Bhagavan Sri Sai Baba is a direct representative of all gods. He is an incarnation of Omnipresent, Divine force. Sri Sai Baba is ever protecting God to all His devotees who are having full faith and devotion, and who pray with pure heart. His grace is ever present. Sri Sai Baba is God who ever responds to our deep loving prayers. The all merciful Sai Nath sprinkles His divine love on all His devotees. He will be satisfied on seeing His deep loving devotees who are immersed in Him. Just as the mother struggles for the improvement of her children and feel happy on seeing their prosperity, Baba will help all His devotees who aspire for philosophical improvement, grant them 'Atma-Jnana' and present them salvation. Sri Sai Baba will relieve the difficulties of His devotees and bless them with peace and happiness.

In various countries there are crores of Sai devotees. I am just like a drop in the divine ocean. Every devotee who approaches Sai Baba with love will experience His divine Leelas. We may not be able to understand some of His miracles and even of those miracles we may forget some of them and remember some. He will throw away our worst difficulties just like cotton balls. With the mercy of Baba our lives have become purified. At every moment He is protecting us with his merciful soft heart and with this faith only we are leading our lives. Our only aim of life is to lead our lives along with His foot-prints.

If we can serve Sri Sai Baba with our pure heart and soul and fully surrender ourselves in his service Sri Sai Nath will shower His mercy always. He only will take our troubles on his shoulders, solve our problems, and thus remove our grief, present us with happiness. Thus we will be relieved of our worldly worries. When we are relieved of our sufferings which were binding us, the immense desire for reaching Sri Sai Baba will increase in us and thus our devotion improves immensely. Sri Sai will improve our philosophical activities, step by step and grant the supreme state of salvation. He will lead us to divine spirit and remove darkness of our ignorance. As we are ordinary human beings, we are not able to go beyond the pains and pleasures of our lives. Baba will respond to our problems, help us to get rid of them and lead us in his path.

To all corners of the world, the miracles of Sai Baba are spread like pearls in the ocean. It is impossible for any one to collect them and sew them as a garland. With the directions and mercy of Baba, I am writing some of the experiences received by the members of our family, and the miracles I have experienced. As the rays of sun drive away the darkness of nature and awaken us, in the same way Baba's Leelas awaken the devotees who read about him, and their devotion and faith on Sri Sai Baba increase immensely. Sri Sai Baba has presented very many divine messages, teachings and his Leelas to my husband Sri Bharam Umamaheswara Rao Garu with instructions to spread them far and wide just like the raining showers of clouds.

I am presenting these 'Sai Leelas' which are golden experiences. What ever experience we received is not due to our greatness but devotion, mercy and masterly activity of Baba. The names indicated in this book are only nominal. We are like playful toys in the hands of Baba. Baba himself is our life, is the divine light in us is the propeller of our spiritual path. Sri Sai Baba Himself is the master of this book and He is the divine force for the up bringing of this book.

With the grace of Sri Sai Baba I have collected the miracles of various devotees and have written 'SAI LEELA TARANGINI, 'SRI SAI LEELA SRAVANTHI and SRI SAI LALITA GEETA VIBHAVARI - in poetical verses, in Telugu language. With the kind mercy of Baba, I got them printed. Sai Bhaktas read these books and appreciated much about these writings. By the grace of Baba, this book is being printed in English language also.

Our heartfelt thanks who have helped us in getting this book printed. Our thanks also due to Sri M.V. Srinivas, Poornakala Offset Printers, Narayanguda, Hyderabad, who got this book printed I am deeply indebted to Kumari Bondada Sirisha and Smt. Pingala Janaki Jyothi in translating Telugu chapters into English. We sincerely feel that the devotees who read the experiences of Baba will go nearer and nearer to Him.

With the grace of Sri Baba, the pearls of Baba's miracles collected as 'MANIHARA' and presenting this to Baba Himself.

I am prostrating with devotion and dedication to Sri Sai Baba.

In the service of Sri Sai Baba,

Bharam Mani Umamaheswara Rao


Sri Sai Baba has declared that He has come to give blessings to people, temporal and spiritual and that He drew to Him under various pretexts.

Lord Sai Nath says: Four sorts of men are drawn to me. They are (1) the distressed; (2) those seeking knowledge; (3) those wanting worldly objects; (4) those who desire perfect wisdom.

When distress enters, all fancied doubts fly and leave the man with ready receptive heart and make his rush to Sai Baba. Though in the early days of Baba many at Shirdi considered Baba as a mere 'Fakir'. Baba's goodness converted a few to believe Him. Baba's medical help for leprosy, T.B. Etc. was miraculous and effective. He kept on chanting 'ALLAH-MALIK' and soon He got 'SAKSHATAKARA (as He Himself told to H.S. Dixit).

Baba once said 'I say here and they happen there'. For Sai Devotees this is an every day experience. The moment we remember, SAI always comes for our help. Therefore we consider Baba as God. For a person who has completely surrendered to Sai -Consciousness there is always Sai-Joy.

All the 24 hours of the day and night, Baba is actively working for the benefit of every one who comes to Him or whoever prays Him.

SARVABHUTA HEITERATAH is the description of our Guru-God Sai Baba. Let us pray to Him and seek is help in ail respects - spiritual as well as temporal.

Let us remember that Sai Baba is close behind our thoughts and He rushes to our rescue whenever we call Him for help.

As we are seeing the miracles are being performed by Baba, even to-day, we can firmly believe that He is existing even now. I will give an example to confirm the fact that Baba is guiding us, helping us and showing His Grace and Mercy in every aspect.

I experienced a wonderful miracle of Sri Sai Baba. My husband was having a heart trouble from 1968 and all Super Specialists diagnosed it as 'AORTIC STENOSIS WITH REGURGITATION' and advised him to undergo by-pass heart surgery. Many times he had severe syncope attacks and recovered with difficulty and the pulse was becoming very irregular. In the year 1983 Sri Sai Baba appeared in his dream and applied Udhi on his fore-head, when he was having severe heart pain. Later in November 1983, when he was in meditation, he experienced that a glow of light flashed from Sri Sai Baba's photo, pierced his skin in the heart area in a circular manner. Then, he felt burning sensation and then he observed that the blood was oozing from the circular burnt area. The marks of burns are seen as stitches and from that time onwards, the heaviness in the chest and the syncope attacks subsided. The ring like burns were later photographed and even to-day one. can see the marks. Immediately afterwards all the tests pertaining to the heart like X-ray, ECG, Stress, Eco-Cardiogram etc. were conducted and the Specialists confirmed that the heart was normal. Till that time, he was using various medicines for years together, Costing us thousands of rupees. After this unique surgery performed by Sri Sai Baba, my husband gave up using medicines and he became healthy.

One fact is universally felt by all Sai devotees that Sri Sai Baba is living and watching all our movements and guides us in a perfect manner.

How Lord Sai Nath Promptly Responded to the Ardent Prayer of Mine

"One night my husband had a dream in which Sri Sai Baba told him to read the 23rd chapter from the Bible. Then we came to know the Bible and the Geeta are one and the same as they contain the same meaning. Any Guru is the incarnation of Lord Dattatreya. Though he has got several names, God is one and only one. In the same way we have realized that though people of different religions are all one and the same".

A few days before Sri Sai Baba cured my husband of his heart disease, I had a dream in which, I saw four people carrying my husband on their hands and told me that he was dead    I was apprehensive and hurriedly showed them a cot to place him on it. They did it and went off. I could not even ask them how it happened or when it happened, or where it happened? I was paralysed with shock at my husband's death. Later I sat by my husband's bed and was sobbing. Then after sometime, I could see slight movement in him or it may be my illusion. After observing him keenly again, I saw a slight movement in him. My mind boggled with series of questions like why did these four men mistaken him to be dead? When he was unconscious and how stupidly I believed what they saw".

"Though I was anxious of providing him with medical aid immediately, after a few minutes, I saw that his pulse began to hear. To my surprise I saw the bust photo of Jesus Christ around my husband's head upto his shoulders in a crescent shape. Then I knew that my husband could survive only because of God's Grace. I also realized that God, the Almighty, is present everywhere. He is Omnipresent and from that day onwards, I started worshipping Jesus Christ also keeping His photo in my shrine".

2)         I will narrate another instance to prove that Sai is Omnipresent and Omnipotent. He alerts them of danger by appearing in their dreams. In the early hours of November 28th, 1984, my husband had a dream in which Sai Baba told him 'Your life is going to be in danger tomorrow. Send a word to your children and near ones. I am with you. Do not worry".

"As my husband and myself were at our house in Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad, I was baffled and rang upto my sisters, who were then at Hyderabad, and asked them to come for moral support and also stay with us that night".

"My husband was alright till the next morning. For one hour he had in meditation. Usually he meditate every day for 2 or 3 hours. As I had to attend on my house - hold work and came out of the Pooja Room. Sometime elapsed. I heard my grand-daughter Chy. Sudha screaming that my husband became unconscious. I ran into the room and saw my husband lying over the floor near Baba's feet and was unconscious. There was no sign of his gaining consciousness. Immediately we called the Doctor, who attends on him periodically. He checked up and told that my husband was in danger and advised us to admit him in the Hospital immediately".

"As my husband was in trance, he was clad in dhoti. The sacred 'Rudraksha Mala' around his neck looked as if it were around the neck of a statue. His heart had stopped beating. There was neither pulse, nor even breathing.   It was really painful but it was also certain that my husband died. But how it all happened, while Baba assured him 'I am with you'. Then I thought that Baba might have engaged in saving other devotee's problems and forgot about my husband. Unknowingly I screamed - "Baba-Baba". As soon as I screamed five times, my  husband  took a deep breath as if he received an electric shock. That is how I could see Baba saving my husband from death."

"My husband suffered for 15 years from heart disease before Sri Sai Baba cured him of his heart disease. At that time, he had to be given immediate medical attention and also at times Doctors were not available at the hour of need my husband used to suffer with severe heart pain, I could not bear watching him, wriggling and writhing with pain. Fortunately, as my father was a doctor by profession and in my childhood I used to watch him treating patients and giving injections which helped me a bit. I slowly learnt giving necessary first aid treatment like administering medicines, checking his pulse, giving him injections which gave him temporary relief. As I am well aware of the difference between losing consciousness at the time of heart attack and lifeless state of a person. Then I understand that his life was really in danger. Sri Sai Baba saved my husband's life and gave him rebirth as He assured him in his dream and thus his dream turned true".

"Later we got him admitted in 'Curewell Nursing Home', Lakdikapool at Hyderabad. Immediately doctors conducted various tests, removed flum from his throat by suction apparatus and gave him 5% Glucose intravenous drip, took blood sample for test. Reports were given immediately and only 50 ml of blood sugar was present, instead of 150 ml of blood sugar. The doctors who attended on him told that we were very lucky by bringing him intime or else he would have died. We concealed the fact from that he was out of danger by Sri Sai Baba's Grace only. My husband is not a diabetic patient and every day he consumes countless cups of coffee mixed with sugar and liberally eats all varieties of sweets, we still do not understand how it has happened. When a man passes through a bad phase, he has to face all odds and fight against them. One who has the DIVINE BLESSINGS of SRI SAI BABA is well armed to fight against all odds.


On 21st of July, 1984 we conducted NAMA - SANKEERTANA at our house in Sriram Nagar, Hyderabad for 3 hours. We were all ecstatic and with devotion we all participated. It looked as if every brick and sand with which our house was constructed was filled with sanctity. Devotees came from far away places to participate in Nama Sankeertana.

Our family friend Sri D. Sankarayya Garu introduced the Bajan party to us. As my husband did not know, how much we have to pay to the Bajan Party, he asked Sri Sankarayya Garu, whether Rs. 100/- would be sufficient. Sankarayya Garu said that the Bajan party people were not commercial and they do it with devotion and they would accept only auto charges of Rs.25/- and that it would be sufficient. My husband said that it does not good if we give them Rs.25/- only and I want to pay atleast Rs.50/-. Atlast Mr. Sankarayya agreed for the payment of Rs.50/- and leave the choice to my husband. As my husband had no change for Rs.50/- he took Rs.50/- note from my daughter-in-law and gave it in Tambulam. When we were giving it, all the other devotees also were observing. Dr. G.R. Vijayakumar, an ardent devotee of Baba, who came from Hosur (Tamiland) was also there at that time. He also witnessed this.

The very next night, Sri Sai Baba appeared in my husband's dream and laughed and said - Though you wanted to give Rs. 100/-, you gave only Rs.50/- note, but it was Rs. 100/- note. He also showed the hundred rupee note to my husband and heckled him. Immediately my husband woke up and went to see whether the Rs. 100/- note was in his pocket or not. When we asked my daughter-in-law, whether she had given a single Rs.50/- note or by mistake two fifty Rupee notes. She said that she gave only one fifty rupee note. On hearing this we were in dilema that why Baba laughed and said it was hundred rupee note only, while we gave only fifty rupee note and what was the Baba's intention? So we decided to ask Sri Sankarayya Garu about that. As we came into contact with him about 3 months back only, my husband was a bit hesitate to go and ask him, whether he has given fifty rupee note or hundred rupee note as it was a very delicate question. With that delicacy he went to Sri Sankarayya Garu's house next day morning, hoping to get a chance to ask him. As soon as my husband entered his house, Sri Sankarayya Garu asked him why he had decided to give them Rs. 100/- note instead of Rs.50/-. My husband asked him who told him about it. Sri Sankarayya garu said that the Bajan Party themselves told after coming out from your house. Then my husband told him about his dream and about Rs. 100/- note.

Immediately Sri Sankarayya Garu left for Maredpalli to contact the Bajan party people and also to tell them that note should be kept in a holy place but by then itself, they purchased two L.P. Records of devotional songs with that note.

We understand that Baba taught us a lesson.


On the very auspicious day of Guru Poomima in the year 1985, we conducted Sri Sai Nama Sankeertana at our house in Hyderabad. Baba's devotees thronged our hall. For 3 hours we performed Nama Sankeertana under the auspicious of Sai Ankita Bhakta Sri D. Sankarayya Garu.

A old blind man, clad in a white dhoti and Kafini and white cloth tied around his head entered the hall where we were doing Nama Japa. As our staircase room was at a corner, it is very difficult for strangers to locate and we all wondered, how this blind man having no two eyes, found the stair case climbed it and came. He sat in a comer. He asked whether we do the Bhajan on every Sunday and we answered that we do it once in a way. Again he asked that why it was not informed this to him. Then I said that I had not seen him before and asked for his address but he did not give proper answer and kept quite.

A few devotees of Baba believed that Baba came in disguise and advised me to send him after giving food. My son Krishna Kishore was not aware of all this and offered him help to descend the stair case as stair case is full with footwear. He said that he would go after hearing Doctor's speech (Dr. Sudhakar Maharaj). A few minutes before this, my husband requested Sri Dr. Sudhakar Maharaj to speak a few words about Baba. I wondered how this blind man came to know that Maharaj was a Doctor. As that man wanted to stay for some more time my son went and sat somewhere close to stair case door. My husband sat by the side of the old man. Dr. Sudhakar Maharaj spoke about devotion and dedication. After a few minutes, when I looked that side, where the stranger sat, he was not there. That old man had a hefty personality and my husband would have known, if at all he left the crowded room. Doors of stair case room were ajar and none of the devotees who sat blocking the way, remember him going away, we could not make head or tail of how and why he disappeared. Then slowly we all realized that he was none other than Sri Sai Baba.

Once again we performed Sai Nama Sankeertana in our house at Hyderabad on 10th August, 1986.

A few devotees experienced certain Leelas of Sri Sai Baba who attended the Nama Sankeertana.

One of the devotees felt as if he received an electric shock soon after entering our house.

Another devotee got a vision of Sri Dattatreya Swami, while meditating.

Sri Sai blessed my husband by placing His hand on my husband's head and as a proof for that my husband's head emulated sweet smell.

All these are experiences of Baba's compassion.


In May 1985, my husband had a dream, in which Sri Sai Baba had instructed him to start a magazine for the Propagation of SAIBABA'S PHILOSOPHY AND HIS TATWA. The same night, Sri Sai had given darshan to Sri Yousuf Ali Khan and asked him to assist Sri Uma Maheswara Rao in bringing out this book and also guide him to name the book as "SAI PRABHA". He also ordered that the book should be released by "GURU POORNIMA" day.

My husband completely lacked any experience in writing and also financially it was not possible to run the magazine by us. Amidst this dilemma, we had called for a meeting with Sai Devotees to discuss on this issue. Most of them opined that it is very difficult to run a magazine and that completion of this task is not possible. Though, my husband was initially discouraged, he was determined to start this magazine since it was Baba's order and believed that Baba would always guide him. He with the assistance of Sri Yousuf AH Khan and ventured to start 'SAI PRABHA' monthly magazine.

On the day of "GURU POORNIMA", the inaugural issue of 'SAI PRABHA' was released by Dr. Divakarla Venkata Avadhani garu at 'Sri G.V.R. Naidu Sai Samaj Mandir', Secunderabad.

In 1985, on Vijaya Dashami day, a special issue of 'SAI PRABHA' was released. By the divine grace of Baba, there was good response to the magazine. However, managing the magazine had become a very onerous job for my husband, due to which I suppose Baba has sent Sri V. Narayan Rao garu for his assistance. Inspite of not knowing one another earlier, he assisted in running this magazine. My husband is a retired Additional Superintendent of Police, while Sri Narayan Rao garu is a Deputy Director at Pay & Accounts Office. Though, both of them do not have any experience in running a magazine, by Baba's Grace, the Magazine is running well. My husband considered himself very fortunate in serving Lord Sai Nath for the rest of his life and in running the magazine and writing spiritual books.


In December 10, 1986, a young boy came to our residence, approached my husband and said eagerly, "I want to see Baba" and also added "I am not asking for money, just show where Baba is". For this my husband replied "Who am I to show Him?" I am also like you and added that Baba will give darshan at His desire only and not as per my wish. Inspite of this, the boy was not consoled. Then my husband took him to Pooja Mandir and asked him to pray Lord Sai Nath Himself. My eyes were filled with tears, looking at that boy crying loudly for Baba's Darshan.

That night, when my husband was meditating, Sri Sai gave darshan and said, "you know who came to you in the morning and cried? It was me only". Later on, we felt that Baba had tested us whether we have any AHANKAR (Ego) within ourselves by advising the boy to follow our directions to solicit Baba's Darshan. We also felt why this test for us since we hardly know any other thing, except praying for Lord Sai Nath. Later on, when we consulted Sri Sivanesan Swameeji regarding this test, he said "Unless and Untill one does not suffer such pain, one will not attain the Darshan of Baba. To make you aware of this only, He made you to experience this 'Leela'. Thus, Sri Sivanesan Swamiji cleared our doubt and ignorance.

Sri Sai Nath's temple was constructed in Tallapur, a place situated near B.H.E.L. at Hyderabad. Since, my husband was the temple's Reception Committee Convenor, he had to play an active role pertaining to the temple activities. During the installation of Sri Sai Idol, we had participated in "N^MA JAPA" for nine days. One night, in a dream Baba gave darshan to my husband and was holding my husband's hand and took him for a 'PRADAKSHINA' around the temple and left him exactly at the temple entrance (MUKHA DWAR) and walked away' into the sanctum sanctorum. After the installation of the Idol is completed the Idol of Baba looked so radiant with full of life and easily stole away the hearts of the devotees.

Everybody is aware of the significance of the place Ganugapur -the exact incarnation of Sri Datta i.e., Sri Narasimha Saraswathi Swamy whose 'PADHUKAS' were installed there. My husband after having bathed at the confluence of the rivers Bheema -Amaraja, sat in meditation. While meditating, he had the darshan of Sri Narasimha Saraswathi Swamy. who took him to 'PANCHA GANGA S ANGAM KSHETRA and made him bathe there. Many holy persons are seen performing penance there. Later, my husband was shown his previous births. My husband was told that in his next birth, he would be a Fakir wearing green Colour clothes and that would be his last birth.

Sri Rama Jogeswhar Rao Garu of Amalapuram, a friend of my brother Sri Haragopal is well-versed in 'NADI SASTRA' told my husband that he would be having only one birth and would be born in a Brahmin community. My husband may be a bachelor in the next birth and accept 'SANYASAM', FAKIR or SANYASI, both are same in the viewpoint of Baba. My husband felt happy that whoever he would take birth, he would take-up the right path and reach his destination towards realisation of God.


We used to regularly publish Sri Sai Nath's Eleven Sayings in SAI PRABHA magazine every month. After publishing for few months, we thought that no body is going to read the same eleven sayings, which is appearing in each issue. Instead of wasting a page, we can publish an article. Thus thinking, my husband Sri B. Uma Maheswar Rao (Editor) and Sri V. Narayana Rao (Executive Editor) went to the press and gave instructions to stop printing the eleven sayings.

That evening at 3 p.m. in my residence, my husband and Sri Narayan Rao garu went to the office table to do some work. They saw an old printed paper on the table on which there was Baba's Eleven sayings with Sai Baba's 'ABHAYAM' Picture. Behind this paper, the following message was printed in English.

"PLEASE NOTE UMAJI and NARAYAN RAOJI, if any assistance is required from Tirupati - Contact this Gentleman". Below this paper, there was a cover, which has a paper packet in it. There were some tamil letters written on this paper packet. We opened the packet and found Udhi and a silver locket contains a picture of Sri Sai on one side of the locket, and on the other side 'Sita-Ram' along with Lakshman and Hanuman. We were astonished by the presence of Udhi & locket there. All of us applied Udhi on our foreheads and started discussing some Sai Leelas.

In the meantime, my son Chy. Kishore and his co-brother Chy. Anand came to our place. We told them everything what had happened and gave the paper on which Baba's Eleven Sayings were printed to my son. As soon as he took that paper, sweet smell started emanating from that paper. I gave the Udhi packet to my son, so that he can apply Udhi to his forehead. When he opened the packet, he found (vermillion) (kumkum) in it. He then said, 'there is kum kum here, how can you all said that Udhi is in here. With wonder, when we examined the packet carefully, we found a Paper layer below the kum kum and underneath that (thin) paper, there was Udhi. We were all surprised that how in our presence, thin paper and kum kum appeared on top of Udhi in the packet. Baba himself gave us the power of understanding this Leela of His. By this Leela, we understood that, Baba did not like this idea of removing the Baba's eleven sayings in SAI PRABHA magazine.

Immediately, my husband and Sri Narayan Rao garu went to the Press and asked the press people to publish eleven sayings as usual in the magazine. Later, we got that tamil writing on the packet, read by a person who understands that language. The writing is "OM SRI SAI RAM" and looks like 'RAM KOTI' which was written on both sides. We thought, this must be Baba's order to chant this NAMA always. We accepted the locket which was found in the packet as the gift offered by Sri Sai and was worn by my husband in Rudraksha Mala.


Sri T.A. Ram Nathen Garu was the Editor of 'SAI PREMA', a monthly spiritual magazine on Sai Philosophy, that used to be published from Calcutta. In the year 1987, we did not receive that magazine for one month and we anxiously waited for that. It was month end. My husband was about to write a letter to Sri Ram Nathen, informing him about the non-receipt of the magazine.

Next day we received a letter from him that he was sending a spare copy of SAI PREMA magazine as Baba instructed that Uma Maheswar Rao did not receive the magazine. After reading that letter, I was so ecstatic and offered a billion prostrations to Sri Sai. The next day, we received the magazine.

Baba will always watching us and will be protecting us even petty things. Baba has an enoromous love for devotees.


In the year 1985, on the auspicious day of Datta Jayanti under the supervision of Sri D. Sankarayya Garu of Hyderabad 'Saptha Saptaham of Sri Sai Baba' was taken place in Shirdi Sai Baba Temple, near Mary Stella Women's College at Vijayawada. They planned to get Baba's Padukas and Kapni from Sri Marthanda Maharaj, son of Pujya Mahalaspati and the large photo of Sri Sai Baba. We got the opportunity to go along with Sri D. Sankarayya Garu to Shirdi and bring them. We all went by a van. First we visited Sri Manikya Prabhu's Samadhi in Umnabad and Devi Bhavani Mata at Tulajapur. Then we reached Shirdi.

We went to Samadhi Mandir and offered our Prayers. We collected 'PADUKAS' and 'KAPNI' worn by Sri Sai Baba from Sri Mahalsapathi's pooja Mandir. His grand son (Marthanda Maharaj's son) Sri Ashok Mahalsapati accompanied us. In our return journey we visited Kallur Datta Ghad temple of Dattatreya and Sri Sai Baba temples. There the Bhaktas celebrated Datta Jayanti on a grand scale and Avadhoota Anasuya Mata from Paradasinga also visits there on Datta Jayanthi every year.

A huge stone that split into three parts bore a mark of resemblance to the TRINTY. There was a small cave. Prior to devotees constructing a dhuni in that cave, there were marks of 'HOMA GUNDAM' in it. People say that a Yogi performed penance there and attained 'SIDDHI'. There was a belief who do meditation, they can have Sai darshan.

We reached Dattaghad at the time of sun set. We placed Baba's Padukas and His Kapni brought from Shirdi in a palanquin and taken to the temple in procession. Devotees thronged and had darshan of Baba's Padukas & Kapni.

When my husband was meditating near the Dhuni in that cave there was power cut. Sometime later he came out of the cave and said that Baba was seen on one wall of the cave. Some of the devotees who previously visited, they have also seen Baba's picture there. We wondered at Sai's Leela and that night itself we resumed our journey to Hyderabad.

Under the supervision of Sri Sankarayya Garu 'SAPTA SAPTHAM' was started on DATTA JAYANTI DAY in Vijayawada and went on well. Thousands of devotees participated in Nama Japa. We also participated and we were there for about a month. We did not feel going back to home and we got a feeling that all Sai devotees are our close relatives.

As Nama Sankeertana was going on, one auspicious day before the sun rise, my husband sat before the huge Dwarakamayi photo of Sri Sai and went into deep meditation. He opened his eyes only at 12 noon, the usual time we give arati to Baba. He said that he could not open his eyes and did not know as Baba placed His hand and sat before him. His head was filled with fragrance. Usually at our house, whenever my husband went into trans, Baba appears and blesses him but this time, Baba appeared in person and blessed him.

After having stayed 3 weeks, participating in Saptaham in Vijayawada, we had to go to Hyderabad due to some unavoidable reasons. I felt a little bit lazy to go back to Vijayawada after coming to Hyderabad. I told my husband to go to Vijayawada. Inspite of my husband's repeated requests to accompany him, I could not take any decision and kept quiet. That night Sri Sai Baba in my dream appeared and ordered that last 3 days of Sapthaham, some great Saints will come and you also go there and don't loose that opportunity". Then I also went to Vijayawada along with my husband.

We stayed in my sister's son Chy. Chandra Mohan's house in Vijayawada. One day at 3 a.m., Sri Sai Baba appeared in my husband's dream and ordered - "Wake up immediately and go to Temple and meditate there. As per Baba's instructions my husband took bath and went to temple and sat in meditation. Though the afternoon arati was over he did not. open his eyes. We tried to wake him but our efforts proved futile. His head was emanating fragrance of Vibhuti. When he came into consciousness, he said that he got a vision of Sri Dattatreya and Jesus Christ and Sri Rama Krishna Paramahamsa in the meditation.

Two days before the last day of Sapta Sapthaham, a Sai devotee came to our sister's son's house, where we were staying, He composes devotional songs on Baba and also sings. He agreed to sing when we requested him and we recorded his songs. At the end of every song, he utters 'Om Sai Sri Sai Jaya Jaya Sai'.

He told us about the miserable state that he was undergoing, when he composed a song blaming Sri Sai for his problems. He sung that song in our presence. After recording all songs in tape recorder, we rewinded the tape. All other songs were recorded but the song wrote blaming Sai Baba was not recorded. One astonishing fact was, in between two songs, tape should be blank, as introductory speech and songs were recorded, but without any gap, when he sung blaming Sri Sai there was no gap between two songs and the subsequent song was recorded in continuously. We wondered at Sai's Leela.

The day before the last day of Sapthaham, the zip bag of my husband was with me as he became weak. A Fakir who resembled Sri Sai Baba in his attire and with a hefty personality came to the temple and all the devotees thronged around him. I gave my husband's zip bag to him and went near Fakir to offer my salutations. I returned after a while and as it was not possible to find my husband in that huge crowd, I went to my sister's son's house to take rest.

"When my husband asked me about his bag in the evening, I replied that I have already given to him in the morning itself. He could not remember anything and thought by negligence, I mislaid it somewhere. No cash was in that bag but only a book on Baba and also subscribers receipt book of 'SAI PRABHA'. Most of the devotees who came there subscribed to 'SAI PRABHA' magazine and all their addresses were in that receipt book. So it is not possible to send the magazine to them. We were so worried that what would they think of us if they won't receive the magazine to which they would be anxiously waiting for. In the evening, we went to temple to enquire about the bag but nobody gave satisfactory reply.

In the temple, I sat behind Baba's idol and stared at Baba's photo, hanging over the wall and prayed - BABA, I am very much worried not only for being blamed but also for the tension my husband undergoing for having lost the bag. Have mercy on us, or atleast for the sake of devotees who got enrolled as subscribers to SAI PRABHA magazine and make us to get that bag back. "As it was the last day of Sapthaham, we planned to take part in Nama Sankeertana and stay awake the whole night. That night at about 10 p.m., Sri Sankarayya Garu came to us and gave us our bag saying - 'Some one gave this bag and told me to hand over it to the owner of the bag but I do not know who he is." Nothing was lost from our bag and all in intact. With much happiness and delight we offered our namaskarams and prostrated before the feet of Lord Sai Nath.

If I am not attended the Nama Sapthaham during last days, I would have missed this great experience.   So Baba made me to attend though I have decided not to attend due to some household work.

For 49 days, each and every minute, Sai Namam soothed our souls and all our hearts filled with devotion. Tears rolled down my eyes, when I remembered that it was the last day. My heart eagered as to when would we get a chance to taste the sweetness of the' AMRUT' of chanting 'SAI NAMA SANKEERTANA'. As we got used to listening the SAI NAMA SANKEERTANA, even after so many days, we had a feeling of it lingering in our ears.

My husband had not derived much satisfaction even while working in the Police Department as Additional Superintendent of Police, but he derives enormous satisfaction as a devotee of Baba.

I pray Baba to bless me forever to be a flower near His feet."


One day during summer in the year 1986, my husband woke up early morning around 03-00 AM to go to toilet. When he came in the drawing room of our house at Hyderabad he saw a man clad in white clothes and sat on the sofa chair. My husband was baffled and asked him in a loud voice "Who is that?" Then he slowly went near the sofa and had a clear darshan of Sri Sai Baba. Within a fraction of a second, Sri Sai disappeared.

As we heard my husbands screams we all went into the drawing room. He was overwhelmed with joy and told us that he had the real physical darshan of Sri Sai Baba and all because of his previous Janma Punya had.

The sofa where Baba sat, we placed it by covering it with the shawl and on it a big size Baba's photo was kept. Whenever we enter into that room, we don't enter into any unnecessary talk with one another as we feel that Baba was there and watching us. We feel that Sri Sai Baba stays in our house as our family deity.


In one of the sai Bhaktas house in Hyderabad, my husband saw Sri Sivanesan Swamiji's Photo and liked it. The owner of the photo by placing chits got confirmation from Baba to give the photo to my husband and gave it to him. We brought the photo to our house with great joy. After 4 days the Sai Bandhu who gave photo came to us and said "that after giving this photo to you many problems started in my house-hold affairs and in our office also and I lost peace of mind. Kindly return the photo to me. Without any objection, we returned the photo. Later we tried to purchase Sri Sivaneshan Swamiji Photo but could not get it even in Shirdi. Thinking that Sri Swamiji may or may not agree to take photo of tom, we could not pursue the matter and with dissatisfied mind we gave up the idea.

After one week, when my husband was rearranging the old books in a box, from the middle of the books Sri Sivaneshan Swamiji's Photo was seen. We have not seen that photo previously. We do not know how the photo was placed there. That photo was bust enlargement and on seeing Swamiji in that photo with his smiling face we felt very happy. In this way Baba has fulfilled our desire, we offered our heart-felt pranams to Him.

After few days we went to Shirdi and showed the photo to Swamy Sivaneshanji and told him that due to his grace we got his photo. Then Swamiji told "I do not know that such photo was taken by any body. I have not seen this at any time. This is all Sri Sai Baba's merciful leela". Next day in the Chavadi a lady by name Kum. Vandana who came from Delhi approached Sivaneshan Swamiji and informed him that a photo of him was presented to her from unknown source. We have shown Swamiji's photo of ours, and she said that the photo is of a different pose. How can so many varieties of photos be secured by the devotees, and this all Baba's Leela.

In 1997 we went to Shirdi and after darshan of Sri Sai Baba went to Sri Sivaneshan Swamiji's samadhi. On seeing the Samadhi we could not control our grief. The intense worry that we lost one of our well wishers who was always protecting us with his love and who was our great guide squeezed our heart and it pleased as much. There was a beautiful photo on the Samadhi. After staying for some time we returned and stood before a book-stall and the unkown owner of the shop presented a coloured laminated card size photo of Sri Sivaneshan Swamiji. This photo resembled the same photo which we have seen on Samadhi. On seeing the photo we felt boundless joy, and in that joyful mood we wanted to give value of the photo to the owner but he did not accept the money. He said, "this is the only photo I am having and as I felt like presenting it to you I gave it", without having any previous idea of securing Swamiji's photo just after seeing his Samadhi is all due to the kind blessings of Him. We got this blissful impression in our heart felt immense pleasure and shruded with joy.

Whenever we go to Shirdi and have darshan of Baba we used to feel immense joy and to feel that we were seeing our lost parents. In the same way on having darshan of Sri Sivaneshan Swamiji and on enjoying his heart-felt love and reception, we were feeling as though we were in company of our elder brother.

The photo of Sri Sivaneshan Swamiji we miraculously received is placed in our shrine room. It is giving us the impression as though he is telling "do not think that I have gone somewhere and do not worry. I am with you always". In this way, we are feeling that we are having a very powerful support of him, and is guiding us at every step. We may be able to trace the edges of the sky and measured the depths of the sea but we cannot imagine the merciful Leelas of great people like Sri Sivaneshan Swamiji.


Sri Sai Baba appeared in the dream and ordered my husband Sri Bharam Umamaheswara Rao Garu on the early hours of Sri Ramanavami day in the year 1985 to join in the service of International Security Services at  Hyderabad' After waking up in the morning he wondered why he got such a dream ? As he retired from service is it the intention of Baba to help financially or is there any other cause. However he wanted to know where that security services Agency was situated. He went to Globe Detective Agency. They gave information that, this Agency was situated in the vicinity of Minerva Talkies, Secunderabad. He went to the Detective Agency and after introducing himself as Retd. Additional Superintendent of Police, they offered the job as Industrial Security Officer. As the emoluments they offered were not satisfactory to my husband, he did not give his consent then and told that he will think about the matter and tell them.

We are having two daughters and a son. They are all married and our responsibilities were over. They are all in high positions and well settled. We are spending our time doing Sai's worship in our own house. I advised my husband not to takeup the job and strain himself at this age. We are spending our time in Sri Sai Nath prayers, meditation and other Sri Sai activities. Regarding to the taking up the job, my husband was also not willing and so he did not go to the Security Agency again.

My husband was worried with the idea that he has disobeyed Sri Sai Baba's suggestion that he has to take up the job.

Later, fortunately we went to Ramachandrapuram to have darshan of Mataji Krishna Priya Garu. She is a great personality who is an embodiment of simplicity and sincerity. My husband has asked her for clarification whether it comes as disobedience of Baba's orders of accepting the job which he has not done. Mother laughed and showed two fingers. She said that Sri Sai Baba wanted to test you whether you are incline for financial prosperity or the other indicates spiritual prosperity. Then as my husband has not cared for financial prosperity and has chosen for spiritual prosperity, the worry in his mind was relieved as his action was right and he felt happy.

Baba after testing whether my husband was having inclination for spiritual prosperity, BABA has ordered him to start' SAI PRABHA' monthly spiritual magazine. As per the instructions of Sri Sai Baba, he started monthly philosophical magazine and with the blessings of Baba the magazine progressed well with good encouragement from Sai devotees. All this is due to the mercy of Sai Baba only.


In 1986 summer on one Wednesday evening my husband started to go for marketing. As the next day morning we have to perform Abhishekam to Baba, he went to bring fruits, flowers and other articles. On the way at Masab Tank chowrasta in Hyderabad, a scooter dashed my husband's moped and the scooter driver without stopping the vehicle went away. My husband fell on the road and some people who were around came immediately and made him to sit. His spectacles and wrist watch were thrown away on the road and later they were secured. As the scooter fell on his leg, he received injuries on the back of the thigh and on the backside of the body. Due to this he suffered with much pain. The thigh was very much swollen and became hard as stone. The next morning i.e., on Thursday he was not in a position to do Abishekha to Baba. So that evening as Sri V. Narayana Rao garu came to our house and we got the Abishekham performed by him. Even with severe pain while performing the Abhishekham my husband was sitting by the side and observed the pooja cleanly.

The same night Sri Sai Baba gave darshan to my husband in dream told that he was standing there while performing the Abishekham and observed it. Later Sri Sai Baba made him sleep on the cot and he with his hand gently rubbed on the painful area of his leg. Then He said, "Now your pain will disappear." My husband asked "Baba - my back also is severely aching. Kindly put your hand there also." Then Baba laughingly told "that pain also will get reduced within a few days. Thus Baba told with all kindness.

By the very next morning the pain on the back side of the leg disappeared completely even the red contusion also got dissolved and he was able to walk within two days even the back pain also got reduced. Not only the pains of the injuries he received due to this recent accident even the previous pains of his back also subsided. What cannot be done, if Baba resolves to help us?

In 1995 two disks of the back bone of my husband got dislocated and collapsed. This could be seen from the X-Rays clearly. The back bone got bent and it is seen clearly to the onlooker. Doctors advised bed rest but my husband does not take any rest. Always he will be sitting and either he will be writing Books on Sri Sai Baba or he will be doing the typing of articles. He will straighten his back and perform the meditation. We are surprised how he is able to work and how he is able to walk and this is a surprise to the doctors also. Sri Sai Baba has put his hand on my husband's back and thigh on the day of accident and that surprisingly protecting him always. This is a surprising example of the kindness of Baba which he showers on his devotees.


We went to Shirdi in the month of November, 1986. Usually we keep some amount separately for charitable purposes and other miscellaneous expenses in a sandal wood box and in it were Rs.395 above and took it to Shirdi. We stayed in Shirdi for 4 days and on the 5th day of our return journey, we forgot to take that box to the Samadhi Mandir to put the remaining amount in Hundi box. As we were lazy to go back to our room just to collect a petty amount my husband presumed that there would be only about Rs.20/- in it and decided to put Rs.40/- in Hundi for poor feeding conducted by Shirdi Sai Samsthan.

After returning to Hyderabad we placed that sandal wood box in our prayer room.

After a few days Baba appeared in my husband's dream and told him ~ "As to-day is Thursday you have to perform 'Abhishekam' so wake up soon. If you delay you cannot perform it to-day." As was a bit apprehensive at the way Baba told I rang up and told my sisters and other Sai devotees Sri D. Sankarayya and Sri Yousuf Ali Khan about the dream."

"My husband sat in the hall of our house and was reading news paper. After 10 minutes when Sri Yousif Ali khan went to the hall and found my husband was in unconscious state. Yousuf Bhai whose body frame was smaller than my husband lifted my husband over his shoulders turned a deaf ear to my sister's repeated instructions to place my husband on a cot but he laid him on the floor in the prayer room. Then Yousuf Bhai's flushed and was shuddering he sat by my husband's side and read aloud the holy verses of Khoran. Remembering the previous incidents, Doctors advised to admit him in the hospital. So we admitted him now in the nearby Nursing Home at Sriramnagar colony, Hyderabad. All our relatives and friends were with us in the Nursing Home.

That night, in the Nursing Home, Sri Radhakrishna Swamiji of All India Sai Spiritual Centre of Bangalore, appeared in my husband's dream and asked him -

"Have you recognised me".

Then my husband said 'I have not met previously but I have seen your photo and I believe you are Sri Radhakrishna Swamiji*". Sri Swamiji nodded his head and again asked "Why had not you spent the amount that you saved to give it for poor feeding at Shirdi and brought it back home."

Then my husband replied - "I had forgotten to take the sandal wood box to Baba's Mandir at Shirdi but I gave double the amount. Then Swamiji asked - "Without even counting the money in the box how do you think you gave more than the actual amount. If you take Baba's money He will make you to pay you ten times to it " While my husband was repenting for all that happened, his dream shattered and he woke up.

The next day in that Nursing Home Sri Sai appeared in his dream and blessed him saying 'You will have only a few more births."

On 3rd day he was discharged from the Nursing Home. When my sister Smt. Kusuma and myself counted the money in the sandal wood box there were Rs.26-65 but that evening when Sri Yousif Ali Khan counted, there was Rs.31 -65 in it. I wondered how there was a difference of Rs.5 when he counted and again he recounted. This time there were Rs.32-65. Then we thought who can count the enormous treasure of Sri Sai Baba. Then we realized that it was all Baba's miracle.

We all wondered the way Sri Yousif Ali Khan is very lean and also not accustomed to do strenuous work lifted my husband over two arms. Then we realized that it was Baba who carried my husband and I regretted for seeking Baba's help in each and every small and petty things.



My husband Sri Bharam Umamaheswara Rao garu an ardent and true Sadhaka of Sri Sai Baba is blessed by Him in getting the darshan and Sandeshams (Messages) directly from Him in meditation or in dreams. He was an instrument to propagate Baba's Teachings to the co-devotees. The messages received arc very useful to Sai devotees and the younger generation to learn more and more of Sadguru's Teachings which will reshape their life-style and make them eligible for Sadguru's Grace.

After his retirement from Police Service as Additional Superintendent of Police in 1978, he took to the regular worship of Sri Sai Baba and we are visiting Shirdi frequently.

In the year 1987 on 30th May, we all went to Shirdi along with some other Sai devotees. A Swamiji from Kerala came to us and we were talking in English about Sai Leelas in Dwarakamai. My husband suddenly got a deep desire to meditate. He saw Sri Sai Baba in his vision and he began talking in English. My husband started repeating what he heard in a loud voice. We were all astonished what it was. Sri V. Narayana Rao Garu (Retd. Dy. Pay & Accounts Officer) who accompanied us to Shirdi, began to note it on a paper. This was the first message received actually from the mouth of Sri Sai Baba.

From that time onwards he was receiving many spiritual messages on Baba's philosophy and His Tatwa. All of them are in Telugu language only except three in English. Whoever was his side has been recording those messages. I am fortunate to record most of those messages by me only.

On 1st January, 1989 while in Shirdi, Baba gave a message and in that He instructed my husband to publish all His messages and propagate. By then he received 35 Messages and those messages were printed in Telugu in a booklet under title 'SAI TATWA SANDESH'.

Further he continued to receive messages from Sri Sai Baba frequently. Baba instructed that the messages received so far to be translated into English, for better propagation in every nook and corner of the country. He had then received 77 messages and they were translated into English and published under title 'SAI TATWA SANDESH (Voice of Sri Sai Baba). So far my husband received more than 300 Messages and he is now translating all those Messages into English and if Baba showers His Grace he wants to get them printed as early as possible.

All these messages contained Spiritual insight of Baba's Teachings. My husband's spiritual knowledge was so inadequate that he would not understood a bit of these messages. His Holiness Sri Sivaneshan Swamiji, who have enlightened us about these messages.

In these messages Sri Sai Baba exhorted His devotees to spread His Tatwa and Philosophy to one and all, far and wide. Baba is within us and beyond us. He is in every particle. Spiritual Sadhana will bring out the personality of Sri Sai Baba. 'The Striver never Pensh'. So we shall all make an honest and sincere effort to realize God. Baba's Teachings can be summed up as 'Nirvrthi' through Pravirthi, i.e. to say Jnana through the performance of Karma in a spirit of devotion to God without regard to the immediate results of selfish desires.


Around December 20th of 1987, while my husband was in trans he received a message from Sai Baba to come to Shirdi. I was very anxious to go but my children dissuaded me as it was the year end and vacation started it would be difficult for us to get an accommodation as devotees would throng Shirdi and we would not be able to have Baba's darshan peacefully. Though we went only three months ago I still feel like going but have kept myself quiet listening to my children's advise.

The next day my brother Dr. C.R. Prasad came to our house from Kakinada and told us that they were planning to go to Shirdi by hiring a matador van and requested me and my husband to accompany them. Inspite of receiving message to visit Shirdi once in two months my husband was hesitant to go to Shirdi. Somehow we went there a few days later. It is all due to Sai Baba's grace and every thing will take place only according to His instructions. So on Christmas day we were in Shirdi. As the Chief Minister of Maharashtra came to Shirdi all the guest houses and hotels were booked for V.I.Ps but by Baba's Divine blessings we were fortunate enough to get the accommodation. The way which a mother struggles for her children Baba gave the message with such an affection and compassion. It was a memorable trip and we returned to Hyderabad with utmost delight.

"We have got strong belief and faith that whatever Sri Sivaneshan Swamiji speaks, it is Baba's voice. Sri Swamiji advises us to visit Shirdi once in 2 months. As we visited it in December, again we had to go in February. But owing to some unavoidable circumstances my husband neglected of going to Shirdi".

It was March 9th, 1987, my husband was taking his afternoon nap suddenly we felt sweet fragrance throughout the whole house. Not even a palmful of scented Jasmin or roses can emanate such a sweet smell. By this, we understood that Sri Sai Baba paid a visit to our house. Oh, Lord - what else can we give you except our humble prostrations.

A few minutes later, my husband woke up and told that Sri Sai Baba appeared in his dream and asked why did not, you visit Shirdi. Already two months have elapsed. My husband was ecstatic. There were signs of scent on the bed sheet and also on his forehead. Our heart overwhelmed with joy and gratefulness at the thought of going to Shirdi and that too according to Baba's directions.


"One more wonderful experience which my husband had".

"In the early hours of 4-1-1987, my husband had saw the Divine vision of Sri Sai Baba in the dream. In the dream Baba told him: oday is not a good day for you and between 10-30 AM and -00 AM some disaster is going to happen to you".

"In that dream my husband saw himself lying lifeless on the floor and Sri Sai Baba sitting right near his head with His hand on his chest; Sri Pujya Sivaneshan Swamijee and his disciple Sri Ayodhya were sitting by his side."

"Later, that morning we called Sri V.Narayana Rao Garu, Executive Editor 'SAI PRABHA' (a monthly Spiritual Magazine to spread Sri Sai Cult & His philosophy running by us), Sri D. Sankarayya Garu and a few of our close relatives. My brother Dr. C.R. Prasad and my son's father-in-law Dr. A. Prabhakara Rao Garu, (Superintendent of Government Hospital, Machilipatnam) were also with us. A few other Sai devotees also came to our house. Previously whenever Baba used to tell about the impending danger to my husband's life, He used to assure him by saying - 'I AM WITH YOU'. But this time, Baba did not tell. Tension mounted in all of us. Sri Narayana Rao Garu gave Vishnu Sahasranama to my husband and also asked him to read it. We were all a bit relieved, as we were all about to cross the dead line given by Sri Saibaba in a few minutes time. It was at 10-53 A.M. My husband told that he had feeling slight giddiness and slowly rose to his feet and bowed his head near Baba's photo and became unconscious. Then we put him on the floor in the centre of the hall. While Sri Narayana Rao Garu completed the remaining part of Vishnu Sahashranama and we are started of chanting of Sai nama."

"My husband was snoring in his unconscious state. His Heart was beating rapidly and was rising in jerks on the floor. As it never happened like that before, we were all in great tension and were afraid, but according to my husband's definite instructions not to admit him in the hospital, we were all helpless and could not move a budge. We all hopefull for more than one hour hoping that he would regain his consciousness. But he did not as his condition was becoming very serious. My son Krishna Kishore finally decided to put slips before the feet of Sri Sai Baba and prayed him whether to take him to hospital or not and asked my grand son Kalyan Koushik to pick up one out of those two slips. He picked up a chit directed us to take him to hospital. Immediately we have taken him to near by Mahavir Hospital, Hyderabad. Doctors examined him and to my horror told that his body was completely paralysed. There was no sensation or movement even after he was pinched or pierced with a needle on lips and hands. His pulse beat was- very slow and his heart beat also was slow. It is cerebral haemorrage. As it was Sunday, special doctors were not available and Doctors who were there said that their is no hope of his survival and advised to take him away either to our house or to any other Government Hospital.

From there we have taken him to Gandhi Hospital at Secunderabad at about 1.30 P.M. Doctors who were then on duty examined him and Diagnosed it as Cerebral haemorhage and advised us to admit him in intensive care unit but they did not assure us of his recovery. They were giving him all necessary treatment. I placed a photo of Sri Sai Baba with his Abhaya Hastha near my husband's head and the Dwarakamai photo of Baba in his pocket. I applied a bit of sacred Vibhuti on his forehead and was praying to have mercy on "my husband."

"In the mean time, a doctor (Who I believe an atheist) who was watching all this came near me and told that "neither your Sai a nor any other God can save your husband from his present condition as his condition is so grave and left the room. But our belief and faith in Sai Baba did not change even a bit-as we have got so much confidence that He would save my husband and He would take care of him. At about 4 P.M. we saw a slight movement in his left side leg and left hand. Doctors examined him again and told that his right side was paralysed totally. At about 6 P.M. miraculously, he could move his right leg and right hand also and all his body limbs started functioning incoherently. At about 7 P.M. he was able to utter a few words and again could not speak till 1 A.M. He regained consciousness and he was able to move all limbs and able to speak. He fully recovered from paralytic stroke by Baba's grace."

"Then my husband realised that he was in the hospital and was annoyed with us for admitting him. He said that only 'Baba Vibhooti' was the right medicine for his disease and that itself only given mental solace. He asked us to take him away to our house. We cooled him down by saying that it is difficult to go home at midnight and shall go in the early hours of the next day. With difficulty he listened to us and the whole night he sat on the bed till 5 A.M. in the morning. The doctors who attended on him wondered at the way he recovered and were all happy. They advised him to get CT-Brain Scanning and to stay in the hospital for a few more days. As my husband was reluctant to stay in the hospital even for one hour and requested the Hospital authorities to discharge him immediately on his own risk, he was discharged. Very rarely people who suffered from Cerebral hemorrhage will survive. Even if they come out of danger, it is impossible to be cured and come to normal state within 12 hours."

"On the day on which my husband was discharged from the hospital the mother-in-law of my son Smt. Dhana Lakshmi was sleeping in the drawing room of our house and she got a vision. In the dream she saw 4 men of Yama, the Lord of Death, coming into our house. Immediately she got up bowed before Baba's photo and started praying by uttering "Sai Baba Raksha Karo - Sai Baba Raksha Karo" (Sai Baba - Save us). Then these four men turned back and went off. From the day of his discharge from the hospital he used attending to his daily routine activities and rituals and on the 3rd day of this incident, a close relative of us who was in cherlapalli village got a dream that some calamity was going to happen to my husband. To his surprise that my husband was then going on a moped. He was very happy to know that he came out of danger and he is hale and healthy.

"Is this is not a miracle of Sai Baba or what else is this? We do not know how to show our gratitude to Lord Almighty except by bowing ourselves before his Holy feet."

The reason for the jubilant atmosphere and happiness prevailing in our house is only due to the compassion and Divine Blessings of Sai Baba".

The greatest wealth which woman possess is the sacred Sindhooram and turmeric Pasupu Kumkuma. Whenever a Sumangali comes and place sindhuram on my forehead, I feel joy, pride and gratitude overwhelm me for being fortunate enough to possess that wealth. I am grateful to Baba for blessing me with that wealth and further seek His blessings to bless me.


In January 1987, all our family members went in our car to Nehru Zoological Park at Hyderabad. We planned to have our lunch there itself and return in the evening. After we passed the High Court, our Car gave some trouble. There was smoke emanating from the switch. My son Chy. B. Krishna Kishore brought a mechanic and got the car repaired. When we were about to start, we saw a Fakir standing nearby and my people offered him some money. He then said, that some electric wires in the car got burnt.' We did not pay much attention to these words and started since we thought how an ordinary man would be aware of car mechanism. As we entered the Zoo gate the same problem re-appeared and there was smoke emanating from the switch.

My son sent us inside the zoo and he went to the same car Garage to get the mechanic. But the mechanic who repaired the Car earlier was not there and some other mechanic - the garage owner was there. My son took him to the car and got it repaired. The garage owner told us that the earlier mechanic lacks proper knowledge in mechanism and hence did not do the job properly. At that moment, we were reminded of that Fakir's words, who warned us about the burnt of electric wires. Though, he told us repeatedly the same thing for 2 or 3 times, we did not believe Him. Because of our ignorance, 5 ft. of the electric wire had to be replaced. We wouldn't have suffered so much, if we had understood Baba's warning. Lord Sai will always be with us and help us. We are Ignorant for not recognising Baba.


Sri Adhrusta Rao is a friend of my husband. Inspite of being very sick, he will never take any medicines except Udhi of Sri Sai Nath. When we told him that human efforts are also necessary for curing the illness he simply said "Baba Himself is my doctor, I did not require any other doctor. He was very weak and his entire body had turned into Yellowish in colour. Though his condition was very bad, he used to say that nothing would happen to him and that he is experiencing the results of his past Karma. Later, he also stopped taking food. Looking at his condition, my husband thought that he has to somehow convince him and take him to a doctor that evening.

That day i.e., May 19, 1987, afternoon at 3 P.M. my husband was going in a two-wheeler on masab-tank road at Hyderabad. There was less traffic due to the hot afternoon Sun. At that moment, my husband heard somebody shouting loudly from behind "SAI BABA - SAI BABA". My husband immediately stopped the two-wheeler and turned back and saw a Fakir, who had tied a cloth to his head. That person was walking away as if he did not notice my husband. Then, my husband asked him whether it was he who shouted SAI BABA. He nodded his head affirmatively and said "BABA ACHHA KAREGA". Then, my husband asked him from where he has come. The Fakir replied that he has come from Maharashtra - Kopargam - Shirdi.   My husband was very happy on hearing these words and as he was about to offer him some money the refused "Do not compel anybody in any matter" saying so, he left. My husband was enlightened by those words.

This incident reminded my husband's idea of taking Sri Adhrushta Rao to the doctor against his wishes. That is why Baba had taught him a lesson. Sri Adhrushta Rao, who is very gentle and humble had a strong belief and faith on Sri Sai Baba. Gradually, his health improved by the grace of Baba. Other than Baba, who else is a better doctor.


On 30th May, 1987, while my husband Sri Bharam Umamaheswara Rao garu was meditating at Shirdi, Sri Sai Baba appeared and directed him to sit in meditation continuously for nine hours on one Friday.

After we return from Shirdi, Pujya Sri Sivaneshan Swamiji appeared in the dream to my husband and reminded him that Baba wanted you to sit in meditation for 9 hours on the coming next Friday itself and do it according to his directions without any delay.

As per instructions of Sri Sai Baba, my husband sat in meditation on 6th June, 1987 (Friday) for 9 hours. But no vision or any message had come during meditation.

But that night one Siddha Purusa appeared in my husband's dream and told him that on next Sunday that He would come between 10 AM and 10.30 AM and take him to somewhere and be ready to follow him and disappeared.

We told to some of our close Sai Bandhus and they have all came to our house on that day. My husband sat in meditation from 10-20 AM to 4-20 PM. After coming into consciousness, he narrated what he has seen in the meditation.

It is as follows:

"One Siddhapurusha appeared to Me. He was very height and fair, having grey hair and beard. His face was shining with glowing light. He asked me - 'Do you come with me? . I said 'Swamy -what else can be more fortunate for me than this."

"Then I followed him. We crossed many mountains, rivers, forests and walked about an hour. I felt thirsty and asked Swamiji for water. He brought water in his kamandalam from a nearby river and gave me. I drank the water and asked him: "Who are you Swamiji? Why are you taking so much of trouble for me? May I know your name Swamiji?"

' Swamiji asked me - 'Did you not recognised me and said that his name is Radha Krishna Swamy."

I immediately prostrated on His Holy feet and requested him to pardon me. He was having red kumkum on sandal paste (Tilakam) on his forehead and Japa Mala in his hand. We took rest there for sometime."

Then we went into a forest. That forest was very thick with tall trees and even sun rays also were not penetrating. In that place, I have seen a YOGI was meditating. I offered obeisance to him. He was nude. Swamiji who brought me there said "Let us take bath at the rivers there. We took bath there and returned to the YOGI and found him still in meditation and did not open his eyes. We once again prostrated to him and left that place."

"Pujya Sri Radhakrishna Swamiji took me to another forest. I saw there one YOGI sitting under a tree with his right leg crossed over the left. There were many Sadhus and disciples who were worshipping that yogi. One of them asked me to take bath in the river nearby. I took bath and returned. But I did not see that Yogi there. One of his sishyas told me that if one prostrates and touches his Padukas their wish will be fulfilled. So I did accordingly."

"The Pujya Sri Radhakrishna Swamiji took me to another place. At that place, there was a big Ashram. Many holy persons were chanting Vedas. Four or five rivers were confluencing at that place. I saw a Yogi coming there after taking bath in that Sangham river and sat on a chair. There was no hair on his head, covering his body and head with saffron cloth. He was having a three rows of Japa Mala around his neck. He was also having Kamandalam and begging bowl (Biksha Patra). He was having Vibhuti Rekalu on his forehead. He looks like Sri Adi Sankaracharya. After some time, he suddenly transformed into a tiger and went into the forest."

Then Sri Radhakrishna Swamiji, took me from there. While on the way, I asked Swamiji - "Who was that Yogi and why did he transformed into a tiger?" Sri Radhakrishna Swamiji said that you will come to know that later."

"Then Swamiji took me to another forest. There I saw a Mahatma. who was having Japamala, Sanku, Chakra in his hands, resembling the previous Yogi. His Sishyas chanting Vedas, praising him and offering 'Naivedyam' (Prasadam). I prostrated before him."

'One of his sishyas asked me to take bath and come there.  This time I went alone, took bath and returned.'

"I found Sri SAI BABA in his original form. He was sitting on a stone with crossed legs. He was having Kapni of white colour and was having a cloth round his head. He was having a Mala round the neck. His eyes were blue in colour. His hands were very long and His feet very big. His body was neither lean nor stout. He appears to be very old."

"When I prostrated on His feet, the bliss I enjoyed cannot be described. He waved His 'Abhaya Hastha' and gave a message.": It is as follows:

"You worship Me with pure speech (Trikarna Suddhi) selflessly without asking for any result. Then you will acquire Divine qualities. (Daiva Sambhuti). Take Udhi in your hand, chant My name and sprinkle that Vibhuti on your Rudraksha Mala. If you do like this, your 'Papa Shatkaras' will burnt away."

I then asked Baba - "It is said that we have to reap the fruits of the sins committed in the early births. Is it a fact?"

Baba said 'If you entertain such doubts, your Shraddha gets unstabled and interrupted.   Meditation is essential to attain -JYOTHY'. Keep your mind always on Me. Then your mind gets stabilized. You asked Me in Shirdi to come out of the Samadhi to relieve the sufferings of My Bhaktas. It is a mad thought. One has to definitely reap the results of one's own Karma. Results of past Karmas both good and bad are reaped here. One may become a 'Chandala' also based on his past Karma."

"I then asked Baba - You told that one would attain Atma-Jnana through meditation and get Daiva Sampada by devotion when the results of past karma are not removed, what is the use of doing all this. Is there any thing to get rid off this (Praya Chitta)? What is the use-of worshipping you and doing meditation?"

Baba laughed and said - "You mad fellow. Know that sincere repentance lessens the effects of Karma. There is nothing like repenting to lessen the impact of Karma. The visits to Holy Places and bath in Holy Rivers reduces some karma. Visits to tombs of Holy persons reduce some karma. These places were sanctified by their movements. Visits to the Samadhis of Holy Saints will give Self-Realization (Atma Pari Poornata). Don't doubt that the Holy people attained Samadhi do not grant 'JNANA-PRASAD\ You must know that I am every where in this Universe. Whoever prays Me they will become equal to Me."

"I wanted to ask Baba many things but He went into silence. I prostrated before Baba. Sri Radhakrishna Swamiji said that your purpose is fulfilled and we will go back."

"After some distance covered, Sri Swamiji transformed into a snake and disappeared besides a river side. Then I came into consciousness."

My husband narrated this experience to all Sai Bandhus who were present there.


In the year 1987, on 22nd July, my husband had a vision of Sri Sai Baba in his meditation, who told him that on that day, my husband would get severe heart pain and advised him to drink a glass of milk mixed with Vibhuti and a pinch of Murthika of Sri Raghavendra Swami of Mantralayam.

Till 11-00 hrs my husband was normal and the photo of Sri Sai Baba which we placed on sofa was emanating sweet fragrance.

Then my husband had a slight chest pain and was struggling for breath. His legs became numb as there was not enough blood circulation to his brain he had giddiness and other symptoms of heart attack.

At 11-30 AM, he became unconscious. After one hour he gained his consciousness but suffering with severe chest pain. We wanted to admit him in the hospital as there would be adequate treatment and his pain would subside. But my husband had not agreed for that. Then we remembered Baba's instructions to give him a glass of milk mixed with Vibhuti and the holy Mruthika of Sri Raghavendra Swamiji of Mantralayam and I gave it accordingly I was applying Baba's Vibhuti on my husband's chest and was praying for Baba's mercy. Sai Bandhus Sri V. Narayana Rao Garu and Sri Lakshmana Rao Garu and Sri Adrusta Rao Garu were with us for moral support and they also prayed for Baba's grace.

At 6-30 PM in the evening my husband had a short nap and at 7 PM, Baba appeared in my husband's dream and told "This is a punishment for not visiting Shirdi as instructed by Him previously."

Immediately my husband woke up saying that he would definitely come to Shirdi and immediately he was relieved of his chest pain.

According to Baba's instructions we would be visiting Shirdi once in two months. At times, we would be visiting once in a month also.

This time my son Chy. Krishna Kishore rang up and told that he would be coming to Hyderabad from Guntur around August 1st week and asked us to wait till he comes. So that all of us should visit Shirdi. So our trip to Shirdi, which we were supposed to go in July, had postponed to August. We were all astonished at the way Baba punished. While we were all worried for the cause of my husband's chest pain, we came to know that it was all Baba's punishment.

2) Immediately after this incident, my husband left for Shirdi accompanied by Sri V. Narayana Rao Garu and Sri Adhrusta Rao Garu. At Shirdi they have taken a room in Samsthan Guest house near GURUSTHAN. The next night at about 8 PM, while they were going for dinner, a white coloured dog entered their room.

"Please come Swamy, we don't have anything to offer you, "While Sri Adhrusta Rao was saying the above words, the dog went near a table where the Holy Prasad of Baba was kept on it. Then, Sri Adrusta Rao took the Prasad offered to Baba in his palms and fed the dog. After that Sri Narayana Rao Garu fed sugar sweet corn etc. to the dog. Though it finished eating the dog did not leave the room. My husband, who was watching the whole process sitting on a cot, gave his share of Prasadam to Sri Narayana Rao Garu and asked him to feed the dog. When Sri Narayana Rao Garu was trying to feed it did not take a bit and sat on its two legs with a fixed gaze on my husband as if it was questioning my husband "Are you so much arrogant - get down from the cot and offer Baba's Prasadam."

Then Sri Narayana Rao Garu said to my husband "You have to get down from the cot and feed it with your own hands. My husband did accordingly and the dog ate and left a bit of Prasadam. It had also drank water from a vessel. All of three sat by the side of the dog and were patting. It slept. Though they were hungry they did not go for food as it would distract the dog's sleep. Even after one hour, it has not moved. Then they felt that Baba came in the form of that dog and that the remanent of Prasadam and the 'theertam' we have to take. After taking that, the dog rose to its feet to leave the room and my husband opened the door, and he followed the dog. It went outside and turned to right side. After going outside, within a fraction of a second it was disappeared. There was no way to go out as the other side was closed and toilets were there. All of them went left side and found all the rooms were locked and there was no chance of going into any room.

All of these three went in three directions and also down stairs to find out that dog but they could not trace it. Had it was a stray or an ordinary dog, it would not have disappeared from the eye sight of them who followed it very closely. So they firmly believed that Baba came in the form of a dog and overwhelmed with joy that they were very fortunate. Sri Sai made them to come to Shirdi, appeared in the form of a dog, accepted the 'Prasadam, they gave and blessed them.

Their search for that dog, during the next 3 days in Shirdi was a futile effort. Inspite of knowing that it was Baba, searching for that dog was only out of sheer human weakness.

"The next day they went to Sri Shivaneshan Swamiji to tell about the previous night incident and to get the doubt clarified."

Even before they opened their mouth as if Sri Swamiji understood what they wanted to ask about their experience he said - "During the initial days of my arrival to Shirdi, I used to suffer from asthama and used to sleep in Sai Mandir only. For 3 days a dog with skin disease came and slept on my bed. On 4th day as my asthama intensified and I found it difficult to breath. I saw that dog used to lie in my lap. I got irritated and said - "Every day you are coming near to me. In addition to my illness, if the insects of your body would spread on to my beard and hair, it would be very difficult to get rid of them."

Then, I throw away that dog from my lap and it flew up and disappeared and Sri Sai appeared before me upto the height. After giving darshan He disappeared. After having Divine Darshan of Sri Sai Baba, my asthama was cured and then believed that Sai Baba came in the form of that dog to cure my asthama and regretted for having pushed the dog aside. I felt ashamed for my ignorance. By Baba's grace, my asthama completely cured and till now there were no signs of it."

Then my husband understood that Sri Sivaneshan Swamiji never told any of his experiences previously, though we were meeting him for the last three years. Sri Swamiji said that the Dog who came to their room last night that He was Sai Baba only.

During their return journey from Shirdi to Hyderabad by train, Sri Sai Baba gave darshan to Sri Adhrusta Rao Garu and told that He was He who came in the form of the Dog.



In the year 1988, on the day of Kartheeka Poornima, we bathed in the river Godavari and had the darshan of Sarada Devi and reached Kalluru by afternoon. By the time we reached Sri-Sai Nath's temple, Arathi was going on. After that, we offered our namaskarams to Baba, my husband went to a nearby cave where Dhuni is there and started meditation there. After some time Baba actually appeared in the physical form looking at Him, my husband was very happy and tears rolled down his cheeks. He become speechless. Then Baba said, "Call your other friends who have come with you, Twill be here itself, till they come". When my husband informed his friends about Baba's appearance, the people who were nearby were fortunate for having the darshan of Baba and others though they could not see Baba. they believed that Baba was present there itself and bowed to Him.

Later, we went to Mahurghad and had darshan of Sri Dartatreya Swamy and from there, we went to Nagpur and visited the Samadhi of Sri Tajuddin Baba. Then we started to Paradasinga which is 60 miles away from Nagapur to see mother Anasuya. When we were reaching that place, to our surprise, we found Anasuya Mata who walked some distance and was waiting for us. When we were about to get down from the van, she herself came into the van and asked us to turn back and move forward. We learnt from the people present there, that Anasuya Mata was waiting there for the past half-an-hour and said "My people are coming" and also she walked some distance in order to receive us. We were astonished on hearing this.

We stayed that night with the Mata. Later, she took us to Her Ashram, which was under construction. There, she poured a bowl full of curd and four jugs of water on my husband thus purifying him. While staying with Her, we neither felt hungry nor felt thirsty. That night in the Ashram, when the food was being prepared, Mata Herself went and put her own hand into the vessel and stirred the food, thus reminding us of Baba. The next day morning, she took us to Her Guru's place i.e., Narayanapur where she performed meditation in Maruthi temple. She stayed with us till that afternoon and allowed us to worship Her. We were surprised, when she said that she knew us and that Her relationship with us was from nine births, even though we did not meet Her earlier. Later, while we were travelling in the van, she showed us the roadside trees and asked us to act according to them be useful to others. Trees produce oxygen which is useful for human beings, they provide a cool shade, flowers and fruits and finally even after their death, they are useful in the form of wood. They are not selfish since they do not expect anything in return. Thus, Mata asked us to recognise the sacrifices offered by the trees and hence advised us to act accordingly.

Later, in the van, we started doing Sai Bhajan. After sometime, one of our friends Sri Venkatramaiah Garu started weeping loudly. First, we thought he was crying due to the emotion generated while chanting Sai Nama, but later on hearing to what he said, we were surprised. He is a Pay and Accounts Officer, his son is an M.Com., Gold Medalist and got a job in a bank, but few months after joining the job, he was killed in a road accident. Though, it was one year since his death, both the mother and father were not able to forget it and used to lament. They came to this pilgrimage, in order to seek peace of mind. During the Nama Japa, my husband was sitting near the Mother's feet, Sri Venkatramayya Garu sat near the van door and the Mata sat in the middle of the seat. Sometime after the bhajan started, Sri Venkatramayya hear a voice 'Daddy-Daddy' and when he opened his eyes, he saw his son seated next to the Mata. Sri Venkatramayya held his son's hand physically and started crying. Ten minutes later, when Anasuya Mata took him to her lap, he disappeared. The couple were atleast satisfied that their son would be happy with this mother.

From the previous day afternoon till the next day afternoon, Mother as with us. Though, now and then, she had to go in order to give darshan to other devotees, she used to come back to us after sometime. Noting this, the people of the Ashram locked Her in one room. We started to prepare for our return journey to Hyderabad and were sad that, we could not meet Her before leaving. With a hope to see Her, I went near Mother's chamber and peeped through the designed holes of the doors. When I was looking through the hole, that Mother, as if she read my mind, removed Her blanket and showed her face. She also blessed me with her eyes and once again covered herself with the blanket. I come back happily believing that Mother alone can satisfy' her children.


We used to have darshan of Sri Narayan Maharaj Swamy who is the head of the Mutt of Samartha Ramdas Swamy Mutt of Sajjangad at His Hyderabad Mutt or in Hari Hara Mutt situated in Karnataka. Once when we came to know that this Swamy had come to Hyderabad we went to have his darshan. As we were approaching the Swamy, he said looking at my husband, "a person among the devotees due to jealousy had tried black magic on you" Saying so, he also gave us the person's name and other details. I became speechless after hearing this and was also shocked for that person's unfaithfulness towards us. Looking at me in that position, that Swamiji consoled me and said, "Do not have any fear, Baba will look after everything." Then I said, ''Swamy, my husband never harmed anybody or never insulted anybody and the egoism never dared to touch him, then why this halted towards my husband who is pure and innocent like a child    He replied, "Though many of the devotees are propitiating Baba for a long period, they could not achieve the grace of Baba which in a shorter period was achieved by your husband, that is why, they tried black magic on him" Thus explaining to me clearly, he also advised us not to worry.

Three days after this, I had a dream in which I went to Sri Narayan Maharaj Swamy's Ashram. There I saw a brass bowl which consisted of burning coal in that. When myself and my husband went and stood there, Sri Narayan Maharaj came there holding a four inches square copper sheet. There was something written on it. He threw that in the fire and went away. Though, he did not talk to us at that time, we believed that, whatever he does, it was only for our own good. Later, we had darshan of Sita Rama along with Lakshmana and Hanuman Idols and went away.

The next day we went to the ashram of Sri Narayan Maharaj Swamy and when I was about to prostrate at his feet, he asked me, "why did you come here again? I came in your dream last night, since you were worrying?" Hearing his words, I was surprised and bowed to him with respect.

Two months after this incident, we went to Shirdi when my husband was meditating at Dwarakamai, the person who did black magic on my husband came there and prostrated to my husband who was in a deep meditation and to Baba's photo and went away as if he was not seen me, though he had noticed me. Though, we do not have any kind of hatred towards him like the saying of Baba, Forgive the Sinner and hate the sin", I felt by his behaviour that he was repenting for what he had done.  After, half an hour, my husband came to conscious and said that Baba gave the darshan and said", the person who tried black magic on you and who tried to harm you, will come to this Dwarakamai and will prostrate to your feet". Then I told my husband that according to Baba's wishes, that person already came and bowed to your feet and went away. By the divine grace of Baba, who is the Almighty and the Protector of the human beings, nobody can do any harm and even if they do so, they cannot harm the devotees in any manner.


On January 25, 1990, Sri Sai Nath gave darshan to my husband, Sri B. Umamaheswara Rao in meditation and said, "the next coming Sunday (on 4-2-90), your life will end and your time is nearing. You daily take juice of Bilva leaves and chant my name". Immediately after hearing this message which was like a bomb shell, my mind was disturbed, my heart started beating fast and the whole world looked so empty. We started to count the days.

My husband as if he has renounced the worldly pleasures, he was preparing himself gradually to reach Sai Sannidhi. He appeals as if he was drawn into a state of trance. I was very scared and my husband was not in a position to understand my predacament. I did not know with whom should I express my grief. Then, I felt, Sri Sai Baba is only my last ray of hope and believed that only this LIFE SAVIOUR is capable of protecting my husband. Thinking so, I started crying 'Baba, "Baba -1 am not asking that my husband should live for 100 years, what I request you to give my life to him and let me leave this world as a 'SUMANGALI' Though, you said that his last days are fast approaching, if you wish, you can extend his span of life. To cite an example for this, have you not saved a boy, who had a short span of life in the form of Sri Narasimha Saraswathi Swamy. Though unfortunately, we are not eligible for such a high aspiration, you can grant me a favour by taking me to your Lotus feet, thus preventing me to lead a lonely life without my husband.

My near and dear ones came from other places and friends and Sai Devotees used to visit us daily. Sai Nama Japa went on daily. According to Baba's directions, my husband used to take 'BILWA PATRA JUICE' and I continued my prayers to Baba with full of hope and faith and waited for the Doom's day.

On 28th January, Sri Sai gave the following message "Infact, even to the God, death is inevitable, when he has incarnated as a human being. I can only nullify' the providence of the devotees who take refuge in me but not the inevitable destiny. A person during his last days should chant my name always in his mind. I would always guide those whoever chant my name. Invite your friends and relatives and ask them to do the NAMA JAPA with devotion and faith." Thus, Baba advised my husband and disappeared.

On 3rd February afternoon, my husband received one more message in which Baba had asked us to read Sri Vasu Devananda Saraswathi Swamy's 'GURU SAMHITA', which consists of 7000 slokas and also to perform 'DATTA HOMA' the next day. We arranged a Sanskrit Pandit in order to start the 'PARAYANA' immediately. We also invited Sri Sri Sri Paramahamsa Parivrajaka Acharya Sri Bodhananda Swamy who immediately accepted our invitation and stayed with us till the next day and extended a great solace to us. I felt that whatever is happening in according to Baba's desire only.

On 4th morning, the Sai Devotees started pouring into our house. At 6 A.M. itself, we lit the eternal lamp (Akhanda Deepam) and started the Nama Japa, with concentration and devotion, all the devotees were chanting Baba's Nama and were also praying the ALMIGHTY to protect my husband. According to Sri Sai's instructions on one side reciting of Parayana - Slokas was going on, on the other side, completion of Datta-Homa and also the NAMA - JAPA were going on perfectly. In the mean time, one of the devotees had an urge to read the Lalitha Sahasra Namam for eleven times. We wondered, how this news spread so quickly, since many Sai Devotees started coming to see whether Baba would rescue my husband or not. About 400 devotees came and participated in Nama Japa. We completed the afternoon Arathi to Sri Sai & Datta-Homa together.

At that moment my husband felt some pain in his chest, we immediately made him lie on the cot applied Baba s Udhi and sandal paste, which was brought from Baba Budangiri (Datta-Padhuka Kshetra) to his forehead and chest and also, we made him drink Baba's theertha. Inspite of all service, he lost his conscious. The Sai Devotees, who are close to my husband were sitting next to him and were praying for the mercy of Sri Sai. At about 2 P.M., his pulse stopped and B.P. came down. Looking at his condition, the Sai Devotees some of whom were also doctors started panicky.

Witnessing this, our ray of hope slightly declined. With fear and anxiety, I suggested to connect Oxygen Cylinder, which was brought earlier. As we began to open the cylinder, the opener broke. I felt that Baba has taught me a good lesson for my ignorance.

After some time, my husband murmured, "BABA-BABA". We understood that Baba has granted life to him. Then, a Sai Devotee, who also a doctor examined him and declared that his pulse was beating as usual. Later, my husband got up and participated in 'NAMA SANKEERTHANA'. That evening at 4.17 P.M., my husband had a darshan of Baba in meditation and said, "My devotees have performed the NAMA JAPA with love & affection on you and with utmost faith and belief on me, due to which a major mishap in your life is averted and your period of suffering has also been minimised". Till 6 P.M. in the evening, NAMA JAPA continued vigorously in order to make Baba content and expressed our gratitude to all those Sai-Devotees, who participated in Sai Nama Japa and assisted us in saving my husband.

Benevolent Sri Sai Nath has granted new life to my husband, which gave a great solace to our trembling hearts and I felt as if thousands of lamps were lit in my heart which cascaded into a rainbow, I am deeply grateful to Lord Sai Nath who is a Saviour, Epitome of Kindness & Omnipresent. I with humility offer my thousand prostrations to his Lotus feet.

Sri Sai Nath gave darshan to my husband during meditation in 1990 and asked him to meet pujya Ratna Puri Swamiji in order to attain knowledge of ATMA-TATWA. Later my husband and his friend went to Bangalore, reached the Swamiji's ashram and were waiting for his darshan. A disciple who was staying in that Ashram enquired about my husband and said sarcastically, "Baba instead of sending his devotees to our Guru, he himself could enlighten them". Meanwhile, Sri Ratnapuri Swamiji came and spoke to him in Kannada language, when my husband bowed to him, he blessed him and said. "I will talk to you leisurely someother time, and now I am in hurry to plan my programme to go to prayaga Kumbha Mela".

As my husband was feeling bad, that his visit went futile, Sri Sai once again gave darshan in the meditation and said "It is a system of 'GURU PARAMPARA' that the Guru sends his disciples to another Guru for the sake of attaining spiritual knowledge. I gave a message asking you to approach the Guru in order to enable you to attain the knowledge of ATMA - TATWA, but since his disciple did not understand me and my philosophy (TATWA), he did not inform his Guru in a proper manner and that is why, you did not get an opportunity to listen to his preaches, but you need not go to him once again. He himself will come to you and grant the spiritual power".

Three months after this, one day in a satsang, my husband was in a deep meditation, during that time, Sri Ratna Puri Swamiji gave a brilliant darshan and enlightened him with the philosophy of the soul (ATMA - TATWA) for a long duration. My husband who never had read any slokas repeated them as it is, the devotees who were sitting next to him noted them down. After hearing this slokas, we also, along with my husband considered ourselves as very fortunate.

When Sri Sai gave darshan to my husband and told him that Swamiji would only come to him and enlighten him we thought that the Swamiji would probably come to Hyderabad and would preach my husband, but we never expected that Swamiji would give darshan to my husband during meditation and preach the philosophy of the Soul. We were all delighted with this incident.

After sometime, when my husband went to Bangalore and had the darshan of Sri Ratnapuri Swamiji, he welcomed him with lot of affection. When my husband told him about everything, that Swamiji with a smile told his other disciples, "Are you listening to him". Then his disciples said, "Our Swamiji by staying here only, is giving darshan to devotees in America, that being the position we are not surprised about Swamiji giving darshan to you in our country".

We thought that the Swamy can give darshan to his devotees who have faith in him, but giving darshan to my husband who did not even know his name, is only due to the Divine grace and wishes of and nothing else.


Lord Sai Nath, the very incarnation of all Goddesses, and in His messages had conveyed many a time that He himself is Goddess 'JAGANMATA' (Mother of Universe) and that there is no difference between them. I suppose that Baba wanted to receive the prayers of my husband in the form of Goddess, that is why Baba instructed my husband to worship 'SRI CHAKRA'. Later, when my husband went to Machilipatnam to attend 'Sri Sai Saptha Sapthaham', he met Sri Pothapragada Subbarao garu, who is a devotee of Sri Datta. with whom my husband enquired about 'Sri Chakra'. Sri Subba Rao Garu said that it is available in Madras. Since, my husband has to attend 'All India Sai Devotees Convention' shortly at Madras, he thought that he can try for 'Sri Chakra' over there.

Four days after my husband's return from Machilipatnam, Sri P. Subbarao Garu s son came to Jubilee Hills to my residence at Hyderabad gave a red colour plastic container (Bharina) and a letter saying that his father had asked him to give this to my husband, while he sat in meditation in which, Sri Datta Treya Swamy appeared and asked, "You have two Sri Chakras, then, why did not you give him one?". Immediately, he went to the hotel where my husband stayed but came to know that my husband already had vacated the room.

Since, Sri Subba Rao Garu had determined to give the Sri Chakra to my husband he sent Sri Chakra through his son. We prostrated Lord Dattatreya Swamy and also expressed our gratitude to Sri Subba Rao Garu for his kind heartedness. Thus, my husband started worshipping Sri Chakra and was able to devote his service to Sri Sai in the form of Goddess Jaganmata also who is creator of movable and immovable world (Chara chara Jagathu). By the divine grace of Baba, my husband had this great opportunity of having the darshan of Goddess now and then in his meditation.

2)         In the year 1991 , the night before Kartheeka Poornima, Sri Sai Baba appeared in my husband's dream and asked him to stay on a liquid diet on the next day and also ordered him not to take any solid food. Baba also asked him to stay in the Pooja room only for the whole day and night.

My husband followed Baba's orders accordingly. Later, in the meditation, at 3 A.M., when my husband felt little sleepy, he had a Darshan of a Goddess, who is wearing Red silk jari clothes with lot of ornaments on her. My husband, asked, "Mother-who are you? what is your name? Then the Goddess replied. "I am 'Pratyangira Devi' and I will protect you", saying so, the Goddess blessed him and disappeared. We felt that Baba, not only protects us, but also assisted us in receiving the blessings of Goddess Pratyangira Devi. We also believed that in order to attain the Darshan of this Devi, Baba had asked my husband to sit in the Pooja room with 'NISHTA' (Sanctity).

In the year 1992, on the day of Poornima, at the time of sunset, my husband performed Pooja with vermillion (kum-kum Archana) to Chakra & worshipped Goddess Lalitha Tripura Sundari, Raja Rajeswari Devi. Later he went into a deep meditation. He was in the meditation till dawn". Later, we lifted him arid made him sleep on a cot. Next day morning, when we entered the Pooja room, we were astonished by looking at the wonderful sight there. We could not believe our own eyes. My husband, while worshipping to Sri Chakra that night have used a handful (50 gms) of vermilion, but in the morning, there was one feet high heap of vermilion in the Pooja room with sweet fragrance spreading all over.

That day, in the meditation, Sri Sai Baba had asked my husband to retain the vermilion heap as it is till the Kartheeka Masa (month) over and then distribute it among the Devotees. We did accordingly. Such an auspicious incident could happen only by the eternal grace of Baba. We offer our hearty prostrations to Him.

We went to Visakhapatnam in the year 1992 to one of our relations house, there my husband got darshan of Goddess Raja Rajeswari Devi in the dream continuously for three days.

In the same year on Vijaya Dasami day, we all went to DEVIPURAM, Visakhapatnam district. A Saint from United States by name Dr. Prahalad Sastry came over to that place and constructed a temple as per divine instructions of Goddess Raja Rajeswari Devi in the shape of Sri Chakra. There my husband had a vision of Goddess KAMAKHYA Devi in meditation.


My husband along with Sri Sai Nath's blessings and mercy also experienced his wrath. My husband committed a sin in the month of April 1990 for which Baba punished him. At our Hyderabad residence, we have a very beautiful garden with colourful flower plants-and a lawn which spread like a carpet all over the garden. On one corner of the lawn, ants have created a ant-hill. Inspite of pouring water on them, they used to come back and the ant-hill used to grow bigger and bigger. Finally, out of frustration, my husband kept the water tube on the ant-hill for a longer duration.

That night in the meditation Sri Sai gave darshan to my husband and said "What is your opinion in pouring more water on the anthill? You have planned to harm them, but they did not die, they crawled on the grass and went away. What you have done was wrong. Don't you know, that I am present in all living beings. As a punishment to this, you starve for two days". According to Sri Sai's orders, my husband starved for two days. He did not even take fruits. Inspite of starving without food for two days during this old age, he did not feel any weakness at all. This is possible only by the grace of Baba. Baba punishes as well as protects his devotees.


On 25th July 1990, myself, my husband and 13 other Sai devotees of Hyderabad hired a matador van to visit KURUGEDDA, a remote village near Raichur, where Sripada Vallaba Swami (first Avatar DattatreyaSwamy) made penance (Meditation). We reached the banks of  River Krishna by morning. River was flowing in full and was full of whirl pools. Though we were afraid to cross the River Krishna we did not have a heart to return back without visiting the holy place. Inspite of so many hurdles, we travelled half the way from Hyderabad, we decided to pursue our journey whatever happens to us. We crossed the river by a raft (Dhoni made with plastic covers) and reached the other bank safely within a hour.

We took our bath in the holy river Krishna and went to Sri Dattatreya Swamy Mandir. When my husband was meditating there, Sripada Vallaba Swami appeared in his meditation and asked us to sit in a circular form in that raft in our return journey and meditate for 12 minutes without any distractions with a fixed mind on Him. The five elements so called 'PANCHA BHOOTA' will distract you. so you have to control over your body.

"Priests of the temple were surprised the risk we have taken and advised us to leave the place immediately, as water level in the River already rose by 2 feet and it is dangerous to stay there anymore time and alerted us of the impending floods. So, we came to the bank and sat in the raft in a circular form as instructed by Swamiji. We were going in a high speed in the river. Then suddenly, we saw a huge tree floating in the river coming towards us. If it would collide our raft, the plastic cover of the raft would be torn and the river water would enter the raft. Then all of us would be drowned. Then we started Sri Sai Nama Japa. There is only 2 inches distance between the upper edge of the raft and river water. Already some water entered our raft. Besides this, suddenly our raft was caught in the whirlpool and started moving in circles. But, we did not lose our courage and doing nama Smarana and the entire burden was kept on Sri Sai Baba. By Baba's Grace the raft came out of the whirlpool and exactly after 12 minutes as stated by Sripada Vallaba Swamy, we reached safely the other shore with Swamiji's grace.

On our return, the boatmen told us that it is not the right time to visit that place and if some unforseen things happened, nobody would be in a state to help and advised us not to visit in that season.

We wondered for a while, comparing the message given by Sripada Vallaba Swami, which my husband received in the meditation and our boat incident. To sit in the boat which was in a circular shape for 12 minutes, to shun all the distractions and meditating with absolute concentration, not to be afraid by the effect of the 'FIVE ELEMENTS', it is all nothing but Swamy alerted us of the impending danger we were about to face and told us the way to act.

In the onward journey to go there, it took one hour and in return journey it was taken only 12 minutes inspite of floods and whirlpools.

It is not a formidable task for Sri Sai Baba who is the incarnation of Lord Vishnu who lifted Mandhara Giri to save our boat from the whirlpool and threatening floods. Can Baba leave His children to danger? Sri Sai Baba gave re-birth to all of us. Hence I prostrate to the saviour Sri Sai Baba.


On 13 8.1990, my sister-in-law husband Dr. K. Rama Rao, Assistant Director, Animal Husbandry passed away in Vizianagaram.   Every day Sri Sai used to appear in His true embodiment in the prayer room of Dr. Rama Rao Garu's house. Sri Sai blessed him with many experiences. After his death, Sri Sai appeared in my husband's meditation and told him that He would come to his brother-in-law's house on the 10th day of his death.

We anxiously waited for His arrival on that day and all our relatives went off after lunch. But, we did not know, in which form Baba would come. Then we heard some one calling from outside "ALLA MALIK-SAI RAM'.

We immediately went out and saw a stranger clad in saffron clothes, with a grey haired beard, a cloth tied turban on His head, Sindhoor on his forehead and with Rudraksha Mala around his neck.

We invited him into our house, seated him and offered our salutations to him. He applied Vibhuti on our foreheads. Though none of us introduced the wife of Dr. Rama Rao Garu to him, he consoled her not to cry and took out a rare photo of Sri Sai Baba from his sack and gave it to her. We never saw such photo of Baba anywhere. We offered him some sweets but he took only a small piece of sweet prepared by Dr. Rama Rao's wife only and distributed other sweets brought by other relatives to all of us.

We took him to another room, right in front of the door, there was a big portrait of Sri Sai baba. But he ignored it and picked up the laminated photo of Dr. Rama Rao Garu and blessed it.

When we asked what his name was, he said Sai Ram. He had not replied to any of our questions but said he would come again after one year.   He went away and after gone some distance, he disappeared.

This is how Baba kept up his promise came and blessed all of us especially Dr. Rama Rao Garu's wife.



My husband was in a hurry in selecting the articles for 'SAI PRABAHA' (a monthly Spiritual Magazine on Sai's Philosophy and His Tatwa) and finish the publication as soon as possible, because he wanted to go to Shirdi for 'Platinum Jubilee' of Sri Sai Baba, and the time was around 2 P.M. in the afternoon.

Sri Sai Baba ordered him to meditate and he went into trans. Then he got a vision of Sri Sai Baba was lying in the Tomb with closed eyes and His body was covered with a white cloth upto His waist and with a bare chest. This was all took place 75 years ago in 1918. My husband was so happy by Baba's appearance in his meditation. My husband gained consciousness at 4.00 p.m in the evening and when he was about to rise, two photos of Sri Sai Baba fell down from his lap. Those were the pictures of Baba drawn upto His shoulders with a sketch pen on a white paper. Until then had not seen such type of sketch photos and we were so surprised. Sai Baba ordered my husband to sit in meditation and showed him his Samadhi of Shirdi. Then we realized that white paper indicates the white cloth covered on His body and the black sketch was used as a mark of tragedy on that mournful day.

I offer a billion prostrations to Baba.


In the early hours of 14.10.1990 while my husband was in meditation in the pooja room in our house at Jubilee Hills at Hyderabad, suddenly fire encircled him and was ablaze. It distracted his concentration. Though he opened his eyes, he did not budge an inch to extinguish the fire. The lamp (Deeparadhana) with which we do our daily rituals was far away from his and we have not understood, how the fire broke out. We poured water to put off fire. My husband resumed his meditation, sitting in that pool of water. Again after ten minutes, flames encircled him, we had to put them off by pouring water. He pursued his meditation. 15 minutes elapsed and again fire encircled him, even his dhoti drenched in water caught fire. My husband surrounded by huge flames looked as if he was sitting in the middle of furnace. A few seconds later, my daughter-in-law Smt. Nivedhita brought a bucket of water and extinguished the fire. As we felt that it is not safe to stay any more in that room, we compelled him to come out.

As he was ablaze in fire, we were worried that his body was serious burns.

Consequently, during meditation Baba gave a message that fire broke out because of your Yoga practice. It was all by Jaganmata wanted to distract you from your trans. Otherwise you would have gone into' JADA SAMADHI'. The Goddess Jaganmatha saved you."

I prostrate to Sri Sai Baba and Jaganmata, who saved my husband.

When my husband gets deep concentration, he complains of very high body temperature. One day as he was not able to bear the pain, to cool down his body heat, I kept a wet towel on his head. Heat came into his eyes. Eyes turned red and started smartins. He was worried that he may loose his eye sight. By Baba's grace, a few minutes later, he was normal, otherwise, he would have been in danger.

Sri Sai Baba takes care of His devotees, overlooking the mistakes they do.


On May 6th, 1991 evening, when my husband sat in meditation, he had viewed a very peculiar visions and experienced strange incidents. The following is the narration of his vision.

"I had seen Gods and Goddesses as well as demons also. They were quarelling among themselves. Then, a sacred lady who appeared like a ' Yogin approached me and said "It is not safe to stay here, come along with me". She wore a white dress and tied her hair into a knot on the top of her head and her neck and hands were adorned with Rudraksha Mala. She took me through hills and forests and the way appeared was very dangerous. Later, we came near a pond and that place consisted of different varieties of huge trees and looked very beautiful.

From there when that Yogini took me in the sky, there I found a big fort with high compound walls, which were made out of iron. The fort had four entrances and at each entrance there were guards safeguarding the entrances. The guards did not allow us inside. Then the Yogini thinking it is useless to stay here took me to some other place.

There, we found a tall fort which had number of entrances. She took me inside the fort through the North entrance. Inside the fort, we found different varities of trees which bore fruits. There were many birds flying over these trees. Due to hunger I asked that Yogini whether I can pluck a fruit and eat. She did not approve for that and asked me not to do so. After viewing the scenic beauty for sometime, she once again took me somewhere.

After travelling for some more distance, we reached a fort. The fort's compound walls were made out of copper. When we went inside, we found a man and two ladies, talking to themselves. They were very beautiful and looked like Divine people. I did not understand what they were talking and when I asked that Yogini who were they, she said, "It is none of your business". When I requested her that we should stay there for some more time and find who they were and offer our prostrations, she refused for that. The Yogini who accompanied me, took me immediately.

After travelling some distance, we found a fort with high compound walls and which was surrounded by a ocean. Gods and Goddesses were also seen there but the Yogini did not give me an opportunity to talk to them.

From there, the Yogini took me to another place where we found a fort with high compound walls and the scenic beauty was very beautiful and that the sight was a feast to the eyes. Suddenly, it started to rain heavily with thunders and lightening. The Yogini asked me whether I was feeling scared, then I answered negatively. Then, she said, "since you are able to tolerate this fearful incident, I will try to make you to reach your destination, but you will have to face many terrible consequences which are difficult for an ordinary man to bear them. But, since, you yourself had desired for this, I am taking you there, so be careful". Thus, warning me, she took me from there.

We travelled some distance and found a fort with silver compound walls but the Yogini did not take me inside.

We left from there and reached a fort, which had golden compound walls. The fort was surrounded by guards who did not allow us inside.

From there, we travelled through a very difficult and trouble some Path. After travelling for some distance in that path, we found a big fort which was covered by lotus flowers. The fort also had GOPURAMS. On each gopuram, there was a godess seen seated. When I asked that Yogini that I would bow to them, she refused and said that it was not necessary and took me away.

After travelling some distance, we found a palace which had a square shape and the walls were embedded with diamonds. On all the four sides, there were ladies guarding the palace, who took me inside the building. There, I saw a throne which was glowing radiantly on which a Goddess was seen seated there. Some ladies were serving her feet and some others were worshipping her with garlands and flowers. When I told that Yogini, who accompanied me, that I want to prostrate to the Goddess feet, she sternly refused my wish and took me to some other place.

From there, we went to the sea shore. There the ocean God gave way to us. On the way, sharks and big fishes tried to scare us, but they could not do anything to us. After travelling some distance we found a palace. The water surrounding the palace tasted very sweet like nector. The palace was shining like a diamond and I closed my eyes in order to avoid the bright light emanating from that palace. When the Yogini who was with me called me inside I entered the palace bravely. As soon as I entered, I found a big 'SRI CHAKRA'. Then some ladies took us inside. There was a throne on a high elevated land, which was embeded with diamonds, gems and with all other precious stones. That throne was adorned by the Goddess Lalitha Tripura Sundari, who is the creator and protector of all worlds. She was glowing radiantly with an innumerable number of rays. She wore a red saree and there was Kum Kum (Vermilion) on her forehead and her eyes were big and were shining like ruby stones. Her nose was adorned with a nose ring and her head with a crown which had all were precious gems (Navaratna). She was also having some weapons in her hands. I was given permission to prostrate to that Goddess. When I prostrated to that Goddess, she taught me the meaning of 'BIJAKSHARAS' in Panchadashi Mantra and also blessed me.

We narrated the above experience to Sri Poorna Nanda Swamiji of Srisailam and also asked him the reasons for not allowing my husband to prostrate to the Goddesses and for not even allowing him inside at some places. Then he said, "By the grace of that Goddess, your husband could atleast reach the Goddess by means of this short and fiery path. Had he observed the rigours of reaching the place, he would have gone by a right path. In that case no body would obstruct him".

The reason for the Goddess grace on my husband is only Sri Sai's blessings and mercy. Baba in his messages had mentioned many times, that He himself is 'Jaganmata', the mother of the Universe", Today, he had proved this through my husband. Without Baba's desire, this would not have been possible, since it is actually attained by saints, who had performed severe penance. Little service to Sai will enable us to get infinite results.


On 2-3-1992, while my husband was in meditation, he prayed Baba to give His personal Darshan and that it is his main aim and also he wants to speak to Him in person. He also prayed Baba that He was giving darshan only either in Meditation or in dreams. For that Baba said:

"You are a fool. You know who I am? If I show My Nija Swaroopa, your eyes will be dazzled, become blind, not only blind, you will go mad.  You are aspiring for unworthy and undesirable things. Why do you think that I am somewhere else, I am in your heart only, search, search, search and you will find Me. Don't entertain any impractible and unrealistic ideas in your mind and get yourself impure. You must know that I am the effulgent light of this Universe. I have come to make my devotees desireless. Is this the knowledge you have gained from My Sandeshams? Instead of guiding others you are going down. Know that I am Brahman seated in the Lotus flower and the creator of the entire mobile and immobile Universe. Then how can you see Me? Keep the impulses of your mind under control.   Realise this.  Have full faith and devotion in Me.   Do Sadhana. Thereby your inborn and unworthy desires will be washed away. Do your Sadhana first and then of other things. The essential and basic virtue required for a Sadhaka is selflessness. See yourself by your Sadhana. You must know that the goal of life is to love and then you can know what it is. Try to attain full pledged Bliss by your Sadhana. You must know that the goal of your life is to love and serve well without expectation of any thing.   Life is a song and it must be sung well.   Righteousness and purity are essential for devotion.  Sacrifice'and service is the motto of the Sadhaka.   A desireless man is a free man and he will be emanicipated.   That is the secret of My Yoga.  If you surrender yourself, I will be manifest Myself to you. Don't court troubles to achieve impracticable and undesirable things."

Then my husband said - "I am fortunate to hear the Preachings -that too from Baba personally. But in my 76 years of life, I find that the preachings are quiet different from actual practice. It is just like to feeding a hungry man with morals and preachings instead of giving food to him. Preachings are very good to hear, but their implementation is very difficult, unless God gives the strength and powers.

My husband further said - "BABA - Whatever happens to me, I want and I must have your darshan. To achieve this, I am prepared to face anything that it comes to me. I will take all your curses and abuses as blessings to achieve my goal. With the blessings of Baba, I want to sit from next Thursday in 'DIKSHA'. I think that the day for commencement of Diksha also is fixed at the instigation of Baba only".

My husband furtherer requested Baba "I don't sit in meditation closing my eyes. I will chant the name of My Lord in the awakening state. I decided not to take any solid food except liquids till I get darshan of my Lord. If my Lord is not kind enough to shower His blessings, I will stop taking even liquid food also after the fifth day. If I am such an unrighteous person, I pray Baba to merge me in you. This is my firm, solid and inevocable decision. No one can change my mind except Baba only. Give me purity in my thoughts and emotions".

For this Baba scolded my husband - 'that you are a fool of fools. Are you threatening Me? What do you mean'.

On hearing this my husband requested Baba - "I beg to be excused what am I? Who am I? I am too small a fellow and a tiny creature. How can I threaten my Almighty Lord? I am submitting praying, bowing my head before the Holy feet of my Lord, pleading for mercy."

Then Baba has given an assurance "Alright My boy, if you are in communion with Me during your Diksha period your wish may be fulfilled. Feed yourself with My Nama Japa. Don't have anything in your mind. Merge yourself in Me. Think of Me only. This is a test for you to know how far you have come nearer to Me. Get yourself merge in the spiritual ocean of Bhakthi. If you have got sufficient faith and will-power, you will certainly achieve your goal. If I accept any one as My devotee, I will never forsake him."

Even after 5 days, Baba has not given darshan. So my husband stopped taking of liquid food also and firmly sat in meditation with firm determination that unless Baba gives physical darshan, he would not get up from Diksha.

On 12th day, Baba is kind enough to give darshan to my husband in Bikshuka Roopa. During these 12 days he has not taken solid food for 5 days and from 6th day onwards he has not taken even liquid diet also. On 12th day Baba showed His Divine Grace to my husband.

I submit in all humility, how great was the grace of Sri Sai Baba in showering His Divine kindness on my husband. As stated by Baba that He would never forsake His devotees, if they got sufficient faith and will-power and the same is proved in my husbands care.


In the year 1986 on our way to Shirdi, we visited Bhavani Mata temple in Tuljapur. There Bhavani Mata with her 8 - arms and a small cloth draped around her waist, appeared in my husbands meditation. Whenever we visited Bhavani Mata, she was draped in a sari and we all wondered why scantly clothed mata appeared in his meditation. Later, when we went to temple in the early morning, priests were giving her (sacred bath) 'ABHISHEKAM', and she was clad in a tiny cloth around her waist as my husband got a vision in his meditation. Then we realised that she blessed my husband to view her real-self and we were all happy.

2.         In the year 1985, we went to Basara, my husband sat just opposite 'GODDESS SARADA'S idol and was praying. Suddenly he saw a light around the idol of Sarada Devi as if somebody focussed it. A few minutes later it become dark and again light appeared. It happened like this for a few minutes. Then my husband who is slowly learning about philosophy by SAI BABA's grace realised that it indicated his state of ignorance and knowledge shown by Goddess SARASWATHI'. We prostrated to Mata and also sought blessings of Datta Padukas.

3.            Whenever we perform ABHISHEKAM to SAI BABA on Thursdays we perform to silver idol of SRI SUBRAMANYESWARA SWAMY also and two idols of NAGENDRA SWAMY in our prayer room. We changed their usual place and on one Thursday we forgot to perform ABHISHEKAM to those idols; as they were in a corner. That night two big snakes appeared in my husbands dream and he was afraid. Then those snakes spoke "Why are you afraid of us? We won't kill you. Why did you neglect us and did not perform ABHISHEKAM? Why at all did you change our place and kept in a corner? My husband begged to forgive him. The very next day we put them back to original place and till today we were performing ABHISHEKAM without fail. My husband was so ecstatic that not only SAI BABA but also other deities recognised his sincere devotion and worship.

4.         Prior to worshipping Sai Baba we used to worship SRI RAGHAVENDRA SWAMY of Mantralayam. In the year 1977, my son Chy. Krishna Kishore used to work in Khammam. Unfortunately my daughter in law Chy. Sow. Nivedhita had a miscarriage and her condition was serious. Blood had to be transfused but her blood group AB-Rh negative which was a very rare group. As it was not available in Khammam, my son sent a car to Vijayawada to fetch that blood group. Luckily, O-Rh-negative group was available and it was administered and she was out of danger. After a few months, one of her fallopion tubes had to be removed as it was a tubular pregnancy. At that stage, we were all worried whether she would have a child or not to expand our family.

My son was transferred to Kurnool. We stayed for a few days with him and went to Mantralayam. There we gained mental solace and our faith in Raghavendra Swamy strengthened. We made my son and daughter-in-law to perform Naga Pooja and place an idol of Nagendra, near neem tree and Ashoka tree in Mantralayam.

They did it. A few days later, my daughter-in-law was pregnant but we were all apprehensive as her pregnancy was aborted twice, if antibodies form in her it would be dangerous to the baby and blood had to be transfused to the new born child. We panicked listening to all those. By the DIVINE BLESSINGS of SRI RAGHAVENDRA SWAMY, she delivered boy on the auspicious day of Datta Jayanthi in the month of December in 1978. By God's grace, she gave birth to another boy in 1981. They got their father's blood group. By God's grace everything went on smoothly and we were all so happy. Both were named after SRI RAGHAVENDRA SWAMY, the first tonsuring cermony was performed there and also Aksharabhishekam was performed there.

5.         As my husband was a government employee, we had to move from one place to another, so we let our own house for rent in Hyderabad. My husband retired from service, and he wanted to settle down in Hyderabad, but our tenants refused to vacate the house inspite of our repeated requests. In 1979 we laid out a place to construct first floor on our ground floor to live in it. To supervise the construction my husband and myself stayed in a small room above the garage. One night Sri Raghavendra Swamy in my husbands dream said ''theft will take place in your house shortly but don't worry I am guarding your house". We understood that theft would take place in our house and rang up to our neighbours and gave them our telephone number in case of emergency.

My son Chy. Krishna Kishore came with his family from Kurnool to spend Dasara vacation with us. The next morning, we received a call from Kurnool that thieves broke into their house, and they ransacked the house and also they claimed ignorance of what was looted and what was not looted and police were guarding their house. Then my husband remembered his dream and said to my son "If my dream was true, not even a pie would be robbed from your house". He went to Kurnool along with my husband and my daughter-in-law. To their surprise, they found out that nothing was stolen. The previous night, their watchman who comes once in a blue moon saw that lights were switched on. He presumed that my son and his family might have missed their bus to Hyderabad and returned home. So he pressed the calling bell but nobody opened the doors. Then he found out that thieves broke open the lock of the main door and entered into the house. He was scared and went to ILTD Office to bring others for help. By the time he come back, thieves ran away and nothing was stolen in the house. It was RAGHAVENDRA SWAMY who instilled the watchman to go for guarding and prevented the theft.

6.         On November 20th in 1983 we went to Mantralayam and stayed there for 3 days. We planned to return to Hyderabad on 24th morning. That night on 23rd, SRI RAGHAVENDRA SWAMY appeared in my husband's dream and ordered to do Anga Pradakshana around the temple. In order to obey his orders and postponed our return journey.

By then, only one week before SRI SAI BABA branded on my husband's chest as a mark of treatment. That wound was not yet healed. It was an age-old tradition in Mantralayam that men should not wear shirt in the temple premises. We were a bit worried that if my husband rolls over the stones and hard floor, wound might have worsen. We were also not sure whether his heart disease completely cured or not and there was a poor availability of medical aid at Mantralayam.

The next day my husband woke up early in the morning took bath in the holy waters of River Tungabhadra, clad in a dhoti and started 'ANGA PRADAKSHANA' around the temple. When he reached back yard of Brindavan my husband got a vision of SRI RAGHAVENDRA SWAMY on a huge throne in a dazzling light. With in 12 minutes he completed Anga Pradakshana and went straight inside the temple. By God's grace nothing happened to his wound and he was alright. According to Swamy's instructions whenever he goes to Mantralayam, he performs Anga Pradakshana around the temple.

7.         In the year 1987, we went to my nephew's place (My sister's son) Chy. Siram Chandra Mohan's house in Vijayawada. That night my husband had a peculiar dream. In it he stood in temple premises, two priests came near him. One was having a small bowl of oil and bath powder in a tray and the other applied oil on my husband's head. We had not understood and asked them why they were doing it but they had not replied. Temple was crowded with many devotees. My relatives and myself came out of the temple and laughed at my husband's state. Then priests carried idols placed in palanquin and chanting sacred mantras, took out a procession slowly the crow dispersed and quite atmosphere restored in temple. Then my husband went into the Sanctum Sanetorium and stood in front of the deity. To his wonder the deity moved its head as if it come to life and uttered something. He looked back to see whether anyone stood behind Moola Vigraha, but nobody was there. My husband stood alone in front of the deity. She appeared °n her true embodiment. She had the sacred sindhoor in her forehead. As Tilakam beaming sun, she had large eyes in the shape of a lotus with a pleasant and cheerful face. Her body complexion was dark. She was clad in a pure Conjevaram Saree, diamond studded crown over her head, golden ear rings and nose rings glittered. She was having gold ornaments around her neck, waist and wore bangles. When my husband went near her, she placed "Sindhoor" on his forehead and gave him two one rupee coins. Then he with overwhelmed emotion and devotion fell on her lotus feet and sobbed for more than 10 minutes. When he looked up for the deity, he viewed LORD SIVA's idol in its place. He realized that SIVA and the Goddess SHAKTHI are one and the same. Thus, his dream ended and he wokeup.

My husband was so happy that to get such a dream in the holy piligrim centre of Goddess KANAKADURGA was due to SRI SAI BABA's grace only.

8.         On August 15, we went to Pithapuram, the holy birth place of SRIPADAVALLABHA SWAMY Avatar of DATTATREYA and visited the famous KUKKUTESWARA SWAMY temple. We had the Divine Darshan of DATTATREYA in that temple and went to "RAJA RAJESWARI MATA" Mandir in the same Premises. To our delight it was the same deity which appeared in my husband's dream 2 months ago and I had to tumble for words to express my husband's ecstasy.

That temple is the abodment of Goddess SHAKTHI. According to our mythology, when Lord Siva carried the corpse of his wife Satidevi, LORD MAHAVISHNU threw his weapon "Sudarshan Chakra", a part of her body fell on that place and eventually it was called "Peethikapuram". Later Kukkuteswara temple was built. It was my husband's privilege to get such dream. He went to have a look around the temple everything was exactly as he viewed in his dream and when he sat in the temple premises, two priests came near him and he reminisced his dream once again. To have such a memorable and divine experience was by God's grace only.

3 months after the above incident took place our family went on a piligrimage in South India by car. After visiting a few pilgrim centers we reached 'Bruhadeeswara temple' in Tanjore. We had the darshan of 23 feet Siva Lingam and also went to Kamakshi Temple. The priest of that temple gave us holy prasad and went with some foreigners came there to show the architecture and sculpture of the temple. My husband sat infront of the deity and was meditating. In order not to distract his meditation, my son, my daughter-in-law and myself went outside and sat near Nandeeswara's idol. Though one hour elapsed, my husband could not come out. As we were afraid about further loss of time, we went into the temple and saw my husband quivering in an emotional and excited state. He told us to see that Sindhoor on Goddess's forehead was emitting a ray of light on his face. As we are lesser mortals that ray of light was not visible to us and we could only see 25 Ps. sized sindhoor on her forehead.

Meditating in the sanctum Sanctorum the absence of Priest etc., incidents indicates that Goddess blessed him to preview the future in his dreams and made his dream turn into reality. Divine Blessings of Goddesses are because of our staunch faith in SRI SAINADH.

9.         Along with 15 other devotees of BABA went on a piligrimage to Mauhurgadh, Shegam, Shirdi etc. In Mahurgadh, my husband went into a deep meditation and after few minutes he rose to his feet and seen that a snake bite him. But we had not seen any snake in that place. As a proof of this experience there were marks of snake bite on his fingers and blood oozed out. Then I understood that it was all indication of DIVINE BLESSINGS of SRI DATTATREYA.

A few minutes later my husband told us to go into the Sanctum Sanctorium and have DATTATREYA's darshan, then we told that devotees would not be allowed into it. My husband said he was unaware of it and when he went nobody stopped him. A few devotees among us thought that they had blessed with the privilege to touch the LORD and went, but to their disappointment priest who was there had not allowed them. Then we all understood that Lord DATTATREYA blessed only my husband to touch his idol.

10.       In the month of February in 1992, we went to Tirupati from Hyderabad. At Tirumala, SRI SAI appeared in my husband's meditation and told that he would make my husband to write a book on his philosophy and Tatwa. Before writing that book chant the sacred mantra of "SRI SUBRAMANESYWARA SWAMY" for 50,000 times and to pour milk in snake pit after completing the mantras.

A few days later we returned to Guntur along with my son and followed BABA's instructions and chanted mantras. When my husband was in meditation, a big snake crawled over his body and as a proof, it bite my husband on his thigh but nothing happened to my husband.

When we went to pour milk in the snake pit, there we met Pujya Chinni Swamiji at Erukulapudi near Guntur, a trust worthy devotee of 'NAGENDRA SWAMY'. There is a belief that Nagendra Swamy comes over her body and answers devotees questions. Pujya Chinni Swamy asked my husband - To-day you had Divine Darshan of Nagendra Swamy and crawled on your body. Is it not?.

Once Swamy Parusurama appeared in my husband's meditation. The same day he went to Chinni Swami. She said that Parusurama appeared in your meditation and he will always help you. Whoever Swamy blesses, it was all by Sri Sai Baba only.

11.       In September 1989 we went to Hari Kara and other places in Karnataka state. We went to Kollur and darshan of Mookambika. After going there we were informed by Baba while my husband sat in meditation, that we should go over to Chikmagallur to locate Datta Kshetra.

After reaching Chikmagallur, we were told that there was a place by name BABA BUDDANGIRI on a hill. After reaching Baba Budangiri on 25th September, 1989, we were fortunate to have Datta Padukas Darshan in a cave on a hill. On 26th Morning my husband got a message in meditation in that cave that Padukas and Kamandalam were genuinely of Lord Dattatreya and other tombs by the side of Padukas, were not of Datta cult. He was also informed in the meditation that Sati Anasuya Matha comes every day and performs Abhishekam to Swamy Dattatreya with sandal wood paste. We found to our surprise that even the mud there smells sandal.

12.       When we visited Nagpur on 24-11-1988, while in meditation at the Samadhi Mandir of Saint Tajuddin Baba, perfume with sweet smell appeared to flow from my husband's head.

13.       In the same year when we visited Gulbarga, while in meditation at Hazrat Bande Navaj Darga, my husband had a feeling as the Saint placed His divine hand on his head and blessed him.

All the above instances confirm one absolute truth, Sri Sai Baba represents and symbolise all Gods in different Forms.


The saying of Sri Sai Nath that, "you put forward one step and I will put 10 steps towards you" has come true in many incidents, miracles experienced by Sai Devotees, who have offered themselves totally to Lord Sai; Among these devotees, only few of them are expressing it outwards and the rest of them due to suspicion or due to self respect, lack of openness are not sharing Sai Leelas with everybody. There are many Sai Leelas which have not been disclosed by the devotees due to these reasons.

Due to the grace of Sai, my son Chy. Krishna Kishore has experienced some Sai Leelas, though few of them are personal. We are unfolding them here since we believe that this will only enhance devotion and love towards Sri Sai to other Sai Devotees.

My son Chy. Krishna Kishore had left his good job in the year 1984 and started an industry in Hyderabad. But the industry failed to run successfully and he experienced heavy losses due to which he was in the state of depression. During this sad period, he recited Sri Sai Sath Charitra Parayan with full of devotion and concentration. On the completion of Sri Sai Nath Charitra, there was a small stream of fragrance drops from Baba's photo. After this incident took place, he believed that not only on his father, but on him also Baba's grace is showered. Thus, he started to pray Baba with great faith and belief in him.

Few days after this, he saw an old man calling loudly "SAI BABA - SAI BABA" and invited him inside our home. That person had applied udhi to his body and tied a cloth to his head. My son prostrated to him. Then that person said "Don't worry, you will attain a good position, give alms and charity and look after your parents well". Thus advising, he left. My son went outside immediately when the person had left, but he did not find him. He believed that person to be Baba only.

Few days after this incident happened, by the grace of Baba my son got a job in a Government of India's concern which was on contract basis. The salary package offered was also above his expectations. Without any efforts of his, by the grace of Baba he got a good job offer. His job placement was at Hyderabad. By Baba's grace our financial position has improved and by 1989, our property also improved. But by then, my son's contract period (Job) was over and was once again jobless.

He did not want to approach private organisations for job, since, earlier he was in well-positioned jobs. Later, he thought that instead of trying here and there for job, he believed in reciting Sri Sai's Sath Charitra and put his entire burden on Baba.

After a month, in February 1990, a very popular private organisation offered him a permanent job at Guntur by the grace of Baba. He accepted the job and shifted his family to Guntur. For the first time he was experiencing heavy work load and lot of tension and consequently he felt like quitting that job and return back to Hyderabad. But since he did not like to do so he continued there with lot of patience. After completion of 2 1/2 years service there, and due to unsuitable working hours, he resigned that job. He came home and told his wife Chi.Sow. Niveditha, but she was very cool on hearing news. She was not at all disturbed, instead she consoled him by saying that it was a good thing.

He did not try for any other job from the day of his resignation and there were no signs of his getting a job. With lots of faith on Baba, he believed that Baba will only show him a solution. He did not even inform us about this. On the day of his resignation itself, a foreign multi-national company required a qualified and experienced person so he furnished all his details to them. Since, the deciding authority pertaining to the recruitment of the employees was at England, it would take sometime for the selection process to complete.

On the same day itself, along with his family, he started to Visakhapatnam and stopped on the way at 'Annavaram". There, they climbed the hill and had the darshan of Sri Satyanarayana Swamy and performed Sri Satyanarayana Vrata (Pooja) and thought in his mind that if he gets a permanent job, he would once again come this place to have the god's darshan. Later, they went to Visakhapatnam. During that time we too went to Visakhapatnam from Hyderabad. Though, all of us met at my son's Father-in-law's place, he did not reveal to us anything about his job. He stayed there for 2 days returned back to Guntur. The authorities of that foreign company were trying to contact him. The next day, he got the information that the company's Vice-President was coming to Guntur from England and my son was asked to meet him. My son met that person, he was satisfied with my son and offered the job on a good salary. My son did not expect that he would get the job within such a short duration, and got a job in very good company with better prospects. He felt that this was really a very special Leela experienced by him. After learning about my son getting the job so fast, many well-wishers and friends came and congratulated him.

The joy experienced by my son, when he got job was like this following example. If a person was caught in a wild storm and with the help of waves, he comes out and starts sailing smoothly. That person's joy knew no bounds. In the same manner, Sri Sai Nath, himself helped my son to reach the shore (Job) safely and thus reminding us his saying, "I am ever living to help and guide all those who come to me who ever surrenders to Me and whosoever seeks refuge in me." These words came true in this context.

Though, he had in his mind that he had to visit Annavaram but due to his work pressure, he did not get an opportunity' to go there. One day, an old man with grey hair and beard, who was wearing Kurtha - Pyjama approached my son at his office and introduced himself as Khaja Baba and said that Sri Sai Baba wanted me to remind you about your visit to Annavaram. Saying so, he said "Alia Achcha Karega" and accepted some Dakshina and went away. This shows Sri Sai Baba is bearing my son's burden on Him and reminded my son about the trip to Annavaram. My son bowed to Baba and immediately according to His orders went to Annavaram.

Like the numerous waves in the sea, Baba's Leelas are also many in number. He saved my son twice from very dangerous car accidents. There are no words to express our gratitude to Baba who is the great Saviour. We pray to this God always to shower His blessings on us.


In the year 1987, when we were staying in Sriram Nagar Colony at Hyderabad, my daughter-in-law Chy.Sow. Nivedhita recited Sri Sai Sath Charitra. On the day of completion of parayan, a sweet fragrance emanated from the Baba's photo which can kept in her bed room. We kept one Baba's photo in the kitchen and regularly offered food which was cooked by us. My daughter-in-law used to feel that fragrance used to emanate from all the Baba's photos except from the photo in the kitchen. The next morning, she prepared pongal and offered it to Baba. After some time, when we went and saw, perfume drops emanated from the photo.

My grand son Chy. Kalyan Koushik used to suffer with leg pain. We feared that the illness as polio. My daugher-in-law prayed to lord Sai and waited for his grace. She also started reading Sri Sai Sath Charitra, and within two days time, my grandson's condition had improved. On the day of the completion of the Sai Sath Charitra, my daughter-in-law removed the clothes which were put for drying and when she was folding the clothes, a big silver finger ring fell from the clothes. The size of the ring was very big and there was Baba's picture on the ring and also Hindi letters "OM SAI BABA" were inscribed on either side of Baba's picture. We have never seen this ring before, it may weigh around 10 gms. We accepted the ring as a gift from Baba and preserved it safely.

In February 1991, my daughter-in-law started reading Sri Sai Sath Charitra once again and when she completed sweet fragrance smell emanated from that sacred book.

At our Jubilee Hill's residence at Hyderabad, we kept a Baba's Dwarakamai Photo in a sofa. One day, my daughter-in-law while dusting the furniture she first wiped Baba's photo with her saree, since she did not like to wipe with the cloth which was dirty because it was for wiping other furniture.

Later, when we saw Baba's photo, there was vermilion on Baba's forehead, hands, legs and on the coconut. We were astonished by this. Though we wiped Baba's photo several times, the vermillion marks did not disappear as of they were fixed with the help of glue. Earlier, we used to stick bindi stickers on the photo, it seems Baba did not like it. We understood that he expressed his dislike through this Leela.

My son Chy. Krishna Kishore regularly used to worship Baba. One day after the completion of pooja. when we went to get the milk, which was offered to Baba, the milk glass was empty. After examining it properly, we noticed traces of milk on Baba's photo. The same thing happened the next day also. All these are Baba's leelas.

In the year 1990, we were preparing for a trip to Shirdi. My daughter-in-law prepared laddoos (sweets). While making them, she thought in her mind that when Baba was alive, people used to buy sweets and were offering them to Baba, but now during the journey itself our people would eat them. She was dis-heartened as she could not offer them to Baba at Shirdi. Thinking so, she offered the laddoos to Baba at our Jubilee Hills residence. Later, she found as if somebody had a bite of a laddo and also drank the water from the tumbler. She was extremely happy that her wish was fulfilled. This shows that Baba is ever living not only at Shirdi but also in the hearts of the devotees and at their places.

In the year 1997, my son Chy. Krishna Kishore, purchased a flat in apartments in Sai Towers at Guntur. We had conducted NAMA JAPA in that house. My daughter-in-law daily prepares food and offers it to Baba. In the year 1998, one morning on January eleventh, Udhi came out of Baba's photo (begging poster). There was a silver locket and a dry flower in that Udhi. On oneside of the locket, there was picture of Baba seated on a stone and on the other side, Baba's 'ABHAYA HASTAM' was carved in a letter OM. My daughter-in-law wore this locket in her neck believing that Baba's blessings are always with her.


When my eldest grandson Chy. B. Kalyan Karthik was of five years age, Sri Sai Nath gave darshan to him in a dream and asked him to recite "OM NAMO NARAYANA" for 10 times. Now-a-days, kids understand English numericals only better than any other language, that is why, we thought that Baba might have told him in English. Though, my grand son never heard of this mantra before, by the grace of Baba only, he could remember the mantra clearly. Since, was very young at that time, he used learnt this mantra by counting his fingers in the pooja room.

In the year 1990 we were residing in our own house at Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad. At that time, my grandson Karthik was of eleven years age and was studying in 7th standard. He knows to ride a cycle, but does not know to ride a moped. He somehow learnt to ride a moped with the help of a relative. Inspite of our warnings he started riding the moped. One day he took my husband's moped and did not return for a long period. All of us were very anxious.

A tall person with attractive features came to our house carrying my grandson and said that he was a doctor and that Karthik had met with an accident. We took our grandson with tears in our eyes and in order to ask that person whether our grandson had sustained any serious injuries, when we turned his side to see that person, he was not there. Later, when we asked our grand son Karthik about the accident, he was not able to say anything. We thought that he was in the state of shock. After a gap of sometime once again when we asked him about the accident he spoke very unsteadily and irrelevantly "What accident, why I did not go to school" as if he did not remember anything. He was not able to say, where the two-wheeler was lying. We started worrying that though there was no external injury on the head he might have sustained some internal injury.

Meantime, when we were amidst this confused state, our second grandson Chy. Kalyan Kaushik came and said that he saw his brother on moped with one of his friends sitting behind him. We immediately went to his house and were happy on finding the boy safe. When we questioned him about the accident, the boy said "near the journalist colony at Jubilee Hills, there was a big rock on the roadside. It was not visible since it was covered by plants. After coming closer, we noticed the rock though in the last moment, we tried to avoid it, we would not avoid hitting the rock. I was not hurt since I jumped from behind, when the vehicle was falling, Karthik became unconscious. I got scared and came home immediately."

Moped's front wheel was totally bent and the handle broken. Since it was a moped, we would get it repaired with money, but if something had happened to our grandson, God only knows, how much we would have lamented.

We could not even express our gratitude to that person, who brought our grandson Karthik to us. He disappeared as of his job was over i.e., bringing Karthik safely home. He is none other than the great saviour - Sri Sai Nath.

In the Year 1996, Sri Sai advised us to join our grandson Karthik in a Madras Engineering College. Subsequently, he got a seat in Dr. M.G.R. Engineering College at Madras and is studying his B.E. Computers there. Thus, Baba showed his grace on all our family members.


My first daughter Chy. B. Neeraja & her husband Sri B. Janardhana Rao are devotees of Sri Sai Baba. One night in a dream, she worshipped Sri Sai Nath & was singing some devotional songs. The lamp was still glowing in front of Baba's photo. In the meantime, her husband said, "Neeraja, there is something special in Baba's photo, it looks as if Baba is breathing, come and have a look by yourself." With astonishment, my daughter went and saw. When she was still gazing with delight at the photo, Baba appeared. He was seated on a tall Mantap like structure in his usual cross-legged position. With tears in her eyes, she bowed to His feet and said unbelievably, "Baba! You have come finally to my house". She sat near the feet of Baba and kept one hand on Babas leg which was on the floor and the other hand on the other leg and rested her head on Baba's lap and spoke something while looking at Baba.

Then, Sri Sai spoke, "You and your mother are worried regarding the industry." In response to that my daughter said "Inspite of knowing everything. You are neglecting us". Baba with a smile touched her head and said. "You do not worry about that. Every thing will be alright." On hearing this she was happy. Later, when she came to conscious state, her dream was over. We had started an Industry with the help of my son-in-law. But due to our lack of experience in this field and my son-in-law was at distance we would not concentrate on the activities of Industry. We had to close the Industry and due to which we incurred heavy losses. But later, everything was alright by the grace of Baba.

My daughter once again had the darshan of Baba in a dream when Baba was sitting in Dwarakamai, my daughter was also seated there. Meanwhile, a lady came there and when she bowed to Baba. Baba asked, "Mother Lakshmi, why didn't you get my food". She replied, "Baba, since you are receiving rich and good food from many great devotees of yours. I thought that you may not accept my ordinary food." To this Baba replied, "Lakshmi, whoever gets anything, I will satisfy only with your food." With joy in her eyes she went to get the food. Later, my daughter woke up and considered herself fortunate for having the darshan of Baba along with Lakshmi Bai Shinde in Dwarakamai.

In an other dream, when my daughter was sitting in a temple, an old man in rags came to her and said, "Mother, you come to Shirdi and you are going back without the Prasadam." Saying so, he gave her a curd rice packet and asked her to eat it. She ate the Prasadam and thought that it was the offering of Baba Himself.

Once, we all went to Pandaripuram along with my daughter's family. As that day was Dasara festival, the temple was over crowded with large number of devotees creating a stampede. In that situation, we were scared to enter the sanctum sanctorium. We stood on a bench and had the darshan of the God from a distance and prayed.

One year after this, my daughter had a dream in which, she had been to Pandaripur. When she went inside the temple and was about to offer her prostrations to the God, she found that the Idol of Sri Panduranga was missing. Then, she thought in her mind, "though last time I came here, I did not get the opportunity to touch your lotus feet and I felt very sad for this and this time, with lot of hope, I came here to see you, but you yourself have disappeared" thinking so, she stood motionless with distance. Meanwhile, a person in saffron clothes came there. On seeing him she immediately recognised him as Samartha Ramdas Swamiji (Sajjangad). When he asked my daughter to prostrate to the God. she immediately fell on the feet of Sri Panduranga. As she did so, she found countless number of small idols of Panduranga around the Big Idol of Panduranga and also the whole temple was full with these Idols. When she could not have the darshan of only one Idol of Panduranga, she was very unhappy but when she saw so many Idols of Pandari Nath, the joy experienced by her was unexplainable and inexpressible.

When my daughter's family shifted to Bangalore we went to their house in the year 1990. One day, my daughter told that she had a dream the previous night. In the dream, she was praying to lord Panduranga and Rukma Bai Idols which were around 1 1/2 ft. in height. Behind these Idols, there was a very big statue which she did not see it clearly. Though she could not see it clearly, she offered her prostrations to it.

Meanwhile, my daughter's husband Sri B. Janardhan Rao said she had this type of dream on several times but he too is unaware of that big Idol which was behind the Idols of Sri Panduranga and Rukma Bai. When he asked us about this, we said that usually, we have seen in Machilipatnam Sri Hanuman Idol installed in front of Sri Pandarinath's Idol, but we too did not know about this big Idol. Then, my Son-in-law said in the recent future, there was no chance for them to visit Pandaripur and also suggested that they should go and have darshan of Sri Panduranga Idol which was installed at a place 15 Kms away from Bangalore. When we went there to our utter surprise, we saw exactly the same scene, what my daughter has seen in her dream. There are 1 1/2 feet tall Idols of Sri Panduranga and Rukmabai and behind these Idols was 40 feet tall Idol of Lord Panduranga Vittal. With splendour and majesty, the Lord looked very handsome and was grandly rounded by' ASHTA LAKSHMI' (eight forms of Maha Lakshmi). The sight was a feast to eyes of the beholder.

My daughter used to feel always and repent about Pandaripur's visit. Since she could not have the darshan of Sri Panduranga there now after seeing the giant-Idol of Sri Panduranga in Bangalore itself, she believed that, Lord - Himself has arrived to my place and she also pleaded him to excuse her ignorance for not understanding the dream properly, though He appeared in her dream for several times. Thanking so, with deep devotion, she prostrated to Sri Panduranga Swamy.

My daughter's eldest son Chy. Murali Krishna used to drive car. Usually his car driving is perfect. But, once, while he was driving the car, the ball joint of the steering of the car got damaged and the car dashed against a roadside big electric pole. The pole due to the impact of the car fell on one side of the car. Gradually slipping down on Electric wires from the pole also fell on the car and sparks of fire emanated from them. Fortunately, my grandson did not get any electric shock. If the electric pole instead of falling on oneside, had fallen on the car directly, it would have been very dangerous for our grandson. He escaped from this danger by the Divine Grace of Sri Sai Nath. Not only my grandson but also the people (School children) on the road escaped unhurt from this accident. Baba will always protect his devotees, who worship him with eternal faith. The great danger to our grandson was saved by the grace of Baba.


Chy. Murali Krishna, my eldest grandson and eldest son of Sri B. Janardhana Rao who completed B.Com. in 1st Class in 1988 was trying for a job since then. He appeared for a number of competitive examinations for some post. Despite having fared well in the tests, he was not selected. Consequently he was unhappy. One of the posts applied for is the Inspector of Central Excise & Customs and Income Tax. He got through the written examination and got a call letter for interview on 4-7-1991. My Grandson Murali Krishna was praying to Lord Sai Baba with utmost devotion. As usual he fared well in the viva-voce test also and attended for interview.

On that night in the early hours my son-in-law Sri B. Janardhana Rao had a dream and in the dream, he was wandering in the streets of a town and saw a horse with two legs lifted up. The horse was not moving and was shining with brightness and was very impressive and anybody sees the horse in that state, they certainly pay regards.

Next my son-in-law saw a middle aged black coloured devotee of Sri Sai Baba sitting in a meditative posture with closed eyes. My son-in-law paid respects to him. The person who was in meditative posture opened his eyes and saw my son-in-law with a smiling face.

After wandering here and there, my son-in-law went to Sai Baba temple at Bangalore and then returned to his house.

In the hall of this house in one corner a wooden plank was seen on which pooja was performed just by then and by its side there was a brass plate with items used for pooja covered with big leaf. Immediately after he entered the house, a priest like Swamiji dressed in ordinary robes came and entered the hall. He paid regards and requested him to sit. He said that good days would come to him when two birds come to his house. Then his wife (my daughter) came from inside. Swamiji asked my son-in-law to bring the brass plate and keep it in front of Swamiji. My son-in-law removed the leaf kept over the brass plate and he found two light ash coloured size stick like items besides other pooja items. He then closed the plate with the same leaf. Swamiji observed all this and said that there were two birds in the plate and asked my son-in-law whether he had seen them. Saying this, he removed the leaf over the plate and to his surprise my son-in-law saw two light ash coloured birds slightly moving in the plate. Then Swamiji expressed that as the birds had come, there would be good day for my son-in-law's family members. He gave Dakshina to Swamiji. The Swamiji who appeared in the dream looks like Sri Sai Baba.

After the dream, my son-in-law was very happy. The next day after this dream his son Mural \ Krishna went for interview and he was very hopeful that he would certainly be selected for this job. Accordingly with Sri Sai Baba's grace and blessings, his son Murali Krishna was selected for the post of Inspector, Central Excise & Customs and was given posting in Bangalore itself where my son-in-law was working.

This experience reinforced faith that Sri Sai Baba would come to the rescue of His devotees and help them when they look towards Him.

The experiences experienced by Sai devotees confirm that Sri Sai Baba is still living with us only and guiding us in every affair. He examines us by watching our activities and knowing our thoughts and corrects our mistakes and guide us in the path of Divine knowledge.

All the experiences experienced by Sai devotees proves the saying of Baba that though He leaves the body His bones will speak to His devotees and guide them in divine path.

One fact is universally felt by all Sai Devotees that Sri Sai Baba is living and watching all our movements and guides us in a perfect manner.


In the year 1986, on a Thursday, my sister Smt. P. Syamala Devi visited our house, to see the Abhishekam of Sri Sai Baba and that night, she stayed with us. My Son Chy. Krishna Kishore had shown an English horror movie in the video. After watching that movie, my sister who slept alone felt very scared, started praying Baba to protect her. Then she felt as if Baba was sitting next to her in a sofa and gave company to her. In the morning, when she woke up she found Baba sitting physically in the sofa for few moments. She felt very happy and prostrated to his lotus feet.

When we planned to go on a pilgrimage in a van, we invited my sister Syamala to join us. Though, she was interested to visit these holy places, she was doubtful whether she could travel continuously for 10 days, since she was not feeling well. Even on the day before the journey too, she did not change her mind. That night in her dream Baba gave darshan and said, "You are also coming to Shirdi". Immediately, according to Baba's order, she joined us in the piligrimage.

We went to Shirdi and had the darshan of Sri Sai Baba, then we started to go to Nasik. An our later in the journey, my sister Syamala felt sleepy and closed her eyes. Then Sri Sai gave darshan standing in front of her in the van and gave sugar and ginger powder mix to her as prasadam & disappeared. She felt very happy & considered herself as fortunate since Baba Himself invited her to Shirdi and also offered her Prasadam. After reaching Hyderabad she received Shirdi Prasadam by post. She was very much surprised by this. After much thinking she realised the meaning of Sri Sai's darshan in the Van, during the trip. The next day after returning from the piligrimage, she received a document pertaining to her family pension arrears which was due since a year. As she was not conversant with the pensions calculations she was getting less pension. This time, they have calculated correctly and released pension which was much higher than her expectation.

After some days my sister Syamala had a dream in which my husband at her residence was pouring paddy into a gunny bag and the gunny bag was held by Sri Sai Baba. My sister, who was standing near them observed Baba. He was wearing a white colour dhoti with a white sweater and pushed his sweater sleeves upwards and held the bag. She thought that Baba must be feeling cold and that was why, he was wearing a sweater. In the meantime, she wokeup and the dream disappeared. Later, she repented for not even prostrating to his feet in the dream. Probably, the dream implies that - the leap of paddy is like unlimited human race and the paddy which Baba was taking inside the bag is like his devotees.

My second sister Smt. S. Kusuma Kumari completed reading Sri Sai Sath Charitra Parayan and thought of sending Rs. 10/- to Shirdi as Dakshina but she went on delaying to send money to Shirdi. One night in a dream she heard a voice which was coming from the Idol of Sri Sai Baba which was at Shirdi temple. The voice said, "You owe me Rs. 10/- and your sister's husband has to give Rs. 16/ -, send the money immediately". When she said this we immediately went and opened the money box which was in the pooja room and found Rs.16/- therein. We immediately sent the money through money order to Shirdi.

In an other dream, Sri Sai Baba gave darshan to my sister Smt. Kusuma and asked her to prepare a curry with wheat flour balls and offer it to him. Though, she did not know how to prepare this curry but with her imagination, she prepared the curry and offered it to Baba. Later, we also tasted the curry.

She had once again a dream in which Baba gave darshan and gave a garland and a sweet and advised her to read 'Guru Charitra', which would do good to her.

On August 13,1987, my sister Kusuma had a dream in which they were staying in a house which was situated on a river side. One day, myself and my husband went to my sister's house. After sometime, my husband walked briskly towards the river. We started following him. Then, we saw a young boy who was around 4 years of age walking on the river water. My husband started following that young boy and also walked on the river water, since we did not have the courage to walk on the water. We stopped at the river bank itself. Just before reaching the other side of the river, my husband fell down. In the mean while, Baba appeared there and pressed my husband's stomach hard with his feet as he did so, water came out of my husband's stomach. We could see everything clearly from the other bank. Baba was wearing white kafini and his feet were very big with a rare colour. Because of Baba's service, my husband got recovered and immediately got up and started following that young boy. That boy did not wait for my husband and also did not bother himself and walked away into the nearby forest. My husband also followed him into the forest which was very green with big trees and creepers. As they could not be seen by my sister she became panicky. Due to this tension she got awake and the time was then 4 A.M. in the morning.

Though my husband started worshipping Sri Sai from the year 1980, but only from the year 1983, he started experiencing Sai Leelas by means of mediation. The boy being 4 years old in the above dream probably suggests my husbands probating period which was 4 years old and Baba pressing my husband's stomach with his sacred feet implies that he had purified my husband by removing the impurities from his body.



Smt. Dhanalakshmi is the wife of Dr. A. Prabakara Rao Superintendent of Government Hospital, Mahaboobnagar, is my sister's daughter and also Mother-in-Law of my son Chy. B. Krishna Kishore.

When they were staying in Mahaboobnagar, one night she got a dream that along with some other ladies, she was sitting in a Sai Mandir in Mahaboobnagar. Sri Sai Baba was sitting on a high pedestal. The statue was of a man's height and Baba appeared very lovely. After prostrating before Baba, she saw movement in His eyes. Later the movement in His legs also were seen. She wondered and she stood before Baba?" Then Baba questioned her who are you and what do you want?' She got perplexed on hearing this question and answered 'Baba - don't you know who I am, and what I want'? For this Baba did not answer and came out of the statue and began walking. She followed Baba. As Baba was a tall man and was walking quickly she was not able to follow Almighty and so began to run.

My sister's daughter Smt. Dhanalakshmi is so fortunate to see Baba as a statue and also in the physical form She says that the place was Dwarakamai in Shirdi. Then she got up to the consciousness and the time was then at 04-00 hrs. Due to the kindness of Sri Sai Baba, she was able to see Baba for which she prostrated before Him.


In the year 1994, on 16th November, we and a few other Sai devotees went to Shirdi in a matador van and enroute visited GANUGAPUR. The next morning i.e. on the very auspicious day of Karthika Poornima, we took bath in the holy Sangam of Amaraja and Bhima rivers and had Divine darshan of Bhagavan Sri Narasimha Saraswathi Swami in the temple. In the full moon night we meditated for sometime under the sacred 'OUDUMBARA TREE', where Pujya Narasimha Swamiji meditated.

"Next day we went to AKKALKOTA. We had darshan of Akkalkota Swamiji's Samadhi and offered our prayers. From there we went to 'SHIVAPURI', about 3 Kms from Akkalkota and offered our prayers to 'GAJANAN MAHARAJ'. That very night we resumed our journey and reached Shirdi, the next morning. Devotees stood in que from Samadhi Mandir to RTC bus stand to have Baba's darshan. After some time we went inside the Baba's Mandir and offered our prayers.

"The next morning we visited SINGANAPUR and visited SANESWARA SWAMY TEMPLE. From there we went to Ahmmednagar and went to MEHAR BABA'S SAMADHI. We also visited Tulajapur and had darshan of MATA BHAVANIDEVI, who has given 'KHADGAM' (Sword) to Sivaji Maharaj.

The van driver Mr. Krishna, who drove us to all these places earns his livelihood by driving van for hire. He also the owner of that van.

When we came to Mehar Baba's Samadhi, he said to me that he was suffering with severe abdominal pain and he was unable to take any diet even coffee or tea. If at all he takes any thing the pain will be aggravated. So, he got admitted in NIMS Hospital at Hyderabad. Doctors conducted various types of tests and finally said that there was a lump growth on his kidneys and he had to undergo operation. He already spent more than Rs. 4,000/- towards test charges. So he was hesitating to undergo operation, as how much it would cost him. So he dropped the idea of undergoing operation.

In the year 1994, on November 14th, he went with some devotees to Mantralayam. On their return, they visited Sri Sai Baba's Mandir at Kurnool. There he prayed Baba - "I am poor man that I am not able to bear the pain and also I was not in a position to undergo operation to bear such heavy charges and I came to know that you have conducted heart-operation to Mr. Umamaheswara Rao. So also have mercy on me and relieve me from this severe abdominal pain and also bless me to give an opportunity to visit Shirdi and now a days nobody was hiring my van as the road taxes were enhanced by Karnataka and Maharashtra Governments".

He returned to Hyderabad on 15th and came to know from Sri Sai Baba Travels people that we have hired his van to go to Shirdi and other piligrim centres. He was so happy that Sri Sai Baba listened his prayer and allowed him to go to Shirdi the next day itself.

"We started from Hyderabad on 16th night visited all Datta Kshetras enroute and reached Shirdi on 19th. Inspite of heavy rush, he visited Baba's Samadhi on the same morning and praying Sai with whole hearted mind and faith. When he was praying Baba, he felt some burning sensation on his abdomen. When he saw what it was. He found that some scars looking like cutting with a blade and slight blood was coming out. He found two lines on his abdomen.

"He immediately went to a hotel and had a sumptuous food. He did not get any pain and then he realized that Sri Sai Baba conducted operation on his body and relieved him from his abdominal pain without undergoing any operation in the hospital as advised by the doctors. Then he realized that Baba is Doctor of Doctors. Since then he is not getting any. sort of pain.

When we came to Mehar Baba Samadhi, he narrated all this to me. I actually observed two lines on his abdomen.

Previously whenever we used to go to Shirdi, one driver by name Lingaiah takes us in his van. He is also a Sai Devotee. By Baba's grace he secured a decent job in RTC. Sri Sai makes his devotees to come to him and solve their problems.

They are all very fortunate for having sought Baba's grace."


On November 26th of 1994, my husband went to the auto stand in Chiragalli at Hyderabad and was asking an auto driver whether he would come for hire to Domalguda. Another auto driver, who was there, staring at my husband with a fixed glance on him, so he turned a deaf ear to the first auto driver's reply, and went near to the other auto driver, who was staring with him. He agreed to take my husband to Domalguda. He asked my husband, where he was working. Then my husband said that he had retired from service Again he asked about in which department my husband worked and of his designation. My husband said that -he worked in the Police Department and retired as Additional Superintendent of Police. The auto Driver thrilled and over joyed. He prostrated to my husband in the presence of so many persons nearby and tears rolled out of his eyes with joy. Then my husband suggested that it had be better to sit in the auto and talk.

They sat in the auto and he said to my husband that his name was Kasi Reddy, owns an auto and with the registration number A.E.T. 5240 and was earning his livelihood by driving it for hire. Though he has got faith in God he had no time to perform pooja etc.

Since 15-11-1994, every night Sri Sai Baba had been giving darshan in his dreams which evoked peculiar urge and Bhakti in Him. As he was unaware why it was happening. He used to visit Sri Sai Baba Mandirs in Hyderabad for solace.

On 25-11-1994, Sri Sai Baba appeared in his dream and said 'A passenger clad in white clothes, with bald head, who worked as an officer in the Police Department will get into your auto the next day. You act according to his advise'. He also vaguely showed the appearance of my husband in his dream. From that moment onwards he could not get sleep, anxiously waiting for the morning to go out in his auto in search of the person described by Baba. Whoever got into the auto asking them in which department they worked. Inspite of his enquires he could not get satisfactory' replies as Baba described in the dream. They were not the persons told by Sri Sai Baba.

Then he asked my husband whether he is a Sai devotee. My husband told that his name Bharam Umamaheswara Rao and he is only a Sadhaka and praying Sri Sai Baba to improve his Adyatimika Sthiti. I am not such a great man as told by Baba to advise you. What do I advise, while you yourself so fortunate to have the Divine darshan of Lord Sai Nath in your dreams. As per Baba's instructions, I will give you a few suggestions. One is - soon after waking up early in the morning you meditate for sometime keeping Sri Sai Baba's roopa in your mind. If you cannot spare time for meditation do pooja every day chanting Sai's name. Secondly, whenever you find time, you read one or two chapters of Sri Sai Satcharitra. Telling this my husband has taken out SAI LEELA SRAVANTI, a Book contains Sai Devotees' experiences from his bag and gave it to him. He also said that if he reads this book, understand what was in that book, his faith will be further fortifies. The auto driver said that after seeing the price of the book, he could not afford to buy that book. My husband said he is giving it free of cost and he need not pay a single pie.

Then he dropped my husband in Domalguda and when my husband was about to pay him the auto charges, he refused to take it, but my husband forced him to take it that it was his livelihood and he must take that amount.

Whether it be the result of the good deeds done in his previous births, the privilege of giving darshan of Baba to the auto driver in his dreams and getting sacred Sai Book. I believe that all these events happened just to increase his faith in Baba.

We completely believed that Sri Sai Nath's Divine grace & blessings are always with us. Though, I do not have my own experiences with Baba, I being the wife of Sri B. Uma Maheswara Rao, used to share his experiences with Baba like a thread in a garland having scented smell. I witnessed some of sweet leelas of Baba and experienced with contentment the sweet fragrance emanating from Baba's Photo. I am fortunate to spend my rest of life in reciting Baba's songs & by reading religious books on Baba. I am extremely grateful to Sri Sai Nath, since He gave me the opportunity of visiting Shirdi frequently.

Though, I do not worship or meditate Baba He is always in my mind and I have not spent a minute without chanting Baba's NAMA. I have great reverance towards Baba much more than this I have affection and faith. To me, "Baba is everything other than anything. But Baba, has not given me darshan or stayed away from me. I used to feel unhappy and waited for Baba's mercy and Darshan.

One day in the year 1984 my husband went out of station on some work. Then, Baba had showered His mercy on this poor lady and gave a wonderful Darshan on one night, which was a feast to my eyes. In the dream, I was sitting along with my husband Baba gave physical presence and sat in front of me which He was glittering brightly. When, all of us were chatting something, I became conscious and the dream was over. I offered my prostrations to Baba, believing that my life is enlightened by the darshan of Lord Sai. There was perfume drops sprinkled on my saree and the bed and the entire room was filled with sweet fragrance. I thought that Baba wanted me to accept the dream as truth. In that day, if my husband had been present here I would have been under the impression that this sweet fragrance occurred because of my husband and not because of me. Through this Leela, Baba has blessed me by sprinkling perfumed drops over me. Due to joy and happiness, I felt as if thousand roses bloomed in my heart.

2.         Sri Sai at Brindavan

By the Divine grace of Sri Sai Nath, I had darshan of Baba once again. Before propitiating Lord Sai my husband earlier used to worship Sri Mantralaya Raghavendra Swamy. My husband is now totally involved himself in Sri Sai, though he worships Sri Raghavendra Swamy, his mind is full of Sri Sai.

I had a feeling by diverting our mind from one Guru (Raghavendra Swamy) to another (Sri Sai). May be to clear my doubt and ignorance, one night in a dream, Sri Sai with a smiling face gave darshan inside Brindavan - the place of Sri Raghavendra Swamy. On that onwards, my doubt has been cleared and I believed that both of them are embodiments of Lord Datta.

3.            Experiences with Sri Manikya Prabhu

Whenever, we went to Shirdi by Car, we used to have darshan of the Samadhi of Sri Manikya Prabhu at Humnabad. When we visited the Samadhi for the first time the Samadhi was covered by a silk cloth, because of which, I could not see the samadhi properly. That night at Tulajapur I had a dream, in which, I saw the samadhi of Bhakta Prahlad under the shade of a huge tree. There were some black snakes hanging from the branches of the tree. When I questioned about this to the people present there, they expressed that by the grace of the darshan of the sacred Samadhi of the swamy, the sins of the devotees were removed and were converted into snakes. I considered myself very fortunate for having dreamt of Lord Prahalad's samadhi. On the very same day, on which we visited the samadhi of Sri Manikya Prabhu and I believe that experiencing these leelas, our sins which were committed knowingly or unknowingly are wiped off.

After a few months, we went once again to visit the Samadhi of Sri Manikya Prabhu. This time there was no silk cloth tied around the samadhi and I was delighted that this samadhi looked exactly like the samadhi that I had dream at Tulajapur.

Once again after a few months, along with my relatives, we arranged a matador van and visited holy places. During this visit also, we had the darshan of Sri Manikya Prabhu's Samadhi without any cloth coverings. I was shocked on seeing the samadhi, because, the last I saw the samadhi, it was in brown colour which looked exactly like it had appeared in my dream, but now the samadhi looked different with black granite stone. I was speechless due to joy and happiness.

I believed that Sri Datta Bhaghvan has showered His blessings on me and hence enlightened me by making me experienced that Sri Raghavendra Swamy is Lord Sai Nath and Sri Manikya Prabhu's Samadhi as Bhakta Prahlad's Samadhi. My prostrations to Sri Dattatreya Swamy and in this context, I recall that Sri Raghavendra Swamy is the re-incarnation of Lord Prahlad.


I completed reading 'Guru Charitra' the previous day to Guru Poornima i.e., on July 11, 1987. The previous night to the Guru Poomima, Sri Dattatreya in the form of a photo gave darshan to me in a dream. In the dream, somebody came and gave a big photograph of Sri Dattatreya. I took that photo frame in my hands and said happily that it was very nice. As I was staring at that photo, I came to conscious and the dream vanished. I considered myself fortunate for having the darshan of Sri Dattatreya on that special day. This incident reminded me of Sri Sai Baba going to the residence of Sri Hemad Pant in the form of a photo. By experiencing this Leela I too presumed that Sri Datta Bhagwan Himself has arrived at our residence.

After somedays, my sister-Kusuma came and gave a big photo of Sri Dattatreya and asked us to keep it in our Pooja room. The photo is not only beautiful but it is exactly according to the description given by Sri Vasu Devananda Saraswathi Swamiji i.e., Sri Dattatreya is adorned with Japamala, Damaruka and Chakra on his right side and Kamandla, Trishula and Sanku on his left side.

I am very grateful to Lord Sai, who is the incarnation of Sri Datta and is showering His blessings over me, I once again offered my namaskarams to Him.


On June 26, 1987, on a Friday night, I had a dream in which I was standing alone in a deserted place. There was no life at all. 1 was standing on a high elevated land amidst the greeny nature. I could see blue mountains at a distance and there was a river flowing nearby. I stood gazing at this very pleasant environment with delight. Meanwhile, a plane-like-object consisting of four pillars, which looked like a mantap was seen flying in the sky. When I was staring with astonishment, I saw an old person sitting in it whose grey hair was falling over the persons shoulder and the person had covered the body with a green colour shawl. I could see the plane clearly as it was moving at a lower height and also at a slow speed, it was moving from right to left side. When I was wondering, who this great person could be, I saw half part of that person's face then I thought that, he must be kabir and I started shouting loudly 'Kabir-Kabir'. Immediately, the plane slowed down, turned back and started moving slowly towards me. At that moment the person who was inside the plane turned face towards me and saw, then I heard somebody calling "BABA-JAN". I do not know from where this voice had come since the place is totally deserted. For a moment, I stood motionless at the divine darshan of ''Hazrat Baba Jan. I was scared that she might disappear, if I divert my attention from Her. I considered myself as fortunate for having the darshan of this great mother who enlightened Sri Meher Baba by kissing Him on His forehead. All these darshans could be possible only by the grace of Baba.


            In the year 1983, on the day of Vijaya Dasami, I was sitting on the steps of Dwarakamai at Shirdi. Then, I saw a photo of Sri Raghavendra Swamy in a nearby shop and felt happy that people of Shirdi are also aware of this Swamy. Later, when we went to that particular shop, I was shocked to find Baba’s picture in the same photo frame in which, I saw the picture of Sri Raghavendra Swamy earlier. There is no chance for me to mistake, since I saw the photo very clearly. In that photo, Sri Raghavendra Swamy appeared in meditating posture and wore saffron clothes with a cloth falling over his head to his shoulders. With Nama on his forehead and Sri Rama seated on his chest as if he was giving darshan, I saw that Swamy very clearly, but when I went near and I found Baba's picture with 'ABHAYA HASTA' posture, in which Baba was wearing yellow colour Kafini. Since, both pictures looked so different, there is no chance for me to mistake. Later, I felt that Baba made me experience this Leela only to inform me that all Gurus are one and the same.

Few days after returning from Shirdi, my husband had a darshan of Sri Raghavendra Swamy in dream and entrusted a job to him, to write a book on him. But, when my husband was doubtful whether he can accomplish the work in a proper manner, Sri Raghavendra Swamy once again appeared in his dream and comforted him by assuring that His assistance and guidance will always be with him.


One night in a dream, I was coming to my house, after going somewhere, as I was entering the house, I saw Sri Radha Krishna Swamiji seated in a chair in veranda of our house. I felt as if I knew this person since long time. He was in white colour clothes with vermilion in between his eyebrows and was having a very-pleasant smiling face. I immediately, bowed to saint who looked so humble like a holy man. With delight I went inside to inform my husband about the presence of the Swamiji. As I was talking to my husband, I woke up and the dream was over. Though the dream was only for a shorter duration, the incident is still fresh in my mind. Though, when this Swamiji was alive, we did not get an opportunity to serve Him but now we are fortunate to have His darshan after He attained Samadhi. This can happen only by the grace of Baba.


Sri Ramireddy Tata is the incarnated form of Lord Datta. I had his darshan several times at Kallur and Hyderabad. Few months before attaining His samadhi, He came to our house and stayed from morning to evening. He was seated on a sofa and all of us were sitting on the floor near His feet. After some time, Sri Ramireddy Tata came near me and embraced me. I understood that this Godly Man embraced this ordinary woman only to wash away my sins and to purify me by His divine touch. During that time we did not understand that it will be His last darshan and that is why the Swamy, who is omniscient had showered His grace on us. Later, we received the news that He attained His samadhi and with tears, we went to offer our last respects to Him.


When we went to Shirdi, one day, I heard somebody calling mother, mother. Since I was busy bargaining in a shop, I did not bother myself to findout who was shouting. When I was leaving that shop, Sri Sivanesan Swamiji hurriedly approached me and offered Baba's Prasadam. Due to the din and bustle, I did not hear clearly the Swamiji's voice. Later, I repented for the incident since I felt that I had offended him, but really, he is beyond all these feelings and emotions.

Later, I went to Dwarakamai, in order to offer my namaskarams to Baba's photo which is placed on the stone, on which Baba used to sit. When I saw that photo, Baba's face which usually used to be ever smiling and pleasant, has turned red due to anger. I had seen that photo many times earlier but it looked like this. Looking at His angry face, I started shivering with fear. I apologised to Sri Sivanesan Swamy, when he came there, but he simply smiled and went away. Though, I apologised and pleaded Baba to excuse me but He was not pacified.

We usually used to spend most of our time in Dwarakamai whenever we visit Shirdi. After this incident happened, I would always go and examine the photo at Dwarakamai to findout whether Baba is still angry on me. Because of mistake, Baba appeared like a red hot sun with anger that day; otherwise, He is always very calm and kindness just like a cool moon.


My brother Sri M. Hara Gopal is an Executive Engineer (R & B) at Bhimavaram, A.P. We went to this place and visited Sri Sai Baba's temple, Maruthi Temple and "Mavulla Amma's" Temple. The Goddess is popularly known as "Mavulla Amma" there and is receiving grand poojas. Looking at Devi's beautiful face which was brilliantly glowing, I immediately bowed to this Goddess, who attracted her devotees by her divine process.

Two months later, one night, i.e., at the time of twilight, I had a dream, in which I was standing in a temple. Exactly at the temple entrance, I saw a Goddess, who was draped in a crimson red silk saree and was adorned with ornaments from top to toe. When I had the darshan of Her radiant and gentle face, it flashed to my mind that this Goddess must be 'Mavulla Amma Devi'. With deep devotion, I prostrated to Her. Then the Goddess questioned me, "you are asking to bestow my grace on you, but what service you have done to me, why should I bless you". I was stunned by these words for a moment. Later I thought what Devi said was true, I did not serve her in any manner, thinking so, I started cleaning the temple and its surroundings. Thus, the dream was completed.

After few days, we got an opportunity to go and have the darshan of this Goddess at Bhimavaram. The temple was full with the devotees. Though, I did not clean the temple but while prostrating to the Goddess, I wiped the floor in front of me with my saree pallu. Actually, what I did was nothing to this Benevolent Goddess. This is only a token service for my satisfaction. I strongly believe that by the grace of Sri Sai only, I had the darshan of this Goddess.

In an other dream, I was sitting in a temple. I was waiting anxiously for the sanctom sanctorum door to open, since they would be open only by 4.00 p.m in the evening. In the meantime, I saw a holy lady coming towards me from the entrance of Sanctum-sanctorum. That lady was wearing a dark green saree with a zari border and was very pleasant with a smiling face. Immediately I recognised Her as Goddess Sita and with excitement I went towards Her, calling "Mother Sita". When she went and sat on a stone bench, I sat on the floor near her feet. She was dressed very ordinarily and looked very gentle and pleasant. She looked very simple and not wearing any grand dresses like silk garments and gorgeous jewellary. I remember very well that her feet were adorned with anklets (leg) chains since I was sitting near her feet. I took her feet into my arms and touched them gently with my fingers. Before she could grant me any boon, I myself requested Her to bless me, so that I can remain as ' SUMANGALI'. The Goddess smiled. I was very happy because I strongly believe and consider that their smiles are like offering flowers on my head.

I bow to Sri Sai, for having provided me to have the darshan of Goddess Sita Devi.

In the year 1990, one night in a dream, I went to a temple, with my husband.  When we were reaching the temple after crossing the temple hall, I got attracted by the beautiful carvings and engravings. I lifted my head with excitement towards them in order to see the art. At that moment, I had a feeling that a lady was standing at a distance, but I did not bother to notice her, as I was busy gazing at the sculptural engravings. In the meanwhile, when that lady came a little forward towards me, I turned my face and looked at her. She was around 25 years of age and was very pretty and radiant. She had vermillion in between her eyebrows, kajal in her big eyes, a long nose and small beautiful lips. She looked very attractive with her sharp features. She wore a white Benaras saree with Zari border and zari flowers on the saree. She looked stunningly beautiful and attractive with her ornaments and would easily draw the attention of the on lookers.

I steadily rested my sight on her. To my utter surprise, when I was gazing at Her, she took the form of the Mother of the world (Jaganmatha) with Her tongue stretched outwards and Her head was adorned by a bright golden crown. When I had the darshan, Devi was in the posture of 'ABHAYANT as if she was blessing me. With deep devotion, I prostrated to Her, who is the protector of this world and the Divine mother of this earth. When I was still staring at Her, I woke up and the dream was over. I believed that, whoever Gods or Goddesses give their darshan and bestow their grace on me, it is only due to the blessings of Sri Sai Nath. I am extremely grateful to Him.


I. My borther Sri M. Kara Gopal, super-in-tendent Engineer (R & B) is staying in Visakhapatnam. He constructed a new house at M.V.P. Colony and performed Grihapravesam. Since, my brother and his wife are devotees of Sri Sai, they had arranged for Sai Nama Japa on that auspicious day. All of us had participated in the Nama Japa. Two hours after the Bhajan started, I closed my eyes without my knowledge and went into deep meditation. In the meditation, I saw a big Shiva Linga and there was a round platform around the Linga which had abhishekam water on it. There were few white flowers placed on the Shiva Linga which suggests that the pooja was just then completed and around the Linga, there was a snake with its head bent as if it is drinking the abhishekam water. Meantime, I was out of that meditation state, and everything disappeared. I bowed to Sri Sai Eswar for providing me such a beautiful sight of Lord Shiva.

II.          In the year 1994, myself and my husband went to a very big temple of Lord Shiva and were having the darshan of the God. The priest was worshipping the God. There was a three feet tall statue of NANDI at a distance. It started moving and came in front of Shiva and from there it moved towards the main entrance and stopped approximately at 6 ft. distance from the sanctum sanctorum. We were surprised on viewing this scene in the temple and considered ourselves as fortunate to be present there on that special moment.


In the early hours of August 24, 1994, I had a dream. We had in our house, a show case in which there was a tall statue of a lady. Since that day was an auspicious day, I decorated her neck with my gold chains.

After some time, the statue disappeared and only the bottom part of the statue remained in which there was a hole in the centre. When I was trying to remove my chains which were in that hole, I found water which was on foot deep in that hole. There were small pebbles in that water and I heard twice or thrice the 'Hiss-Hiss' sound which sounded like a snake hissing. When I examined carefully the hole, I saw an old lady sitting on an antique chair. She was wearing a white colour saree with a green border. She must be around 70 years of age and was fat with grey hair. She gave the darshan like a Yogini. I requested her to excuse me and said, "Mother, all these days, I believed that you were a statue and did not treat you properly but I never thought that you were such a powerful mother", please forgive this ignorant lady. Then she said, "I have to leave from here and go and serve somebody at Himalays". When I asked her not to leave she said that she had received the orders from above and that she must leave.

Then I called my husband, who bowed his head and offered his prostrations. When she blessed him with her hand, garland appeared on his neck. I, without giving an opportunity for my husband to talk to her, held her tightly and asked, "Mother, what about me? When will I attain concentration in Meditation and reach 'SAMADHI STHITHI' and when will I attain salvation?". Then she replied that I would take five births more to attain salvation. When I asked her whether this birth of mine is futile, she said 'To attain the' SAMADHI STHlTHIR you will have to practice celibacy (BRAHMACHARYA), if your husband too had practiced celibacy right from the beginning, he would have attained a high position by this time, but when a man cannot cooperate, you being a lady cannot help it". Then I hugged her tightly and when I rested my head on her chest, she blessed me by keeping her hand on my head and said," you will be enlightened in this birth also". Saying so, she disappeared.


On January 8, 1998 on the day of Bhishma Ekadashi, at the time of twilight I had a dream in which I went to a temple. That was a temple of Goddess. The Idol of Goddess looked very beautiful in black stone and would easily cause devotion in the minds of devotees. It appeared as if somebody worshipped her with vermilion and turmeric powder. When I bowed to the Idol of Goddess, the Goddess appeared from behind the Idol. I prostrated to that Goddess  and requested her, "Mother, I want blessings from the father also". Then the Goddess directed me towards oneside, there I saw swamy, who was in white dress with Golden complexion. I prostrated to that Swamy and He blessed me with "ABHAYA HASTA".

Meanwhile, I thought in my mind that what the people might think about me, since the Idol of Goddess was this side and I turning the other side and was bowing to the God, as Swamy was not to be seen by others, as I was thinking so, the God and Goddess disappeared and I came to conscious state.

I was very happy and considered myself as very fortunate for having the darshan of Parvathi and Parameshwar on that auspicious day.


One night in my dream in the year May 1990,1 viewed myself near the River Godavari in Rajahmundry to take a holy dip in it before the sun rise. While taking bath, I turned to right side and saw Shri Shivaneshan Swamijee, a few yards away who stood waist deep in water. But, he did not seen me. I felt that it would not be good on my part to speak to him at that hour and kept quiet. I might have done some good deeds in my previous births, and so now I am able to take bath in the holy River in the presence of a great saintly and Divine personality. I had not known, what happened later.

I woke up at sun set, I was lying on the floor and river water splashing on me. All the time I was in trance with body half drenched in water from sun rise to sun set.

I have ever experienced such a thing in my life. It was a new experience. I owe the allegiance to, having with Godly man like Sri Shivaneshan Swamijee even atleast in the dream. I offer my salutations to Sri Sai Baba and Sri Swamiji for appearing in my dream and having blessed me to have such experience.


One night, in May, 1993, I dream that myself and my husband were going to a big temple. My husband went inside the temple first. I purchased flowers and fruits in a shop and as I was entering the temple, I saw my husband talking to somebody. I started walking briskly in order to reach him. To my right side, there were tall stone pillars and behind them was a small mandir with Idols of Gods in the mandir. As I was walking, I felt as if a tall man in white dress was standing there but I did not notice Him. As soon as I went a little forward and climbed down a step, that man came behind me, held my shoulders and stopped me. With his left hand he caught my jaw and turned my face towards Him and whispered in my ear "SAI LEELA TARANGINI BOOK" is very nice.

Because of this stranger's peculiar way of stopping me, I was starred and stood motionless. In order to tell Him that this was not the way of praising, I turned my head and to my delight, I found Sri Sai standing there. I also wanted my husband to have His darshan, so I ran inside to call him but in the meantime, Baba disappeared.

Baba Himself was instrumental for the compilation of the book of 'SRI SAI LEELA TARANGINI". He simply praised me only to encourage me. I offer my prostrations for showering His grace over me.


On January 21 st, 1994,1 had a very strange dream. Sri Sai Baba's body was kept in our house on a cot, it appeared as if it was here since he attained Samadhi. Baba was in white dress and appeared as if He was having a long sleep. I went to His room and applied vermilion to my forehead and turned back and when I looked at Baba, His eye lids were half opened, since His eyes used to be closed completely, I went near Him in order to observe Him carefully. His face looked different and I understood that Baba was alive. Looking at my husband, I shouted with delight "Baba is alive". Because of this sudden development, I lost control due to joy and excitement. With lot of happiness and affection on Baba, I went near Him and took Him into my arms and kissed. When I kissed Him, I felt His movement and response very well. When I came to know that my Baba is alive, my joy knew no bounds.

I felt extremely happy as if, I found a diamond which was lost and which is of several crores in value. It is to be just like reaching heaven with human body and the happiness it brings. I am unable to quote examples to quantify my joy and any example I give it is just like holding a lamp before sunlight.

I cannot express my feelings in words. Neither there are words nor can I express them. My hearty prostrations to Lord Sai Nath, who is residing in my heart.


Sri Sai Baba, the Sadguru, the incarnation of Parabrahma makes a true and enlightened devotee move in Divine path and lead a righteous life to divinity. Hence 'SAI-RAM' stands as the Holy Moola Mantra for all human beings. If one can leads a simple, peaceful and noble life by following Sri Sai's preachings and one can achieve a state wherein he can live in close union with God and in due course of time, he merges himself into Lord Sai.

When we are in utter helpless state, if we make a truthful prayer to Lord Sai Nath, He will certainly comes, helps us and guide us in the activities of our life. This truthful prayer makes us to come nearer between the infinite cosmic power and the seeker. If we realize this, it makes our lives real and fruitful. Most of us forgets this contact and Divine help after getting over of our problems, we will fall back again to unhealthy, sensory, ungrateful and indisciplined ways of life. In this fast moving world, Sri Sai Baba extends His hand to all those who surrenders to Him heart and soul.

Sri Sai Baba is well known as Avatar of Dattatreya who was Himself a great teacher of philosophy and performed great miracles in order to invite to spirituality. In the same way Sri Sai Baba in the modern age has re-enacted the same life as Dattatreya.

The sole object of penning down this book is, that one can understand that if one surrenders completely to Sri Sai Baba, He is ever one with Truth, Love and Wisdom. Most of us are attracted by Sastra Jnana only, but only real Sadhakas purge their sins by constant chanting of SAI NAMA, they can attain their ultimate goal.

We are living in this mundane world which is full of turmoils and troubles and it is very easy to forget religion which awakens us from the real state of affairs and shows us the gate to eternal bliss and keeps us away from being dragged down to the life of beasts. There must be something extraordinary power to tell us who we are and what we should do. That is why Sri Sai Baba said that the Bhakta who worships Him and dedicate every act to Him and does not have hatred towards any being is very dear to Him. He also said that He resides in the heart of every being. He is in the King, in the Beggar, in the Animals and also in all inanimate objects.

Spiritual awakening is the need of the time. Baba said 'I have not come to teach but to awaken the spiritual heritage of man and God-hood. He also said that the aim of life is to love God and the goal of life is to become one with God".

To get this we have to renounce our desires, dishonesty and hypocrisy. In His unique personality Sri Sai Baba blended both Hindus and Mohmmadans, Christians and He never forbade any one to perform their religious rituals.

Baba hears our prayers and supplications from His Samadhi and grants them with generous heart Baba is as alive to day with His body in His Samadhi and inclines His ears to our prayers from His Samadhi vigilantly, while He was in His physical body. Our experiences published in this book is the concrete proof for this.

We must all awake from the mental delusion and the seeming tangle of dualities and rise above the intellect to higher planes of true consciousness-bliss. So we must all surrender to Sri Sai Baba with full faith and pray Him to give salvation for us.

My prostration to Sri Sai Baba.