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Sai Bhakti


Blessed are those who were bestowed with Sai's grace to achieve 'Sai Bhakti' in this life To quote His Holiness Shri Bhaktivendanta who said "you cannot unders­tand God by your own endeavour It is only possible if God reveals Himself. For instance when the Sun is out of your sight at night you cannot see it by you torch-light or any light But in the morning you can see the Sun automatically without any torch-light." Similarly it is only due to Sai's grace and as a result of good karmas of one's previous births that one is bestowed with 'Sai Bhakti' in this life Sai Baba Himself often said that let his devotee be at any distance, a thousand koss away from him, He will be drawn to Shirdi, like a sparrow with thread tied to its feet It is Baba's grace that creates wonders in the mind and hearts of His devotees who a-e guided towards higher spiritual levels to enjoy ever lasting peace.

Therefore those of us who are blessed with 'Sai Bhakti' it should be our prime endeavour to spread Sai Bhakti and Sai Devotion amongst others To quote Shri C. Rajagopalachari who while commenting on Adi Sankaracharya's devotional hymns said "The ray of devotion is not different from the ray of knowledge as Jana. When intelligence matures and lodges securely in the mind it becomes wisdom. When wis­dom is integrated with life and issues out in action it becomes Bhakti. knowledge when it becomes fully matured is Bhakti. If it does not get transformed into Bhakti such knowledge is useless to itself. To believe that Jana and Bhakti, knowledge and devotion are different from each other is ignorance as Jana and Bhakti are one and the same." To promote Sai Bhakti is to promote Jana and Therefore the removal of Anjana or ignorance.

There are few Saints who have suffered so much for the sake of their Bhaktas as our Sai Nath. Sai's sacrifices for His Bhaktas are supreme. He is the abode of mercy. He has taken on Himself the bubonic plague of His devotees and He even gave away His life our His devotee Shri Tatya Patil. Sai's sufferings are therefore even second to the sufferings of Jesus or sacrifices of Budha. As Written by Hemadripant in Sai Satcharita He was first 'Nirgun' (formless) but on account of devotion of bhaktas Sai was obliged to take form to give "self realisation" to his devotees.

Sai Baba preached "Practical Vedanta" He always said "Sab ka Malik Ek" Sai's teachings are most pertinent to the present context in our country which is strife with religious and communal disharmony. There is no other place in this country other than Shirdi where Hindus and Muslims celebrate their religious festival together in total amicability. Baba never advised the hard ways of penance for attaining "Self realisation" On the other hand Baba wanted every one to do his duties towards his family, society and country and at the same time practise discrimination and disenchantment. Baba never believed in fasts for He expected a person to possess a storng healthy body to help him in his spiritual search for salvation.

The path shown by Sai is the easiest for "God realisation." The kind and mer­ciful Sai Baba said many a time the following sweet words in the Masjid, "He who loves Me most always sees Me. The whole world is desolate to him without Me, he tells no stories but mine. He ceaselessly meditate upon Me and always chants My name, I feel indebted to him who surrenders himself completely to Me and ever remembers Me, I shall repay his debt by giving him salvation. I depe­nd on him who thinks and hunger offering is to me. He who thus comes to Me beco­mes one with Me just as a river gets to the sea egoism and with no trace of them you should surrender yourself to Me who are seated in your heart".

As in a tape recorder machine with microphone on erases the previous recording on its magnetic tape to replace it with the new voice received by the microphone, the meditation on Sa i obliterates the evil tendencies from the "magnatic tape" of one's mind and fills it with devine qualities. The person definitely get release from the wordly worries from which a great majority of people keep suffering. The person bestowed with Sai Bhakti gets unflinching self confidence. This is a wonderfull state of mind and shows great difference between a person with deep faith and another who lacks it. In adversity while the former is strongly sustained and firmly supported by his inward faith the latter breaks down from intense agony he suffers.

Now to quote another instance from Sai Satcharita, Smt. Radhabai Desmukh went to Sai to obtain a “mantra" to attains spiritual goal Shri Sai Baba told her "Oh, mai my Guru never taught me mantra, so how can I teach you any ? Dont waste your time trying to obtain mantra. Just make me the sole object of your thought and you will attain your spiritual goal. Turn to me and I shall look after you"

We have only to look to Him the Sai Bhakta's mind is so filled with peace that his intellect gets brightened to enable him to see in depth of things and thereby rewarded with boundless joy. This intoxicates his mind and acts as a tonic to his will In short there is hardly any room for feelings of frustration, perplexity or despair in a mind so conditioned by Sai Bhakti.

Ltv. Col G. N. Gopal Krishan



Shirdi Sai Baba

Before we make an attempt to understand Shirdi Sai Baba, also popularly known as Shirdi Sai Nath, Shirdi Sai Ram, His Avatar, His work and His massage to mankind, lat us know the background, the circumstances and the atmosphere that was prevailing in this ancient land of ours, i.e , India, that is Bharath.

After the historical Kurukshetra battle between Kauravas and Pandavas, our Country remained independent for some centuries till the invasion of Alexander the Great which had its Influence on our Society politically though not spiritually. Then followed foreign attacks which culminated in the establishment of Mogul empire, in other words muslim rule for a period of more than seven centuries and lasted till the advent of British power in our country which was terminated in 1947.

During all these centuries except Muslim and Christian Government, all their predece­ssors joined in the main stream and were absorbed in the Caste System as it was in vogue in those times. The Muslims and Christians though they ruled and co-existed with our Society, yet they maintained their individuality. The culture that they brou­ght with them had their own influence upon Hinduism and ours on them, thus cross influences pervaded our entire atmosphere.

While such was, is and will be of our Spiritual atmosphere, the administrative system that was introduced by the British Government in our country practically put an end to household worship and Saguna worship of Almighty Lord, God, in the way it is enjoined in Shastras, Smrities and Vedas- In this connection, a sincere, frank and open hearted Indian should accept the hard and unpleasant truth, that our esteemed

Spiritual leaders have confined the knowledge of Spiritual truths within themselves or selected intellectuals & pandits till the advent of Shrr Rama Krishna Paramahamsa and the patriot Saint of Swami Vivekenanda who boldly, sincerely revealed those truths to one all irrespective of Caste and System and broke the stranglehold upon Hindus The worship of Paramatma was freed from cumbersome rituals, Mantras Tantras and other such disciplines which tortured the human body.

It was at such time that Shri Sai Baba who was an undisputed Avatar of Dattatreya came upon the scene. Silently and unobtrusively he lived in Shirdi village practising those fundamental precepts of Hindu, Muslim and Christian Cultures for the benefit of his eye witnesses which consisted of all the known recognised religions. Wisely and understandably he chose an old and dilapidated mosque for his stay and residence & called it Dwarkamai. There was no 'Q' system, no V.I.P. treatment, no pre­judice & favour. He exhorted the public that gathered around Him to practice implicit and childlike Faith in the existence of Saguna Force that sustains this vast creation visible and invisible, whether Hindu, Muslim or Christian or any other way to Pray to Him and Trust Him in good faith in words, thoughts and deeds.

Indeed he showed in His action and various Leelas the assuance which He as Lord Krishna gave to Arjuna on the battle filed of Kurukshetra that whosoever believes and Trust Him such persons He will, personally to put in human language, iook after them watch their welfare and come to their rescue in bad times.

In my opinion, Shirdi Sainath, durinag the tenure of His Avatar of Dattatreya proved beyond words the Grace of God to Humans and the promise translated into action made by Him at the time of Kurukshetra war.

That is Shirdi Sai Baba He is an epitome of all human spiritual knowledge. By His Leelas even after His Samadhi to date reveal that natural truth underlying His crea­tion the Birth, Growth, Death or annihilation are governed by this undiging spiritual law which Shri Sai unmistakably revealed its depth and intricacies for our guidance.

C. T   Chari



Sai Charon Mein Won 2 Din

By K. B. Grover

Ex-Hon. Secretary Shri Sai Bhakta Samaj (Regd,)


When you talk or think of the Great Benevolent Lord Sai there is always a thrill in his ardent devotees mind. Baba's ways for His devotees are mysterious sublime and graceful. How he enthuses and acts in them is best Known to Him which in cer­tain cases are termed as miracles. For the Guru Poornima celebrations and inaugura­tion of Sai Ashram at Gadkhal near Kasauli a hill station in Himachal Pradesh on 24th July, 1983 a formal circular as other devotees at Delhi must have got was received by me. A few months ago I had undergone Kidney operation sucessfully and was recouping though slowly. Sai Baba prompted in me the urge to celebrate the Guru Poornima and the allied function at Gadkhal where a beautiful temple has been built by Shri P. L. Goyal a staunch devotee of Shri Sai Baba and President of Shri Sai Sudha Sabha Regd. with enthusiastic member of his managing committee as well as generous support of Sai devotees in India and abroad. Their efforts are highly commendable. I had visited the temple in its construction stage twice before and Shree Goyal had left a great impact on my mind for his excellent behavior and selfless devotion to Lord Sai as a surging ocean in him. I was in a fix whether I would be in a fit state of health to undertake the arduous journey to and for the hills and might not get complications in my gradually improving health. And Lo come the direction from the Master "why fear when I am here". Immediately I packed up for Gadkhal despite protestations to the contrary from my nears and dears. Guru Poornima could have been celebrated here at Delhi as well but how dare I disobey Lord Sai.

With the cherished will and joy I proceeded for   pilgrimage   to  the   Himalayan abode of the great master artists Lord Sai on 24th July, 1983.

The journey to Chandigarh was very pleasant and interesting in a sense that passengers sitting near by in the train were keenly and reverentially listening to the glory and gospels of Sai Baba. They looked after me very well.

From Chandigarh as I boarded the bus for Gadkhal much to my pleasure I disc­overed a number of devotees proceeding to the same Place of pilgrimage Sai Baba's Jaikara was raised by me. As I was nearing Gadkhal I started wondering how in delicate state of health I would carry my three articles of baggage to the temple and was repeatedly questioning Baba on the subject since no porter is usually available at Gadkhal. But it was wonder with a thunder as the Sai Bhaktas traveling in the same bus and on alighting without a single word of request from me lifted my items to the temple all the way up the hills. On reaching the temple thronged to the full capacity of devotional congregation I humbly and enthusiastically thanked Sai Baba for his benign help and also the Sai devotees during my discourse. On this joyous occasion of Guru Poornima when celebrations were in full swing Sai Baba touched my heart. As once a flame shot up warming every part of my body. His soul smiled into mine. How charming was his face- I lost the I and mine in his psychic embrace, praise after praise chanting his glory spreading Sai cheers and good will- I continued reciting for about an hour to the great admiration of celebrants who had assembled at the most beautiful and sacred tempi e to hear and sing Sai Naam. Sai Baba also gave this humble devotee an opportunity to lead the Arti. My Pranams to him for offering me an honour to be remembered for all time to come After the Arti I was requested to take the devotees to Sari Sai Ashram chanting "Jai Sai Ram” where it was declared open to all Sai devotees with great eclat by Shri N- K. Ouggal an ardent devotee and businessman from Delhi- The ceremony having been over Sai Baba's 'langar' was served to the entire gathering by the members of the Sabha. The turnout of devotees of all castes & creeds from all regions and the arrangements made were excellent and their final dispersal was smooth, speedy and without hassles. The entire credit goes to its President and his team of dedicated managing committee members I remained at Gadkhal for two days submerged in meditation and praying to the Saviour Lord Sai for happiness and prosperity to one and all who had sought his bills in the pilgrimage to Shri Sai Mandir at Gadkhal.

While at the Mandir Sai Baba ordained me to immediately visit Shirdi for a particular mission to which I humbly submitted and with his grace I was successful in carrying out the task entrusted to me.

Sai Charnon Mein Won 2 Din at Gadkhal shall ever remain a memorable event in my life for which I thank not only Sai Baba but also my stars for having reached back safe and sound in perfect Sai Bliss. Sai Baba's name is a 'mantra’ for millions. It fulfills their noble desires and is a symbol of righteousness and love of Man for Man.

'Jai Sai Ram’



Some   Important   Personalities   in   Sai Darbar &   the   services   rendered   by them at SHIRDI


Vinayak Bag, Balaji Mandir Marg,

Kurla West, Bombay-400070 8-8-1983 (Monday)


1.         Saint Das Guru  By way of Kirtans & Pravachans,  he spread the message of  Baba,

2.             Hemadpant Most   Pious   Book   'Sri Satcharita' was written by him

3.            Solicitor Dikshit & Mr. Sathe They built Wada for   the   convenie­nce of the Devotees

4.            Abdulla Every   day   he   used   to  lit the Oil Lamps at Dwarkamai '

5.            Kashiram Shimpi He was stitching Baba's clothes,

6.            Radhakrishna Aayi She used to clean  the   street where Baba used to walk on it

7.            Bhogoji Shinde He used to Message Baba's body

8.            Gopalrao Buti In   his   own   Wadal   Baba's body is resting

9.            Shama (Madhavrao Deshpande) He used to introduce every  devotee to Baba & to read out letters  addre­ssed to Baba

10.            Bayajabai Everyday she   was   feeding  Bhakari (Jawar Bread) to Baba

11.            Bapusaheb Jog He used to    perform Aarati   to Baba everyday.



The Saviour of all, in distress


All Sai devotees and readers of "Sai Leela" will gladden their hearts and add to their knowledge authentic and trustworthy description of "Sai Leelas" of Sadguru Sai Baba,"the saviour of all in distress". These experiences and episodes are recorded & told by persons, irrespective of the fact whether the person in distress is "Sai Bhakta" or not and even further knows Sai Baba or not, but has prayed to "Almighty God" With sincere heart, for removal of difficulties with a genuine heart, when in acute distress.

Sai Sat charitar and other writings in different books and magazines, are full of such experiences, till today. A good example of this nature of episode & example in instant, is the story of "continued presence" and grace showered on Miss Dutton in Calcutta round about 1960, as recorded, by a geniune spiritual Sadhak and savant, Shree Arthur Osborne, of Bhagwan Shri Raman Maha Rishi "Ashram, in his book" "Incredible Sai Baba". This book was written specially for the western world pubic.

Whenever any person declares such "Sai Leelas" of "Saving in distress", they cement the faith of every humble Sai devotees and confines and enlarges his "Sadhna" at the fact by "Param Sadguru Sai Baba".

Very good examples of such experiences and episodes are recorded by Shree Jagdish K. Munshi son of late Kulpati Dr. K.M. Munshi, Ex. Governor of U-P. and Minister of Central Government etc. and founder President of "Bharati Vidya Bhavan"

These articles were published in "Bhavans Journal" Vol XVI No. 16 and 17 (Two issues) under the title of "My experiences of Shirdi Sai Baba.

For the knowledge of all Sai Bhaktas and readers of "Sai Mahima", these Itticles are reproduced in the words of Shree Jagdish K. Munshi.


"My experiences of Shirdi Sai Baba"


SHIRDI SAI BABA is a phenomenon. His physical body disintegrated into the elements many year ago. But today belief in him and his power to assist people in times of distress is growing. The Baba started on cult and spread no religion which one could identify with him. His teachings have, however, been the essence of all religious. His believers are countrywide and include Hindus, Muslims, Parsis, Chris­tians and other and several persons outside the country.

All of us have heard of miracles. A person educated in worldly subjects, however, finds it difficult to accept their existence, for they defy human reasoning and logic. Normally a person has his pride and ago on which he exists and survives. Acceptances of a miracle lends to offend his ego and hurts his pride. Indeed, it heeds an unchallenging humility, a strong character and strict adherence to honesty to admit the existence of miracles.

Moreover, to acknowledge a miracle is to accept the existence of an agency which performs it. One has indeed to thrust aside his ego which feels ashamed of such acceptance : to eschew reasoning and logic for there Is no rational explanation one can give for it; and in all humility to admit that what one experienced was no accident, but in the words of Gandhiji, the work of "an indefinable mysterious power which pervades everything".

I am a lawyer by profession and I have been trained to accept a fact only when it is conclusively proved. It was with this background and training that my association with the name of Shirdj Sai Baba first started.

In may 1948, my wife and I were travelling in a first class compartment of the train going from Banglore to Bombay. There were six of us in the compartment including and old couple and to youngsters, my wife and I, were playing cards. The old man was obviously praying and his wife was watching us We had been advised not to travel by this particular route because of the Razakar trouble then prevailing in the erstwhile Hyderabad State As youngsters, we thought it was our privilege not to heed to such advice which, we believed was born out of undue apprehensions and fear.

The train had left the last station in the Hyderabad territory and was fast approaching Sholapur station in the Indian Union. Suddenly, the train was forced to a stop at a station called Gangapur. There was a large crowd of Razakers on this station armed with rifles, lathis and other lethal weapons. As soon as the train stopped, a cry was raised by the Razakers. All Muslims get down. Kill all Hindus. The old man imm­ediately orders us to pull down the shutters and to lock the door. We promptly carried out his ordered For nearly five hours we could hear screams and wailings of passengers who were pulled out of the train, beaten and robbed. Third class passen­gers fled into the nearby fields and their belongings were looted. The Razakers repeatedly tried to force open our compartment but failed to do so. Even in the midst of this cacophony and panic we could observe the old man praying- Queer enough, from the reports confirmed at the Sholapur Station, our compartment was the only one in the entire train that had completely escaped the marauders-After nearly five hours, the train crawled towards Sholapur It was a long time before we reached Sholapur station. Once we reached the shores of safety, the old man's wife explained to us that the old man had been suffering from blood pressure and heard disease and that they were fleeing from the Hyderabad territory with all their money and belongings because of the-Razakar trouble. Once we reached Shola­pur station, the military officers down our statements and the incident came to an end. Although we had escaped untouched by the Razakars, this incident left such an indelible scar in our memory that for a long time my wife and I suffered from night­mares arising out of it.

A few days after this incident, a friend of mine read out to me, in Bombay, an article in a magazine, obviously written by this old man, where in he had related this incident and had claimed that it was because of his prayers to Shirdi Sai Baba, that the enitre compartment of the train escaped unscathed by the Razakars. As witness to this incident, he had cited my name in the article.

My friend saw me with this article for corroboration of this incident. I told him that the facts stated in the article were all true. It was also true that our compartment was the only one of its kind which had escaped unhurt It was also true that the old man was frantically praying at the time. I however told him that I had never before heard of Shirdi Sai Baba and that whether this incident was a miracle or a mere acci­dent was for him to judge for himself.

While this incident remained imbedded my memory, except in the course of stray discussion with friends, Shirdi Sai Baba was more of less forgotten for a long time. In the early part of 1953, I again came in close association with the name of Shirdi Sai Baba. This was a bad period for my wife and my self. My wife had been seriously ill and because of her long stay in the hospital she was feeling very miserable. I was having some trouble in my office and had threatened to leave my partners. Life, in general, was fraught with problems, for which no solution was in sight.

On the way to my office, there is a small frame maker's shop. Outside his shop was hung a picture of Shirdi Sai Baba. Below the picture was his message: If You Look To Me, I shall Look To You. I do not remember how long this picture was hung there, but it was during early 1953 that my attention got first focussed to this picture and the message.

It was then, that I was suddenly reminded of theold man's assertion during the

Razakar incident, that Shirdi Sat Baba had saved him. Gradually, I got so obsessed by this picture of Shirdi Sai Baba and the message, that one day I told my wife about my obsession and my desire to acquired the said picture and to perform the puja of the Baba. My wife readily agreed to my proposal.

We purchased Baba's picture, brought it home, lit a lamp before it and prayed that we looked to him for solution of our problems. Within a few days thereafter all our problems got settled to our reasonable satisfaction and life ran smooth again.

Was this another accident ? Was this puja a weakness of our minds ? Or could the solution of our problems be the working of that indefinable mysterious phenome­non called Shirdi Sai Baba ? Well, let each one judge for himself For us, since the time Shirdi Sai Baba entered our home and heart, he became a veritable peer families of our household. Not only the two of us, but our near relations, as also the domestic servants accepted him as an essential part of our existence.

As the puja continued daily, we gradually got used to look to the blessings of Shirdi Sai Baba for everything, particularly in times of distress. Many things, big and small, did happen which ostensibly appeared accidental but which one could, in all humility, attribute to the phenomenon called Shirdi Sai Baba.

A few years thereafter, I was once travelling by the night train from Surat to Bombay. After the train left Surat station, I suddenly developed severe pain, which later on was diagnosed as being on account of stone in the bladder. Within a couple of hours, the pain aggravated to such an extent that I could neither lie down on my berth, nor sit down. The only choice for me was to keep standing writing in pain, While my co-passenger was fast asleep on the adjoining berth. I also began passing blood through the bladder.

When the train reached Palghar station at about 2 am, the pain became so severe that I had to shake my co-passenger out of his slumber and urge him to call the Guard and to see whether he could relieve me of the pain. My co-passenger thereupon called the Guard and explained the situation to him. No doctor could be located in the train at that time of the night. The Guard, therefore advised me to get down at Palghar so that I could receive treatment from a local doctor and proceed to : Bombay by a subsequent train. The Guard called the Station Master and under their joint advice. I got down at PaIghar and the train left the station.

The advice given by the Guard & the Station Master was, however, not at all sound. For nearly and hour, I waited at the Palghar Station for the doctor who had been summoned by the Station Master, I was virtually howling in pain and taking the name of the Baba No doctor however was forthcoming. The Station Master then told me that the doctor summoned by him was refusing to come to the station at that time of the night. He suggested that instead, I should be taken to the doctor. There was no taxi available at the time and the only available conveyance was a bullock-cart.

So the Station Master and his associated lifted me into the bullock-cart and directed the driver to take me to the doctor. One can imaging my mental state travell­ing alone in a bullock-cart in that condition at midnight in a town I had never visited before and where I knew no one. I was not sure whether I was going to survive this predicament. The only thing I could do in the circumstances was to look upon Shirdi Sai Baba for aid and assistance.

The doctor saw my ailment, diagnosed it, administered morphine injection and I was soon immersed into oblivion. At my request, he had sent a call to my relations in Bombay. The next day my relations come to Palghar and I was taken back to Bombay.

I had been son used to take the name of Shirdi Sai Baba whenever in distress that this incident was, at the time, not considered by me as of any particular signifi­cance. It however assumed significance in May 1968, In that month, my father and I went for the darshan of the all-knowing Sri Satya Sai Baba. Just as my father was about to introduce me to him Sri Satya Sai Baba said: I know him. He is a beli­ever of Shirdi Sai Baba for the last 16 years, Once he got out the train in severe pain end called Shirdi Sai Baba. It was Shirdi Sai Baba who saved him, Could It be that my ailment was so serious that but for His blessing, I would not have survived it ?

But the most important experience of my life was yet to come. It was this Incident which shook the lawyer out of me and converted me Into a humble devotee recognizing the work of the Master.

In October 1959, my one month old daughter got seriously dehydrated, and was admitted to the Breach Candy Hospital. Over three weeks of treatment, including blood transfusion, could not bring her round. Leading doctors were attending on her. The child had been running high temperature since days and the doctors were not sure whether she would pull through. My wife and I were on the verge of complete breakdown.

On the early morning of November 14th 1959, we were informed by two leading doctors that the child was so serious that her chances of survival were remote she was being administered oxygen as her breathing had been difficult. With tears, agony and deep dejection, my wife and I came home from the hospital at about 9 a.m, for a short while, so that we hospital. As soon as we reached our home, I told my wife about a decision which I had reached. My decision had arisen out of sheet desperation I said to my wife: "We have been worshipping Shirdi Sai Baba for several years. I has been said that if we looked to him, he would look to us. The survival of our only daughter means a lot to us, My decision is that if the child survives, our faith that Shirdi Sai Baba looks to us in times of distress, would become conclusive. If, on the other hand, the child does not survive, we would and our worship as he would have failed us".

The sequence of events, after this decision, is interesting. At 10 a m. we were against at the hospital Another senior doctor was attending on the child. He too came to the conclusion that the child was dying and there was no hope of survival- Sudden­ly, a comparative junior doctor, who was also there, said: 'Doctor, I have been obser­ving this child for some time while she is running very high temperature, she has not lost her consciousness Could it be that the child is not suffering from septmaenia but from malaria ?

The senior doctor laughed and said: “How do you expect malaria in Beach Candy Hospital Anyway, there is not much left in the child- You may try a shot of quinine”.

As stated above, this talk took place at 10 a.m. at 1 p.m. on that day, the temperature of the child came down to 101° after several days. At 4 p m the temperature came further down to 99° and by 7 p.m. the temperature was 97 50°;

Oxygen or blood transfusion were no longer call   for. Even the doctors,  who   during' the earlier part of that day had certified her as dying, felt baffled.

The temperature of child remained at normal ever since. Within three months, that child was in the pink of health Those who saw her at the age of five months could hardly believe our description of the crisis that she had passed through a few months earlier Consistent with our promise, we took our daughter to Shirdi in March 1960 by car. Strange and dramatic though it may appear, on our way to Shirdi, during a halt, our daughter gazed at the world around her spread out both her Arms, and made her First utterance : 'ba, ba, ba, ba'.

These are facts of my life as they stand. The sequence of events are also in the above order The conclusion is for each individual to make for himself For myself, I felt convinced of the existence of that power which assists us. If we, in all humility look to it

Today, with all the above-mentioned and other experiences, my entire family near relations and even servants, have got completely used to looking upto Shirdi Sai Baba for succour in times of distress I must admit, in all humility, that he had never failed us Many things, big and small, have happened in our Iives which have made us acknowledge that existence of this indefinable, mysterious phenomenon, whose only message is that if one looks to Shirdi Sai Baba will look at him. In fact. His promise is very much a king to the promise which Lord Krishna gave to Arjuna when He said:

-Arjuna, I promise you   my devotee will never perish.

So far as I am concerned, the Baba has now been the very part of my existence. He has been my guide, philosopher and friend, On different occasions, depending on my variable moods, I haye prayed to him, beseeched him, implored him, begged of him, argued with him and sometimes even quarrelled   with   him   for   net solving the knotted problems of my existence and guiding  me. Whatever the mood, the problems have ultimately got solved.

Recently, a great devotee of Shirdi Sai Baba whom I met, also endorsed this view of mine, and said: "Shirdi Sai Baba is not only the father but also the mother, A mother somtimes becomes inattentive to the child; sometimes she punishes the child, but, when it is time, she will always give milk to the child".

Reading the above, let us all humbly bow before the holy fact of Sadguru Sai Baba and pray for "HIS" " ", "Grace", "Kirpa" and "Karuna", for all the Sai Devotees and for all the inhabitants of this world, in these days of distress and tensions of every kind, specially as seen as on if own mother land India and through the length and breadth of this earthly world."

Let us all how to Sadguru Sai Baba the Saviour of all in distress"


BARODA-890 001



Santa Ram Balwant Nachne Dahanukar Prabhu Head Clerk Taluk Sheristadar Magistrate's court Kurla says : —

It was in the same year that my mother-in-law was anxious to get Baba's blessing, to obtain progeny for me. A few children were born before that but they died when quite young. So at her request, Madhav Rao Deshpaode took my wife to Baba and wanted Baba to give her a coconut as a gift and throw it into her Padar (Mundani or end of her cloth). Then Baba's eyes brimmed with tears as he gave the coconut to my wife; and he bade me sit at his feet and massage his legs. As I was doing so, ho made passes with his hand over my back. I felt very grateful for his kindness and I referred to the madman's attempt to murder me and to Baba's photo being with me at the time as the explanation for my narrow escape. Baba merely remarked, ''Allah Malik Hai. God is the Lord, i e., He orders all things." Then Baba and I embraced each other.

Baba showed me once again how considerate he was towards all his devotees and how strongly he was against one devotee teasing or interfering with another. One day Baba said " My stomach is aching. " "Mavusi," the strong lady that I have already mentioned, brought a red hot brick and placed it on Baba's abdomen, i.e., above his Kupni, and retai­ned it in that position for about ten minutes. I felt very much for Baba, as I was shampoo­ing his feet at that time, and thought her service an instance of "cruel kindness." Then she removed the brick and began pressing Baba's sides with her hands with great violence I could not endure the sight, and I told her to be more gentle as Baba would suffer. Baba at once ordered me to get away, I did.

That night, about 8 P.M. I went to the Masjid and asked Baba to give me some Anugaralw. "What Japa shall I make ?" I asked. Baba replied. "Go to Devpur (a village 20 miles off Kopergaon) and begin worshipping the stones there which your ancestors worshipped.'*

Later on, I returned to Dahanu and asked my father what Baba's words might import. Then my father gave me an account of our ancestral worship of the images at Devpur.

Baba Prayag, my ancestor, five degrees removed, had no issue till he was 60 years old. He learnt that issue was often obtained by others by the grace of a saint then living, named Baba Bhagavat (who was a disciple of Eknath Maharaj) and that B, Bhagavat could be seen at Trimbak on those rare occasions when he would go to see the Nivritti Nuth Shrine there. B.P. went there and obtained his grace and blessing for issue with a coconut. Thereafter, i.e. at the age of 61, B. P, got a son, whom he named Krishna Rao. Baba Bhagawat took that child, when it was but one year old to Devpur and gave it a handwritten copy of Jnaneswari (This identical copy is now produced. Note. Just as it is produced, some music is heard passing in the street). Whenever this copy is taken out some auspicious signs are always found attending, From that time forward, every member of our family in his generation takes Upadesh from a member of that Guru's line. This fact, it is, that made Sai Baba give me the above answer. (At that time I did not know all these facts. But my father to whom I communicated the answer of Baba narrated these facts to me).

In 1916, by Baba's grace, I was saved from a watery grave. There was Plague at Dahanu and I had daily to cross a creek between my house and my office. One day I ret­urned from the office very late and there was no ferryboat. I then took a Toni (Tamil "Thoni" or Canoe) with a boy to paddle, and it got upset in the middle of the creek. I had swerved just a bit but that was enough to make the little canoe capsize. From the time il capsized I had my Dhyana of Sai Baba. The boy who was rowing or paddling the canoe was a good swimmer and a resourceful lad. He asked me to hold on to a rope that was above water connecting a buoy with a ship which was at a little distance from us. I caught it and wite its help kept my head above water. The boy hallooed to the ship and the shipmen sent us a boat and saved us.

In 1919, I had a son born to me; and this was the first son born after Baba gave my wife the cocoanut, with blessings from his mouth and with tears in his eyes. We named him Kaluntm. To explain Baba's tears, a few facts about Kaluram's short life of eight years may be mentioned. He was born under the constellation Moola. When the boy was only three years old he was always repeating the mantra 'Ram Hah Ram." It was in 1921, i.e., when he was entering on his third year, the effect of Moola was seen. His mother, i.e., my first wife, died. No doubt the deeply sympathetic heart of Baba saw her coming end when he gave her the '.blessing" (?) for a child to be born under Moola. Anyhow, one might suppose that there was the mitigation of the sorrow jn having brought a saintly infant prodigy into existence. But see what followed even in that matter The boy was stunning the imagination of all that became acquainted with him. A pious and learned neighbor, named Hegde, watched him and declared that he was an incarnation of that playmate of Sri Krishna on whose back the latter got up to invade curd-pots. The boy hirmell stated occasionally "Krishna used to tease me. I caught hold of Hari’s leg and pinched them. I looked up. Hari (who was standing above me) upset the curd-pot over my face. Then the lady of the house turned up. etc." The boy sometimes anticipated Hegde's daily study of ''Hari Jijava" and declared what stories or incidents formed the subject matter of the portion to be read on the particular day by Hegde. I saw him one day seated in a corner, with his head covered by a cloth. He was motionless and steady like one immersed in Yoga. His eyeballs were upturned, but the cloth over his head that was worn like a cowl hid the eyes from my view. I lifted the cloth and asked him why he was covering his head. He said he was always doing so. Asked why he went on with his course of Sadhana, he laughed. His precocity surprised me greatly. Once he asked me to get for him the latest special issue of a journal (Sandesh). When that was brought, the first picture on it was Sri Krishna's encircled by the Pranava Ao Kalu cut out that picture and stuck it on the wall. Then there was the advertisement of ''His Master's Voice"   records with the  picture  of the  dog  before  the  gramophone.    Kalu's interrogation thereon was typical of him.

Kalu: What is this ?

I : It is the advertisement of a photograph.

He -  It is a special message of Krishna.

I : What is the special message ?

He : What is the dog hearing ?

I: The music played by the plate.

He : The dog hears his master's voice. See the dog—so steady from head to tail, intently listening. We must be equally firm and steady.

See how I sit. You also should sit like that and listen, and then you will hear Baba's voice.

I: How do you know Baba's voice ?

He : I know.    I will not tell you.    Experience it yourself.

In addition to his oral Japa of "Ram Hari Ram," Kaluram was going on writing that mantra in chits and a quantity of them were with us. When Upasani Baba came to Andheri, he said he wanted such chits and they were handed over to him. In 1924 Gadgi Baba came over to my house to see this boy.

In 1926, Kalu had dropsy and low fever. We gave him only Baba's Udhi. The disease continued for a while. On Kartik Sudha Ekadasi (so piously, celebrated by thousands of pilgrims at Pandharpur and other Vishnu Sthalas), Kaluram approached his end. He called me to his bedside and asked for Jnaneswari. It was at once produced. He himself opened it and picked up the XIII Chapter. At that time I was feeling heavily the sadness of the approaching end, the bitterness that we had to part with such a son. But Kalu cheered me up and said, "What is there to cry for ? Read this (Ch. XIII), Read it aloud for me. I am going to-day."

My heart was sinking under a load of grief and I could not read it. Then he kept the book in front of him and breaihed his last. A fitting termination, this departure on Kartik Ekadesi, was for such a life. But yet how sad was such an early death? No wonder that Baba wept in 1918 when he gave the cocoanut and clearly perceived that such an early death was to crown such a life.

As  for the continuance of my  line,  by Baba's blessings, that was made secure. In 1922, i.e. one year after Kaluram's mother died, my parents were arranging for my second marriage, A choice had to be made between a girl that would bring some wealth or pecuniary contribution with her and a poor girl. The proposal of the first girl that would bring in Rs. 600 was being considered by my father. I did not favour it. Baba came in my mother's dream and said to her ''Do not accept this girl in marriage for your son," In the same dream my mother saw another girl. A little later the uncle and guardian of a poor girl offered her hand in marriage to me. I referred him to my mother. She saw the girl and found it was ihe very girl she had seen in the above-mentioned dream. This settled the question and the latter girl was married to me in 1922, and several children were born of this marriage and with Baba's blessings are getting on well. "Baba's blessings" is no empty formal phrase. I will cite several instances to show how he has guarded them and saved their lives as he has saved mine (at least twice as already mentioned by me).

In 1926, my son, Sainath alias Hareswar, was eight or nine months old. Kaluram had crackers and Bengal matches. One of my children threw away alighted match. It fell on Sainath and his clothes caught fire. He wore a cloth beneath his waist and a frock next to the skin. Both these caught fire. The children did not realise the seriousness of the situation and raised no alarm. My wife was outside the house engaged with something. Suddenly a Fakir appeared before her and pointing his arm and finger towards the terrace on which the children were playing, said "See what is going on there." My wife at once went inside and noticed the fire on the child's clothes. With great presence of mind and resourcefulness, she ran to the child, seized the clothes and rolled them between her palms and thus boldly extinguished the fire. The front half of the frock from bottom to the neck was burnt out and part of the nether cloth also. But the child (Sainath) came off entirely scatheless. Though the frock worn next to the skin was burnt out, his skin had not been burnt, nor was his nether portion burnt This complete safety was evidently due to the same cause as the sudden appearance of the Fakir. The Fakir had also suddenly disappeared. When she came out after extinguish ing the fire, there was no trace of the Fakir. Who could the Fakir be, how had he known the fire accident the very moment it happened and why should he be at the trouble to watch over the children and fetch their mother to save them at the nick of time ?

In 1928, Sainath, then two years old, had an accident. As usual he was running about; and one day he fell down the stairs. There was a heap of the debris at the bottom. I ran up and was surprised to see him standing without any injury at all. He told me, ': Do not fear. Baba bore me up"

In 1932, Sainath gave his younger brother, Vasudev, a ring and the later sniffed it into his mouth instinctively. The ring went down into the throat and stuck there. There was an alarm and for nearly one hour every one in the house was excited and medicaments were tried to induce the throat or stomach to throw out the ring. Finally I took Sai Baba's Udhi and put it in the child's mouth. Then inserting my finger deep within his mouth, I felt the ring and pulled it out.

In 1934, the same child Vasudev had measles, pneumonia and an abscess on the chest. He was getting weaker and weaker. The doctor was afraid to operate on the abscess on account of the weakness. I applied antiphlogistine over the abscess. The abscess was opened. It was a wide open wound. The doctor would not help me. So I relied upon my doctor, Sai Baba, and trusting in him put a bit of his Udhi into the wouud. The Deputy Collector, Vasant Rao Madhav Jadhav, (now D. C. at Poona) asked me whether I was confident of a cure and within what time the gaping wound would be cured ? I answered "In 24 hours." That night, Baba appeared in my dream and said, "Why did you say "24 hours ? You should have said 'Immediately.'" I apologised for my mistake in the dream itself. Next morning, the wound was healed up. Jadhav wondered and wanted Baba's Udhi and blessing for his own son aged 4.1/2 years who was down with pneumonia. I gave him the Udhi on the sixth day of that child's fever. The very next day the fever stopped, though the attendant doctor stated that the fever would run its course for 9 days (i.e that it would last 3 days after I gave the Udhi,). Jadhav sent up his thanks offering of Rs. 7 to be sent to Sri Sai Baba's Samasthan,

In 1935, ic., last year, milk was being boiled on my stove. Anand, my two-year-old child, came running up, stumbled over a stick and fell upon the milk and stove, Just fancy what should happen in such a case. One would expect his skin to be scalded hy the boiling milk and clothes to catch fire. But here the milk was dashed down on one side and the stove on the other side; and the child lay between the two neither scalded, nor catching fire on his clothes.

This year, i.e., 1936, Vasudev and his younger brother rummaged among the contents of an almyrah and found a box full of what they thought to be peppermint lozenges. Vasudev ate some and gave some to his younger brother. The taste was unpleasant and they did not eat. much. But what little was eaten made Vasu smart. His tongue was protruding. My wife inserted her finger into his mouth and extracted what she believed to be chunam i,e. lime. We were then shown by Vasu the packet or box of "Sweetmeats" that he had been consuming. It was "Pharoah's snakes"—the piece of fire works that burn out forming ashes that lengthen and wind about in the form of snakes. We then took him to the doctor who administered an emetic, which did not act Then I gave Baba's Udhi and Tirtha - which acted at once and resulted in his vomiting out all poisonious stuff he had swallowed. After all this was over, Vasudev mentioned that he had given the peppermint to his two - year - old younger brother. Evidently the latter ate but little, as there was no trouble. But to expel what little he might have swallowed: we administered our emetic, viz., Udhi and water with Baba's name to him and he had a good vomit.

A cashier in an office was in trouble last year about Rs, 3,500 which was not accounted for, A friend advised him to go to me and he came. That cashier disliked Baha, as Baba was a 'Mahomedan.' But when he came to me, I told him that his sole sanctuary was the Sai Mandir at Shirdi, and that he should go there and make a heartfelt apology and appeal for help. He went there, got a photo of Baba and with the help of Sagun Naik placed it at the Samadhi, prayed there and came back with the photo. Things then began to brighten up. He was allowed eight days time to pay up the Rs. 3,500. He went up, got money and paid it. The matter was closed. There was neither dismissal nor prosecution.

Similar help was rendered by Baba in another case. Mr. V. C. Chitnis after his dismissal from service came to me. I told him to cast his burden on Sai Baba and make an appeal at the Shirdi Mandir for help. He went to Shirdi and later he was reinstated in service.

I shall mention what help Baba gave to members of my family, for Sadgati, i.e, at or after death.

My parents were devotees of Sai Baba. My mother was aged seventy in 1926 when she died. She kept Sai Baba's photo to the last in front of her. As the end was nearing. she asked me to read Vishnu Sahasranama aloud by her side, and I did. Then with "Ram Ram" on her lips, she passed away-

My second wife passed away in 1929 and I was anxious to do everything necessary to secure Sadgati for her soul. So I wished to take her bones and ashes to Nasik and dispose of them there with proper ceremonies. But I was beset with difficulties My father was ill. I had, amidst my feeling of bitter loss at her departure, to make sure of the funds needed and the steps necessary, of which I had no idea. I took a sum of Rs. 80 and leaving a child of 3 years at home, started by train for Nasik. At Victoria Terminus, I found I had a fellow passenger who took enormous trouble for me and extended his sympathy and help even before the train started.

He : Where are you going'?

I : Nasik.

He '. Why do you carry no bed ? The nights are chill.

I ; I find no necessity, I am in no mood to mind these things. It is eight days since my wife died leaving a three-year old son to be taken care of by me.

He asked me to wait. He called out to a friend and got a blanket and a bedsheet for me.

I : How can you  get these things so quickly ?

He : Our quarters are very near. It is the Bombay Arts School. Have this cigar please.

I (accepting the cigar) What is your name ? May I know who you are ?

He : I am a peon in that school. My name is Ganapathy Shankar—you may go to sleep now. Have no anxiety. I am also going to Nasik. I shall wake you up when we reach Nasik ?

I : What takes you to Nasik ?

G. S. : Simply to see Nasik. My Saheb is gone to Simla and I get this chance of seeing Nasik,

Then I lay down,

G, S; "Do take good care of your money; or if you like, I will keep it for you, if you give it to me, m this steel trunk of mine.

Then I handed over my 80 rupees to him and went to sleep, At Ghoti Station, near Nasik, he woke me up, We washed ourselves and took tea, He paid for me also, At Nasik Road Station, we got into the bus. Then,

G. S: Do not go to  Bhatji,  i.e., a priest yourself.    I will settle everything for you. Do no trouble  yourself.

Then he attended on me and attended to everything as a peon would do, till the end of the twelfth day ceremony, Throughout the proceedings he showed his special knowledge of the ceremonies, e.g, he told the priest to take pinda first to Ramkund, He told me to retain in my grip the bones I brought, immersed in the waters of the Godavari at Ramkund till the close of the ceremony. The bones should be left in a particular hollow there and kept in position by pressure of the hand to prevent their being washed away by force of the current. My surprise was that even as I kept them they were quickly dissolving as though they were sugarcandy, On the twelfth day, he got a wire requiring his presence back at Bombay. He accounted to me for every pie he had received from me. He took me to the chief temples at Nasik, A Sanyasi teacher at one of the temples recognised him and to him he showed the wire. My priest said that G.S. was a man of extraordinary cleverness, e,g,, when the priest started ceremonies without the worship of Ganesha (considering it unnecessary for inauspicious ceremonies), G. S, interposed and bade him start it and when the priest still entertained doubts, made him refer the matter to a learned authority who agreed with G.S.

He parted from me at Nasik that day and promised to call at my place, i.e., Andhcri, He gave me his name and address. After my return home, seeing that my beneficent friend did not turn up I went to the address given, viz., ' G.S., peon, Bombay Art School" and made inquiries and asked his fellow peon about him. They all said there was no such person at all known to them. The principal (the "Sahib") also said the same.

Who was this 'man' that took such enormous pains (without any remuneration or prospect of it) and gave me such splendid help in securing Sadgati for my wife at Nasik by proper performance of all the ceremonies ? Who can it be—but Sai Baba ?

In 1927 I went to Shirdi for chowla, i.e,t tuft ceremony of Kaluram, Then Baba's direction to me to go to Deopur which I had neglected till then was again stressed on me, through another saint who had come up to Shirdi. That was Nanu Maharaj or Sripad Narsoba Panchlegaonkar, aged only fifteen. He asked me without any intimation to him of what or who I was or what Baba had told me about anugraha (initation),

"Have you been to Deopur "

I was taken aback.    I answered in the  negative.

N: Why ?

I; There is no one at Deopur older than myself (in my Guru's line) for me to accept as my Guru and get anugraha.

N: What of that ? My Guru is younger than I, His name is 'Doi Pode’ and your Guru's name is Bhagavat.

Sri Narsoba promised to show me his Guru later.

Accepting this reminder, I carried out Sai Baba's order and went to Deopur and accepted anugraha.

I had never met Sri Narsoba before.

Next year I learnt that Narsoba was arriving at Bombay V. T. As his train steamed in and came to a stop, from his compartment he beckoned to me as I stood amidst a crowd and showed me his Guru, an eight year-old youth, Sripad Ramakrishna Doi Pode. Sri Narsoba is doing "Sudhi" work: I have not met him after 1928, His Guru is still a student (for Matriculation Exam.) at Guntur (Madras Presidency).

I will close this long account with one instance of Baba's response to my prayer for help to strangers. On 3-12-1923 I was seated in my house at Andheri, facing the road. One Mr. Noel was driving his car along that road. A little girl, the daughter of Vittal, was knocked down by the ear. As I saw it I prayed, "Baba, save her'', The car stopped, I went down and picked up the child and took her to the hospital. The stopping of the car before the child was crushed was a miracle. the break in the car was not working. Then on examination it was found, though the break was not put on, a stone had somehow got into the gear and that was how the car suddenly stopped in time. Looking at the injuries to the girl, the Sub-Assistant Surgeon feared they would prove fatal. But I told him "Sai Baba would save her." She continued ;is an in-patient in the hospital for fifteen days and she recovered her health; but her power of speech was not restored. That continued to be her condition for nine months. Then Das Ganu came to Andhere and I told him the facts. He told me to give her Baba's Udhi again for restoring her speech. I again gave her Udhi. The next day she began to speak. This was most marvellous. She is alive now and speaks very well.

Baba kindly gives me opportunities of doing service to others. In 1926, he appeared to me in a dream and bade me go and tell Mr. K. G. Kothare (Bar-at-Law) "not to do what he was proposing to do." Despite the vagueness of the message. I went to him and delivered the massage. He thanked me for it and informed me that it referred to the step he had been intending to take. He wanted to give up his Grihastasram and become a Sanyasi. He gave up the idea, at that time.

(Read over and admitted to be correct).

23rd Sept. 1936, Dady Agiari St., Bombay

Sri  Narayan  Asram,  Sanyasj  and  disciple  of Vedasrama Swami (Taraka Mutt, Durgaghat, Kashi),   residing at Vaman Muth,  Gangapuri Wai, (Satara District aged 58 says :

I knew Sai Baba, i.e., heard the name and the greatness of Sai Baba in 1910 from Das Ganu Maharaj's kitana. I asked him ''Is Sai Baba living?" He said "Yes, at Shirdi." In five days of that, I went to Shirdi and saw Sai Baba. In six months thereafter, I paid Baba nine visits. I often went to him in later years also. I was then in service, in the Customs Department and continued in it till 1926 when I retired on pension after 31 years service. 1927-1930 I spent in "Narmada Pradkshina." In 1931, I took Sanyas changing my former name "Toser" to the present one. I came first under a Guru's influence in 1895 whom I saw in a dream. When I went to Shirdi in 1910 and had my contact with Sai Baba, I found that he was the same as the Gnru who gave me first inspiration (without any words) in my dream in 1895. Then I passed after 1918 into the charge of Vasudevanand Saraswati of Garudeshwar on the banks of Narmada near Nandod (in Gujarat) Though Vasudevanand Saraswati left the flesh in 1915 he had connection with Baba. I believe that Baba has left me in his charge. So, Vedasrama Swami of Kashi, Taraka Muth, Durgaghat, gave me Deeksha in 1931.

I mostly stay at Wai.

As for my internal progress and Sai Baba's influence on me, it is hardly a thing to be described. Sai Baba had different ways of dealing with different people. He was the centre and to each man he darted a separate radius. Most cared for external things only and hardly any came to him for the highest spiritual benefit of Atma Nishta.

Hari Sitaram Dixit, Chandorkar and Dabholkar were probably those who came close enough to him to receive high teaching.

Yet it is a question, if any of them got into Atma Nishta or anywhere near that, Baba had made Dixit read Eknath's two works, as he was but a beginner in the religious field and had to develop his bhakti (devotion) chiefly. Of course, immediate proximity was not needed for development under Baba. When I was at Shirdi, I would mostly go and sit away by myself in the (Sathe) Wada and not be at the Mosque. Even at the Wada, one is under Baba's direct influence.

As for Baba's own state, that is a thing one can get a glimpse of from some facts. Baba had a way of touching (with his palm) the head of the devotee who went to him, There was no adhikari evidently to receive everything Baba could give and thus there was none to succeed to his position.

But his touch did convey certain impulses, forces, ideas, etc. Sometimes he pressed his hand heavily on the head as though he was crushing out some of the lower impulses of the devotee. Sometimes he tapped, sometimes he made a pass with the palm over the head, etc. Each had its own effect—making remarkable difference in the sensations or feel­ings of the devotee,

Baba's touch was one means. Apart from that, he would invisibly operate on the nature of the devotee and effect a great change to him.

He graciously conveyed to me without any words, the feeling that differences (between various souls etc.) i.e. all differences were unreal, that the One real thing is that which under­lies all. This was after my first visit—in 1913 or 1914 perhaps. But Baba never spoke out this truth so far as I know. Obviously there was no competent adhikari who had to be spoken to in that way.

I have not given out my experience though Mr. Dixit and Mr. Dabholkar asked me for it

I have never heard Baba utter Mahavakyas or say things out of Sankarachara's Atmabodha or Viveka Chudamani or anything on those lines,

When I Went first in 1910 no crowds had come. Baba was mostly silent then. Very soon Bombay crowds began to pour upon Shirdi, Then Baba was being pressed into new habits and ways. Devotees to suit their own tastes forced numerous forms and observances on Baba and made him a mere man shining with the aid of the shows they arranged for him. His real greatness shone by itself without forms and rigid observances and pomp, and was shut out by these. These reduced Baba to earthly grandeur.

Baba spoke to me only a few words-but they were direct and plain words, He did not talk to me in parables. He began to employ parable in teaching the numerous people that flocked to him.

There is a great deal of parallelism between Sri Sai of Shridi and Akkalkote Maharaj; and that can be found by reading the life of Akkalkote Maharaj. The latter also hardly ever spoke of Adwaitie realisation, He was a greater Karmata, (i.e., follower of rigid Karmamarga, the path of works) and insister on forms than Sai Baba.

Baba was trying to push people just a few steps above their level.

Das Ganu told me that Baba referred to one Daji Maharaj, a saintly grihastha Brahmin, who lived at the village Dangar Takidi near Nanded (in Nizam's State) as "my brother". That Maharaj passed away in 1934, He was practising Gayatri Purascharan. He said one day in 1914 at Dangar Takidi "Yesterday, Sai Baba came here in the form of Maruti and there was a great rumbling noise at his arrival."

My father and I are Maruti worshippers. I installed a new Maruti image and got a temple built and consecrated in 1918 at Ville Parle, Hanuman Street. I had to name the God; and I called it Sai Hanuman, remembering that Sai was Hanuman. I gifted that temple by deed to my brother. The very day this temple was consecrated at Ville Parle, Baba gave, it seems, Rs. 25 to a Brahmin named Vaze and made him perform Satya Narayan Puja at Shirdi. People connect these two events. When I was first visiting Shirdi, I was heterodox and could hardly be taken for a Brahmin. Regard for Samskaras grew on me. I never cared for Siddhis, I seldom attended Baba's Chavadi procession even when I was at Shirdi.

I was desirous of getting Sanyas even before I got married. I actually got it only in 1931, But the way was being paved. My mother and wife are living; but I have no issue. Two chiidren were born and they passed away after a few days of existence on this, earth one in 1900, the other in 1915. Brahmacharya is essential to Sanyasa. The fact that a wife is living in the house is no impediment to my Brahmacharya. If I look upon my mother like any other human being without special attachment, that is no hindrance to Sanyasa. The Samskara of going through Sanyasa gave me a great impetus. Sai Baba never spoke to me (or so far as I remember, to anyone else) about the desirability, necessity or disadvantages of a life of Sanyasa. About changes of caste, Ashrama, Guru, methods of Sadhana, caste observances, etc,, he had one and the same advice or prescription "Each must stick to his lot and get on."

(Read over and found correct)

The Guru after all is a medium, a means to realise your own self. He gives you a push and then you have to exert yourself and go higher and hold to your height. Sai Baba thus was a medium though one responsible for a considerable and momentous advance in my spiritual history. Before I went to Shirdi, one Vinayak Bhat Shadale (supported by the Kolhapur State) whom I met in 1900 and who had made me read bits of Yoga Vashishta with zest was also a "medium" for me.

With one help at one time and a second at another, one has to go on steadily ind realise the self.


21st May, 1936

Mrs. Manager, Holy City, says :

It is very difficult to describe Sai Baba and our experience of him. But one | may talk about some things relating to him'

My   daughter took ill  when  she was   fifteen    months old   and I was sore I distressed,   Just then my brother-in-law  came back from  Shirdi   and  was  sounding the | high praise  of Sai Baba.    I then said  that if the  child  recovered,  we should  go with | our child   to  Shirdi  and pay our respects  to  Sai Baba.   The   child  recovered  and we went up to fulfil our vow.

One's first impression of Sai Baba was derived from his eyes. There was such power and penetration in his glance that none could continue to look at his eyes. One felt that Sai Baba was reading him, or her, through and through. Soon one lowered ones eyes and bowed down. One felt that He was not only in one's heart, but in every atom of one's body, A few words, a gesture would reveal to one that Sai Baba knew all about the past, present and even future and about everything else, There was nothing else to do for one, except to submit trustfully and to surrender oneself to Him. And there He was to look after every minute detail, and guide one safe through every minute detail, and guide one safe through every turn and every vicissitude of life. He was the Antaryami, call Him God or Satpurusha in Sahaja Sthithi or what you like. But the overpowering personality was there, and in His presence no doubts, no fears, no questionings had any place and one resigned onesslf and found that was the only course, the safest and best course.

From one's first entry into His presence, one went on getting experience of His power, His all-knowing and all-pervasive personality. His protecting care (hat shielded one, wherever one went and at any time whatsoever.

I shall give some instances of his Antaryamitva that I personally got 01 'learnt of in the early days of my stay at Shirdi.

Shirdi in those days was a neglected hamlet without any lighting, sweeping and other conveniences of civilisation. It has had some improvement since. But when I was there, the streets and passages were all dark and unlit at night. One night I was walking about. But suddenly and abruptly I stopped. There was no sound or sight to account for my stopping. For some unknown reason I felt I must stop and I did. A little time passed and a light was brought by some one and there Lo, and behold I at the very place where I was to have placed my food at the next step, there was a serpent lying quiet. Of course, if I had put my foot, the consequences might have been very serious, if not fatal. The light showed what the danger was that I escaped. But I could not have guessed of its existence so near me by the use of my own powers, in the absence of the light. Why and how had I stopped so abruptly and how did the light come in so opportune a moment to show me the danger ? The only answer is- the all-seeing and ever-watchful power and protective grace of Sai Baba. He has saved this body of mine from death on many occasions. But these or some of these will be mentioned later on,

To take another instance.    We  used  to go  and sit near Sai Baba at his Mosque.

Any one  could go up at the usual time, without permission asked of or introduction taken to Sai Baba and bow before him and all there.   On  one  occasion,  as  I was seated at a short distance from Sai Baba, there  came  a  leper   to  the Mosque.    His disease  was  far advanced,    He was stinking and he had little strength left in him, so that it was with much difficulty and  very slowly, he clambered up the three steps of the Mosque, moved on to theDhuni (fire) and then to Sai Baba and placed his head on Baba's  feet.   Jt  took   so much time for him  to  take  his Darsana and 1 feeling the strench from him intensely, hoped he would clear off.    At  last when he got down slowly carrying a small parcel wrapped up in a dirty cloth, I felt relief and said within myself,   "Thank God.  He is off." Sai Baba at once darted a piercing glance at me, and I knew that he read my thought.    Before the leper had gone far, Sai Baba called out and sent some one to fetch him   back.    The man  came.    It was  again the slow process of his clambering up, emitting foul strench all the time and as the man bowed to Baba, Baba picked up that parcel saying "What is this ?" and opened it.

It contained some "pedas," (i.e. milk sweets) and Sai Bada took up a piece and gave it to me—to me alone of all present—and asked me to eat it.    What horror !  To eat up a thing brought by the stinking leper ! But  it was Sai Baba's order, and there was no option but to obey.   So I ate it up.    Sai Baba took another piece and himself swallowed it and then sent the man away with  the remainder.    Why he  was recalled and I  alone  was  the chosen recipient of his peda, none then understood.    But I knew full well that Sai Baba had read my heart  and  was  teaching me valuable lessons  (i.e., in humility, fraternity, sympathy, endurance and trust in His Supreme wisdom rather than in my own notions of hygiene and sanitation for saving me from disease).

When we had difficulties to get over, we never had to speak. We had merely to go and sit or stand in his presence. He at once knew what the matter was and gave a direc­tion exactly meeting our requirements. We had our servant with us at Shirdi. He had acute pain in his lumbar region. My husband went to Sai Baba and was standing. Some others were also present before Sai Baba. Baba suddenly said "Hallo, my leg is paining. Great is the pain." Some one suggested that something should be done to relieve the pain. "Yes" said Baba ''If green leaves are heated and applied over it, it will go away." "What leaves, Baba?" was the query by some one. Baba said, "These green leaves near the Lendi" (i.e. streamlet.)   One suggested one leaf and another a different leaf.    One finally asked iff it was Korphad.    "Yes", Baba said, "That is it.   The leaf has to be brought, split into two,] slightly heated over the fire and applied.   That is all." At once, my husband knew that this was Baba's kind  prescription  for  our servant.    We fetched  the leaf and  applied  it as I directed; and the servant was relieved of his pain.  Not only was he present at all places when his physical body was in one place, say the mosque, but he was also able to do various things with his invisible body.

My eyes have been giving me trouble constantly. On one occasion while I was at Shirdi, they were greatly paining me and water was freely flowing from them. In such a condition I went and sat up before Baba. He looked at me. My eyes ceased to pain and water. But his eyes were dropping tears. The accurate diagnosis of the disease at a glance was wondrous enough. Still more wondrous was his curing deep seated organic disease abruptly and suddenly without any visible application of remedy or treatment, Scientists or medical men may disbelieve this. But having actually experienced it in my own case and in that of others who came before Sri Sai Baba. I cannot disbelieve such cases and what is most peculiar—the drawing of diseases on to himself by pure will-power.

These wonderful powers and especially this wonderful nature of Sri Sai Baba with his Antaryamitva, i.e., his being inside every creature and every object animate or inani­mate so as to control all voluntary and involuntry movements of creatures and objects, throw light on what. He occasionally said of himself. "I am not at Shirdi," he would say, while he was at Shirdi. As was frequently said, he was not confined within the three cubits length of flesh, bone and blood that people called Sri Sai Baba. He was in every dog, cat, pig, man and woman. While we cannot shake off the idea that we are this physical sheath or the attachment we feel to things connected with it, he was ever free from such narrow ideas or attachments. He seemed to be in or to be the Oversoul, the Super-consciousness, Sahaj Samadhi, or Jnanmaya Sharir by whatever name we choose to refer to that higher state of his.

One noticeable difference between Sri Sai Baba and other saints struck me. I have moved with other notable saints also. I have seen them in high Samadhi or trance condition entirely forgetting their body and course) effacing the narrow notion of the self confined to the body: and J have seen them later getting conscious of their surroundings, knowing what is in our hearts and replying to us. But with Sri Sai Baba, there was this peculiar, feature He had not to go into trance to achieve anything, or to reach any higher position or knowledge. He was every moment exercising a double consciousness, one actively utilising the Ego called Sri Sai Baba and dealing with other Egos in temporal or spiritual affairs, and the other—entirely superceding all Egos and resting in the position of the Universal Soul or Ego; he was exercising and manifesting all the powers and features incidental to both the states of consciousness. Other saints would forget their body and surroundings and then return to it. But Sri Sai Baba always was in and outside the material world. Others seemed to take pains and by effort to trace the contents of others minds and read their past history. But with Sri Sai Baba this was not a matter of effort. He was in the all knowing state always.

Sai Baba was one whom some people could not understand at all. He would walk, e.g. to a hawker about some cloth brought for making Cupnis, higgle and haggle like (he most invete­rate shopper at a bazaar, and beat down the price of the cloth, say from As. 8 a yard to As. 5 a yard and take, say, 40 yds. This made the hasty on-looker conclude that Sai Baba was parsimonious, and avaricious or at any rate attached to wealth. A little later, he (i.e. Sai Baba) would pay the hawker' and then he would sometimes pay four times the price settled. Again the hasty on-Jooker would conclude that Baba was crazy, touched in the brain, or needlessly ostentatious in his misplaced charity, In both cases, the hasty judgments would be wide of the mark and the real reasons for Sai Baba's conduct would remain mysterious to all except those whom he meant to enlighten.

It is not merely his power that endeared him to his devotees. His loving care combined with those powers made Shirdi, a veritable paradise to the devotees who went there. Directly we went there, we felt safe, that nothing could harm us When I went and sat in his presence, / always forget my pain— nay the body itself with all mundane concerns and anxieties. Hours would pass and I would be in blissful unconsciousness of their passing That was a unique experience—shared, I believe, by, all his real devotees^ He was all in all and the All for us. We never could think of his having limitations. Now that he has passed away, I feel what a terrible loss it is, as I can no longer pass hours together in blissful unconsciousness of time and affairs at his feet. We feel we have lost our soul; our bodies alone are left to us now.

Yet it would not be true to say that he has altogether vanished. He is still Jiving now and we have ample proof of his powers and protecting care in many matters off and on; though the assurance we derive from these about his continuance can never compare with the bliss we felt in his presence when he was in the physical body. I shall proceed to give some instances of his active care for us and of the help he has rendered to us after dropping his physical sheath.

I was suffering for over a month during summer of 1915 (?) with a splitting neura­lgic headache; we were at Panchgani, a sanatorium, and we tried a number of remedies. It was all to no purpose. I felt I must die. With that feeling, I resolved to go to Shirdi, so that I may have the privilege of dying at Baba's feet, and in spite of some objections raised by my husband at first, we moved on to Kopergaon and came to the river Godavari which we had to cross. It struck me at once that I should bathe in the holy river as any how I was going to die soon. A cold bath might increase my pain and accelerate death. Well, so much the better, I had my bath. Well? Judge of our surprise* The bath over, I came out and the head-ache instead of getting aggravated, left me at once and far ever, Tnat long standing scourge left me for good by that bath, even though a cold bath when the headache was on was previously totally impracticable and a terror tome. This cure was surely due to Sri Sai.

In 1927, when I was  six months  with  child,  we, (i.e., our whole family) started >r Shirdi;  shortly thereafter my child  died in the  womb, and no delivery followed  for days.    My  features  were getting blue.    I  was clearly having blood poisoned.    There was no   medical help or mid-wife at   Shirdi; we,  however, got  some medicines from   Ahmednagar.    They   were  of no avail.    My husband went to Sakori and prayed   to  Sri  Upasani Baba to help me.    The latter merely  said ''You have the best doctor and best nurse-there, (meaning  of course, Sri Sai Baba).    Why  do you come to me ?"    The child   remained for days dead in my womb, and  I   was   unconscious.    What   happened    thereafter  and how I was  delivered  I  do not  remember.    But  my  husband told me (Mr.   Manager confirms this)  that  in  my  unconscious  state,   I  was  speaking  and   giving directions  as  to  what steps  were    to  be  taken     besides    applying Udhi   and  Tirth    of Sri   Sai Baba.    These directions   were  followed  and everything inside  was  expelled   (especially later on through glandular   swellings).    Yet,  for  one  more  month  I  continued  unconscious  and  at   last recovered  full   consciousness and health.    This was a  clear  case  of Sri  Sai  Baba's   help (to save my life) nine years after he entered into Mahasamadhi.

Sri Sai Baba did not found any Math or Institution and therefore left no one to occupy the Gadi he sat on. Sri Sai Baba's qualities shine out of his own conduct and his virtues are worthy of mention. His kindness would be amply borne out by the incidents already mentioned. Many other incidents known to and experienced by all who came to him can be mentioned which show that it extended far beyond Shirdi—thousands of miles away even—even to Europe, when his devotees were facing danger in the Great War in 1914-19,

But he was also Just and Impartial, while he was kind. If the occasion called for it, he said, one should sacrifice one's own child, His serene impartiality knew no difference between the king and a beggar. All were equal in his eyes. He was never obsequious to the rich and high placed, nor supercilious and contemptuous to the lowly, Revenue Commissioners and Collectors have called to see him, and lower officials in numbers, e.g., D. Os, D. C.s, Mamlatdars, etc. But wealth and position were no special grounds of preference or differential treatment with him.

His accessibility to all and at all hours practically was a remarkable feature of his. "My Darbar is always open" he used to say—'at all hours" He had nothing to fear from scrutiny, and nothing shameful to conceal All his actions were open and above board.

Another distinguishing feature of his  life  was  Freedom   from  care  and  anxiety.

He had no interests to serve or protect, no institution to seek support for or maintain ; no acquisitions to safeguard ; no private property to feel anxious about. Everything got was quickly disposed of. He lived on the begged and freely offered food, He daily collected Dakshina—of that a further detail may be given later on. But he spent it freely and liberally. During the last nine years or so of his life, he was daily giving Rs. 110 away to Tatya and Bade Baba. Each day's earnings were depleted in no time. And when he died, he left in his pocket just the amount needed to cover his funeral expenses.

His self-control and equanimity may be mentioned in this connection. He was far too lofty to care for trivial things. His palate, like his other senses, was so strictly under his control that none ever found him show any trace of desire for anything, so far as I know.

His generosity may next be mentioned. Besides Rs. 110 daily paid to some, he would scatter money and gifts. Some would say it was Rs. 300 daily—fancying that untruth or exaggeration is needed to set out Baba's glory. But his greatness needed no such untruth or exaggeration to set it off. A few actual facts would suffice to establish his greatness beyond question. Coming to the question of his generosity, we may state what we have seen Bhajan parties (Hindus) and Fakirs would come and would be liberally supplied.

His methods of imparting spiritual benefit and his religious ideas were hardly brought to others' notice. He would speak of God as any other religious and pious man might, <?./'. rarely, and with feeling. His religious practice was hardly noticeable. D. (14)

He  would  sit  in  the  mornings  near  his Dhuni i,e., fire and wave his arms and lingers about, making gestures which   conveyed   no   meaning to us, and saying......"Haq", i.e., God.

Purity, Strength- Regularity and Self-denial one noticed about him always. He would always beg his food. Even during his illness, he never lay bed-ridden, but would get up and go round to beg his food. He would beg for food, only in the accustomed quarters and to a limited extent. And out of his begged food, he ate only a little and the rest he would give away.

There may be some who complain that even the ordinary talk of Sai Baba was meaningless jargon. So it was no doubt—to them—and was intended to be that. "Jaya Mani Jaisa Bhav, Taya Taisa Amibhav." But those who were intended to be benefited by that talk would find their full and vast significance. He did not want comforts to be provided for him. When the Mosque was sought to be repaired—it was first a rumbling old dirty dilapidated building badly needing repairs,—he objected and put it off. It was by the devotees' insistance and by their conducting the repairs at night when he was sleeping in the Chavadi, that the reconstruction was pushed through,

Besides Upasani Maharaj, we met many noteworthy persons at Shirdi. Radha-krishna Ayi, a Brahmin widow, was looking after the requirements of Sri Sai Baba's Arti, etc. She ordered people to get things and was held in great respect ; when we went there in 1915 or so, Sri Sai Baba told us to go to Ayi, and went to her for accommodation. But Ayi gave it on the strict condition that I should do all the manual labour she might ask of me. I agreed and did the work as required. Ayi related the history of my past life and had wonderful powers of thought-reading and clairvoyance. When some unusual order came from Baba that such and such a dish was wanted, she would keep it ready and supply it at once.

When   some  message  came  for  me,  she read off my mind the reply I wanted to' give  and gave the  reply herself.    She was deeply devoted to Sri Sai Baba, and rendered great service to his Samsthan.    Yet it must be admitted that Ayi had a  very sharp tongue] and many found her uncompanionable.   But Sri Sai Baba put  us  there  to  develop our! power of endurance, perhaps.

Sri Sai Baba's method giving spiritual help to visitors were not usual ones.   There. was  no  Upadesh Mantra given.    He  never  talked   of Yoga, Pranayam and Kundalini. But when anything went wrong to one pursuing some Marga,  he   would   come  to  Sri Sai; Baba and would be helped.    There  was  a man  who  had  practised  Asan and Pranayam I and the poor man's system broke down.    He was  passing blood  in  his motions.    So he | came to Sri Sai Baba and stayed.    After a while his health was restored during his stay at Shirdi,

'If you look at me, I look at you"

(J.R. LAROIYA, INDOSE) —Short Story

It is rightly said that even godliness is not possible without the kind favour of the Lord. Nek Ram was one such person. He had never believed in God. He would hate even to pass nearby a temple or any such pious place. If by chance he would come across any he would runaway uttering filthy language he could think of at the moment It was difficult to analyse the precise reasons for such an attitude on the part of Nek Ram though it could have something to do with his bad luck and untold miseries which he had to face right from his childhood. While just an infant of about 3 years he lost both his father and mother in a serious road accident though he himself had a miraculous escape. He was brought up as an orphan by some near relative who however, lookup this uncalled for responsibility cursing God in every walk of life Generally half fed and mostly ill-clad doing odd jobs here and there, Nek Ram some­how grew up a young man and married a girl at the direction of his "uncle" who soon afterwards ordered him to leave his house to find his own way out NeK Ram had to shift to a Jhuggi Jopri area of the town with his newly-married wife who was a staunch devote of Shirdi Sai Baba to the great annoyance of Nek Ram. He would loose no time in making it clear to Champa, his wife that he had no faith in any god "But Baba is no ordinary god—He is the Lord the saviour helping one and all who just looks at Him," would Champa plead. "I do not care for such humling. It is used for such silly persons like you to take to every torn dick harry and waste time." reiterated Nek Ram. Neat evening when Nek Ram returned home, he found his wife busy praying before a beautiful full-size photo of Shri Sai Baba Obviously, she had spent a part of Nek Ram's poor earnings. Nek Ram's anger knew no hounds. He pounced upon the poor woman and beat her mercilessly till she fell down sensless. Disgusted he ran out of his jhuggi towards the river bridge with intention to end his own life by plunging into the deep waters. It was pretty dark when he reached the place. While looking for the suitable spot for his mission Nek Ram was attracted by some strange shrills of a child mixed with low but hard threatening male voices Practically effortlessly, Nek Ram proceeded cautiously towards the direction of the sound suddenly he found himself before two awfully cruel-looking persons sand witching a small boy of about 6 "So you have come" said one of them with a wicked-smile, "hurry up and out of with the money if you want your child back alive. It did not take much time for Nek Ram to understand that the gangsters had kidnapped the child for ransom and had mistaken him to be the unfortunate father Nek Ram leaped towards them with a very loud cry like a tiger in such a way that they were taken aback and, anticipating more serious troubles ahead, took to their heals leaving the child behind Nek Ram took charge of the timid looking child. His eyes immediately spotted a small locket containing a beautiful photo of Shirdi Sai Baba sitting on a stone hanging tightly around his neck. Nek Ram felt the thrill of Baba's physical presence before him as if blessing him personally. He realized that it was the kindness of the All-powerful Baba that he could save an innocent child from the clutches of abductors. His head automatically bowed before him and prayed that He may grant him power to restore the child to his parents carrying him at his shoulders he started running towards the town. Hardly had he gone half a kilometer when he saw a frightened man bewildering in the darkness. He happened to be the unfortunate father of the child on his way to meet the gangsters to fulfill their demand On getting back his dear child through Nek Ram he was overwhelmed with joy. He requested Nek Ram to accompany him to his house which he readily agreed The man in question was not an ordinary man He was a rich factories owner of the Panjab who had come to that town to meet his poorer relatives when this accident took place He was so much moved with Nek Rani's life story that he immediately offered him a good job in his factory in the Punjab & requested him to accompany him right then, Nek Ram could not agree. He did not know what had happened to his wife whom he had rendered unconscious in the jhuggi. The rich man accompanied Nek Ram to the jhuggi where they found her hale and hearty sitting before the Baba's photo praying. Seeing Nek Ram she was about to push aside Baba's photo but Nek Ram stopped her "You don't have to do so now, Champa Baba has opened my eyes with his grace. By my more looking at Him even with hatred he bestowed His kindness on me. He has not only saved my life and honour but also saved the life of a small innocent child. Let me bow before Him and beg Him to excuse me for my ignorance about Him."




Recovered by “Shree - SAI BABA" favour !

Calamites and diseases never come alone my wife Mrs. Saraswatibai has been suffering from Diabetes for about last 16 years. One and the same medicine for such a chronic disease becomes gradually of little use to a patient, another medicine is then adopted and then another and so on.

My wife has sufficient experience during these years of trials and now for the last to 4 to 5 year's she is taking medicine suggested by her Doctors. She is also suffering from Blood Pressure since long and is using Adafphin; (Plain) tablet's regularly.

Two years back, she got an abrupt attack by Para-Paralysis to her face but gradually recovered with in 4 to 5 months without any special treatment. In addition to these two enemies, she is suffering for the iast ten years .from Breast Cancer. She is still fighting with this Demon foe so many X-Rays taken and major operation conducted by India's specialist But in vain.

We surrendered ourselves to Shree "SAI BABA" My wife's sister's husband was a staunch devotee of SHIRDI SAI BABA for the last 28 years. He gave us instantly on our request Udi from Shirdi. He is a frequent visitor of .Shirdi, He is a Timber merchant at Bel gaou, and once he was totally in loss and was on the verge on being Bankrupt. He was advised by somebody to bow himself to Shirdi Sai Baba's Temple at Shirdi. He did so, and safety got out of the insolvancy instantly by the grace of Shirdi Sai Baba. Now he is doing a leading business.

We got "Udi'' from him on the verge of the 2nd operation. We used it regularly having faith that she will be perfect alright.

Inspite of her being a patient of diabetes and of blood pressure too, she recovered from cancer after surgical operation. We say it is all due to Sai KRERA and His "Udi". We still make its use daily, regularly for the last 9 years with full faith.

We decided to go to Shirdi for Baba's Ashirwad (blessing). We can say with full faith, It is Sangeevani in cure of all diseases.

My wife was duly operated upon and cancer knot was got totally uprooted. Though due to Sugar in blood her wound took some time to heal up.

After all man, man is mortal. He  or she has to die, one  day or other.    As you know every creature on earth taking a birth  has  to  submit  himself to death one day or the other.    My wife is about 62 years. She is still too weak and pale.

We pray to Sai-Baba with "Udi" in hand. She Swallow it and Smears it to her fore-head.

It gives her Solace and Peace.

We all pray to Baba to Shower His Blessing on us all.

Now we admit cancer is irrecoverable disease is truely recovered by Shirdi Sai Baba favour and blessings, with the use of His Sangeevani Udi.

JAI       SAI       RAM I am at Baba's feet



The Message of Sai Sudha

S. N  SETH (Secretary)

The human being possessed three types of qualities spiritual (Satuik) will minded (Rajasik) and Feeling minded (Tamsik). As one of these qualities predominates in the human being, his or her action are moulded accordingly.

In the modern world people are totally tilled towards materialism. Due to this inclination there is lack of peace in the mind and unhappiness prevails in the home. The younger generation is increasingly swayed towards satisfying their feeling (Tamsik aspect). The spiritual aspect is fact losing ground. The parents and elders are losing control over their wards only due to this Tamsik aspect rulling the younger generation. They are unable to meet out the demands of their younger people fully and hence peace or "Shanti" in home has been shattered. The superb values like purity, integrity and patience have been mere a tall talk of the elders.

Under such circumstances, the Sai Sudha purports to provide a ray of hope towards the principle.- of Self Discipline in order to help one to grow out into the higher (Satwik) type of life. The Sai Sudha gives an ethics (law) of behaviour towards other human being in the eight fold path, Faith, Love, Peace, Purity, Patience, Integrity, Happiness and Divinity.

To-day all over the country a large number of Samaja and Societies have been springing up with a large number of devotees around them who are trying to inbibe in their own way the message and teaching of BABA. Those who prayed for material or spiritual advance received the blessing of Shree Sai Baba. He used to say "why fear when I am here" and advised the devotees to cast their burden on Him and He will bear all those. He stressed that every one should surrender himself fully to the great Almighty by whatever name he or she worshiped Him. To Him (BABA) all religion are one and the same What He preached and propagated was Love, Goodness and tolerance and a feeling of fellowship and brotherhood to all living being.

The basis of Sai Sudha also is in helping one in God seeking and God living. According to our old religion scriptures, God is pleased so early with a little bit of worship done with full faith and pure heart during the 'Kalayug'. In other 'Yugas' it requires a lot of efforts for a pretty long period to please God, The Sai Sudha Points towards the worship of the Sai Avtar, who though cast off His Human Form in 1918, still meets His Devotees in human form whenever the devotee is in distress and remembers Him with full faith and pure love is meant total surrender to the Sai.

It  is  the  fervent appeal of the Sai Sudha to the devotees-old and new to try this experiment by themselves.    Numerous devotees have been given  'Darshan' by The Sai and even helped at that particular juncture.

In Shree Sai Baba we find the most glorious example of our Sanatan Dharam and Highest ideal of Sadachar.    His life was sportless and blameless.

To him all religions are  like  streams  from  different  direction  leading to the mighty Ocean of Brahman.

Devotion and surrender to, and faith in  God from  the basis principle on which | Baba's philosophy rest.

Shree Shirdi Sai Baba not  only loves  His Devotees but also  exhibited intencel love towards the animals.   The Baba once let the  dog   enjoy  his  meal.    Simultaneously from the same dish in which  He  was   taking  His  lunch.    Can there be a greater example of love towards the living beings ?    The   Sai Avtar  has   left such a great example to us to love  not   only  the  human   beings   but also all His creations.    The Sai Sudha purports to provide supreme divine fellowship to all the devotees.

The followers of Baba should work with the'Motto' of service above self and I should propagate religious tolerence and comunal harmony and rush and render' assistance and give succour to those who are in need.

Oh Sai let us all fall at your Lotus Feet  and endeavour  to   grasp  all  principle. You laid down for our uplift and liberation from the bondage of life and death,

Little drops of water make the mighty ocean ;

Little grains of sand make the mighty land ;

Little prayers to the Sai help us at His Feet to lie ;

Little worship of the Lord leads us to total surrender to God ;

Total   surrender to  the  Avtar liberate us from the bond age of life and death to

unite with the Lord Sai.

Shri Sai Sudha Sabha Garkhal (Kasauli) Himachal Pradesh was founded by Sh. P.L. Goyal in 1973. The Sabha has been registered under Society Registration Act 1860. NO 768/78 dated 30.3.78. The Sabha has been established for sole purpose of propagating of Sai  teachings  and   ideals and  to  carry  out  and  promote  service of all kind which Shri Sai Baba himself rendered to humanity during His life time.

Almost every person in this materialistic world is un-happy and disgusted and move around in search eternal peace and happiness "But all around solace and bliss exist in His Darbar".

An idea of constructing the temple of His Holiness of Sri Sai Baba was conceived in 1973 and the same was translated into action promptly.

When the work was started we had neither plans not sufficient amount with us. Having full faith on Shri Sai Baba we started the work. Baba's graceful (blessing hand) was on us and eminent architects and engineers joined us and extended their full cooperation to carry out .the pious work of constructing his Temple. It was all his grace that the work has been progressing forward in a scientific and technical manner according to the best possible design prepared by eminent architects and engineers having vast and varied experiences.

It  is  worth  mentioning  here  that  we  have  never sufficient amount in Mandir account but we never faced any difficulty in executing the work further.    As Baba knows our immediate  demand,  he  had   always  been  fulfilling  our demand at the nick of time. In the beginning we had always been   worried  even to pay to the labourers but their wages had  never  been  stopped  or delayed.    Baba  sent  according to our requirement through one devotee or the other.    Now we are going a head having full faith on Him. The whole work was splitted up in three phases :—

1.    Construction of Sai Mandir.

2.    Installation of His marble Statue.

3. Construction of Ashram where outside devotees can stay and  enjoy necessary facilities.

With  the  installation  of Baba's  marble   idol 16.10.83   the first    two phase of the whole work are completed.

The IDOL of Baba will be presented to our Mandir by Shri R. H. Shamdasani of Hong Kong. Now the final phase of the whole project i.e. the construction of Sai Ashram is in progress since 10.10.80, 13 rooms have been fully completed for the stay of outsiders.

As the sources of the Sabha are very limited, it depends on the graceful donation of Sai Bhakthas. We feel there is no dearth of Sai devotees with whose help the remaining need will be completed. The people who have seen the project really feel that it is not the work of human being but it is the work of divine power. Actually speaking Baba is doing all Himself.

Sabha has successfully brought out two souvenirs on 25.3.80 and 2.10.81. Now Sabha has decided to bring out a quarterly magazine Shri Sai Mahima in Hindi and English.

Sai Vidya Mandir (a school for the small children) and Sai Dispensary for the benefit of needy people have been added to Sabha activities. Sabha is organising a free eye camp once in a year where all types of facilities are provided to the patients.

Sabha is publishing a quarterly magazine Sai Mahima in  Hindi & English.    It has a wide circulation.

Sabha's next Plan

1.    A Sanskrit VidyaJaya is proposed to start  in  the premises.    It  will  creat a vedic atmosphere.

2.                  A Home of 10 beds for invalids is also under consideration. Jai Sai Ram at the lotus feet of Shri Sai Baba.


Shri Sai Rushes In Crisis


I was then working as Revenue Inspector, Komarole.    My wife Smt,  Swarna was in an advance stage of pregnancy.    Giddalore, the Taluk Headquarters,  at  a distance of 20 miles was the only place where medical aid was available.    When  Labour pains started, the village Midwife was sent for to attend on Smt. Swarna, After some time, my wife delive­red a male child. Myself and the village respectable who assembled  in  our house out of  I respect as an official in the village  felt happy at the birth of a male child, as all the three previous children are females.    But  this joy  vanished in a moment, on being informed that my wife fell unconscious as 'Placenta' the structure  which  unites the unborn mamal to the womb of its  mother had  not  fallen  down  after child birth as usual.    The sincere and strenuous trials of the  attending  mid wife proved futile.    The elderly people assembled there were saying that if this  'Placenta'  did  not   fall  down   from   the  womb  completely within one hour at the most after delivery  it would   tell  on   the  very   life of the mother. It was 50 minutes  after Smt.  Swarna  delivered  and  fell  unconcious.    I was shuddered to know the   state  of   affairs,  I  felt  giddy  when the  very thought  that  I would be losing Smt. Swarna  once  for ever,   rendering the  children mother less if the Tlecenta' did not fall down from the  womb in  a  complete shape within 10 minutes.   Even to rush to  expert medical   aid,  she had  to  be  taken  to  Giddalore.    I felt  it  was a practical impossibility to  move  her  at  that  precarious  stage    to   a  distance of 20 miles by the available double Bullock  cart,  which  takes  a  minimum  of six  hours  to   cover   the distance.

I dazed and confused.    It so  flashed  and I immediately ran into pooja room and appeal to the All Merciful Shri Sai Baba to come to our risk at that crucial time and to save me from the be falling catastrophe of the impending death of Smt. Swarna. I vowed to name the new born boy after His name and visit Shirdi soon with the boy, if Smt. Swarna was rescued by His grace with complete confidence that Baba would come to our rescue, I came out of the room. All the assembled were in a state of melancholy imagining the quick befalling sad events. In a flash, one woman of the village rushed through the gate as though she was running and all said with a sigh of relief "Subemma had come". She came straight to me and asked me to allow her to attend on my wife without any delay. She without waiting for my reply, dashed into the delivery room and attended on Smt. Swarna. Low in the very next minule, she came out and exclaimed that the sticking placenta had come out completely from the womb and that Smt. Swarna was recovering from her swoon. Then the village Midwife came and explained to all those present that Kum. Subbamma, no sooner entered the delivery room, took hold of Smt. Swarna passed both her hands over her stomach, as though she was blessing her with hands, when in the next minute the holding placenta came out of the womb completely. All of us rushed into the room and found Smt. Swarna had opened the eyes and thus relieved us all from the hanging anxiety. It was exactly one hour after delivery when Smt. Swarna regained her original conciousness with (Placenta) completely coming out of the womb. Then Kum. Subbamma and the village Midwife turned towards the new born boy lying aside from the last one hour without crying and this too worried us much with grief. Kum. Subbamma assured me that everything would be quite well and that the boy would definitely cry in no time. So saying she turned the new born boy up and down and patted on sides. To the joy and astonishment of all and above all to Smt. Swarna the boy cried.

We all then sat comforably on the table and coffee was served. Then village Munsiff informed me that Kum. Subbamma was a native of Komarole and a trained Nurse. She left Komarole about an year back in search of a job and her whereabouts were not known till this day, when she eame to the village quite unexpectedly. He further said that her timely coming to the village and more than that her coming to our house at such a crucial time was nothing but providential. By this time, Kum. Subbamma came out and said that she was working as a Nurse in a Nursing Home at Vijayawada, She took a firm decision to come to Komarole that day morning and immediately started for the village. No sooner, she came to her house after getting down from bus at Komarole, her parents directed her to immediately proceed to Revenue Inspector's house to attend on Smt, Swarna, who was in a critical situation of losing life after delivery. She also said that she left Vijaywada without informing her Doctor and as such leaving for Vijayawada by the next available bus from Komarole and so saying she left our house in no time. Kum. Subbamma was no other than the All Merciful Sai Baba. He took the situation after delivery to the Climax and having heard His devotee's appeal rushed forth to the spot in the guise of Kum. Subbamma and averted the worst expected blow of the death of Smt. Swarna and the new born boy to our family. I named the boy as Sai Niranjan and within one year, we visited Shirdi and performed tonsure ceremony and offered the boy's hair to Shri Sai Baba.

Shri Sai Baba is All powerful, All Merciful and All knowing even today, though he had shed his mortal coil in October, 1918. If one's prayers are sincere and devotional combined with 'Nishta and Saburi' He rushes to the spot in time irrespective of distance, place and situation and with his four four hands saves his people from the expected calamity even now and at all times. Complete surrender to Shri Sai Baba induces confidence in any person about safety in all matters irrespective of position and situation

at His hands.

(D. L. Kanta Rao)

Retired Dy. Tehsildar,

Kurnool Distt.

Andhra Pradesh State. (India)


Our Sadguru - Shri Sai Baba


(Former Secretary Shri Sai Bhakta Samaj (Regd) Delhi

WANDERING  hither and  thither  for  years  together I was   in quest  of some real  spiritual  guidance  and   enlightenment.    Yearnings  I had  but  where was the Guru to show me the light and yet take my burden on him as Shri Sai Baba had said  "Cast your burden  on me  and I   will  bear  it" and  put me  on to the path of self realisation and Godhead.   After all  life  is not meant for eating, drinking and sleeping alone.   This can be found in  animal world too.    But  man  endowed  with  wisdom  has  something  bigger to  do in life-not accumulation  of  wealth   or  other  worldly comforts alone but attain a goal or status where he is accepted by the Almighty and  his life's aim is thus accomplished. To that end a real Guru is needed.    At  special   times   Avatars of the Supreme being came down to remove sufferings and   raise  humanity  to   the  highest  spiritual   level.    Shri Sai Baba was one such Avatar.    My  first  contact  with Lord Sai was in 1963 when a circular of a film distribution office boosting  their  films   under  my  name   was   published by the owner of that  concern  and   a  photo  of Shri Sai Baba was prominently displayed with that  of Lord  Shiva  with  the lines  "IF GOD BE WITH US-WHO CAN BE AGAINST US ?"    I did not know anything about Shri Sai Baba then.    His  photo   however attracted me  and  occasionally I  used  to concentrate   on   him.    Then came the year J965 a most significant period   of my life  which   turned  by  course and  that  of my family.    I had the good luck to come into contact with an ardent devotee of Shri Sai Baba who gave me some valuable  literature  about   the great Saint of Shirdi and narrated his personal experiences of and devotion to Shri Sai Baba.    As  I read book after book on the illuminating  charters and philosophy of the  wondrous  saint I became so much attracted to Him that I made my  first  pilgrimage to  Shirdi   with  my  wife in 1966.    It reminds of Baba's saying (hat only those whom he wishes to accept as his own are able to reach him or to go to Shirdi.

The pilgrimage was so blissful and Lord Sai made such an impact on cur minds that we undertook to visit Shirdi every year and by his grace it is materializing year after year. Shri Sai Baba is known to and worshipped by millions of people of different religions to their temporal and spiritual advance today. The ways of Baba are often mysterious. The favours he grants are perplexing. Baba gives bounteously to all that seek and ask.    Why Baba helps his devotee ?    So that he may begin to want what actually Baba wants to give him-that is God realisation.

Shri Sai Baba's care for his devotees and their families is a reality extended and still extends from the cradle to the grave, from sunrise and from the most trivial to the momentous of their affairs. Baba's influence was mostly silent. His touch was a potent factor in moulding those who came to him.

I narrate here some of Baba's leelas. My brother-in-law's daughter was deaf and dumb from infancy. Medical treatment was of no avail. On my advice he took his daughter aged eleven years to Shirdi. After his prayers at the temple when he return to his lodging, much to the happiness and amazement of his family, the girl was able to utter some words and pointedly told father that she could also hear. Since then she has improved a lot and the girl is now studying in a regular school with brilliant record.

In 1967 after our visit to Shirdi we proceeded to Bombay. At the side of Chowpatty my son was knee deep in the sea at the beach collecting shells, when suddenly he asked of Shri Sai Baba to give him something very unusual from the sea. The next moment a wave from the sea brought to him a small plastic packet which, when opened, contained to our great surprise, Koran the holy book of the Muslims. It is still kept by us as Sai Baba's leela and it brought great prosperity to us.

As I went for pilgrimage to Shirdi in 1968 I found Swami Sai Sharanananda at Dwarkamayee. His saintly appearance impressed me and as I sat down by his side an official of the sansthan disclosed that Swamaji had the honour to live with and serve Shri Sai Baba. I became very inquisitive to know from him various things about Shri Sai Baba. He was good enough to narrate his experiences of the Master. He told me that he had written a book "Shri Sai The Superman" but that book was not readily available with him to be given to me. After a fortnight of my return from Shirdi I got a post parcel from Dr. Babaji from Simla, an ardent devotee of very high caliber who has devoted his life to propagating the mission and philosophy of Shri Sai Baba As I opened the parcel I found to my great joy the above book "Shri Sai The Superman''. I thought a Swamiji must have written to Dr. Babaji for the book to be sent to me. But as Dr. Babaji visited Delhi and I enquired from him as to how the above book was despatched to me, he told me that one fine morning he was sitting in meditation when suddenly a flash passed his mind to send the above book to me and accordingly it was done. I term it as nothing short of a Sai miracle. I thing talked over by Swamiji at Dwarkamiyee and acted upon through Dr. Babaji without the latter knowing anything about meeting with Swamiji is Shri Sai Baba's leela only. I visited Shirdi in 1969 and carried a beautiful silken shawl as humble offering for the murti of Shri Sai Baba in the temple. The priest was especially requested but after the alankar ceremony he placed the shawl at the samadhi instead of the murti, the size of the shawl being small for the samadhi. I became greatly disturbed and was restless throught out the day. Sai Baba peeped into my heart. Nothing is hidden from him. How could he see his devotee unhappy. The same night on Thursday when Palki procession started from the temple, much to our joy and surprise we found that the same shawl was selected out of hundreds of samadhi coverings and was placed round the photo of Shri Sai Baba in the Palki. We all danced with unbounding joy over the leela of the great Saint of Shirdi.

There after I visited Shirdi regularly every  year till   1975   with  my  wife.   Baba was gracious  enough to  arrange  and  solemnize the marriages of my two daughters in 1973 & 1974 within a span of eight months of each others in very good families at Chandigarh and Delhi. In 1978 Sai Baba brought me a very decent, well educated and illustrious daughter-in-law. I again went in for Shirdi for thanks-giving for all the favour Sai Baba has been bestowing on us.

Contact with such a Sadguru gives a powerfull impetus of richness to the thoughts and spiritual awakening.

There are varied experiences of the bounties and blessings that Shri Sai Baba showers on his devotees. It is our humble duty to be of service to him and propagate the mission for which he lived.

Jai Sai Baba.



It was 9 A.M. on 13-8-82 in 'Mahasamadhi Mandir' when myself and Smt. Leela Devi, my wife (my devoted life partner) and grand son touched the most holy Mahasamadhi and feet of Shree Sai Baba's statue so equitably to carved out by the famous Bombay sculptor Sri Balu Saheb Talim after performing 'Abhisek' on that auspicious, fine and pleasant morning I was drawn to Shirdi by Him like a Sparrow after 41 years of waiting, though I had the ardent desire of worshipping Sri SaiNath of Shirdi ever since My boyhood days. The time 9 o'clock when this happened is significant in my life as the figure '9' has mystic significance. All these years I have been kept waiting by BAB A. As I touched the Mahasamadhi with my eyes welled up in tears, I became for a moment desireless and prayed for an absolute merger with Him after I depart my mortal coil on this earth. He was GOD incarnate. About him i will say'. He came and He left unidenti­fied who he was. They called him a Saint Though Lord Shiva he was

In this connection it is quite appropriate to remember the Mast words of Shree Sai Baba' Do not grieve when my body passes away. My tomb will live and move and speak with all those who make me (heir sole refuge. The moment a devotee beckons me with implicit faith and love I shall be with him' "THOUGHTS" on the most difficult and darkest days in my life since the moment I was born in 1928 gushed through my mind for a while and I felt highly grateful to the Lord Sainath as to how He came to my rescue and bailed me out of these darkest days.

Though I read and knew about Shree Saibaba as a boy of 13 and visiting various Shree Saibaba temples at Nellore, Kurnool, Guntur, Pune, Baroda etc I was enabled by BABA to touch the holy soil of Shirdi on 12.8.82 and worshipped S ree Sai Baba in Mahasamadhi Mandir at noon Arathi (12.00' clock) later at Dewaraka Mayai, Chavidi, Gurusthan. I felt this first visit is due to my practicing of Shraddha. (faith with devotion) and Saburi (Courage with patience) all these years as I withstood all the mundane difficulties due to my prarabhda' by His 'Divine Grace' only. As earlier described in my numerous articles to 'Sri Sai Leela' journal and other journals of Shree Sai Baba that my life since my childhood has been highly punctuated with serious accidents, surgical operations and other mundane life and professional problems both in my private and public life and I am what I am to day is due to cent percent Divine Blessings of the Incredible Shree Sai Baba, the One God' under whose magic spell I fell from my boy hood days. I used to see "Sai" in all the deities even without visiting Shirdi all these years as His Divine Cell came only in 1982 in which year I happened to visit Shirdi thrice i.e. (1) first visit 12.8.82 and 13.8.82 (2) second visit (3) Third visit on 18-12-82 and 19-12-82. At the noon Arati time on 13-8-82, I have heartily joined the core of persons who were crying almost saying "ANANTHAKOTI, BRAHAMANDA NAYAKA, RAJADHI RAJA, YOGIRAJA, SHREE SECHITANANDA JAGATHGURU, SAINATH MAHARAJ Kl JAI". My ardent desire was to request Him whole heartedly to use me in What ever way He desires from that auspicious second of that holy hour as I awe my very existence due to Him. I was supremely happy in my life enjoying Sai Bliss in His august presence in His 'Mahasamadhi Mandir and felt that I was born with a purpose and dedicated myself to His Mission Divine at that very hour and second. 1 felt that was MY LIFE'S TWIIIGHT HOUR.


M. Narasimha Rao,


Udhi Cures The in curable


Many a devotees of Shri Sai Baba are experiencing innumerable experiences in their day to day life all over the world even now. To intensify the faith of some of those with wavering faith, I feel it a bounded duty as a devotee of Shri Sai Baba from the last about four decades to put forth the simple experience of mine through Shri Sai Leela with good confidence that faith in Shri Sai should be intensified with firmness of devotion Shri Sai Baba though in the beginning of his appearance in Shirdi cured diseases of the local people by using drugs ; but later, those who approached Him for all their ailments were cured by the ashes in 'Dhuni' and this ash is called 'Udhi'. Even today, complete surrender to Baba with the application of Udhi is the only remedy for all diseases and discomforts of the trusted.

In February, 1982 my last daughter Chy. Srinije began to develop black spots on her face. She is aged five years. The blackish spots were growing in size every day and they were harsh to touch also. Her charming face was looking ugly from day to day. My ignorant wife Smt. Bhagyamma was very much worried about the situation. I prevailed on her to completely surrender to Shri Sai Baba and apply Udhi to the face of the girl, she did so for some days, but there was no improvement and on the other hand, the black spots were growing in size and becoming hard to touch. To satisfy my wife, Chy. Srinija was taken to a Nursing home where the Doctor is an M.D. a,.d his wife is an M.B.,B-S., Both the Doctors are my close friends from a long time.

Both the Doctors keenly examined Chy. Srinija with patience. They declared that there is no medicine in English medicine to cure the disease and suggested that the only course open is to allow the black spots to grow to a considerable size when they could be operated. They also advised me not to spend any amount on any medicines as any medicine in medical field cannot cure the disease and make the black spots disappear. With a heavy disappointed heart, we returned home. To satisfy my wife, I purchased an Ointment and was applying to the spots one by one in the very presence of my wife. After four days of the application of this ointment, we found the spots becoming more in number and harsh and thoray to touch. My wife in tears approached me and asked me to apply Udhi for the spots on the face of the child. She realised that Shri Sai Baba alone can cure the child and surrendered to Him completely. I assured her that the spots on the face of Chy Srinija would definitely disappear within a week and asked her to bring the child for the application of Udhi after pooja both in the morning and evening. We prayed to Shri Sai Baba to pardon our faults and cure the child with His sacred Udhi. We vowed to visit Shirdi in case the child regains her original charms in face without any black spots.

Both in the morning and evening after pooja is over, sacred Udhi of Shirdi available with us was being applied on the whole face of the child. Water with some Udhi too was being given to the child both in the morning and evening. We noticed that the development of the new spots was arrested and the harshness of the spots too was being softened. Lo ! it is wonder of wonders that Chy. Srinija was with her original charming face without any single black spot within a weeks time and our joy know no bonds and the wavering faith of my wife has been turned into a complete surrendered faith at the Lotus feet of Shri Sai Baba.

Later when I informed the miraculous disappearance of the black spots within a week without any Surgical operation or any other ointment or medicine to my Family Doctors, they were astonished at the wonderful effect of sacred Udhi, We, all the family members made piligrimage to Shirdi as per our vow and took darsan of Shri Sai Baba at Samadhi Mandir and Dwaraka Mayi to the best of our satisfaction.

Even today and now, any one who completely surrenders to Shri Sai Baba and cast burden on Him, and applies the sacared Udhi, there would be nothing 'Incurable' with this sacared Udhi, provided the Appeal is sincere coupled with undivided attention and Devotion.

(D. L. Kanta IRao)

Retired Deputy Tehsildar,

Kurnoon Distt. A.P. State



Yes. Sai is Antharyami. He is all pervading, Omniscient and Omnipotent. Sai is the Lord of infinite prowess. Sai is the possessor of incomparable glory and power. There is none else to equal HIM.

In  the battlefield of Kurukshethra, Arjuna after seeing Sri Krishna's Viswarupa,

said :—

(C XI-40)

("O ! Lord of infinite prowess, my salutations to You from before and from behind. O soul of all, my obeisance to YOU from all sides. You who possess limitless strength, pervade all ; therefore you are all.")

("Therefore Lord, I offer Sashtanga Namaskar at your Feet and bowing low, I seek to propitiate you, the ruler of all and worthy of all praise. It behoves you to condone my fault even as a father that  of his  son,   a   friend  that  of his  friend  and  the  loving husband that of his beloved consort.")

One day after the noon Arti, our Sai Krishna said : "I am the inner Ruler of all and seated in their hearts. I am the wire puller of the show of this Universe. I am the Mother—the origin of all beings, the harmony of three gunas, the propeller of all senses, the Creator, Preserver and Destroyer. Nothing will harm him who turns his attention towards Me. But Maya will lash him who forgets Me. All the insects, ants, the visible, moveable and immoveable world is My Body or Form. (Sai Satcharita-Edn. 8 Ch. 3 P. 13).

To Mr. Cholkar of Thana a Clerk in the Court and an ardent devotee, Baba said :

"If you spread your palms with devotion before Me, I am immediately with you day and night. Though I am here bodily, still I know what you do beyond the seven seas. Go wherever you will, over the wide world, I am with you. My abode is in your heart and I am with you. Worship me always who is seated in your heart, as well as in the heart of all beings. Blessed and fortunate indeed is he, who knows Me thus".

(Sai Satcharita Edn. 8 Ch. 15 P. 86)

Mrs. Tarkhad another faithful devotee of Sai, was one noon serving food in her friend's house when a dog turned up at the threshold and barked. She fed the dog with some bread. When the lady later went for Darsan of Baba, Baba said. "Mother you have fed me sumptuously. Always act like this which will stand you in goodstead".

The lady replied : "How could I feed you ? I am myself dependent on others ? Baba said : "Eating that lovely bread this noon, I am heartily contended and still belching. The dog you saw before meals and to which you gave bread is one with Me. So also other creatures. I am roaming in their forms. He who sees Me in all these creatures is my beloved. (Sai Satcharita Edn. 8 Ch. 9 P. 55)

On Megha, another true devotee Baba worked internally. Megha, who hesitated to bow to Baba during his early visits, had a thorough transformation by Baba's grace, and became an ardent worshipper of Baba. Megha looked, upon Baba as an incarnation of Siva

One early morning when Megha was half asleep he saw Baba's form and Baba throwing "Akshatha" (coloured sacred rice grains) saying "Megha, Draw a Trident'', when he opened his eyes Megha saw the rice grains scattered all around him and not Baba.

Megha went to Baba during the day and told about his vision. Baba said : It was not a vision, but a direct order "I require no door to enter. I have no form nor any extension. I always live everywhere. I carry on as a wirepuller all the activities of the man who trusts Me and merges in Me" (Sai Satcharita Edn. 8 Ch. 28 P. 155).

Hemadpant, the author of Satcharita gives us a novel form of worship. He says, let us use not water in the form of tears of joy to wash the Sadguru's feet ; besmear His body with sandal paste of pure love; let us cover His body with the cloth of true faith ; let us offer eight lotuses in the form of our light sattwik emotions and fruit in the form of our concentrated mind ; let us apply to His head bukka in the form of devotion and tie the waistband of Bhakti and place our head on His toes.

Having decorated the Sadguru in this mental way let us offer, our all to Him and wave charmar of devotion to Him.

Having offered all these "Manaseeka Chbdasaupachara" let us pray thus"—

"Baba introvert our mind, give us discrimination between the Unreal and the Real and non-attachment from all wordly things and thus enable us to get self-realisation. We surrender ourselves body and soul. Make our eyes, Yours so that we should never feel pleasure and pain. Control our body and mind as you will and wish.

Let our mind get rest at your feet. (Sai Satcharita - Edn. 8 Ch. 26. P. 138)

Due to our "Poorva Punya"   Sai   is  showering His Grace and drawing us nearer to Him.    Adhi Sankara in his opening Slika of Soundarya Lahari says :

"O Mother, How can one, wno has not done any good deed in his past birth, dream of worshipping at THY Holy Feet held sacred by the Lords Hari, Hara and Brahma".

Let us not therefore miss this golden opportunity !

Let us become worthy of HIS GRACE !!

Let us see Sai in us, in everything around us and merge in HIM !!




Madras, 600004


Shri Sai, A Saint of Bharat

BHARAT, a Desh of Saints

Shri Sai,  gaint among Saints

Shridi, Heart of Bharat, by his devotee, D.P.S.

Our Bharat desh is really a lucky country, because it gave birth to many powerful and noted saints, rishies, who are well known for their spiritualism. Our country is not very great in the world standing like a jyotir ling and beacon light to guide humanism for attaining 'Moksha' luckily many sacred rivers flowing in our country and made the soil pure. From this pure soil great saints took their birth for showing a real and accurate path to humanity. Even they dedicated their lives for guiding the human race in bringing them from darkness to light. They were the real sons and backbone of our country. By their birth only our country reaches to superior stage In the field of spirtualism. Even humanity exist only by them. They performed many leelas, miracles, for saving human beings from the clutches of inhumanism. Their lives were as pure as cocoanut water and greater even than sacred rivers. Even the rivers desire that the saints should take bath in their water to wipe away the sins of the pilgrims mingled in their water. In other words they are the remover of sins, so they are being called as saints. Even nature supports to them, They know the real secret of the world more than any body else. They can see Atma and got the real knowledge of purification of atma, their lives are like lotus flower in the Water. So we can say that they were "Karanjanmas", they preached that "Atma" is different from body, which will be destroyed, but "Atma" remains for ever. There is no death for "Atma". In real sense that we are "Atma" but not body, we should try to see this Atma in our life time only. Our puranas illustrate that we are born as human beings after travelling nearly eighty four (84) lakhs of yognies. Such is the importance of human birth, so it is very necessary to understand the value of human birth just like magnet attracts to draw, so also parmatma attracts atma, which is purified. We can purify our 'Atma' by surrendering to a pure and perfect saint like Shri Sai, who can only give the message of peace and "Moksha". Here I am giving a few names of Bharat saints, who were famous in their spiritualism. For example 1) Shri Atreya 2) Shri Bharatdwaja 3) Shri Vishvamitra 4) Shri Kasyapa 5) Shri Gautam (6 Shri Vashista 7) Shri Jamadagni Mi'.hamuni, these were famous as supta Rishis or saints, there were other rishis, saints like Shri Narad;i, Shri Valmiky, Shri V>as Bhagvan, Shri Briga Maharishi, Shri Ramanna Maharishi, Shri Jagad Guru Shankara Charya, Shri Ram Krishna Paramharnsa, Shri Tajuddin Baba, Shri Saint Kabir, Shri Ragavendra -Swamy, Shri Nanak, Shri Swamy Vivekananda and etc. Here I am naming these sacred personalities because to show how our Bharat mala gave birth to such powerful saints when ever there was a need to save humanity from the clutches of darkness. Further by chanting their names our mind will be purified for attaining "Moksha". In Kaliyuga the people of India are fortunate enough to have a saint like Shri Sai, who has reached the highest peak in the field of spiritualism by the asheervad of His Sad Guru Shri, Venkusha, a poorn sidh purush. Just like Shri Saint Kabir got his own guru, Shri Ramananda, so also Shri Sai, got his own guru Shri Venkusha. By the grace of Shri Sai, I being his devotee, Studied his sat charit and other books in which different writers written in different ways about his parents, some one beliving that he took his birth by a pure brahmin couples named Shri Jamunabai and Nandalal and some one believing that Shri Laxmi and Hari Krishna sate, were his parents, who were also pure brahmins. But having seen his supernatural powers, leelas and Miracles which had been shown in Dwarkamai to his devotees we can say this much that he took his birth by immortal parents just like Saint Shri Kabir and Shri Namdev. Even Shri Sai used to Say in his life time to his devotees that "I took my birth by the combination of maya and brahma. So maya is his mother and brahma is his father. So maya, Shri Sai's mother took the shape of a barren-cow only for giving her milk to her beloved son "Sri Sai" by the help of Sri Venkusha, his sad guru, in the jungle of "Parbhini  Just  like   Sri Venkateshwara Swamy took the milk form a cow in  his   critical   movement   (by his charit)   on Tirpathi Mountain.    By taking his mother's milk  Sri Sai   became  king  of kings  and   gaint  among  saints in the field of spiritualism at the age of nearly 18 years.    In   his  small   age   only   he  gave a new life to a dead body in   the jungle   of  parbhini   see  the  greatness  of Shri Sai.    His Guru presented him two powerful things 1) Brick and 2)  a  piece  of cloth   to   which he believed them greater than any other things in the world and kept safely until his  samadhi,   which   occured  on   15th October 1918.    See  how   he  respected  to   his   guru  in  other  words just  like  Sri Veer Hanuman  respected   to   his   lord   Sri   Rama,   So   also  Shri   Sai    respected  to his guru, Shri  Venkusha  and   also  poorn   brahma   chary   as  Shri Veera Hanuman.    His samadhi Mandhir  which  is  in  SHIRDI.    Constructed  by  his  devotee,  Shri  Bhooti, lackier of poona.   Just like "Alandin" became famous place by touching  the  sacred  feet   of saint, Sri  Gyaneshwar Maharaja  and  paythan  became famous  place  by  touching  the sacred feet  of "Sri Eknath"   so  also   Shirdi  became  famous  and  yatra  place by touching the sacred feet of saint Sri Sai.    He  entered   into   shirdi   at the age of  18 years   in the year 1855 first time  and   he visited  second  time   with  chandbai  in  the    year   1858.    Here Sri   Mahalsapathy,   poojari   of Kandobha   Mandhir,   named to Sri Sai Vashista mahamuni named  to   Sri Rama.    Here  Shri Sai   used  to  rest   in   three   places 1)   under Neem tree, This  Neem  tree   became  Sweet  Nimba   Vriksha  by   touching   his   sacred feet and being recognised   as  "Gurustan"   (.)   Dwarakamai,   (old   masjid)   (3)   Chavudi,   By    sitting in dwarkamai He showed many leelas, miracles to his devotees, who believed him as Kaliyuga Avatar    purusha  and   gaint  among   saints.    By  supernatural   and    yogic    powers,    He travelled  into  the world  for  helping  his  devotees   by    taking  different  shapes (by  his satcharist).    He  often   used  sataka   (Small stick) whenever he needed just like Shri Rama used "bow and arrows"   and Sri Krishna used "Vishnuchakra when ever they needed.    See the greatness  of Shri Sai.    By the grace of Shri   Sai and  by  the encouragement  of my wife,  who   is  staunch   devotee of Shri Sai, since  her  child hood, visited   to  this   sacred and yatra place, SHIRDI' many times with our  family members  and  got many experiences by  his  grace  only.    A few experiences have been  mentioned in  my 1st and Ilnd articles "Shri Sai the great" in the monthly magazines  of (SHIRDI), "Shri  Sai Leela" and in my 3rd article "Kaliyuga Amartara Purush" in Himachal Pradesh monthly magazine "Shri Sai Mahima".

After his samadhi also Shri Sai is showing his leelas, miracles fo his devotees, spreading all over the world. Just like Shri Ragavendera Swami a pure and perfect saint ruling the hearts of his devotees and helping them by resting in his "Samadhi Mandhir" in Manthralaya, so also our lord Shri Sai rulling the hearts of his devotees and helping them according to their bhakti on him by resting in his "Samadhi Mandir" in "SHIRDI". He is god and his incarnations are described by three main epithets viz , omni present and omni potant, omni-Scient. Shri Sai is god and incarnation of various gods and fully qualifies for all the above epithets as can be seen from the incidents described in "His satcharit". By his yogic powers he used to travel long distance and used to remain present at several distances, places, by the experiences of his devotees, mentioned in Shri Sai leela monthly magazine, we can say that even nearly sixty four years after his Samadhi (Maha Samadhi) Shri Sai has been present at several places for and wide which shows that he is still omni present. He without any distinction of differences in caste, creed or religion extends ahhaya hasta to all in common who are deserving. He wanted that His devotees should enjoy a happy family life and he always blessed his devotees that they may enjoy family life fully. He asked only two pieces of d akshpna viz. Shradha and Saboori to which his guru had also asked from him. Shri Sai loves his devotees very much even than previous saints. By the help of his sat-charit here I am giving a few wards of Him by which we can immagine our selves how he loves, his devotees and helping them in their critical times by taking different shapes.

1.    My eye is ever on those who love me.

2.    What  ever  you  do  where ever  may be bear this in mind that I am always aware of every thing you do.

3.    I will be with you, whenever and where ever you think of me do not fear when I am with you.

4.    Simply  saying  with  a pure heart Sai, Sai, I care not far show of respect and forms, I rest in such devotees.

5. Trust in me fully this is only Sadhana.

6. If you look to me, I look to you.

7. See all Gods in me and have full faith on me.

8. Who ever puts his feet on SHIRDI soil his sufferings would come to an end.

9. My tomb shall bless and look to the needs of my devotees.

10. If you cast your burden on me, I shall surely bear it.

11. There shall be no want in the house of my devotees.

We being the devotees of Shri Sai, must think ourselves why we have taken our birth, what we have to do and after death, where we will go. In short 1. and 2. what 3. where. Our main intension is to reach "MOKSHA". which is under the sacred feet of Shri Sai who is being recognised as Kalyuga-Avatar Punish. Smaran the sacred Name of Shri Sai with a pure heart, daily for getting "Moksha" Which is under sacred feet of Shri Sai. It is waist of time for going here and there for getting Moksha the real Moksha is under His sacred feets. So we must and should. Surrender ourselves fully under sacred feet, of Shri SAI.

Om   Sri   Sai,   Sai,   Sai.

Yours Sri Sai Devotee



Roll of 108 Names of Shri Sai Baba

Lt. Col. M.B. Nimbolkar (Retd,)

Pune— 411001

Once at Shirdi I happened to see a devotee in Dwarkamai reciting by heart 108 names of Shri Sai Baba looking at His big photo there in and I also was inspired to do the likewise. Slowly I learnt the names and soon I find a great pleasure in reciting them at the time of my daily worship either looking at His photo or while giving Him the bath (Abhisheka). It hardly takes 4 to 5 minutes.

This roll of Sai Baba's names or AshtoHar Namawalisi was originally compiled by the late H.H. Narsinhswamiji of Madras and is being recited by the priests at Shirdi during the Abhishekas of the devotees.

The importance of reciting the names of God has been enlogised equally by all the saints and by our scriptures also look at Shri Sai Sachehasita itself :

"The efficiency of God's name is well-known. It saves us from all sins and bad times, frees no from the cycle of births and deaths. There is no easier sadhana than this. It is the purifier of our mind. It requires no paraphernalia and no restrictions. It is so easy and so effective" — Ch XXVII P. 145

If one can recite the name of God constantly day and night, nothing like it. But everyone cannot do it and it also takes a long time to reach that stage. In the beginning to recite the same name in the same manner is likely to be boring and of the 108 names of one Japa Mala could be recited differently with different words and meanings, the beginner may like it better. Probably with the same purpose in view, our ancestors have compiled rolls of their favourite diety such as Vishnu. Saharra Namavabhi

Moreover in these rolls each name is found to describe different form and quality of the diety which helps the devotee to visualise his favourite diety in front of him and thus to increase his love and devotion immensely. However for this, the devotees must understand the meaning of each name and also there should be no mistake in the original Sanskrit name recited.

With a view to assist such devotees, I published a Marathi translation in September 1980 issue of Shri Sai Leela (Marathi) and now an English translation is being issued which I hope will be liked by the readers.

For the benefit of those who are not conversant with Deva Nagari script, the Sanskrit name is written in Roman Script underneath.

Special Pronunciation signs are as under :—

a—To be  pronounced as  eg SAI

d— Tc be pronounced as GODAVARI

/-To be pronounced as  eg MITRA

n—to be pronounced as eg NARAYANA

Shri Sai Baba Ashtottara-Shata-Namavalihi


1.         Om Shree Sai Nathaya namaha

Bow to Shri Sai Nath

2.         Om Laxmee—Narayanaya namaha

Bow to Sai Nath the Laxmi-Narayana incarnate

Sai Baba manijested Himself to a Deputy Collector in Bombay in the above term)

3.         Om Krishna-Rama-Shiva-Marutyadi  roopaya namaha

Bow to Sai Nath who is Krishna,  Rama, Shiva, Maruti (Hanuman)  etc.   incarnate

Sai Baha manifested Himself in all the above forms to his selected devotees)

4.         Om Shesh—Shayine namaha

Bow to Sai Nath who is Vishnu incarnate sleeping on the Serpent God. 'Shesh' also means something left over or discarded Sai Baba used to sleeep in the discarded and developed Masjid and Church)

5.         Om Godavari-tata-Sheeladhi-vasine-namaha

Bow to Sai Nath staying at Shirdi on the bank of river Godavari

6.         Om bhaktahrudalayaya namaha

Bow to Sainath dwelling  in the  heads of devotees.

7.         Om serva-hrunni-layaya-namaha

Bow to Sainath dwelling in the hearts of all beings.

8.         Om bhoota-vasiya-namaha

Bow to Sainath  whose abode is in all the beings.

9.         Om bhoot-bhavishyad-bhav varjitaya namaha.

Bow to Sainath who has given up attachment to anything occurred  in the
past or occurring in future.

10.       Om Kalalitaya namaha

Bow to Sainath  who is beyond time.

11.       Om Kataya namaha.

Bow to Sainath the God of Death incarnate.

12.       Om Kala-Kataya namaha,

Bow to Sainath  who is the destroyer (even) of God of Death

13        Om Kala-darpa-damanaya-namaha

Bow to Sainath subduing the   arrogance of the God of Death

14.       Om mrityun-jayaya namaha

Bow to Sainath conquering the death

15        Om amartyaya namaha

Bow to Sainath  who is emmortal

16.       Om martya bhaya pradaya namaha.

Bow to Sainath giving protection from fear to mortal

17.       Om jeevadharaya namaha.

Bow to Sainath the support of all creatures

18.       Om sarva-dharaya namaha

Bow to Sainath the support of all and everybody.

19.       Om bhaktavana-samarthaya namaha.

Bow to Sainath capable of protecting the devotees.

20.       Om bhaktavana-pratidnyaya namaha.

Bow to Sainath who is committed on oath to protect  the devotees.

21        Om anna-vastra-dtya namaha

Bow to Sainath supplying  food and clothing.

22.       Om arogya-kshem-daya namaha.

Bow to Sainath bestower  of health and well-being.

23.       Om dhanarmangalya-pradaya namaha

Bow to Sainath bestower of wealth and prosperity.

24.       Om reeddhi-Siddhi daya namaha.

Bow to Sainath bestower of prosperity and success.

25.       Om putra-mitra-Kalatra-tandha-daya namaha.

Bow to Sainath bestower of sons,   friends, wife and relations

26.       Om yoga-Kshem-Vahaya namaha.

Bow to Sainath   who bears   the   responsibility  of  acquisition   of desired 
objects and their protection also,

27.       Om apad-bandhavaya namaha

Bow to Sainath who is a friend inneed

28.       Om marga-bandhave namaha

Bow to Sainath who is like a kinsman in a journey.

30.       Om bhukti-Mukti-swargapa-varga-daya namaha.

Bow to Sainath  bestower of enjoyments,   liberation, heaven and  final
beautitude (complete escape from misery).

3I         Om priyaya namaha.

Bow to Sainath who is lovable.

32        Om preeti vardhanaya namaha.

Bow to Sainath who makes love (of his devotees  towards  Him)   grow 
more  and more.

33.       Om antar-yamine namaha.

Bow to Sainath who is the inner controller and ruler of all beings.

34.       Om Sach chidatmane namaha

Bow to Sainath who is the soul consisting of entity and pure consciosness.

35.       Om nitya-nandaya namaha

Bow to Sainath who Himself is eternal bliss

36.       Om param-sukha-daya-namaha

Bow to Saiaath gives supreme happiness

37.       Om parame-shwaraya namaha

Bow to Sainath who is the Supreme God neanate

38.       Om para-brahmane namaha

How to Sainath who is the   Supreme Spirit incarnate.

39.       Om paramatmane namaha

Bow to Sainath who is the Supreme soul incarnate.

40.       Om dnyana-swaroopine namaha

Bow to Sainath who is the knowledge incarnate.

41        Om jagatahpitre namaha

Bow to Sainath who is the father of the world.

42        Om bhaktanam matru-dhatru-pitamahaya namaha

Bow to Sainath who is the mother, supporter and grand father of devotees

43.       Om bhaktabhaya-pradaya namaha..

Bow to Sainath  giving protection from fear to   devotees.

44.       Om bhakta-paradhinaya namaha

Bow to Sainath who had become subservent to devotees

45.       Om bhaktanugraha-karakaya namaha

Bow to Sainath bestowing favours on devotees

46.       Om sharanagata-vatsalaya namaha.

Bow to Sainath who is affectionate towards those who have surrendered
to Him.

47.       Om bhakti-shakti-pradaya namaha

Bow to Sainath bestower of devotion and strength

48.       Om dnyana-vairagya-daya namaha

Bow to Sainath bestower of knowledge and non attachment to the world

49.       Om prema-pradaya namaha

Bow to Sainath bestower of love

50.       Om Sanshaya—hrudaya—daurbalya—papakarma—vasana-Kshaya-
karaya namaha

Bow to Sainath destroyer of doubt, weakness of mind, and desire to do sinful deeds.

50.       Om hrudaya-granthi-bhedakaya namaha

Bow to Sainath who unravels the knot of heart.

51.       Om Karma-dvansine-namaha

Bow to Sainath destroyer of actions

52        Om Shuddha-satva-thitaya namaha'

Bow to Sainath who stays in  pure goodness

53.       Om gunatit-gunatmane namaha

Bow to Sainath who is beyond qualities and (also) consist of qualities.

54.       Om ananta-kalyana-gunaya namaha

Bow to Sainath who is qualities incarnate to perform inexhansable good.

55.       Om amita-parakramaya namaha

Bow to Sainath who is unlimited bravery incarnate

56.       Om jayine namaha

Bow to Sainath the ever victorious

57.       Om durdharsha—Kshobhyaya namaha

Bow to Sainath who is hanghly (fearful) but unprovoked.

58.       Om aparajitaya namaha

Bow to Sainath who is invincible.

59.       Om trilokeshu avaighat-gataye namaha,

Bow to Sainath whose movement is unobstructed in all the three worlds.

60.       Om ashakya-rahitaya namaha.

Bow to Sainath to whom nothing is impossible

61.       Om Sarva Shakti moortaye namaha

Bow to Sainath who is all strength incarnate.

62.       Om Surupa Sundaraya namaha

Bow to Sainath who is well formed and handsome

63.       Om Sulochanaya namaha

Bow to Sainath having beautiful eyes.

64.       Om bahu roopa vishva moortaye namaha

Bow to Sainath who is world incarnate of many forms

65.       Om aroopa vyaktaya namaha Bow to Sainath who is formless
and unmanifested

66.       Om achintyaya namaha

Bow to Sainath who is beyond imagination

67.       Om sookshmaya namaha

Bow to Sainath who is subtle

68.       Om sarvsatar-yamine namaha

Bow to Sainath who is the inner witness in the hearts of everybody

69        Om mano-vaga-titaya namaha

Bow to Sainath who is beyond mind and speech.

70.       Om prema-moortaye namaha

Bow to Sainath who is love incarnate

71.       Om Sulabha-durlalbaya namaha

Bow to Sainath who is easy as well as difficult to gain

72.       Om asahaya-sahayaya namaha

Bow to Sainath who helps those who  are without help

73.       Om anath-nath-deen-bandhave namaha.

Bow to Sainath who is protector of  forlorn and the friend of distressed.

74.       Om sarva-bhar-bhrate namaha

Bow to Sainath who bears entire burden (of his devotees)

75.       Om a karmaneka-karma-Sukarmine namaha

Bow to Sainath who  is actions,  improper  actions and  rightious  actions 
of all incarnate.

76.       Om punya-Shravana-kirtanaya namaha

Bow to Sainath about whom it is sacred to hear and to describe

77.       Om teerthaya namaha.

Bow to Sainath who is a place  of pilgrimage incarnate.

78,       Om vasudevaya namaha

Bow to Sainath who is Vasudev (Lord Krishna) incarnate

79.       Om Satan-gataye namaha

Bow to Sainath who is refuge of vishnu men

80.       Om Satparana namaha

Bow to Sainath who is ultimate goal of virtuous men.

81.       Om loknathaya namaha.

Bow to Sainath who is the lord of the universe.

82.       Om pavana-nathaya namaha.

Bow to Sainath who is sacred and sinless.

83.       Om Amritanshava namaha.

Bow to Sainath who is the Moon (having rays like nector incarnate)

84.       Om Bhaskar-prabhaya namah.

Bow to Sainath who has radiance of the Sun,

85.       Om Brahmacharya-topashcharyataya-di-suvrataya namaha.

Bow to Sainath who is good austarities incarnate such as celibacy and

86.       Om Satya-dharma-parayanaya namaha.

Bow to Sainath who is attached to geniune religion.

87.       Om Siddheshvaraya namaha.

Bow to Sainath who the lord of the saints having super natural powers.

88.       Om Sidha-sankalpaya namaha.

Bow to Sainath whose intentions are always  accomplished

89.       Om yoge Shvaraya namaha

Bow to Sainath who is the lord of the Yogis

90.       Om bhagavate namah.

bow to Sainath the divine.

91.       Om bhakta-vatsalaya namaha.

Bow to sainath who is affactionate towards his  devotees.

92.       Om Satpurushaya namaha

Bow to Sainath who is virtious incarnate

93.       Om-purusho- ttamaya namaha

Bow to Sainath who is the best  amongst men.

94.       Om Satya-Tatva-bodhakaya namaha.

Bow to Sainath who instructs on real principle.

95.       Om Kamadi-Shad-vaire-dhvansine namaha

Bow to Sainath the destroyer of Lust etc six enemies

96.       Om abheda-nanda-nubhava-pradaya namaha

Bow to Sainath bestower of experience  of joy of identity  (with Supreme)

97.       Om Sama-sarva-mata-Sammataya namaha.

Bow to Sainath who concurs with the opinon that all religions are the same

98.       Om Shree dakshini-moortaye uamaha

Bow to Shri Sainath in the form  of Shu Dakshina-Murti  (facing south) 
Shiva. (Dakshina means south. Sai Baba used to sit on Dwarka Mai always facing south).

99.       Om Shree venkatesh-ramanaya namaha.

Bow to Shri Sainath whose happiness is in Shri  Venkatesh (Maha Vishnu)
staying on Venket Mount (Tirupatti) Sai  baba used to refer to his Guru as Venkusha on
whom He used meditate constantly in never-ending joy)

100.    Om adbhuta-nanda-charyaya namata.

Bow to Sainath who moves in transcendental joy

101.    Om prapnnarti-haraya namaha

Bow to Sainath who removes the Sufferings  of those surrendering (to

102.    Om Sansar-Sarva-dukkha-Kshaya Karaya namaha.

Bow to Sainath the destroyer of all miseries of the world.

103.    Om Sarva-Vit-Sarvato-mukhaya namaha.

Bow to Sainath who knows everything and  who faces in all directions

104.    Om Sarvantar-bahihi-Sthitaya namaha

Bow to Sainath who stays in and out of all.

105.    Om Sarva-mangal-Karaya namaha

Bow to Sainath who Bestows auspiciousness around.

106.    Om sarva-bhishta-pradaya nam ha. Bow to Sainath who grant all wishes.

107.    Om sama-rasa-Sanmarga-Sthapanaya namaha.

Bow to Sainath who has established a right  course  preaching equal love
 to all.

108.    Om Shree Sanmtha-Sadguru-Sainathaya  namaha

Bow to Shri Sainath who is a powerful and worthy preceptor.