariot successfully without meeting any accident on the way. Drive the chariot well, till you reach the gateway of death. Your soul shall then ascend to the higher planes and continue the journey, from plane to plane, from birth to death and death to birth, till perfected, it is absorbed in the boundless Ocean of Eternal BLISS.


Discourse No. (42)


The seasons vary. Spring is followed by Summer, Summer by Autumn and Autumn by dreary Winter. Spring is the youth of the season; Winter is the withering old age. Summer is midway between Spring and Winter and Autumn is nearer to Winter than any other season. These variations of seasons are an indication of My Law, which though immutable and unchangeable, works in Nature for the manifestation of My other Law in Nature viz., the Law of polarity. These changes are an indication of the fact that man must change with Nature. Just as he changes his clothes, when he gives them for a wash, he must change his ways of thought, as he Progresses in life and builds his career and character by correcting himself at every stage of his progress. Change means evolution and it is through Evolution that the tined way to the final goal of emancipation of the secured. Sin not, but if you do sin, wash off the sin with the soap of repentance inward monitor, whose voice must prevail at all times.

Once liberated, you must work for the sinner and the non-sinner alike. For both are God's children and they want your guidance, assistance on the plane of physical life.


Discourse No. (43)


As the flower raises its head towards the sun and gives its fragrance and throws it radiance all around, God wants every human being to look up to Him and do his best for his own happiness and the happiness of others. Life is a serious affair. It should not be made a comedy of errors or a tragedy of misery. Make it a bulwark against all assaults of temptations and sins. If you think of God, you will think of His Law, the great Law of Righteousness and of Mercy, Kindness and Love, and you will strengthen your citadel against all tempests of worldly illusions and delusions.

God's is within you. Harken to His Voice and you will steer the boat of your life safely through the waters of opposition and tempest to the heaven of Eternal Rest and Bliss. God is the only REALITY, all else is a delusion, an illusion.


Discourse No. (44)


The sun throws its light equally on all of the earth plane. It makes no distinction of good or bad people. In a similar manner, your heart should open out and let there be the outpouring of love for all—the virtuous and the sinner alike. Never befriend a sinner or encourage him in his misdeeds.

But have pity on him and try to save him from pitfalls and errors. If he refuses to listen or repent, leave him alone to his God and destinty.

Christ came on earth for the atonement of the sins of others i.e., he was sent by God to spread the mission of love and to teach people how to attain oneness with God by purifying themselves of all sins through repentance and good deeds. Repentance for sins is a fundamental step in the evolution of the soul. To commit sin is bad but to refuse to repent is worse. Repentance takes away the edge of the bitterness of sins and raises the soul Godward. Repentance means refusal to commit the sin again.

Sin is the most dreadful thing in life. It is therefore you must forgive the sinner and love him all the more, to enable him to leave the path of sin and come back to God.


Discourse No. (45)


There is no force so great as faith in God. It is a spiritual fire, which ignites and spurs the forces within for the achieve­ment of success in life. It is the divine light that shines with lustre, even when there is darkness all around. It is the talisman that changes failure into success. It is the beacon light on the pilgrim's path, full of thorns and snakes, guiding the devotee aright to God, the supreme crown of his heart's desire. It is a vital force that can shake mountains and cross rivers in flood. It is a torrent, the vital energy of which is immeasurable. It is the channel and gateway to God's own abode. To have faith in God is to encounter all difficulties with success. It is a weapon of inconceivable strength in the hands of man. Keep the fire of faith burning within you, for it is a living force, volcanic in its element and miraculous in achievement of divinity. It is a propeller of all the hidden and latent powers in man. To give up faith in God is to lose the battle of life. To live in faith means approach and access to God.


Discourse No. (46)


To say that reincarnation is not taught in religions other than Hinduism and Buddhism is wrong. Christ taught it. So did Zoroaster. But unfortunately their teachings, veiled in esoteric language, have been lost through transit of time and man's inability to grasp the inner secrets.

Reincarnation is a fundamental truth, which truly speaking, no prophet or sage has ignored or can ignore, in view of the fact that he knows the past. Divine revelation means the power to see the present, the past and the future. How can then any prophet or sage, after attaining divine revelation and getting the knowledge of the working of the universe, lose sight of such an important factor in man's destiny? Reincarnation is as inevitable as death is unavoidable.

Your earth plane is the principal stage of man's struggle for freedom. In this struggle, man has to cross so many hurdles before he can reach his destination. To cross these hurdles in one life is not possible. Each hurdle represents a certain state of the evolution of the soul. When his soul is fully evolved, he reaches the last hurdle and crosses it. It is a hurdle of perfection, which requires many incarnations, according to man's own exertions for purity of life and self-abnegation. Each incarnation takes him further and further towards the goal i.e. his soul evolves, as it returns to the earth plane after its peregrinations in the worlds, to gain experiences for its progress.


Discourse No. (47)


What is religion for the masses, the science of the Masters is for the few, selected by God to tread the path and reach Godhood in as few incarnations as possible. Religion is the seed of the tree of life. It is sown in the soil of the human body, when the soul enters it. This seed has to be carefully watered and cultured to give full foliage to the tree. If the seed sown is rejected, the tree withers and life loses its charm. If the seed is properly tended and taken care of, the tree grows in full and becomes a source of protection to others.

Lead the life of religion for the progress of your own soul and for the betterment of the world at large. If you fail in this, you waste your incarnation and add to the misery and suffering of the world.

Religion is essential for every one. To discard God is to lose everything in life. There can be no joy in life without love of God and love of all mankind. Christ was sent to preach the great doctrine of Love for God and all mankind. True love generates from the purity of heart. It is unselfish and stainless. It is a consuming fire that burns away all the dross in man and makes him supremely happy. There can be no happiness unless you make others happy by your thoughts, words and deeds.

The higher you soar in life, the more spiritual your soul becomes and it seeks larger avenues for the satisfaction of its aspiration.

The bedrock of religion is faith. But the devotee who yearns for God and God alone, renouncing everything for the love of God, is seized with an inward desire to see God face to face. He is not content to live in faith alone. His soul is consumed with a desire to transcend religion i.e., he wants faith in God to be no more a theoretical teaching but a living experience. This happens when God selects him for the path and gives him a Master to guide him to the goal.

Religion in its exoteric teachings is meant for the masses. Religion in its esoteric teachings is the lever to raise the devotee to the highest pedestal of spirituality. The two aspects of the divine science should not be lost sight of, the exoteric and the esoteric - the external and the internal, the open and the hidden.


Discourse No. (48)


Theosophy means divine wisdom, the knowledge of God. The followers of this philosophy have enriched your world with beauty - a beauty that shines the most when it radiates from a pure source of divinity. The founders of Theosophy were persons of great latent powers, which they made use of for the purpose of finding out the secrets of the universe. They must be reckoned as apostles of a new religion - a religion of humanity, free of creeds, dogmas, rituals and other paraphernalia.

The strength of Theosophy lies in its teaching of the Science of the Masters. Its recognition of the Masters is the most salient factor and a distinct contribution to the advancement of your world on the right lines of divinity. But for the Masters who are guiding and controlling your world, your earth plane would be continuously in a state of anarchy and misery.

Of course, the teaching of Theosophy is not at all a new teaching. It is a reflection of the old, old teaching embedded in the occult side of all religions, preached by their founders. But what these religions have failed to do, except in solitary cases, Theosophy has been able to spread the secret teachings of Masters to a much larger extent.

Theosophy aims also at providing a synthesis of all religions, thus bringing the different elements, divided into exclusive and isolate groups or camps, into cohension and harmony. Theosophy is a precursor to One World Religion, which is the crying need of the world today.


Discourse No. (49)


Self-realisation is the goal of life. But in the pursuit of the objects of the senses, people forget it entirely and create to themselves and others greater and greater difficulties and greater suffering becomes the order of the day. They all want to tread the broad path which leads eventually to destruction and ruination. The broad path is easier to travel, but it becomes narrower and narrower, as the weary traveller treads it and gets lost in the end. This is not the case with those who take to the narrow, razor-like path. It seems exceedingly difficult to travel on such a path but in reality, it is not so. It is the path of the Masters, who are stationed at every step and they help the pilgrims on the way.

He who seeks to lose himself, gains his life. He who seeks to gain the wealth of the world, loses all.

Self-realisation is the only goal of life worth aspiring for; all else is a waste of incarnation.


Discourse No. (50)


Nothing moves in the universe without the consent of God. He is the creator, harmoniser, ruler, controller, destroyer and awakener of all forces in the universe—both hidden and manifest. The sun and the moon and all the planets and the stars and the constellations are His creations. They manifest His power, His rhythm, the rediance of His splendour, the joy of His Being.

Man has a tiny mark of God's divinity in him. His soul has emanated from God and it has to go back to God for union and harmony with the Great Divinity. Man's soul encased in human body is endowed with vast potentialities, which he has to discover himself and make the best use of them for his own progress and for the progress of the world in which he is born. These hidden potentialities, when realised, make man a God. To realise these potentialities of the soul, is the object of life and not merely bodilv existence or satisfying the senses.

God is the mightiest and greatest force in life. To work in harmony with this force in righteousness of spirit should be man's urge, for only in the fullest satisfaction of the inward feeling, will come that bliss which is eternal and by any other means.


Discourse No. (51)


In the former years, the general belief was that God could be realised only by taking sanyas. It is not necessary to leave one's home and seek refuge in the forest or in the cave of a mountain. The keynote to God-realisation is renunciation. The true meaning of renunciation is complete detachment of the mind. Some can attain this object quicker by leaving their home for a life in the wilderness. But a house­holder, living in the midst of worldly attractions, can also attain mental supremacy by his will and devotion to God. A life of austerity and perfect simplicity is necessary but mor­tification of the flesh, which formed the principal item in the aspirant's programme for self-realisation in the olden times, is not at all desirable. The sole idea in renunciation is to slay the mind, by annihilating all senses, for desires, though natural in the human frame, will have to be subjugated and controlled. It is through desirelessness that man's soul arrives at the goal. Perfect surrender to the will of God is the Sine-Qua-Non in the attainment of Self-realisation.


Discourse No. (52)


There is no such thing in reality as predestination. Each man makes his destiny himself and he is solely responsible for it. He becomes as he thinks. He is the architect of his own fate. He has to select between the two forces of good and evil in life. What good he does, bears fruit in his life as well as in the incarnations to come. In a similar manner, the evil he does bears the fruit of misery and suffering for future incarnation also till he pays off his debt. Until a man succeeds in linking his will to God's will, he must go through the rounds of birth and death on your physical plane.

The law of Karma is so effective, that is must take its course. It is indestructible and inescapable. In plain lan­guage, it means as you sow, so must you reap.

To take shelter under the excuse that you suffer because of Kismat (fate), and not exert yourself to remove the cause of your suffering is foolish. Suffering is intended for man's purification and exaltation. It is a spiritual blessing, the best medicine for human ills.

Nothing is lost in the universe. Every beautiful thought in the mind, every kind world spoken, every kind deed done, reverberates and brinks back to the thinker, the speaker and the doer in a mysterious manner God's divine blessings for his spiritual growth and happiness. In a similar manner, every evil thought, word or deed brings to the individual a load of misery and sorrows, which then begin to act as purifying agents for preparation of a better life in the next incarnation.


Discourse No. (53)


Faith, Hope and Charity form the tripod of man's religious being. Without faith in God, life is a disaster and a blunder. Hope is the food which man must have every day to eat, for without it, life would be barren. Charity is that talisman which opens all doors of happiness. Charity is a wide and very comprehensive word. It includes love, pity, compassion, unselfishness, sacrifice, non-separateness, true neighbourliness and philanthropy. The object of life is to give and not to receive, to lose oneself, not to gain. To love all means to gain all. When you give unstintedly, it is true love. true love burns away the cinders of anger, fear, jealously, revenge sloth and selfishness. To live truly is to love deeply.  Love is Man’s supreme test. It is the nearest pedestal to the footstool of God


Discourse No. (54)


Meditation is the doorway to salvation. It is the most difficult thing in life, but if a man makes up his mind, he can practise it and he will succeed in the end. It is the way to still the mind. To control the senses and the mind, which is the sixth sense, is Sine-Qua-Non in the path of renunciation. Concentration and meditation are absolutely necessary for the quickening of the inner powers and inner latent forces, without which no one can reach the goal of self or God-realisation.

Meditation becomes simple and extremely pleasant, when there is a deep yearning for God and God alone. One should meditate for the love of God and not for the purpose of gaining supernatural powers. To gain psychic powers by other means than deep meditation is most inadvisable. Seek God for the sake of God out of love and devotion for God and your meditation will lead you to God, who will crown you with powers, unsought by you but which nevertheless come to you automatically, because of your single-minded devotion to God.

Meditation is the key to the realm of ecstatic joy. It is a doorway to the inner secrets of life. It takes the devotee from the physical mundane world to the highest spiritual plane or ecstatic joy and delight.


Discourse No. (55)


Saints, sages and mystics are the real pillars of society-Hold them in deepest reverence and serve them with utmost devotion. They are links that join your mundance world with our Spiritual Realm. They are life transformers, great spiritual architects and artists, who change the surface of your world from a wilderness into an ordered organism of love and peace, brotherhood and joy. They are the Masters in physical bodies, in communion with God and the Spirit World.

Every saint is a live force, a dynamo that blows out the rubbish of life and makes room for all that is vital and real. The sages, saints and mystics are torchbearers who radiate the real light of God's divinity and pave the way for the betterment of the world in every sense of the word.

Mystics are despised by your foolish world as mad people. They are not mad, but are deeply drunk with the wine of God - intoxication. They are intoxicated in God and they appear to be mad but are actually the sanest, best and wisest of all mankind.

God wants His children to follow the example of mystics, saints and sages, for they are the prototypes of superman, spiritual builders of the edifice of a new life, transmitters of joy and beauty, goodness and graciousness in a world of squalor and perdition. (13.1.1953)

Discourse No. (56)


There is no religion greater than TRUTH, says the Theosophist. This is too true. God is TRUTH and to reach Him, you must practise Truth in all respects. Truth is a very comprehensive word. It is not merely the opposite of untruth. It bears a wider meaning. In fact, it is a conglomeration all virtues. Truth means righteousness and all positive virtues allied to it such as integrity, sincerity, solemnity, humility, purity, selflessness, sacrifice and, above all, surrender to the Will of God.

Truth represents the male side of virtues. Love represents the female side of virtues and where Truth is practised,

Love must instantly follow. Truth and Love are brother a sister qualities in man, which have to be developed equally. You cannot neglect Truth and follow Love only, not neglect Love and follow Truth only. They are inseparable in fact If you are righteous, you must love your neighbour, as you love yourself, it shall be only be in the spirit of righteousnes and no other. Love and Righteousness are complementary terms. They make one whole.

To Love God is to love Truth and all mankind.

Love is a dynamic force in the universe. Christ came to earth for the love of mankind and a sincere desire to redeem men of their sins and follies. He taught them the path of love and weaned them from the path of folly through his own great Love and Sacrifice. The four corners of the square which one must always keep in mind, if one wants to reach the goal, are Truth and Righteousness, Love and Sacrifice.


Discourse No. (57)


The universe is a manifestation of God. The sun and the stars and the various constellations that are constantly in motion are His creations. Everything in the universe is in motion but God alone is motionless. The whole universe vibrates because of His vibrations. Motionless, He works His laws in such a mysterious manner that it is a wonder, not only to man on the earth plane but even to the highest entity in the Spirit World. He is the cosmic force, the interpenetrat­ing dynamic flash, the vibrating nucleus of the whole uni­verse. The whole universe revolves round Him, the pillar and centre of magnetic attraction. He makes and unmakes, creates and destroys. He is the designer; He is the planner He is the Ruler; He is the Law-maker. His diverse forces o multiple nature work so systematically and methodically under the supremacy of One Universal Law—the Law of Harmony, that it is amazing with what precision, the intricacies are planned and evolved and they work so harmoniously in a mass of apparent confusion and chaos. Infinite spaces form His realm. Eternity, endlessness, ceaselessness, is another aspect of His universalism. He is ONE in ALL, ALL in ONE. He is stupendous, beyond human comprehension. His powers are limitless. His energy is inexhausible. He is the generating box of the whole universe. He is transcendent and immanent. He pervades the whole universe from the sun to the speck of dust on the earth plane. He is all Glory, Love, Light and Love. He is the pivot of every soul, the magnet of every creatures, the sun driver, the sky creeper, the sunshine and glory of every human heart, awakening or awakened to the highest consciousness within him. Unparalleled in power, matchless in beauty, limitless, timeless, spaceless, eternal, infinite, God is the lodestar, the magnet, which must draw eventually every human soul, pining and fretting on the earth plane to his own bosom, for Unity is the Law of the Universe, not diversity which is apparent, but not real.


Discourse No. (58)


All rivers fall into the ocean. All human souls must also eventually be absorbed into the Ocean of Eternity i.e., God. Each soul is a spark of the fire of God. It has emanated from God, it must return to God. This is the Law of Evolution, which I have created and which works in combination with the Law of KARMA.

There are limitless worlds and limitless solar systems in My universe. No human soul can have the least conception the infiniteness of My universe and the infinite forces that are working throughout the entire realm of My sovereignty. The grandeur and beauty of My Spiritual Plane are of an indescribable nature. Only Adepts with their inner eyes open, can behold the beauty and magnificence on My highest plane. The Masters who direct and control the management of your world under My orders are denizens of My highest plane. They are perfected human souls, who after countless incarnations, attain to the final goal of absorption into the Ocean of Eternity.

The whole process is from darkness to light, from chaos to order, from sin and suffering to peace and bliss, from death to immortality. The highest reward of the human soul, thrown into the vortex of life on the physical plane of sin, sorrow and suffering, is eternal bliss i.e., absorption into Godhood. Man becomes a God in his highest nature.


Discourse No. (59)


Man is born and he dies. A seed is sown, it grows, it ripens into a fruit or a plant and then withers away. But withering, it leaves seeds behind. When man dies, his mortal body becomes dust, but his soul is immortal. Its home is My Spirit World but it takes a physical body and comes to the physical plane to gain experience of life. It is a traveller between the Spirit World and the Physical Plane. Its travels cease only when it is perfected in the likeness of God. Essentially a spark of God, it reaches its goal of union with God, after countless peregrinations on the earth plane in the human body.

Soul and Spirit in man are great friends. The more the soul looks upto the Spirit within and without, the more quickly it extracts itself from the embarrassing sheaths in which it is covered. It is only when all the sheaths are dropped/ that the soul becomes free and gains its emancipation.

Life's purpose is emancipation of the soul, which can be attained only through the pathway of the spirit. It is only when spirit triumphs over matter that the goal is reached and man gains his rightful place in the universe. It is man's being . how he lives and thinks, that matters. Let him live in spirit, thinking of God - the absolute Spirit pervading through the universe and he will reach the final destination quicker and with ease.


Discourse No. (60)


To know God is the purpose of life. Man is generally satisfied with the objects of the senses and he does not care to probe into the mysteries of life. He thinks what is visible is real and plans the scheme of his life on the pattern of visible forces only. Such planning is feeble for what is real is not what is visible but what is not visible. God is the mightiest of the invisible forces and man must break the rampart of invisibility by devoting himself whole-heartedly to God. Complete devotion to God is a key to the inner realms of secrecy. He must become a God-man if he wishes to touch the fringe of the veil that hides the inner workings of the universe.

All those who are God-men and intoxicated in God are loved by God. He takes them into the inner chamber and reveals Himself to them in all His glory and splendour.


Discourse No. (61)


There are various paths to reach the summit of God realisation. Each path has its own peculiarity. The path of devotion, bhakti, is the most vital. Devotion to God is the essential framework of every structure leading to Godhood. A karma-yogi is a bhakta, though a bhakta, may not necessarily be karma-yogi. Similarly a gnani is a bhakta, but a bhakta is not necessarily a gnani.

In the evolution of the soul, though there are different paths indicated, it is necessary to combine the elements of all the three paths to make one's progress quicker and more certain. Be a karma yogi, a gnani or a bhakta, laying stress on such qualities in you as make you bend more towards any one of the three paths. If your heart surges with divine emotion all the time, be a bhakta, the first and the last, but don't disdain or avoid the other paths, the path of duty gnana. By duty what is meant is action without expectation of any return what-so-ever. Whatever path one treads, complete thyaga. Vairagya (renunciation) is necessary. Without renunciation in the truest spirit of the word, no pilgrim soul can ever reach the goal. It is the foot-print which has to be followed by every traveller to the goal.


Discourse No. (62)


Bhakti Marga is essential in all yogas to reach the goal of self-realisation. Without devotion to God, all your gnana and detached action are useless. The heart must throb in tune with the infinite. The embers of the inner fire must be kept burning day and night for it is the inward urge that will take the devotee to his God. But the devotee must not be selfish. He must work for others like a true karma yogi and give the best of his energy and talent for the betterment of the world.

True knowledge is spiritual wisdom. It is not the fruit of intellect but a flow from the fountain of Eternity through the channel of intuition. When a yogi rigs himself upto God, He helps him in gaining access to the secret passages for gaining divine wisdom. His mind becomes so tuned with the Infinite Mind, that what is known as intellect ceases to function and its place is taken by a higher power. The gateway of intellect is shut and the window of intuition is opened, bringing the Yogi into direct communion with God and all the mysteries of life and universe. Such a union of man with God is God-realisation.


Discourse No. (63)


India is a land of spiritual men from the ancient past. She has kept up her tradition for spiritual love and she will continue to play the role of spiritual teacher to the world. Spirituality is the essence of Indian culture. The teachings of the ancient rishis and traditions pertaining to them have percolated so deeply in the mind and hearts of the Indian people, that in spite of gross materialism in which they are steeped like all other nations, their souls have survived the storms of Time. They have not lost their individuality. This individuality consists in their innate spirituality.

No country has produced such great spiritual stalwarts as India. Her saints, sages and self-realised souls form a distinct feature in the history of India, both ancient and modern. She is destined to play a leading part in shaping the world on the spiritual pattern of life.


Discourse No. (64)


God works throughout the universe in a most meticu­lous and mysterious manner. His inner mysteries are so many and bewildering that they are beyond the comprehension of any entity. Man can get just a glimpse of His mysteries and even that glimpse is so staggering to him. The whole universe rotates on one law and it is the Law of vibration of Harmony and Union.

It is only on your earth plane that the opposite forces of and darkness, virtue and sin, love and hatred, action reaction, tide and ebb, heat and cold, good and evil are constantly struggling, each to gain supremacy but without success. The tidal wave of success would come only when man gifted with free will, vanquishes the foe of evil completely with the sword of righteousness. This ultimate triumph of man over the forces of evil, even in your dual world of love and hatred, peace and suffering, is planned by God. This is the millennium man must seek to establish, even if it takes countless years.

When man begins to understand that it is life that is important and not form, spirit, not matter, substance, not shadow, he will veer round the right path and lead himself and others into the land of Bliss. Bliss Eternal is the goal of life.


Discourse No. (65)


There is no religion higher than Truth and God is the only Reality. Reach the Reality through the marg (path) of Truth, even if the path be narrow and sharp, like the edge of a razor. Worship God and God alone, for He is the only Reality. He alone is worthy of worship and none else.

Make God the idol of your life. He and He alone is your Guide, Friend, Protector and Helper, as you make your journey through the dreary desert of life on the earth plane. The more you turn to Him, the more He will succour and strengthen you. Keep to God and He will free you from all earthly worries and cares. You will feel the fragrance of His presence. Make God the fulcrum of your life. Get yourself woven in Him by spreading thoughts of love and purity all around. He is around you, within you, inside you. Feel His touch and your life would be full of dynamic achievements. He is the dynamo, the great generator of electricity in you. See this divine electricity which will transform you and help you in transforming others in your scheme of beautifying the world. It is God's dynamic touch that alone can transform you and nothing else. Seek this divine fire, by your longing for God. The more you long for Him, the more you concen­trate on Him, in the inner temple of your heart. He will ignite your heart, the minute you take His name on your lips and thrill you with ecstatic delight. Make God the only object of your life for He alone is the Reality, all else is Maya, an illusion, a delusion.


Discourse No. (66)


Each one evolves according to his karma. The earth plane is the most important theatre for the evolution of man's soul. The physical body is specially given to man for this purpose. He brings within birth, the seed of all good noble thoughts and emotions, to enable him to make further progress in the process of evolution. All evil thoughts and evil deeds have their repercussions but their seeds are never sown again. With each incarnation, man throws off all seeds of evil thoughts and emotions. God gives him a chance to rise higher and higher without any handicap. The memory of good thought and noble emotions is enshrined in his soul as he takes a new birth but that of evil thoughts and negative emotions is completely effaced.

Suffering in physical life is the direct result of man's own bad Karma in the past incarnations. The suffering is meant for the purging of the soul of the sins of man. It continues till man becomes perfect and even after the attainment of perfection, it continues for the attainment of still higher objects in God's universe. It is for this reason why saints and sages, after attaining their emancipation, are subjected to physical suffering.

The law of Karma is the most vital pivot on which man's salvation depends. Each one seeks his own way, as it suits him to evolve. It may take him a few incarnations or a countless numbers of births to attain perfection. He reaches the top of the ladder of perfection in short or long time, according to his will. Karma and free will are the two concomitant parts in man's struggle for ascendency towards perfection and eventual emancipation in the process of evolution. The more he surrenders to the will of God, the quicker he reaches the goal. Complete self-surrender to God is the key to man's evolution.


Discourse No. (67)


Men worship God in churches and temples, mosques and synagogues. Religion is a matter of the heart and each one wishes to worship according to his own way. Each thinks his own religion to be the best. This is a natural sentiment but when it goes beyond proper bounds, it ceases to be a virtue. No religion teaches antagonism to another religion. The very basis of religion is toleration and goodwill and if this is destroyed, religion deteriorates into mere fanaticism —destruction of all that is fundamental in religion.

Worship in churches is good. It is again a natural and easier way of inspiring the man's mind into God worship. People give their best in such form of external worship for it appeals to them. But in reality such external worship is not on par with the worship which a man offers in the temple of his own heart. The heart is the true temple for devotion to God. Whether one worships externally or internally, what pleases God is the sincerity of devotion in its utterance and not mere display of it in a church or cathedral. Sincerity is the touchstone of devotion and this sincerity emanates more when he remembers God in the seclusion of his own heart and not in mass gathering and shows.

Worship God therefore in the temple of your heart with real fervour and devotion. It constitutes the true purpose o religion. It is this flame rising from your heart that will make you beloved of God and men.


Discourse No. (68)


What is fair and beautiful often turns out to be ugly and unpleasant. Similarly what is distasteful and difficult proves in the end to be most pleasant and easy. A bitter pill cures a disease. A honeyed word of a flattery is winged with shafts of poison. Bodily enjoyment end in disease and suffering. Abstinence gives joy and health.

To find God who is shrouded in mysteries, the veil of ignorance has to be removed . Knowledge is power; wisdom is the key to the solution of human suffering. Seek that which is hidden from your physical eyes. Dive deep into the inner recesses of your heart to get a glimpse of true light. What is visible is not true. What is invisible is real. It is through the pathway of purity, austerity, control of the mind, sacrifice and suffering, that the light of pure wisdom is attained. To scatter the clouds that hide the reality, your watchword should be "More Light, more Light," and you will disperse the clouds of ignorance, to reach the sun of Glory. Seek God in the inner recesses of the heart and not in external worship. Seek that which is internal and not be satisfied with mere external trappings. Gems of pure ray serene are hidden in the caves of ocean deep. They do not lie uncovered on the beach shore. God's truths are like the hidden gems of pearls. They have to be discovered and possessed by diving deep into the waters of life's experiences. Seek God and God alone and no earthly treasure, which will fade away. God alone is the source of Eternal Bliss. (6.2.1953)

Discourse No. (69)


Nothing is at rest in the universe. Even the tiniest speck of dust, though it seems to be at rest, is in motion. Each atom of substance is not matter. It is in reality a force, a vibratory force which seeks its unison with other mighty forces work­ing in the universe. All these forces are of invisible nature Each plays its role according to the degree of utility and power vested in it by God. From the speck of dust on the ground to the highest solar system in the universe, the Law of vibration is so interlaced, that every thing works in perfect harmony and unison. All evil eventually must extinguish itself. Such is God's plan. The evil on earth is a tremendous force of destruction. This has its continuation in the other planes. The forces of good and evil are so intertwined in man, when he is in the physical world, that to grapple with evil and free himself from its clutches becomes his essential duty. If he fails in it,the process of evolution continues both in the physical world and in the invisible worlds, till rid of all the gross, the soul of man triumphantly marches onward to be merged in the great Law of Harmony-Universal Harmony, Peace and Bliss in Eternity.


Discourse No. (70)


Christ said that he who gains the whole world but loses his soul, loses everything but he who loses the world but keeps his soul gains all. This Christian dictum illustrates the most fundamental spiritual truth that spirit survives in all cases and not matter. Matter is the most unspiritual side of spirit. It is not substance but shadow, if we judge it from the higher point of understanding. To run after shadows is foolish. Just as all that glitters is not gold, things which give mere temporary satisfaction are not worth following. Name and fame, wealth or riches, glory or power these are obstruc­tions in the path of spirit. All forms are veils of ignorance. They are external trappings of no worth.

God is spirit. Truth is spirit. Realisation of the Highest Truth in Nature is the objective of the life of spirit. Spirit is the richness of the soul. It is light eternal, joy, divine peace infinite. Live for spirit. Die for spirit. Spirit, Truth, God, Eternal Bliss, Infinite peace, these are all interwoven and interlaced. Spirit is the fire of the soul. Matter is gross. Burn matter with the fire of the soul and you will become spirit in unison with the highest and the best in you and in the universe.


Discourse No. (71)


There is a continuous change in the universe. The sun rises in the morning bringing daylight and sets in the evening causing darkness of the night. The crescent becomes the full moon and the full moon again becomes a crescent and then fades away for some time. Seasons change. Spring and Summer, Autumn and Winter, heat and vice-versa. Seeds grow into plants and plants give flowers and fruit and then decay. Man is born and he dies and he is re-born and this cycle of birth and death continues on the earth plane.

All things change in the universe, except God. God alone is causeless and changeless. He creates changes, but Himself is unchanged. He causes tremendous cataclysms in Nature, but Himself is Motionless. The Absoluteness of God is beyond human comprehension. He is the seed and essence of all creation, both manifest and unmanifest.

He is the Absolute spirit prevading throughout the universe. He is personal and impersonal. He is transcendent. He is immanent. He is within every substance in the uni­verse; He is beyond the universe, He is the soul of all souls. He is the light of all lights. To know Him is to know everything in the universe. To love Him in the purity of heart is the only way to know Him. To know Him is to gain Eternal Peace and Bliss.


Discourse No. (72)


It is wrong to say that God-realisation is a mere building of a castle in the air. It is not at all an impossible feat, as commonly considered. It is extremely difficult no doubt, but at the same time, it is within the compass of man if he is earnest in his quest and absolutely pure in his heart. What is wanted is purity of heart in the first instance coupled with sincerity of purpose and a dogged mind that would not be defeated by opposition  and obstacles.  What is  dry, difficult, dreary and dangerous in the beginning becomes smooth, serene, sweet and successful in the end. It is only when the job is done that the workman feels at rest. There can be no real peace or rest for any human being, unless and until, he braves the rugged path, narrow and horny and deary as it may be and reaches the end. It is a path that goes winding round the mountain overhanging a deep ravine leading to the summit. There are millions in the valley struggling for breath and life but without success. It is only the brave, who leave the valley and take the precipitious path, climb the mountain and reach the summit.

God is SAT CHIT ANANDA Absolute Existence, Con­sciousness, Bliss. Reach the summit and get absorbed in Eternal Bliss, which is the real goal of life and nothing else.


Discourse No. (73)


The scientist makes use of his instruments, invented by him for the furtherance of his scientific knowledge, The astronomer gazes at the stars-studded sky through his huge telescope and watches the movements of the stars, planets and other celestial bodies for the purpose of his varied calculations.

Man's intellect plays a dominant part in his achievements on the earth plane. But this intellect is a tiny weapon. In fact, it is no weapon at all in furtherance of Truth. Truth is beyond human understanding, beyond human conception. This Truth is God. The astronomer may calculate distance of the stars and planets by means of his instruments. But he will not be able to discover the movements of God within him. For this, he needs a higher instrument - the instrument of a higher faculty - the faculty of intuition, which is beyond human intellect. Physical perception of the universe is deceitful. All forms are false. What is visible is not true. To dive into the Reality, which is Absolute Existence, Consciousness, Bliss — one has to renounce his all in all and give himself up to one thought, one longing, one yearning, one goal in life viz., perfection of his soul to perceive the Over Soul - the Absolute pervading the universe. The subjective-objective intellect has to give way to the higher consciousness and complete egoless non-relativity and non-separatness. Till ; this state is reached, no one can understand God or realise His infiniteness. God exists. His existence is absolute. He has not to be found. He is there already. See Him with the eye of the spirit within, feel Him with the throb of your heart, slay the mind of its ego-consciousness and then realisation of God would follow in the twinkle of an eye. Not through forms and sense and mind but through your own consciousness which is innate in you, you would realise God-the greatest mystery in the universe and the greatest radiator of joy-conscious.


Discourse No. (74)


You know what is said in the Bible:" Many are called but few are chosen” So many aspire for Truth —some out of arrogance think that their deep learning and scholarship would be rewarded by the descent of His grace on them. It is a mistaken notion that a devotee's depth of spiritual knowl­edge is criterion of his accessibility to God. God is not concerned with the devotee's mental qualities. What God wants is purity of heart and not the quantum of intellectuality. It is sincerity, earnestness, purity, self-abnegation, sacrifice and utter devotion to God, that act as a magnet in drawing a person nearer to God. God-realisation is the product of man's endeavour through his heart and not his head. A man may be utterly innocent and ignorant of every­thing but such complete self-abnegation succeeds in attain­ing God's grace and love. It is not mental gymnastics that is the passport to God-realisation but the depth of human emotions, coloured and dyed with the sacred hue of the heart's devotion to God.

Love rules the world. Love rules the whole universe. It is the cradle and citadel of life transcendental and eternal. God is Love. Love God with all the depth of your heart and divinity would flow in you like a rushing torrent. Love all without restraint, without effort, spontaneously, whole­heartedly, in the true spirit of love without expectation of any return of love or kindness. Love all, but above all, love God the most, as God is All and All is in God.


Discourse No. (75)


Every religion has its hidden side, which is known as occult science, meant for those who are advanced in spiritual knowledge and are intent upon God-realisation. Christ used to speak in parables to the masses, but to those of his immediate followers, he initiated them in the mysteries of life. What is hidden is real and in order to understand the hidden side of life, great strength of character and utter disregard for the God are a Sine-Qua-Non. To lose all is to gain all, said Christ. This is too true. In your infatuation for God, you should be prepared to give up everything in the true spirit of renunciation. It is only then that you can mount the step leading to the Inner Region of God's working in the universe.


Discourse No. (76)


Just as gold when melted in fire is purged of its dross and becomes pure, man has to go through the crucible of fiery experiences to cleanse his mind and soul of all the dross with which they are covered. The greater the trials, the greater the suffering, the quicker is the process of emancipation. Trial and suffering have an intrinsic value, and as such, should be considered a necessary item in the process of the unfoldment of man's inner forces.

What is vital is spirit, not matter. Whatever conduces to the betterment of the spirit, whether it be pleasant or un­pleasant, joyous or dreadful, peaceful or otherwise, has to be welcomed and not shunned.

God alone is Absolute. To attain that state of perfection which is the goal of life, man encounters all hurdles of opposition, which are the outcome of man's finite thinking. It is because man's intellect is finite, he is unable to perceive the Absolute, which is infinite and Eternal.

Intellect is a barrier to entry into the Higher Region of existence. But when the soul is purged of its dross, man loses the charm of external life. The objects of the senses and the mind cease to have their hold on him. His soul aspires to leap from the bondage of relativity into spaceless, timeless ex­panse of all glory, light, eternal bliss and quietude transcen­dental, supramental and suprarational. The ego-conscious­ness is merged into effulgence of the transcedental Self. It is thus the Spirit triumphs over matter and in the triumph of the spirit, in its onward march towards the goal of self-effulgence, all opposing forces melt away like mist in the rising sun. 


Discourse No. (77)


Man is a microcosm and the universe is a macrocosm. Every man carries with him a blueprint of the whole uni­verse. He becomes aware of the secrets of the universe as soon as he begins to worship Him. He dwells within the cave of his heart. God is not a commodity that has to be searched and acquired. He exists everywhere. He is latent, no doubt, but not latent to one who aspires for Him in the true spirit of devotion and longing. To know God is to realise God and not to acquire God. God — realisation is an evolutionary process. By discarding forms and the objects of the senses and the mind, by giving up all ideas of relativity, by diving deep into the essence of everything rejecting all labels, outward forms and trappings, the Absolute is realised. The essence of everything is God. When man realises this great Truth, he      * becomes a sage, a God- realised man.

When God was thanked for these beautiful discourses which were given to me in the altar room, He gave the following illuminating message:

"Do you know that these discourses are a reflection of what you have been able to grasp yourself. I have only helped you in putting them in proper form and style. They are not only an expression of your grasp of the whole